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Guided Journeys

What is Shamanic Journeying?

The act of entering a trance state, shamanic journeying is a way of communicating with the unseen realm to retrieve information and find answers to your questions.  It can be used for divination, personal healing, meeting your power animal or spirit guide, or many other reasons. 

Often a garden sets the stage for journeying.  It’s a private place that you create with your imagination out of memory or desire and to which you go in your dream body for various purposes such as rest, healing, insight and adventure.  Of course, there will be plants, trees & walkways and other things.  Because it is your creation, everything in it is a reflection of your conscious & subconscious beliefs, attitudes, and expectations.  Changing the Garden changes you, which changes your life experience.  This place becomes a familiar location from which you can explore more distant areas.

It is common to use the World Tree - it's branches reach up into the sky and it's roots down into the earth.  In Andean cosmology, there are 3 worlds.  You can climb the tree up to the Upper World (Hanaq Pacha), or descend into the Lower World (Ukhu Pacha).  The trunk is a jumping off point for reaching out into the everyday Middle World (Kay Pacha).  We use this tree when we journey out to the inner planes of consciousness; it's also our way home.

You can travel to the lower world to find your power animal or ascend up the branches to meet a wise teacher or guide.

Communication in this non-ordinary reality is usually archetypal, non-verbal and non-linear. Information and messages come as visions, impressions, smells, thoughts, symbols or metaphors.  After the journey, only the individual can interpret the meaning of the experience as this is a very personal interpretation.

I offer several Shamanic Journeys for you to listen to along with my guided meditations and healing with spiritual light.  I have found that they are much more powerful when done in-person accompanied by

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