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The Awakening: Shi(f)t Happens

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

How do I condense all that is happening in the world right now into a short message? (Rhetorical question.) This one is particularly long but there are SO MANY “stars aligning” or perfect storms hitting simultaneously.

Over the last several years, I have talked a lot about the sun and moon in my yoga classes. Ha is solar energy and Tha is Lunar Energy (Hatha yoga) – the complementary energies that shine the light upon us. Like the ocean tides, I am physically affected by the influence of the phases of the moon, Mama Quilla. I often wake up to her radiance around 3am. With all the days blending together, I find myself connecting even more to Mother Earth and the stars. Recently, I’ve been noticing the brilliance of some other large stars in the sky, so I started listening to different astrologers to understand more about what I was seeing and feeling. I recommend the SkyView Lite app which identifies not only the star or planet but the entire constellation. I’ve been particularly enjoying Astrologer Anne Ortelee. She’s been saying on an intensity scale of 1 to 10, we’ve been at a 10. And it’s not done. We are entering one of the longest eclipse seasons (the next 2 months). It is reminiscent of the eclipses we had before 9/11. These 3 upcoming eclipses stir things up and reveal what is hidden but there will be many sides of the story, many narratives. This will require reflection and discernment. In traditional astrology, the Sun and Moon represent the eyes; the Sun is the right eye, the Moon the left eye. The Sun has a ‘corona’ which is invisible to the human eye except during an eclipse. Then, it is brought to light. The eyes of the world – the Sun & Moon – look down upon us as we stand and fall, make mistakes, abuse the earth we live on and, hopefully, try to make amends. In the Vedic Astrology of India, there’s a mythical dragon (the Nodes of Fate). The dragon’s head is called Rahu and its tail Keto. In order to appease both contrasting energies, we need to feed the Dragon’s Head and Tail. There's no escaping the yin and yang of these Nodes. You must overcome the fears and resistance you have toward one in order to attain the growth you need from the other. The fascinating myth of Rahu and Ketu is told in the Mahabharata. Bottom line, the dragons eat the light (the sun & moon) and that is how the eclipses happen. Before computers, books or a shared language, people were fascinated by the movement of the stars and planets. They created stories and myths around them. We know that the Babylonians were one of the first people to record the zodiac, a few hundred years BC. In ancient times, people experienced a close connection to the earth and the celestial realm. The adage “As Above, So Below” made perfect sense, that the movement of the planets and stars mirrored life on earth and human affairs. Essentially, we were all one, and ancient people sought symbolic meaning in everything around them. There’s a sense that the steps we take in life as human beings are closely connected to the cosmic order, the movements of the stars & planets. With this Planetary Pause, we are seeing that what’s happening now as we’re being forced to consider how we lead our lives on our beautiful planet. This is not a period to fear. And anytime we feel fear it is an opportunity to shift into understanding - understanding ourselves on deeper levels as we understand what is going on in the world and the universe around us. Astrology looks at cycles in the sky and Astrologers have been seeing this polarization and division all year. Every country has its own chart and will experience these cycles differently. April 25 kicked off an approximate 6-month period of planets going retrograde (RE-turn to where you were). One planet in retrograde is tough but there will be anywhere from SIX planets moving in an apparent backward motion at the same time! Meaning there are overlapping cycles happening right now. The Planets Planet #1: Pluto (4/25-10/4). The US is in the midst of Pluto returning to the place in the heavens it occupied when America was born in 1776. Pluto is the planet of destruction and transformation; it tears things down in order to re-structure. It will be in Capricorn (the sign that rules governments, traditions, and structures) until 2024 giving us plenty of time to face our shadows. