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The Chakra Chorus & Rainbow Connection

The time has come for us to raise our vibrational forces! We have so much collective trauma to work out and now is a unique opportunity. We are clearing generations of karma in a very small window of time Know that this is an inheritance…nothing personal. Everything is happening FOR you, not to you. This is part of the human experience and making our shadow selves more visible, but most people are not prepared. We are almost halfway through our nation’s Pluto Return when 5 planets aligned and our nation was born. This conjunction is driving us to shift from ME to WE. We need to be aware of our Consciousness and to consciously choose the higher vibrations of love or above.

Over 2,000 years ago ancient cultures knew of the existence of energy channels. And disease is believed to be an interruption in the energy flow of these channels. Our bodies are electromagnetic in nature and science has measured these frequencies with advanced machines for many years. Numerous studies demonstrate these energy pathways and points conduct electricity.

Luminous Energy Field: The Body Electric

Physics uses the term energy field to describe the magnetic fields created in the space surrounding electrically charged particles. Because of these charged particles, our body generates electrical fields. One being the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) which is “an invisible matrix that informs the anatomy of the body”. The body's LEF contains an electrical current AND the aura. The other energy fields are called chakras.

The LEF has 3 parts (3 bodies). In Yoga, we call these the Subtle Bodies – Physical, Causal & Astral. The more you open the body and meridians (through yoga for example), it opens and expands the LEF. The more electricity in the body, the bigger the field. Years ago, my husband noticed that every time I entered the family room, the TV would turn on; when I left, it would turn off. We realized that our energy field can affect technology. One possible reason is that many of our electronics contain quartz crystals and our fields are overlapping. Our bodies are one big electromagnetic field, just like power lines, Wi-Fi networks, radio waves, television wave, etc.

Did you know that the outer edge of the luminous field is the front line of the immune system? The larger your luminous field, the healthier you are.


There are energetic channels within the Subtle Body which are intimately connected with the nerve plexuses and the spinal column in the physical body. There are 72,000 nadis or network of channels through which energy circulates. The nadis connect at particular points of intensity called the chakras and where they crisscross is a nerve bundle. It looks like the medical caduceus.

Before I go any further, one of my pet peeves is when people call them SH-akras, like SH-akira. The word is pronounced the way it is spelled CH-akra, like CH-ocolate.

CHakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. (Wheel Pose in yoga is called CHakrasana) These “wheels” can be seen as spinning vortexes, spheres, or wheels of energy through the use of Kirlian photography, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, or if you are clairvoyant. You have hundreds of chakras in and around you. Sadhguru describes the 114 junctions that embody movement from one dimension to another. The most common model is of 7 chakras which are spinning wheels of prana that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are many more “minor” chakras but there are 2 additional chakras of interest outside the physical body – the Soul Star above your head and the Earth Star below your feet. The Soul Star is the place of the Higher Self, and the Earth Star connects you to your roots (ancestors) for stability. These 2 higher chakras connect Heaven and Earth much like a tree with its roots anchored deep in the soil, solid and stable, and its branches reaching into the Heavens, to the light Source, the doorway of illumination.

Each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body and with specific life issues – literally, the issues are in your tissues. (E)motion is energy in motion; energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Each emotion is a product of the chemistry of each organ. The emotions we feel in the body create a hormone soup that is released into our blood flow. Because the organs and glands are the warehouse of our emotions, these samskaras (imprints or traumatic experiences express themselves in the chakras. Think of them as sites where we receive, absorb & distribute life energies. You attract what you send out by the emotions you hold in your body. A chakra can become either deficient or excessive – and therefore imbalanced. Negative thoughts create disharmony. If you hold negative thoughts, feelings or emotions, your chakras become dirty.

