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Magic, Miracles & Manifesting: Dreaming the World into Being

Last month we began our Pluto Return as a nation. As I mentioned, Pluto is a planet of transformation and is giving us the opportunity to decide how we want our country to look. We are watching the collapse of these old Belief Systems (BS). Over the next couple of years, hopefully we will have the clarity to bring in a new system that is fair and just.

Everything we went through over the past 2 years was in preparation for something much, much bigger! In my Sept 2020 musings, I introduced some of you to the idea of manifesting and reminded you that where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Intention + Attention = Manifestation

2022 is a transition year between the old and the new. 2022 is an aligned year with all those 2’s. 2 is about duality (let go of polarity) or unity - the energy of 2 opposites coming together. In numerology, this year is 6 (2+0+2+2) which is the number of cycles, movement & manifesting.

It is possible to manifest anything you desire. From 2/3/22 until 4/29/22, all the planets are direct, meaning they are moving forward, including the outer planets. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan and manifest the future.

In the last 20 years there has been an increasing interest on positive thinking, especially the Law of Attraction and manifestation. It’s likely we all need a positivity boost.

Dr. Dawson Church is one of the most brilliant researchers at the leading edge of consciousness science. He has a knack for making leading-edge science accessible and practical particularly for transforming our lives.

We need more magical thinking, more day-dreaming, more Ho’ponopono, and more Transfiguration. Your mind has the immense power to influence your body, your health, and your future. So, this month, we will expand on this idea of creating our own reality.

The Law of Attraction is based on getting what we want. In A Course in Miracles, they talk about the difference between Magic and Miracles. Law of Attraction is magic - how can I use my mind to get what I want. The Miracle comes from the realization that we are already everything and how can I be in service to love. How can I be a vessel, a conduit of love?

Magical Thinking

In “The NeverEnding Story”, Fantastica is being destroyed by the Nothing. The world is saved by the power of imagination. It’s our ability to re-imagine, re-vision our lives. To envision our lives and our life in the most advantageous way possible. Conversely, realism is trapped imagination. Instead of imagining climbing Mount Everest, move it! Moving the mountains in our mind, the mental blocks.

Imagination = Manifestation

What we live in is an illusion. We have forgotten the “unseen” non-ordinary reality we knew as children. Through daydreaming, we experienced worlds beyond the ordinary. Some of us travelled to the stars and communicated with the cosmos. The power of our imagination gave us invisible friends including fairies, nature spirits, and power animals.

Quantum Physics has been here for 100 years and is the most valid science on earth. It provides a how and why Consciousness plays such a major role in creating each and every event, condition and circumstance in both your individual life as well as how ALL things in the world around you come to be.

All of creation, seen and unseen or meta-physical aspects of creation, can be traced back to Consciousness. Consciousness is the source of our life experience.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Mind Over Matter, says, “We have been living with corrupt consciousness. We think we are victims of heredity.” Because we feel powerless, we seek health from someone else you presume has the power. Evolution isn’t based on competition (Darwin), it’s based on cooperation and co-creation.

Our thoughts are creating our reality. Knowledge is power. Knowledge of self is self-empowerment (800). Consciousness is creative but it only works 5% of the day. 95% is running on sub-conscious programs. Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95% of our lives. The first 7 years of life we get programmed on how to behave (watch, observe, record & download). Children live from their imagination. This is the theta state of brain which is also hypnosis. As you get older, you’re still learning programs such as playing an instrument, riding a bike, driving a car, etc. You never forget how to do that, it’s in your subconscious.

After childhood, you’re running an unconscious blueprint based on the patterns of those around you and passed on without seemingly knowing it.

Your programs are creating your world. Look around. Where is the harmony? Where is the disharmony? Luckily, you can make changes to it. We need to get rid of this victim programming and become the master of our destiny. If you can be programmed, you can also be re-programmed.

3 ways to re-teach the sub-conscious, the habit mind:

1. Self-hypnosis – pick an appropriate program then put the earphones on while you’re going to bed & listen every night until you’re reprogrammed.

2. Habituation - practice a new behavior and repeat it until it becomes a program.

3. Create coherence between mind and reality. Dr. Lipton explains, “your mind will adjust the body’s biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs.” (More on epigenetics next month.)


Christy Whitman says, “You live in a land of polarity; aligned/not aligned, lack/abundance, good/bad, left/right, up/down… Yet there is a version of you in the quantum field that has exactly what you want and is who you want to be.”