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution – the Rebel & the Revolutionary. We were freed from being slaves to the King of England, and even though we abolished slavery in the US the ideology still exists. We are still in a war against slavery – black lives matter, sex trafficking, child trafficking, organ harvesting, animal exploitation, etc. Our brothers & sisters, including the animals, are being exploited for profit. It’s easier to turn a blind eye and deny that it exists rather than face the karmic implication of such horrendous acts. This is the start of bigger conversations. People say after a Pluto Transit they…“Never want to go through that again! But I learned a lot and I am completely different.” Now, I’ve been posting about how big & bright Saturn & Jupiter are in the early morning sky. 3:33am (meaning the angels are close) is my new awake time. These are the “bad boys” and they are circling around in our house of money – our economy. Planet #2: Saturn (5/11-9/29). This is the planet of boundaries, responsibility (our ability to respond), discipline, authority, limitations, and ignorance. The main theme is re-evaluation of structures, rules, and systems that govern our lives. We are seeing this played out as more details about our governments and rulers are re-vealed. Planet #3: Venus (5/13-6/25). Venus rules love, values and money. But Neptune is muddying the waters of communication and connection. This is a time to re-assess what is essential in our lives. Venus retrograde invites you to take time to re-flect, re-view and write about what you truly value. This is not a good time to invest money or invest in new relationships. Planet #4: Jupiter (5/14-9/12). We’ve been feeling this energy since December and it affects our mood – from fear or panic to existential crisis. If it’s any comfort, we are ALL feeling this way to some degree. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and finances. The last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was the financial crash and mortgage bailout in 2008. We’re seeing this play out again in the financial crisis caused by Covid-19. This is a good time to re-assess old limiting beliefs that have been forced on us by societal conditioning. It’s time to re-write your story. Planet #5: Mercury (6/18-7/12). We all know this one because 3 or 4 times a year it tends to mess with communication, technology & travel. But because it’s retrograding through a water sign, it heightens emotions but also intuition. It teaches us about fluidity and to come from a place of empathy & compassion. Planet #6: Neptune (6/23-11/28). This planet is about spirituality and the need to re-evaluate and re-arrange bigger picture ideas. Together with Jupiter & Pluto, we are shifting our perspectives and dealing with things HEAD-ON rather than sweeping them under the carpet. Planet #7: Uranus (8/15-1/14/21). This heavy hitter joins the retrograde party in August. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was during the Great Depression. This planet represents liberation so freedom is the focus and breaking away from limiting beliefs as a global community. There may be issues around financial security. These planetary energies are tough, but they do have a purpose in expanding our consciousness. Notice all the “re-“words? Reveal, review, reflect, reassess, re-evalute, revise, reconsider, rearrange, restructure, resign, remember, rebel, return, revive. The only way out is through. The good news is that in December, Jupiter & Saturn will travel into Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is about humanitarianism. We can make this process gentler by our willingness to look inside ourselves (shadows and all), heal our bodies & minds, and take care of each other. The indigenous prophecies talk about a new Rainbow tribe…when the Condor & the Eagle fly together. So, start planting the seeds now for what you want to do for the next 30 years. And literally - connect to your own future by planting food or flowers to nourish you in the future. The future requires SHIFT to happen. People are resistant to change, especially at this level of deconstruction. It is literally taking us to our knees to be humbled (do your Saturn). We are in a moment of extreme shadow and darkness. Did you know that the word apocalypse also means lifting the veil? The universe is making all these things available for us to see. We are seeing the underbelly of humanity in broad daylight. We’re looking at a lot of corruption across multiple structures and they’re gasping for their last breath. We need to SEE what’s underneath and what is right in front of our face. That requires a big revelation.