Samskaras don't go away by themselves. You want to make sure that all of your chakras are clean, clear, and balanced by releasing low vibration thought forms or having a chakra balancing energy session. The physical practice of Yoga (or other deep somatic work like Qigong or Tai Chi) opens up the stagnant energy in the body, resulting in emotional release which is said to "burn the seeds" of the samskaras. Yoga opens the rivers of light (nadis/meridians) of your body and will eventually resolve all samskaras depending on the clarity of intention, the rigor of self-inquiry, and the intensity of practice.

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy ".

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, biochemist & Nobel Prize winner


Practicing yoga poses that correspond to each chakra can release stagnant energy & clear the path to higher Consciousness. Each pose is a gateway to healing and clearing the meridians as well as promoting an expansive and symmetric luminous sphere.

In my yoga classes, I use the Planes of Movement to move our spine in relation to the 7 directions which creates sequences integrated with the Medicine Wheel. The poses are designed to help us experience the medicine wheel in 4 cardinal directions, plus above to the Sky (inti taitai) and below to the Earth (pachamama), and finally within to the heart – the Sat Guru. These levels of perception correspond to the manifestations of human existence and experience.

A well-rounded yoga also opens the 5 lines of the body (as presented in Tom Myer’s Anatomy Trains). Unfortunately, too many yoga classes focus only on 3 or 4 of the directions. There is a connection between the 7 directions and the 7 chakras in that the fascia lines of the body correlate to the meridians, which correlate to the nadis and chakras, which act like a duct system channeling the flow of energy and electricity.

· Standing poses are centering & grounding (1st chakra).

· Kneeling poses connect us to our sacral area & connecting closer to the ground (2nd chakra).

· We engage our core in supine poses to tap into our personal power (3rd chakra).

· The emotional heart is the integrator of all opposites. Here we turn our world upside down through inversions, so our head is below the heart (4th chakra).

· Only backward movement is possible in a prone position, opening the throat and surrendering to our truth (5th chakra).

· Twists take our attention inward (6th chakra) as we work to integrate the left & right sides of the body, bringing both hemispheres of the brain in balance.

· In the final direction, we take a seat to find stillness (7th chakra) and connect to pure Consciousness – the heart center or hridaya which is the soul chamber that contains the infinity spark. Did you know that one of the first cells to divide in embryo is the heart? Everything extends and returns to this center.

The awakening of “Kundalini” is when the energetic pathway (sushumna) is flowing freely through all the major chakras. This initiates the Self-realization process, transcending the world of duality, and merging into Oneness with Divine Cosmic Consciousness.

The Trinity

We live in 3 perceptual states – the body, the mind, and the soul. The original medicine wheel uses 3 totems – Serpent, Jaguar & Condor (Hummingbird was not part of the original totem animals). The science of Yoga is union between the Body, Breath & Brain. The Incan cosmology is the relationship between Llankay (body), Munay (heart), and Yachay (head). Which is also represented by our inner or lower world (hanuk pacha), the middle world (kay pacha), and the upper, angelic world (pacha kuti).

Pachakuti means “world reversal”, revolution or transformation. It is the principle of a heavenly upper world which blends the yogic principles of right behavior (yamas) and discipline of being (niyamas). This is what the shamans call ayni – living in gratitude, to be in right relationship with nature and the universe. By the way, gratitude is one of the quickest ways to amp up your vibration. Tony Robbins said, “You can’t feel fear or anger while feeling gratitude at the same time.”

The Chakana embodies the phrase “live well but not better” (than others or at the cost of others). We are currently experiencing a rebalancing of the world through upheaval because of greed. Man’s heaven has created a hell of this abundant Earth paradise.

According to esoteric researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek, every 13,000 years on earth, a sacred event takes place that changes everything, the very course of history. It is said the earth Kundalini is awakened for Consciousness transformation. Based on Mayan prophecy, it is the time of paradigm shift, from the mind & masculine dominated Consciousness to the earthy & feminine dominated Consciousness; from the masculine energy of Himalaya of the North atmosphere to the feminine energy of the Andes of the South atmosphere; from the masculine avatars like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Ala, to the feminine spiritual giants in many forms including mother earth, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene (next month’s musings). For the next 13,000 years, the energy of the earth moves to a new Consciousness, it transforms and leads us into a higher awakened spiritual path where we all can be readily tapped into the source, experiencing the beauty and light of the universal Consciousness. In the midst of chaos, war, starvation, environmental crisis, and moral breakdown, it is what we are experiencing here on earth today at the end of this cycle.

