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The Sacred Snake: Epigenetics & DNA (Part 1)

Last month, I mentioned Dr. Dawson Church, a brilliant researcher in Consciousness science, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, a leader in bridging science and spirit through epigenetics. This month, we’re taking manifesting to a new level where BELIEF controls biology rather than DNA.

Epigenetics is “the study of inherited changes in phenotype (appearance) or gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence.” It is how kinds of states, emotions, and experiences affect not just our psychology (our mental health) but our biology (our physical health). According to the CDC blog, “epigenetic markers can change over time and can also be inherited.”

According to Dr. Lipton, “Our health is not controlled by genetics. Conventional medicine is operating from an archaic view that we’re controlled by genes. This misunderstands the nature of how biology works.”

In fact, only 15% of the genome is fixed characteristics (genes you can’t change like height, eye color, etc.) That means 85% is shifting and changing in response to your environment. You can consciously use your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to affect your genes.

Dr. Dawson Church says, “DNA is not your Destiny.” Church uses the phrase “a gene is turned on.” Genes are not like light switches but more like dimmer switches, although it happens in just 3 seconds. Turned on (fear) is when the gene is upregulated; turned off (relaxed) is when the gene is downregulated. There are many studies showing the link between external environmental influences and gene expressions.

For example, the emotion of fear is translated by your body into molecules which include neurotransmitters (hormones). The response is a rise in dopamine, adrenaline, and cortisol. These stress hormones help you prepare for a fight or flight response to a threat. The problem is if you are thinking or ruminating about a trauma or stressful events year after year.

Over time, high cortisol is linked to all kinds of diseases such as osteoporosis, reduced bone repair, decreased muscle mass, wrinkles, deficits in memory, belly fat, and the list goes on.

In 1953, Francis Crick and James Watson won the Nobel Prize for discovering the double helix structure of the DNA molecule. At that time, they believed that it’s all in your genes.

In The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby says, “All beings contain DNA, be they bacteria, carrots, or humans. The coding in our DNA is 99% the same across species including humans. DNA, as a substance, does not vary from one species to another; only the order of its letters change.”

The most intriguing part of this is that only 2% of our DNA is coded. The remaining 98% of the human genome is non-coded. This means the majority is not read; their function is unknown, and they are considered “junk DNA.” I find it difficult to imagine that this extremely intelligent body has any “junk” anything. That’s were epigenetics comes in. The foundational idea is that the remaining 98% of our DNA can be influenced by nature and trauma (more on this next month).

Narby continues, “There are approximately 125 billion miles of DNA in a human body – corresponding to 70 roundtrips between Saturn and the Sun. Your personal DNA is long enough to wrap around the Earth 5 million times.”

Narby asks, “Why do life-creating, knowledge-imparting snakes appear in the visions, myths, and dreams of human beings around the world?” What else could the ancient ones have meant when they talked of a double serpent and key of life?

One of the most familiar symbols is the medical caduceus formed by 2 snakes wrapped around an axis. These serpents of wisdom connected to the art of healing. The Taoists had the yin-yang which symbolizes the 2 coiled serpentine and complementary forms into a single principle. The Aborigines also knew this serpent well. In Yoga, the Kundalini rising as the female Rainbow serpent (ida) and the masculine Plumed serpent (pingala) crisscross the Sushumna (your Nervous System). Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec’s plumed serpent – coatl means both serpent and twin. In the Amazon, this idea is represented by the “sky-ladder”. Often called the vine of the soul or ladder to the Milky Way, it is surrounded by the cosmic anaconda.

Like humans, the Earth’s energy field is a matrix of connective pathways interweaving across the globe. Our earth, a global network of DNA-based life; a living matrix.

Molecular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, experimented with stem cells and learned how to clone them in 1968. He discovered, they’re like blanks as they can differentiate into any type of cell depending on the solution it was put into. He only changed the environment of the culture medium. What changed if they are all genetically identical? The environment! Therefore, your body is changing based on environmental stimuli. You can influence which genes are expressed (turning genes on and off) in your body. Epigenetics optimizes the environmental factors that control gene activity.