Whenever there is chaos, there is something bigger trying to emerge. And this is our moment. It is the moment of visionaries. It is the moment of urban shamans. It is the moment of mystics. It is the moment of praying folks. I’m not saying don’t do anything but it’s the moment when those that have “inside eyes” to see the possible begin to really get down [on your knees] so that a clear articulation of what is possible can emerge. And not just resign yourself to the fact of this is the way it’s always been - abuse of power has always been here, politicians have always lied. This is the opportunity to understand what the word impossible means. When you spell it out, it’s I’m possible. So what you think is impossible in terms of change and transformation, forward movement and evolution, is possible when we tap into the dynamic, eternal loving presence of intelligence, wisdom, power and allow that to be where we’re living while we act. ~ Michael Beckwith

[You can listen to his entire sermon at Go to streaming archives, choose Sunday, May 31st the 9am service, about 41 min you'll find the entire talk.] System of Injustice & Urban Warfare Will Smith said, “Racism is not getting worse, it’s getting filmed.” There is a difference between Black Lives Matter (BLM) and All Lives Matter. Of course, all lives matter in a spiritual sense. However, we have an entire group of people who have been suffering for 400 years. All lives can’t matter until black lives do. We have a system of injustice. The recent murder of George Floyd by a white cop, highlights how they have felt invisible. They just want to be heard! “I can’t breathe.” Right now our hearts break for what happened to George Floyd…until the next name. We need to elevate these people who have been persecuted & oppressed for what? Simply the color of their skin. To heal, we need to help our brothers & sisters be heard and give visibility to them by speaking out about these atrocities. Their survival depends on it. Remember how our indigenous and aboriginal cultures also suffered horribly at the hands of white people. We need to have deeper conversations and stop looking the other way. We SHOULD feel responsible. We are part of a larger pattern of cruelty. Charlamagne tha God said, “America advertises itself as an all-inclusive resort but it’s really a private club founded by old rich men for old rich men. We’re caught up in this web of white supremacy.” We need to dismantle this white supremacist system. We need to move towards ANTI-racism. Listen to Jane Elliott’s TED Talk on Racism; it's under 4 min. Only when we come from a place of true compassion, love and unity will change happen. Violence met with violence will never bring unity. Hate met with hate never brings peace. Voices that shout words of hurt never bring healing. Division and hate are the enemy here. Our own unhealed wounds and trauma carried through generations create a war within. From our own hearts and minds it creeps into our society. Change starts in our own inner world. We cannot move forward in peace without peace in our heart. We have seen the fear playing out everywhere for months now. It’s erupting through our biggest wounds - racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, etc. Frustration is the manifestation of a systemic problem. All the places we require healing are coming to the surface. This dual phenomenon (duality) is everywhere. These issues have been simmering for a long time. Like wage inequity – the haves and the have nots. The American dream of Life, Liberty and Prosperity yet we have entire populations that doesn’t apply to. These ancestral fears of famine, horrible death, and destitution are being awakened in us all at a soul level. We stand in a moment of crisis but these “Cries of Isis” are an opportunity. (The wings of Isis, Goddess of Magic, symbolize female falcons, which are birds of prey that have cries "reminiscent of the cries of distraught women.") We need a barrier of white women at every protest! Inequity Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is likely to become the world's first trillionaire and many people aren’t happy about it. There are many people who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic and it looks like we’re heading into a depression. Millions of people are unemployed while Bezos is raking in billions of dollars with increased online shopping while people are stuck at home. Amazon only paid a tax rate of 1.2% last year instead of the 21% corporate tax rate by leveraging unspecified tax credits and stock-based compensation deductions. As a result of Trump’s tax bill Amazon, Netflix and dozens of major corporations pay nothing in federal taxes.

The plain fact is that the planet does not need more “successful” people. But it does need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it. - David Orr

We are seeing the incompetency of the current administration and the inequity of our current structure – political, economical, healthcare, education, etc. Vicki Nobel says, “To cling to old patterns of behavior may mean extinction; and to value money or possessions at the expense of human relationships would miss the action.” It's time to step up and become the rainbow warrior who courageously stands in love in the face of fear. Fear vibrates at a low frequency whereas love raises our vibration. (More on that next month!) We are each being called to do our part and sacrifice or “make sacred” for the good of the whole. We’re not just in our humanity, we are also in our divinity. While there are dark energies working to undermine the light, we are being assisted by powerful forces - Mother Earth, the Angelic Realm, and all our Guardians – radiant beings of light. There are karmic forces at play here, but I trust in a benevolent universe. System of Govern & Dominion Earlier, I mentioned the corona of the sun. It is interesting that corona, is also crown in English, referring to our rulers, the establishment. We have a president, the current “King”, who likes to fight & divide, incite & provoke. Last month Doc Donnie suggested people drink bleach to fight Covid-19. This month he is the President of Law & Order. His tweet about shooting the looters publicly supports and encourages violence against US citizens. My friend Drew said, “We all watched the execution of an American citizen. No less fatal than the beheadings of Isis.” And now with so much rioting in many cities, he calls on state governors “to dominate”. This is a very destructive call to action, and we’ve seen the shocking results this past week. Peaceful protestors tear gassed for a photo op. Hurt people hurt people. I can’t even imagine what his childhood was like. How can we stop this? Is this how we want to be? What kind of nation do we want to live in? Is this how we Make America Great Again? Our job, our journey, is to ask ourselves what kind of country we want. We need a moral and compassionate leader to do this, so we need to ask who is best equipped to lead us? Now is the time for all good people to come together, demand justice, and a new government that serves us all. It CAN be done.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable” ~ John F. Kennedy

The Awakening Right now, there is a portal open for us to explore. The Pachakuti (The Awakening) is deep knowledge of re-turning and evolving. Pacha refers to time & space and its dimension is infinite. This is the cosmic force that is here to help manifest the Cosmic Consciousness (what some people call Buddha Consciousness, or God Consciousness). This is immense and is not limited by our perceptions and senses! Kuti means the re-turn or the re-gression. Hmmm…how many planets are in their retrograde (return) again? (Another rhetorical question.) The Pachakuti is a powerful cosmic energy, a conscious force that is wise, intelligent and all-knowing. It’s a transformative force of healing. It invites us to awaken, to take notice of how we’re living in the world. It comes to bring us into deeper consciousness.