Let the elders instruct us. As North and South respond to the injuries caused by the little brother (us). When the eagle of the North flies with the condor of the South, the spirit of the land, she will reawaken. – Incan prophecy

The prophecy says that the material brain and the mystical heart will rejoin. The 4 quadrants of the medicine wheel represent 4 races (Red, Yellow, Black & White). When these paths converge, a Rainbow Tribe will form. Remembering that they are one people, they will reconnect, remember their common origin. The sharing of indigenous wisdom with the technologies of science. The balancing of Yin & Yang, Feminine & Masculine. Intuition & Intelligence. And when eagle and condor fly together, wing to wing, in respect of Mother Earth, it will signal the dawn of a new era, and the world will come into balance after a point of near extinction. Neither the eagles nor the condors will survive without the collaboration, and from this rejoining of the races, a new Consciousness will emerge. When similar prophetic visions occur independently in many cultures, they should be taken seriously.

Is it a coincidence that there are 7 Chakras, 7 Glands, 7 Orifices of the face, 7 Directions, 7 Continents, 7 Visible Planets in the sky, 7 Dimensions, 7 Universal Laws, 7 Archangels, 7 colors in the rainbow, and 7 notes on the musical scale?

The Rainbow Connection: Colors, Crystals, Sound & Music

Most of us know the 1979 song from The Muppet Movie performed by Kermit the Frog. In David Shepard Love’s book, The Rainbow Connection, he describes how Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Community are coming together. I refer to it as when the Sacred meets Science.

Just like yoga poses activate the whole energy body, colors, crystals, sound, and music can help to balance our chakras. Every color is linked to a chakra, organ, gland, mantra, musical note, frequency, and light wavelength. Yes, there is a sound to color and language of light! And every chakra is affected by sounds, tones, mantras and music.

· Red – 1st chakra, sound & light frequency range of 400-484 Trillion hz (or musical note G), seed sound LAM, and visible light wavelength range 620-750 nm (slow, low frequency)

· Orange – 2nd chakra, 484-508 Thz (A), VAM, 590-620 nm

· Yellow – 3rd chakra, 508-526 Thz (B), RAM, 570-590 nm

· Green – 4th chakra, 526-606 Thz (C), YAM, 495-570 nm

· Blue – 5th chakra, 606-630 Thz (D), HAM, 476-495 nm

· Indigo – 6th chakra, 631-668 Thz (E), OM, 450-475 nm

· Violet – 7th chakra, 668-789 Thz (F), AH, 380-450 nm (fast, high frequency)

The Eastern system of bjia seed sounds is called sargam. You are more likely to be familiar with Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. That is the Western system called solfeggio. Scientific studies indicate ancient Solfeggio frequencies increase ultraviolet (UV) light absorption in DNA (this is your Soul Star Chakra), so listen to 500 or above. Notice this repeating number of 500? I really like this high vibe Gold Wave 5D frequency.

Placing color-coordinated crystals on your chakras as well as listening to certain frequencies can help balance your vibration. Here’s a Complete Guide to Chakra Crystals.

We are slowed down sound & light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.

~ Albert Einstein

Whether the chakra system, scale of Consciousness, caste/class structure, educational system, Hell & Heaven, and so on, the labeling system is a bottom to top, inferior to superior, lesser to greater model.

We see this vertical pathway even in nature. Rather than this upward trajectory, think of it as a spiral of growth and evolution. These are levels of vibration and frequency; each layer is a level of Consciousness. A vibration is a state of being, or the energetic quality of a person, place, thought, or thing. And emotions are a reflection of our Consciousness level. Is the “climate crisis” really emotional turmoil Consciousness crisis? Just wondering out loud.

