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How it's all related
Everything in the outer world is a reflection of the inner world.  This is seen in the teaching "as above, so below; as within, so without."

The solution to all your problems is to simply get yourself back in alignment.


We pick up energetic debris from our environment that can leave us unbalanced and out of ease.  Clearing clutter from your physical space and psychic clutter from your field helps restore health and well-being.

A core belief in Shamanism is "All that is, is Alive."  All things have a life energy which communicates with and also influences the things around.


Energy can be described from other cultures as Chi, Qi, Prana, Kundalini, or life-force energy which is beyond the known world of form & matter (although Quantum Physics seems to be cracking the code.)

We filter all our experiences through our emotions and brain.  What shamans call an imprint, yogis call a samskara.  These are traumatic memories embedded in the body that lead to repetitive thoughts and behaviors.  It is surprising how much of our behavior, identity and self-worth is shaped by external sources.  Under the layers of pain, personality and ego, social, political, religious and generational programming, emotional wounding, fear, and deep-seated behavioral patterns, lies your core consciousness.  Our inside reflects our outside and vice versa.


Karen combines her love of the earth with indigenous teachings, native American and shamanic alignment ceremonies for clearing energy, ancient technologies of yoga and her sister science Ayurveda, organizing based on Feng Shui principles and Vastu Shastra (yoga for the home) with other tools such as sacred sound, aromatherapy, crystals, deep breathing, movement therapy, Somatics, and relaxation techniques. She blends together her alchemical healing modalities to bring alignment and help restore balance to your physical surroundings as well as body, mind and spirit.

Not only can she help in "cleaning up" your energy field, clearing out past trauma, restoring the layers of your auric field, she can help you clean up your physical clutter.  We know that yoga calms the nervous system.  But did you know that getting grounded and centered makes you more productive?  Organizing is a practice, an ever-evolving process just like yoga.  It’s about aligning your space to your spirit.  


All these healing paths lead to the understanding that this world is a matrix of energies and there are many techniques to access the body, brain and breath to become balanced, find clarity and promote self-healing.  Maybe it’s time to clear your home and your heart.  Karen’s work is to assist you on every level:  emotionally, spiritually, energetically, physically and non-physically. 


If you are interested in this sacred healing work to balance your body,

clear your energy system, or clean up your physical space,

check out the detailed descriptions on her individual Service pages. 

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