Biological organisms adapt their biology to fit INTO an environment. The Nervous System sends information about the environment so the cells can adjust to what’s going on in the world. Consciousness is an interpretation of the world, and the mind interprets the environment. So, change your perception, mind or belief and you change the signal. Instead of being a victim of heredity, you are a master of your genetic activity.

The mind is 2 interdependent elements that work together – conscious mind and subconscious mind. The Conscious mind is creative. The Subconscious mind stores your autopilot programs from childhood. You are absorbing the people you are exposed to and around up to 7 years old. Because of that, we are subject to limiting and negative subconscious beliefs running our lives which can make us sick.

In 1925, Quantum Physics determined that our invisible waves of energy are the primary forces that control and shape our body.

Coherence is when all of the parts fit together well such as the nice smooth, even waves from the heart to the brain (feelings of gratitude, compassion, love, etc.) which results in healing, growth, repair and a really strong immune system. Versus stress signal incoherence. That’s chaotic, unorganized waves that weaken the immune system. Feelings of jealousy, rage, fear match the stress chemistry which leads to damage and disease.

Stress increases the acidity of the body and increases inflammation. An inflammatory response that occurs in the brain (neuroinflammation) that results from stress prevents the production of new neurons (neurogenesis). Lifestyle factors that inhibit neurogenesis are stress, alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, and diet.

It’s important to find new ways of sparking neurogenesis in your brain such as learning a new language, taking up a new sport, beginning some art, traveling to a new destination, trying a new cultural experience, etc. Anything to stretch yourself and create good times. Your activity-dependent genes get expressed with new experiences which create new neural pathways. Then repeat. Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb coined the phrase, “neurons that fire together wire together.” The brain cells change as a result of repetitive firing. That’s why it’s important to reinforce the positive experiences, then you reinforce that neural pathway with repetition. That is neuroplasticity: your brain’s ability to change and adapt based upon input and use. Reinforcement is essential.

Mind Over DNA

To change your current genetic makeup, all you need to do is change your thoughts. And to change your thoughts you would have to change your subconscious beliefs. There are several different therapies that are designed to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and facilitate changes on a subconscious level.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." – Albert Einstein

Neuroscience & Manifestation

Changing the genes in your body is under your conscious control. As our consciousness changes, our genome changes. Imagine what we could do to CONSCIOUSLY affect this process! To become your own epigenetic engineer by turning off those stress genes and turning on those genes that code for your healthiest neurochemicals.

You can deliberately use tools and techniques to create a relaxation response. Healing helps on multiple levels. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Move - walk, tai chi, qigong, yoga.

  • Get out in nature – we are constantly accumulating bad free radicals (which cause inflammation) and research on Earthing shows that being barefoot on the earth, allows the body to naturally neutralize them.

  • Relax your Tongue – allow your tongue to spread out on the floor of your mouth and the tip of your tongue is touching your lower front teeth. Your tongue is considered one of the strongest muscles in the body so it’s important to learn how to relax it plus it can help stop the mind chatter.

  • Heart Centering - when feeling a lot of emotional intensity, think about the event and cross your hands over your heart. Slow down your breathing (6 sec inhale & 6 sec exhale).

  • Heart Tapping / Thymus Thump – this body-based coping technique is a way to release anxiety.

  • EFT – your pleasure hormones rise during Emotional Freedom Techniques. When you tap, you send the body a signal of safety that bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight to the ancient limbic system and the reptilian brain that understands touch.

  • Mindfulness - meditation, breath awareness, or focusing on high vibrations from the Scale of Consciousness. Awareness of a thought is not the thought.

  • Powerful manifestation technique by Bruce Lipton.

  • Smile - a cascade of neuropeptides happens in your brain when you smile, even if it’s fake. The brain can’t distinguish between a fake and a real smile. Endorphin, dopamine and serotonin are released which decreases pain & stress as well as boosts your immune system. 1-2-3...SMILE!

