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Power Retrieval

Would you like to discover your spirit animal or Spirit Guide?
Listen to a free meditation journey to find your Helping Spirits.

Spirit Guide

Meeting our allies is a journey of empowerment.  There are many spirits on the other side to protect us and serve us. They move obstacles.  Whether a saint, ascended angel, man/woman from mythology, God/Goddess, deities, or an archetype of strength, our allies are a great source of strength, comfort, support and wisdom.  We have many helpers from the spirit world and animal nation.   In this journey, we will meet some of your allies who will lead us to meet up with our power animal.  Enjoy knowing you have an ally watching your back and the safety of a power animal that walks next to you.


Bear&CrowTotem by Taran.jpg

These are two of my power animals drawn by Taran Darcy.

Power Animal

Each of us has guardian animal spirits or spirit form of an animal who has lived on the earth plane that protects us, guides us, and assists us in our healing.  Think of them as animal angels.  Indigenous cultures and shamans know that we are all connected to the world of nature and relationship with animal spirits.  They have tremendous power and have been the allies of shamans and other indigenous cultures for 40,000 years or more.  This healing allows you to re-connect with or re-discover your primal connection to your Power Animal Totem and develop a personal connection to them.

We create energetic relationships with the spirits and we can "borrow" power when we need help and/or healing.  Power animals bring us their power - the strength of a bear, the sight of an eagle, or the healing power of a plant.  When someone has had a loss of power due to divorce, surgery, job layoff, or any other event, it may be helpful to be the beneficiary of a power animal retrieval.  Retrieving your power animal symbolically means bringing back your Personal Power.


This is an important aspect of Journeying as you will want your power animal to guide you.


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