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Anjali Mudra & the Spiritual Heart

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

If you’re still reading my musings, chances are you’re vibrating high on the Scale of Consciousness because if you were at a lower level, you’d likely have no conscious interest in personal growth.

Regardless of who they are or where they are in the awakening process, all are loved and blessed. So, last month we explored the evangelization and colonization of the indigenous cultures. In my most recent issue from IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), there was an article called “The Search for my Colonized Mind” by Heather Greaves. She qualified colonization as “the genocide, slavery, loss of cultural identity and political voice, and other malevolent events that have happened and are happening to many people of all races around the world. The outcome today is a replacement of the values, interests, and principles of indigenous people, many other populations, and women everywhere.” She was exploring how mind-body practices like yoga can promote or interrupt the psychological state of the colonized mind. In 1938, Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican political leader, said “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, for though others may free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. The mind is our only ruler, sovereign.” Indeed, we the colonized must emancipate our minds. The heart tells the truth; the mind lies. That means moving from our head space to our heart space. In the late 80’s, I read a book by John White called Pole Shift where he explored the many scientific predictions and prophecies of this potential disaster to our planet. Recently, spiritual teacher, Elizabeth Peru, said that this great pole shift is no longer a planetary event but a physical one; that this is a time for the integration of head into heart. Christianity has its Ten Commandments. Yoga has its yamas and niyamas (ethical rules of living). The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead has “42 Negative Confessions” where the deceased soul stands before 42 deities of the Ma’at. In mythology, the Goddess Ma’at oversaw the weighing of hearts in the Hall of Ma’at, the Hall of Two Truths, in the Duat, the Egyptian Underworld or realm of the dead, to justify themselves worthy in the afterlife. Their heart (conscience) was weighed against the feather of Ma´at (an ostrich feather) on scales which represent balance and justice. If the heart of the deceased was heavier than the feather, their soul had failed to live a balanced life. They would be cast into oblivion; their heart was either thrown into a lake of fire or devoured by a fearsome demon known as Ammit and that person had to remain in the Duat. If their soul was the same weight as the feather and the scales were balanced, it meant the heart was light and the soul was free to travel into the afterlife, Aaru, the Egyptian heaven or paradise. Some Muslims believe that every time a person commits a sin, he/she receives a black dot on their heart. The more black spots surrounding your heart, you run the risk of having your heart filled with darkness and allowing your sins to consume you. If that happens, you will lose that connection to God. The Journey from Head to Heart Intuitive healer Masami Covey talked about the 2020 Paradox between the soul and the spirit. Soul is training to bring heaven to earth. Soul needs the internal and external dramas to awaken us to our calling. It’s time to switch from thinking (ego-based consciousness or personality) to acting from your heart (soul or unity consciousness).

A spiritual heart is what connects you to the guidance of God.

The heart is the center of the human body. The heart emanates thousands of times more electricity and magnetism than the brain does. The average human has 50 trillion cells in the body. Every one of those cells has 0.7 volts of electronic potential. 0.7 X 50 trillion = 3.5 trillion volts of potential! What would happen if we could harness that towards our healing, intuition, deep states, etc? Every cell is a resistor, transistor, and capacitor. They are photo receptors of light. Our field interacts through this exchange. We are a SOFT technology of cell membranes, neurons, etc. We are the only form of life that can consciously self-regulate and strengthen our immune system through thought, feeling, emotion, belief, breath, and focus. It all comes down to love…do we love ourselves enough to live our lives where we make the hoices to nourish our bodies, move our bodies, and invite the breath of life into our body? Do we love ourselves enough to be the best version of ourself? When we say yes, that changes everything. It changes your relationship with everything! It’s all about love. Love to become the very best version of your potential. Science is leading us back to ourselves – our inner technologies. What do you choose? Just as you are careful about your health and heart physically, you need to keep your heart and soul in the same shape as well. You have a physical heart that’s main function is to distribute blood and other nutrients to the cells and body organs; I like to imagine my blood as rivers of light circulating around the body. What is so powerful about blood? It transmits the resonating 528hz frequency. Water also carries this 528 energy. It is designed with this hexagonal, honeycomb “Miracle 6” sacred geometry; plus water holds memory because it is a liquid crystal super-conductor of electricity. Understand that your heart naturally resonates in 528hz/nm. It is said that the 528 frequency heals DNA and is considered the “Miracle” note of the original Solfeggio scale in music. It also resonates at the heart of the electromagnetic color spectrum. Just like the natural flow of blood, the musical symphony of Solfeggio frequencies and light vibrations pulse towards the heart for a synthesis of effects. How interesting that the heart resonates at a 528hz frequency and Love is a vibration of 500 on the Scale of Consciousness. Scale of Consciousness - Love of Above It is said there are 15 levels of consciousness divided into 2 major categories – the levels of truth and the levels of falsehood. This model is worthy of reflection. (Unless you prefer a humorous version of the Map of Conscious Growth.) Here's a summary from the Bottom (falsehood), Up (truth)…

  • 20 - Shame, Self-hatred, Self-sabotage (a step above death, probably contemplating suicide…or you’re a serial killer.)