  • Repetition - set alerts on your phone for every 2 hours to remind you to de-stress yourself.

Medicine does miracles for physical trauma and acute illness. Chronic illness develops over time. Often lumped into an auto-immune disorder because they don’t know why the symptoms are occurring; the cause is unknown. There is something causing the problem and the body is trying to get rid of it.

Diet & herbs (food as medicine) can starve a pathogen. Often gut microbiome gets killed off due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, illness, antibiotics, certain prescription drugs, not enough dietary fiber, severe low-carb diets, and diets high in fat, meat, and refined sugar. Fix that through a plant-based diet to stimulate the immune system. Our ancestors didn’t have so many mutated genes because they lived closer to the land. Today, our water, food, air, our world is toxic. And so are our thoughts.

In 2003, Sandra Ingerman was experimenting on reversing pollution in water. Using GDV camera technology, they were able to measure and evaluate energy imbalances. They had 3 water samples – de-ionized water polluted with ammonium hydroxide, a bottle of water from the Hudson River, and one from the Santa Fe River – which they took pH readings on. A control sample was in another area separated from the group who was using transfiguration on the 3 samples to raise the pH through intention, to a healthier, more neutral level. I was fortunate to be a part of the 2016 remote Transfiguration experience. With every group, the water changed a pH of 1-3 points toward neutral (pH of 7.0 is neutral).

Here’s another example of Transfiguration and intention. Drinking alcohol as a “poison” that goes into the body and causes damage. Versus drinking alcohol with intention or high vibration which changes the consequences. The body responds to the intention, direction of no damage.

However, every other ad on TV is a drug commercial filling us with fear that our bodies are failing us.

According to the 2021 Amazon Prime movie, Heal: A Scientific & Spiritual Journey, they compare natural “wholistic” medicine vs conventional medicine (sick care system). Conventional medicine deals with symptoms. Under this model, you are given a drug which then has a side effect and more toxicity, more disease. Conventional medicine is tied up in an old BS (Belief System) that illness is our genetics and biochemistry. Then pHARMa offers you the chemistry to bring health back. It’s false. There are very few diseases that are organic. Most disease is due to stress. In fact, 90% of diseases are stress related illness (more on that in Part 2).

The phar-Mafia tells us there is a problem and then offers a product based on resolution of this fear-based idea of a problem. The very product creates and perpetuates the problem.

We have more faith in the power of illness to kill us rather than the miracle of God, power of infinite possibility, to cure us. ~ Marianne Williamson

In the book Radical Remissions by Kelly Turner, PhD, she shared 75 ways to heal but just 9 were consistently used by all the cancer survivors who had radical remissions.

1. Radically changing your diet.

2. Taking control of your health.

3. Following your intuition.

4. Using herbs & supplements

5. Releasing suppressed emotions.

6. Increasing positive emotions.

7. Embracing social support (asking for help).

8. Deepening your spiritual connection.

9. Have a strong reason for living.

#1 & #4 are the only 2 physical approaches; the remaining 7 are mental, emotional & spiritual.

Remission = Remember your Mission!

I’m sure you’ve heard the word Placebo, but have you heard about Nocebo? The placebo effect is when belief shifts biology. It’s the positive thought/belief that you are getting the healing substance/treatment. What happens is you then program your ANS (autonomic nervous system) to make your own pharmacy of chemicals that matches what you think you’ve taken. The body’s extremely intelligent and has an innate capacity to heal.

Nocebo is equally powerful; however, it is a negative belief that can cause any illness and even death. An example is giving too much authority to the “white coat”. How many times have you heard or know of someone who was given a diagnosis and then it became a self-fulling prophecy? Listen to the diagnosis but NOT the prognosis. You need to DO something differently to get beyond this subconscious limited thinking. Then magic happens!

