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The Shadow Side

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

As much as everyone hoped that ringing in the New Year would magically fix our problems, there is much work still to be done. As I look back on 2020, while there was loss, I have so much gratitude to be part of the light workers while living during a time that will make history. The spiritual path is not all roses and sunshine. We were collectively being called to see the unvarnished truth like never before. So, did 2020 give you perfect vision? Or, hindsight 2020? In 2021, it appears we will continue breaking through illusions.

This newsletter is going to get a little dark, so beware. It is good to be informed but not useful to engage in the drama of collective negative reaction. Yoga shows us how to embrace the ebb and flow of life without rejecting or running away from it when things get a little interesting. If you’re up for learning more, please keep reading. If not, delete it and wait for next month’s musings which will be about working with spiritual light & Jesus. Say what? I talk a lot about the light but it’s also important to acknowledge the dark – the shadow self. For you can’t have one without the other. Back in March, I said: “Most of us agree that this [virus] is related to healing our ancestors and releasing fear and trauma from wars, famine & plagues. The history of humanity carries burdens around violence, shedding blood on the land & the destruction of nature. Our planet is immersed in so much suffering and we are responsible for violations against life that no one wants to own.”

The yin yang symbol is the perfect example of this cosmic duality. Within the light is a seed of dark. And within the dark is a seed of light. Isn’t that what differentiates Angels and Archangels from Fallen Angels (did you know that Lucifer in Latin means bearer of light)? We are “seeing” the ugliness out there because it lives in here – within. As sovereign beings though, we have the freedom to choose where we put our focus & attention. What seed will we sow?

What we see happening today has its roots in what has gone before. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Our history is one driven by fear, ego, dominion, and control over the feminine, the children, the animals, and the planet. This pandemic has served as a great awakening for the entire planet. It has forced us to look at the world we’ve built. I highly recommend watching this 13 min video “In Shadow” which represents our journey through the shadow into light. It’s worth waiting for the end!

Horror vs Humanity Just because some choose not to see the dark, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are too many crimes of entrapment and enslavement against others. For many, this is a prison planet. I’m tired of conspiracy theories, and personal opinions, I want to hear the TRUTH, even if it’s difficult. Sadly, people don’t want to talk about the disturbing stuff.

Two human right abuses that are being uncovered are (1) worldwide human trafficking and (2) organ harvesting that has been going on in China. Remember, all those planetary RE-trogrades (RE-turns) in 2020? RE-assess, RE-bel, RE-vise, RE-structure. More and more is being RE-vealed so we have “perfect” vision.

Many of you know, we were unable to hold Newtown Yoga Festival this past August due to the virus. One of the headliners was Anneke Lucas. As a co-founder of NYF and the person who usually invites our headliners, I have met Anneke personally. This is a real person, not an actor or alternate reality. You may be interested in her TED Talk about how her Mom sold her into an elite European sex ring at age 6 where she was abused by several world leaders and her amazing journey of healing. (I met her prior to the Epstein files being released and exposing this worldwide brutality.) You can also listen to Anneke’s video or Richard Kerr who shares his experience with a VIP pedophilia network.

Discoveries are being made about underground bunkers here in the USA exposing child sex enslavement and pedophilia rings. As I am writing this, the news just announced 33 missing children were rescued in a California sex traffic ring. “The FBI considers human trafficking modern-day slavery," said Kristi Johnson, assistant direction in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office. The article continues, “As of November 2020, there are more than 1,800 pending trafficking investigations.”

France is tightening incest laws in order to better protect children from sexual violence. The news is reporting again of the pervasive sexual assault on women in the military. So much darkness is being exposed right now.

Warriors act not for profit, but for the Spirit. - Don Juan Matus

Organ Harvesting There is a very good documentary on what has been happening in China. For years, they have been imprisoning people who participate in a spiritual practice called Falun Gong (it blends QiGong with the virtues of truth, compassion & benevolence). This is a modern-day Nazi concentration camp. These peaceful people are tortured and executed so wealthy foreigners get their organ “donation”.

Genocide is very lucrative – a kidney goes for $62k, a heart for $145k, and a lung for $160k. “Made in China” has a whole new meaning (and this doesn’t include what they do to animals). The practice has come under widespread criticism and was “officially” stopped in 2015.