“Reveal” Eclipse * 6 Planets Retrograde * Energy of 9/11, American Revolution & Great Depression * Age of Aquarius

Oh, did I mention the full moon is tomorrow Friday, June 5th? The intensity will continue. Take a breath! It’s just the beginning of the awakening energy. It is important to honor the dual nature of what is playing out right now. We are living a paradox. Beginning with this past Memorial Day weekend, people had joyful parties AND there also was violence (duality). We had peaceful protestors AND people rioting. We have to look at both sides. According to Incan prophecy, the Pachakuti is not going to come in all at once. It will come into different parts of the world and different levels of force. We live in a world of duality so not everyone is going to see it at the same time. You may see something that other people don’t see (story of my life!). Many illusions (maya) are being re-vealed and secrets are coming out. We are being asked to take off the rose-colored glasses. To see through illusion, delusion and deception and not give it more power than it deserves. Transitions aren't easy. It's important for us to see the dual nature of things then we can make choices so our future is more sustainable, community-oriented, earth-honoring, and heart-centered.

I know it’s been an extremely challenging time. But what if everything that distresses us is nothing more than a form of ‘auto-correction’ by the universe? Sometimes the universe has to destroy a part of your life to allow the next great thing to enter. Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley says: “I can view this in two ways: I can see it as an unmitigated disaster or as a beautiful destruction.” What if, there is a larger picture? What if, like the hardships our ancestors before us experienced, we have the opportunity to heal our ancestral karma? All those fears, to not only know ourselves better but begin to live, our divine life purpose. The reckoning for our ancestors. Perhaps what is happening now is preparing us to live in harmony as one. Connected in the quantum field in a frequency of Love. We need to go inward and evaluate what's important from our heart space, from love. Letting go is a form of non-attachment, aparigrapha in yoga. The answers will come from stillness. The place where miracles happen. As the universe is facilitating letting go of so much, sometimes letting go is as simple as an exhale. Are you exhaling? Unless we go within and search for our answers, we can feel lost, confused and scared. Many people have not had that deep meaning and purpose in their life and now it's being forced upon them. With the entire globe expected to continue having weeks and possibly months ahead of living a completely altered lifestyle, we must go within.

Ours is an era of quantum change, the most radical deconstruction and reconstruction the world has seen. ~ Jean Houston

We have to work TOGETHER as a collective; this is a shared experience across the globe. SHIFT happens. And the greatest gift of these times of epic change has been the call to our greatness. Sometimes the call is so silent, it is barely perceptible. Other times it screams for all the world's souls to PAY ATTENTION. We must be the new messengers, teachers, healers, leaders, and transformers co-creating a better tomorrow…today. Many times, what starts as a vision for merely improving our own lives ends up being a vision for us all. Collectively co-creating a future we are proud to leave as our legacy. Unity is more important than ever during these unprecedented times. We need to stand up for what’s right and get mobilized into action. What’s my purpose? What is my role in life? What is my vision of our future? What can I do? Rapper Killer Mike offers organizations to help out and California Governor has created a volunteer template for other states to follow. We’re sitting at the edge of history. Trust the enfolding. You can only be so “awake” in a physical body. There are limitations to enlightenment. The Age of Aquarius is about having our consciousness raised and stepping into our humanity, our divinity. This is the perfect time to start an Isolation Journal. Reflect on your life story and write your autobiography. Have you ever sat down and reflected back on your life, from the moment you were born? Our stories will be read hundreds of years later by future generations. This is a powerful way to heal and discover your purpose on this planet. Take advantage of this Planetary Pause. I talk a lot about the Pause and the Space In-Between in my yoga classes...the space between your breath, the space between your heartbeats, the space between thoughts, the space within your body. It's important to create the SPACE and TIME to go inward, that’s when inspiration (Spirit In) rushes in. And the best space to do that is in nature. Go for a walk, lie on the ground, feel the sun on your face, listen & feel the elements. We have an amazing wealth of knowledge inside ourselves. You’re being offered a deeper way to live, and it’s not scary or foreign, it’s your natural state. Another alliteration I like is when you create space, we move from No Where to Now Here! Flip that duality. The solution is not impossible, it’s I’m Possible!

May love continue to guide us on the deepest level and help us navigate the changing landscape.
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