Rather than a vertical hierarchy, I think of it more like a see-saw with the heart as the center fulcrum. Each chakra is a step between matter and Consciousness. When the chakras are connected, they form a mythical “rainbow bridge”, a channel linking Heaven and Earth, mind and body, spirit and matter, past and future. The rainbow teaches us not to look at just any one aspect. It shows us how to look at the many different rays of life and the beauty all at once. Rainbows contain all the colors in balance and perfection.

I have pieced together the image below. I hope it will tie all these concepts together. Note: If any of this is sparking your interest, then please consider joining my Tools for Transformation workshop beginning this month.

We do have a base vibration but keep in mind that we are always fluctuating from day to day. None is “better” or “worse”. Energy is energy; it just needs to be directed. So, the Scale of Consciousness to me is really awareness. Are you AWARE that you are divine Consciousness or not? Just because you are unaware, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We all have this unique opportunity to learn and evolve to Self-Awareness. Free will allows for the path of love or the illusion reality.

Lower Levels of Consciousness (lack of) – Shame (20), Guilt (30), Apathy (50), Grief (75), Fear (100), Desire (125), Anger (150), and Pride (175) - are dense & heavy vibrations that lack awareness and have a greater sense of individuality & separation. Spiritual teacher Mindo created a Map of Spirituality that compares full Consciousness to vibration, color & dimension.


Sadhguru says, “Chakras have more than one dimension to them. One dimension is their physical existence, but they also have a spiritual dimension.” According to Matt Williams, “dimensions are simply the different facets of what we perceive to be reality. Superstring theory posits that the universe exists in 10 different dimensions.” Most people understand the basic 3 dimensions and have heard of the 4th dimension. If we overlay this idea with physical evolution, you have single celled organisms, parasites, bacteria, and viruses; that’s 1D. 2D shifts into the plant and animal realm. 3D are humans. Beyond that, you are no longer limited by time, space and dimension. I know, mind boggling!

On the spiritual dimension, we are going through an energetic shift from 3D (3rd chakra) to 4D (4th chakra) and some even reaching 5D (5th chakra). The 3rd chakra is the seat of the ego, self & ME. The 4th chakra is the soul chamber, spirit & WE. Raising our vibrations transmutes low frequencies of fear into unconditional love where there is no anxiety or triggers. Our sole/soul purpose is to move up the scale of emotion to reach Self-Awareness or Self-Realization. However, too many people aren’t living up to their potential out of fear.

The heart center, hridaya, is the seat of 4D, the 4th dimension. Here is where we anchor our energy in the divine love light. Shifting into 4D (4th chakra) – the Heart, the Soul Chamber & Infinity Spark – is part of the evolution process. And you already experience 4D in the Magical Dream World or Astral plane during sleep. Rosane Araujo reminds us, “Who doesn’t like to dream? Fantasizing, travelling to other worlds, having superpowers, spending time with loved ones who are no longer with us… Dreaming makes the impossible possible. When you dream, everything you see and feel is all created in your mind.” It’s in our dreams that we plant the seeds of the future. There is a difference between dreaming and lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is being AWARE that you are dreaming, and you can intentionally change the dream into a more positive outcome and/or ask your 4D Dream Team (spirit guides) to help. This is how manifesting transpires so dare to dream.

These higher levels of Consciousness are the gateway to awakening to the idea that we are all connected and there is more to life than meets the eye…unless you’re clairvoyant. Science shows us that the visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum is only one small part of the whole. This also corresponds to the shaman’s view that there is a seen and unseen world.