  • 30 - Guilt / Sinner (still suicidal)

  • 50 - Apathy / Victim

  • 75 - Grief / Depression

  • 100 - Fear / World unsafe (Paranoia)

  • Desire/Craving, Addiction, Materialism

  • 150 - Anger, Frustration

  • Pride, Defensiveness (racism/religious wars)

  • 200 – Courage (the Gateway to truth – taking personal responsibility & looking at self)

  • Neutrality, self-trust, live & let live, or go with the flow

  • 300 - Willingness, willpower, self-discipline

  • Acceptance - accepting responsibility for your role in the world, big picture

  • 400 - Reason, ego moving out of the way, making meaningful contributions (i.e. Einstein, Freud)

  • 500 – Love / Compassion (awakening, heart over the head, path to enlightenment)

  • Joy, Happiness (people who’ve had NDEs can fall here)

  • 600 - Peace

  • 700 - Gratitude

  • 1,000 - Enlightenment, humanity blends with divinity (They say angels vibrate at 50,000!)

You cannot operate out of fear (100hz) and live in a place of spirit (1,000hz) at the same time. The greatest way we can offer healing to the world is to become a vessel of love (500 or above). The Spiritual Heart According to the Messiah Foundation, on top of your heart sits a spiritual subtlety, the Spiritual Heart (Qalb). “Once initiated with divine energy and enlightened, its function is communication with God.” Oracle Girl calls this your Infinity Spark. Sandra Ingerman shares a similar understanding: “Behind your physical heart is a spiritual heart. It is the heart that remembers the truth of who you are. In this soul chamber, there is only oneness with source and the joy, bliss and unconditional love of the web of life. The physical heart of ego does not have the ability or the knowledge of how to expand and to open, to radiate light and unconditional love. The physical heart – your ego – cannot contain what you are but your spiritual heart can.” Ingerman continues: “You came to earth to transcend ego & personality, to move into the highest place of knowing and highest place of spirit. Spiritual light is formless energy (as in transfiguration). Spiritual light is who you are. You were created out of a divine place of love with a light that emanates far beyond what your rational mind can see, feel or experience. When you shift to a higher level of consciousness, it will heal all in the web of life.” Holding our energy in the heart space allows the infiniteness of our being to be realized. From there anything is possible.

The power is not in yours hands if it’s not in your heart. – Marianne Williamson

Practicing Anjali Mudra

If you wish to dive deeper into Anjali Mudra (and I encourage you to practice this regularly), you can read the article I wrote for Natural Awakenings as well as its origins on my blog.

But I’ll let my guru Krishnamacharya explain: “This gesture signifies the potential for an intention to progress to greatest spiritual awakening. When done properly the palms are not flat against each other; the knuckles at the base of the fingers are bent a little, creating space between the palms and fingers of the two hands resembling a flower yet to open, symbolizing the opening of our hearts.”

We perform it with our hands in the center of our heart chakra. There will naturally be a little hollow of space between the palms of the hands which represents the shape of the heart. This represents the balance and harmony between the right and left side reunited at our center.

This balance is not only physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. The idea is to bring us to the center for contemplation. The joining of the hands expresses the union of any type of duality — light and dark, left and right, up and down, left and right, masculine and feminine, logic and intuition, strength and tenderness, yin and yang. Bringing us into wholeness, into union.

It’s a gesture of returning to one’s heart. It reminds us that these opposing forces exist in all of us and that yoga is a tool for bringing our lives into better balance. (More on Duality in a future musings.)

Shiva Rea wrote: “In the yogic view of the body, the energetic or spiritual heart is visualized as a lotus at the center of the chest. Anjali mudra nourishes this lotus heart with awareness, gently encouraging it to open as water and light do a flower.”

Deep down into our stillness is a power place of contribution to all. Rest your hands on your heart right now. Can you feel gratitude (700hz)? When you experience gratitude for what is, acceptance for what is, you, ironically, welcome the very power of change into your life, because you enter the dynamic playing field of unity Consciousness (or whatever name for God you prefer). And when you experience gratitude for what is, you are moving toward the oneness. This union of duality or integration is also a fundamental part of awakening and ascension, to rise “into higher vibrational frequencies.

In Hira Hosen’s blog, she describes ascension as a state of being aware, expansion of consciousness, and raising our vibration, so that we live from a higher state of awareness of compassion, forgiveness and basically from our hearts and not our minds. She beautifully explains this awakening process using a Mayan word to describe this process:

“It is awakening to the fact that we are not separate. You are another me. You are another myself… “Lak’ech” Lak’ech is a Mayan word that literally means ‘you are another myself.’ We are one. We are both source light viewing reality through our life experience. Tuning into this level of awareness is awakening.”

I have been watching Supernatural on the CW – an epic journey of the Winchester brothers (Sam & Dean) who battle supernatural forces including religious wars between Angels (light) & Archangels (dark).

At one point their charge, Jack (a Nephilim which is half-archangel, half-human), becomes God. S/He is everywhere. S/He says: “I’ll be in every drop of falling rain. Every speck of dust the wind blows. And in the sands, the rocks, and the sea.”

Dean says, “There are a lot of people counting on you for answers.”

S/He continues: “And those answers are in each of them. Maybe not today but someday. People don’t need to pray to me or sacrifice me. I’m already a part of them. I won’t be hands-on. I learned…when people need to be their best, they can be. That’s what to believe in. I’m really as close as this (puts hand to heart). Goodbye.”

And thus, I end this musings the same way I close my yoga classes with Anjali mudra…”I honor my heart as my inner teacher. I bow to the light in you, you bow to the light in me. Aho.”

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