But authorities warned it would be tough to ensure compliance and as a shortage of organs increased, black market trafficking rings began thriving. As of 2020, there is evidence that China is still performing a large number of transplants in order to wipe out the Falun Gong practitioners still imprisoned.

Enough people have awakened to the reality of these lower energies to now take control and say “I do not consent”. This is the time to become a light warrior and use your weapon of love! (Transfiguring is a great weapon. More on that next month!)

When I took Sandra Ingerman’s course a couple years back, she said: “People are feeling unsettled because we are stuck in old patterns. There seems to be a lot of chaos going on and we need to avoid getting stuck in the collective trance. Even our bodies feel unbalanced because we don’t understand how to run these new energies that are entering into the Earth. However, we’re shifting our vibration and frequency on another level. So, we’re living in two worlds at the same time. As shamans share, everything in this world is an illusion. It’s time to wake up out of the trance.”

It’s time that abusers in power get called out for their bad behavior; and economic injustice, ecological ruin, physical & spiritual violence, and inequities get rectified. Even though we are going through a period of separation, fragmentation, division and uncovering, we need to remember we are part of a cosmic collective.

What we are really seeing is that the pathologies, control mechanisms, and shadows are coming more and more to light. Everything that most people have ignored and avoided looking at, within themselves and within the world, is rising up to be faced and transmuted. How can we be the Age of Aquarius if we continue to ignore these atrocities? Sadly, many honest and well-intentioned people will remain oblivious to these endless struggles, and therefore, hinder their own awakening. Aquarian energy is about breaking out of our old mind set, being in the moment and going with the flow. We are saying a final goodbye to the negative energy that once ruled the world.

As Above, so Below. As the Universe, so the Soul.

Gandhi was the first person to take the ethic of love and lift it beyond interaction to large scale political and social forums for good. Those big political movements – women’s rights, civil rights, abolition – were motivated, inspired & fueled by the love people have for others. We are shifting from ME to WE and that means holding ALL of life in respect & reverence. Unity Consciousness.

In my July e-news, I shared Dr. Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness. Just ONE person vibrating at the level of 500 – love or above – can raise the vibration of over 750,000 people! When we work together, it’s exponential. And, we can restore love on this planet. We need to weave a web of light no matter what the outcome.

“Everything is already getting better… what is happening was always going to happen because it is part of humanity’s return home. All the events taking place are guiding humanity back to Source, to balanced living, to the Ancestral Memory… it is returning humanity, as a single race, back to the flow of Creation, it is returning you, me, all of us, back to Love.”

~ Taita Juanito

2021 is the year many of us were looking forward to for months – a clean slate after what many are calling the worst year in history, one marred with economic meltdown, political turmoil, social injustice, and horrendous natural disasters. An extreme spectrum of emotions – from fear and horror to deep unconditional love and hope. Had any of us known what 2020 was going to be like, would we have been so eager for its arrival? You can expect 2021 to be a continuation of 2020, but I’m cautiously optimistic we’re heading in the right direction.

"You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Be patient.” ~ Idil Ahmed

In 2021, key life themes are:

  • Self-Responsibility – Walk your spiritual talk.

  • Adaptability and spontaneity – Go with the flow.

  • Spirit leading the physical – Heart over head.

  • Discernment - Make wise choices.

  • Sovereignty – Freedom & take back control.

This means staying in high vibration. You are not here to rescue the world around you. Don’t offer yourself in sacrifice to others. Honor who YOU are. Stand in YOUR power; it’s your responsibility. Positive thoughts will amplify and increase the power of your energy field (which is also your immune system). Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Listen to your heart – that infinity spark.

Remind yourself that you are an infinite being of light. See yourself as a shining role model for all. Stay fluid. Move with the year. Sing and dance your way through it, in spite of it. Stay calm. Stay positive. Stay grounded. Be peace. Be light. Be love. And...BREATHE. In a world full of uncertainty, one thing remains true to every human, LOVE HEALS. Love is life’s greatest blessing. May love continue to guide us on the deepest level and helps us navigate the changing landscape. May you have peace in your heart today and every day.

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