We’re all navigating the minefield of duality. We have been dancing with division in order to balance the scales. So how do we bring the 2 fishes (Pisces) swimming in opposite directions back into balance? Astrologically, Venus (the feminine) and Mars (the masculine) are coming together. We are bringing balance back to head (mental) and heart (emotional). Refinement brings them into alignment.

Why is this contrast necessary? On Robert Schwartz’s blog on Wholeness, he says, “the Whole cannot know all that it is until it divides itself. However, it is up to you to determine whether the separation you experience is only one layer of your experience.” It’s realizing that you are in a separate physical body from other beings and things but mistakenly believing that that body with its emotions and thoughts are all that you are. Remember, you are infinite Consciousness, a cosmic being of Divine light.

Third Eye: Clear Seeing

The ajna, or third eye chakra, dissolves duality, allowing us to stop seeing “good” and “bad”, to cease differentiating between “I” and “you”, until we can accept the greater unity Consciousness within the cosmos. It’s our inner sight that peers through “reality” into the truth underneath. A new way to perceive.

As Einstein purportedly said, “We can’t solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Spiritual blogger Philip Goldberg states, “One can add that we can’t solve problems with the same hearts, the same perceptions, the same maturity, the same egos or the same collective consciousness that prevailed when the problems were created. The evidence suggests that genuine spiritual transformation raises the level of all those attributes.”

If you’re not afraid to feel and not afraid to fail (loss),
you have everything you want.

According to researcher David Wilcock, we go through so much tribulation to crack the shell around our heart, which supposedly will lead us to an ascension event. This is necessary in order to get us into a higher spiritual vibration. Everyone will be affected by it including a heart opening for our planet Earth. I understand this as moving to a higher frequency or consciousness of higher-dimensional love on earth. Sounds like Heaven on Earth!

Scale of Consciousness: Love or Above

Love is the experience of being whole and connected to universal divinity. It is said that one person operating at a level of 500, which is love, can lift 750,000 other people to the level above 200, which is courage. One person calibrated at 600 (peace) counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200. Start by claiming this vibration: “I have all the abilities of creation. I am Love. I am the highest statement of love.”

According to life coach, Patty Lennon, “We have to learn to receive at higher levels. You may have a desire to connect to your spirit teams. When you become more open to receiving Divine Guidance, you will receive more help from your spirit team.”

The Q’ero elders in Peru taught me there are 2 types of energy, frequency or vibration. Low & slow hoocha and high & fast sami. Higher emotions, thoughts, and vibrations (sami) are lighter. The truth is light. Lower emotions, thoughts, and vibrations (hoocha) are heavy. Lies are heavy.

Carolyn Elliott says, “We are the CONTEXT of the experience, not the content (our emotions, thoughts, memories, etc.). The ego is on the stage, not our Consciousness.”

For example, don’t focus on how old you are. The beliefs about that number will then become your reality. Love where you are at and how you are expressing your energy now.

Don’t use words like “You’re NOT”. If you do, you are manifesting “No”. That’s called the nocebo effect, the result of a negative thought, which is opposite of the placebo effect, a positive thought. By focusing on an unwanted condition, you’re actually creating more of that condition. This is why dieting fails. By focusing on weight that you want to lose, you’re creating more of it. You become what you think so focus your intention on what you WANT. What you believe comes true. If you believe you can’t or believe you can, you’re right.

Be suspicious if you are not feeling blissful (joy & happiness 540). Bliss Consciousness (1000) is the CONTEXT even if the content is not. You may have valid reasons for your worries, resentment, grief, doubt, or fear but maybe it’s a meaningless mechanism designed to keep you in your identity as a separate, struggling ego (slave self). Maybe it’s not really real. What if it’s preventing you from feeling and dissolving into blissful Consciousness?

Everything is energy and energy must be directed. When you focus your energy, attention, awareness, and emotion on something often enough, it becomes your reality. What you think about you bring about. Elizabeth Peru explains that Earth is now operating on a fifth dimensional energy frequency. And at the 5D level, manifesting is nearly instantaneous.

One of my teachers, Sandra Ingerman, reminds us that, “more than ever, we need people who are willing to focus their attention and intention on dreaming a new world that embraces love, harmony, peace, abundance, and the understanding that we are all one into being.”