The data and evidence are very interesting regarding “efficacy”. Science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments (but placebo comes with NO risk). The power of belief is everything – fight or flight vs rest & repair.

Using these tools and techniques, you have now produced an epigenetic shift in your body and reversed the stress process.

How do you quickly calm down from stress? What can you do to shift this? Look for the natural remedy first. What would you rather do? Spend half an hour nurturing & nourishing yourself or go on side-effect laden antidepressants?

Are you a glass ½ full person or a glass ½ empty? Both are a choice. Choices that are reaching deep into the molecular structure of your cells and turning molecules on and off, synthesizing certain proteins & hormones. Rather than your life unfolding as a series of random events, you’re creating the structure of your life. Over time you literally change your body.

These are the epigenetic layers of health. You literally have conscious control over the biochemical environment of your cells because you now know how to control your stress levels (cortisol & DHEA). Your Consciousness is the most powerful drug! Creating inner peace produces profound changes to your hormone levels, your gene expression, and your entire life.

We've forgotten how intelligent the body is. In my Yoga Teacher Training program, I explain the definition of yoga as “your direct PARTICIPATION in this extreme intelligence that beats in the heart and moves the breath. You are not here to realize the Divine, you already are!”

You are an infinite, immortal being of immense potential, creativity, and joy. We are more powerful than any physical thing on this planet, including genetics. You have more power to heal than you’ve been led to believe. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect your health. Everything starts in the mind, not just disease. Pain is healing. What is it telling you?

Tonic thoughts produce tonic chemicals.

Toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals.

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Ancient Wisdom have a crucial role in the discovery of Consciousness and how we can live more consciously.

I heard this idea that our 2-strand DNA is actually 12-strands, but that 10 are invisible to our current technology and when we are able to activate the 12-strands, we will attain Christ Consciousness.

Many believe the divine love light named as Christ Consciousness will return in a physical form. This way of thinking is limited. Religious dogma has diverted people’s attention from the truth hence entrapping them in another illusion complex (maya). No matter what your religion - Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sufi, Kabbalah, Buddhist, Taoist etc. – most recognize Jesus as a walking example to fulfill our soul’s mission.

Each of you has the opportunity to create this Christ Consciousness energy inside your body now. Within you is the divine Source of all knowingness. This is done deliberately through inner work. You just need to allow this to flow, and this divine vibration will rise within you. With such a high level of positive vibration, your presence will have an effect upon people’s consciousness. They will feel the light that shines bright within you. According to Dr. Hawkins, when you are at a vibrational energy of 500, you can lift 750,000 people around you. Or my 1,000 vibration raises 2 million at 200 (courage) which is the average level of people across the world.

Christ Consciousness exists in a mostly dormant state. It’s hidden within you and is covered by layers and layers of illusion as well as layers of confusion & misunderstanding. You will rise in Consciousness when you uncover this true sense of unity Consciousness with the universal divine.

If you are looking for the Christ on the outside, you are looking for the wrong Christ. It is within your own Self (Self-Realization) and will ultimately merge with other Christ Consciousnesses.

"Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of Consciousness."

~ Eckhart Tolle

Make Yourself Sacred

At the beginning of the 2020 lockdown, I asked one of the shamans I work with how I could serve others while everyone was in isolation. He reminded me: "Do not sacrifice yourself for others. Make yourself sacred." We are able to override environmental influences with vibration (intention). He was referring to the Scale of Consciousness. When I first learned about this practice, I was testing between 500 (love) and gratitude (700). However, in the last 2 years, I have been fluctuating between gratitude (700) and Self-Realization (1,000). By keeping my vibration high, I am able to support and serve the world since energy is energy regardless of distance. What a relief knowing I (everyONE) can raise my (our) vibration and bring everyONE else along for the ride. BE love and above!

Here’s a daily intention (mantra):

I deeply and completely love & accept myself.

I completely forgive the past.

I am in the present.

I am here NOW.

I am healthy.

I am love.

I am peace.

I am gratitude.

I am light.

I am pure Source.

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