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Divination and Distance Healing

Time and space are man-made concepts.  Quantum Physics tells us we aren’t bound to the rules of matter but can instead follow the rules of energy.  There are times when it is not possible (or necessary) to be in the presence of the healer/shaman for the work to be effective.  In a distance healing, the healer will journey to where you are, and perform a session on you in a similar way they would do if you were with you in physical form.  Any number of healings can be done at a distance.


Healing with Spiritual Light, also know as Transfiguration, is a shamanic healing method in which the shaman accesses an altered state that allows connection with his/her own divine light energy.  By this process, the healer or shaman can stimulate the healing light energy in all living forms around him/her.  This energetic healing is highly effective in transforming the healing potential of those suffering from cancer, strokes, heart disease, and other illnesses of a serious and life-threatening nature.

A state of dis-ease or illness is not our natural state.  We have the capacity to heal anything in our bodies, mind, emotions, and/or spirit.  Healing with Spiritual Light is one method that speeds up the healing of any illness or disorder.  By accessing this light energy and “lighting up” someone/something, the natural order is restored.  Jesus transfigured as he shined with bright rays of light.  While in this transfigured state of divine light, he worked miraculous healings.  Using this high vibration and divine energy, profound healing may take place.

A second method is Hucha Mikhuy, a powerful technique for transforming heavy energy to light and recharging your Inner Sun.  The term literally means "eating or digesting dense energy."  (Energy is not negative or bad, it is vibration and frequency.)  We open up the spiritual stomach called the qosqo, or energy "eye", below the navel and digest any low vibration emotions (blame, shame and guilt), blockages, or incompatible energy and move it out of the body.  The qosqo is synonymous with the tan tien which allows you to draw up earth energy.  It is one of 4 main points along the Hara Line, an invisible vertical line that is a foundation for the chakras & aura and helps keep you energetically aligned.  As you draw in high vibration, refined prana (sami) up through the energy centers, you release low vibration energy (hucha) to the earth to be transmuted.  Often, Khuya stones, an object of power, are used.  The word comes from the Quechua word, khuyay, which means to love or container of affection.  Shamans frequently use these sacred stones in their healing ceremonies.

Clients report feeling heat, feeling like they are floating, see images, the presence of angels, and many other experiences during this gentle but very powerful healing work.  See for yourself some experiments using a gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera.  This diagnostic camera captures the energies emanating from a person or object's auric field before and after a transfiguring session.


Once you learn the practice of transfiguration, you can apply it in your personal life and in ceremonies to assist others to connect with the source energy and become light.  You hold the energy of the transfigured state and let your energy travel into the world as vibrational healing.


This powerful transformative work:

  • Helps you discover your true self.

  • Reconnects and realigns you to the Source of spiritual light.

  • Empowers you to transmute toxins of mind and matter.

  • Helps you bypass judgment and dualistic thinking.

  • Gives you a ground sense of connection with the Divine in all things.

  • Helps you explore other worldly realms of unlimited possibilities.

  • Teaches you how to be present with all that is.


Whether in person or long distance, it is beyond your imagination how uplifting and healing with divine spiritual light is and people who participate are in such deep gratitude for learning such a powerful yet simple practice that can be done to help be in service to all of life. 

Image by Melissa Kumaresan

With our helping spirits, we can discover hidden knowledge using a Pendulum or the I Ching.  Here are some questions in which we may provide guidance:

  • Marriage & romantic partnerships
  • Issues with children/step-children
  • Issues as a step-parent
  • Care of elderly parents
  • Health issues of any kind
  • Geographic relocation
  • Past Lives


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