L.O.V.E. – Living One Vibrational Energy. No matter what the frequency, shifting into Love or Above (500) opens the doors to our highest destiny. It’s as simple as changing every thought into a heart or love. When we start resonating with the higher dimensional energies, the direct knowing of the Self God (Self-realization), we become connected with everything, and we start to sense universal oneness & less individuality. Reality is consciously created from the inside out. We create what we think. It is the plane of unconditional love and abundance. Alberto Villoldo calls it homo luminescent. It’s a Dual Activation of your 4D astral/light body and your 3D physical body; I say we’re getting our angel wings. You can still be in a physical body, but it is much lighter. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge is a mythic metaphor for the evolution of Consciousness. To walk the Rainbow Bridge is to reclaim our own divinity and bring Heaven down to Earth, where it is so desperately needed at this time. Earth is our home, where spirit matters, and matter is the embodiment of spirit. Therein lies the metaphor 'the pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow – self-realization.

As our Consciousness ascends, we get closer and closer to the state of yoga called Samadhi. The pot of gold is when you realize you ARE Buddha, Krishna, or Christ Consciousness, sometimes known as “enlightenment.” This is the level where our soul merges with Divinity. Note the Infinity signs created in my image above when all the chakras are freely flowing.

At the beginning of the 2020 lockdown, I asked shaman Puma how I could be in service to humanity. He said, “don’t sacrifice yourself, make yourself sacred.” This resonated so deeply with me but how can I serve if I’m not around anyone but those I was quarantining with? There are only 2 paths: self-service (greed, profiteering, Plutocracy, trafficking, etc.) or service to humanity (compassion, cooperation, love, etc.). I realized that it made perfect sense in relation to the Chakra System and the Scale of Consciousness. Consciousness exists, the difference is whether you are AWARE of it or not. Whether you choose to use the Scale of Consciousness, Chakras, Crystals, Sound, Light, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, etc. they are all tools for directing energy and that is by raising your vibration to 1,000.

My 500 (love) vibration lifts 750,000 people to 200 (courage).
My 1,000 (enlightened) frequency raises 2M people at 200 (courage).

With such a high level of positive vibration, your presence will have an effect upon people’s Consciousness. According to Dr. Hawkins, when you are at a vibrational energy of 500, you can lift 750,000 people around you. Or my 1,000 vibration raises 2 million at 200 (courage) which is the average level of people across the world.

The direction is moving toward the light, toward Buddha, Krishna or Christ Consciousness. For example, the lotus is a flower of light and great beauty which thrives in water. Because the rays of light refract through water, the lotus can’t clearly see the sun beneath the water. Yet, it continues to rise and turns its bloom to the light. Though the lotus is rooted in the mud, it rises up through the water and its petals are never wet. This flower rocking gently on the waters of the infinite ocean of peace and bliss.

The journey of this sacred flower reflects our own spiritual blossoming. We move through the distorting water of our limited understanding in order to reach the light of wisdom. The mud is the dirt of avidya, the greatest obstacle on the path to Self-realization. We too are often submerged in the muddy waters of the mind. How we define and label ourselves keeps us mired in the muck of duality and separateness. As the lotus unfolds in the light of the spiritual sun, we remember our wholeness and oneness with the universe. (Note: if you like this description of the lotus, it is from one my meditations.)

According to author Swami Nirmalananda Giri, when the yogi awakens, the divine power that pervades the physical, astral & causal bodies unifies and directs upward into the crown chakra (Sahasrara) completing its existence. This is the perfect union of Shiva and Shakti, Masculine and Feminine, Yang and Yin, Exhale and Inhale, Sun and Moon, Ha (Solar energies) and Tha (Lunar energies) – Hatha Yoga. As Consciousness ascends, you enter into levels of evolution beyond humanity and become one with divine Consciousness. Duality ceases to exist, and Consciousness remains.

I wish for you the blessing of the Divine Mother (next month’s musings) who lives within you as energy and vitality, and the blessing of the Divine Father who resides within you as Consciousness and knowledge. May they always take care of you, protect you and guide you, and in their infinite love lead you to the cosmic Consciousness.

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