The Law of Correspondence (not attraction), to attract what we are, states that there is a harmony, agreement, and correspondence between the different planes of Manifestation, life and being. This refers to the phrase “So within, so without.” Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. It’s a mirror of ourselves. The key to changing your physical reality is by changing your spiritual one. You have TOTAL control when it comes to your inner realm. It’s about aligning positive beliefs to have a positive outcome. It starts with changing your attitude, beliefs and thoughts. If you can change your inner world that means you can change what’s going on outside in the world. The quality of your life directly corresponds with the quality of your thoughts.

Everything is energy and holds a unique signature. Tesla said you need to unlock the vibration and frequency. There are 12 main universal laws that work together to provide us with a roadmap for how to master our life.

According to Ulla Sarmiento, “All laws exist within this correspondence or interrelatedness, and all changes in one plane affect all the other planes. That means our thoughts, words, emotions and actions affect not just those in our circles, but in other parts of the world, as well as on other planes, because all are One and all correspond to one another. We’re here as co-creators in training, learning to use more power or energy with more wisdom and more love, just as intended by our ultimate creator, the Origin.”

Love is the strongest tool to creation. Love the body you want. Love the health you want. Love the wealth you intend to create. Dee Wallace says to command this daily, “I am creating love, integrity, truthfulness, dignity, and power through divine love for all energy in all dimensions. I command all energy to define itself as these attributes. And so it is. This is a command, not an affirmation.”

To discover how to create your reality consciously, intentionally and purposefully is as simple and complex as choosing to awaken, enhance your awareness, and begin consciously utilizing your inalienable right...your power to choose in such a way that harmonizes with what you "truly desire" rather than what you don't want. Attune to the frequencies that give you joy (540).

Transfiguring the World: How to Dream Heaven on Earth

The Laika, an ancient lineage of high priests of Peru, have known about the luminous nature of reality for millennia – they know that vibration and light can organize themselves into a thousand shapes and forms. They know how humans can manifest our dreams or dream the world into being.

Sandra continues, “since the beginning of time, we are a reflection of the creative forces of the universe. We came here to create love and beauty with every breath we take on Earth.” We need to dream our very own paradise.

Make every thought a loving thought (love or above).

To begin, she offers these instructions: “Really focus your imagination. When you’re staring off into space, what are you daydreaming about? What energy are you putting out there with your mind? What have you been daydreaming/manifesting into the world? If you focus on all the terrible things that are going on, you’re adding to the collective trance that’s dreaming chaos, terrorism, violence, environmental issues, inequality, etc. Scarcity is a human-made concept. We’ve been programmed to believe that there is scarcity in the universe. However, there is only abundance. Abundance is the living matrix of the universe. You can tap into this abundance that the void holds because everything has the potential to manifest, this un-potentiated energy.”

What are you consuming? What are you bringing into yourself? What type of person do you want to cultivate? Pay attention to what you are attracting to yourself. Get clear on what you are building and where you are building from. Creative visualization is a key part of manifesting. If you could really live the life you wanted, what would it look like? Experience what it would feel like to be in that life. FEEL it until it is so real, you know it is coming.

Many people can also manifest by accessing the non-ordinary realms during their nighttime dreams. What the Aboriginals of Australia call Dreamtime.

The Shaman’s Secret: Dream the World into Being

Toltec Dreaming can also help you manifest a better future. Nahualism is an ancient Mexican practice that uses lucid dreaming for manifestation while asleep or awake (daydreaming). As you sleep each night, you move through many distinct types of brain waves and energy levels. The transitional state between wakefulness and sleep – hypnagogic state – is the perfect time to plant seeds, ideas, or plans to create your reality from your dreams. The delta state is the When you understand the details of each brain wave type, you can enter different landscapes in your dreams. Delta is the deep dreamless state similar to meditation. Dreaming at will offers an opportunity to explore other energetic dimensions, connect with ancestral guides, understand life’s challenges more deeply, and even manifest a new life for yourself.

Dreaming work takes an incredible amount of concentration. The more passionate you are about your daydream, the more power you have to manifest it in your life. Keep weaving a healthy fabric of reality into manifest form to take place of all that is dissolving. Let’s create a good dream for ourselves and for our planet.

Some other ways to assist in your manifesting:

· Vision boarding all the things you can think of that you want.

· Start a gratitude journal and at the top of each day, write “Today is a divine blessed infinitely abundant day.”

· Commit to ZERO complaining for 5 days.

· 1-10 Exercise. On a piece of paper, write down the events of your day. Then put a 1 (least fun) and 10 (most fun) beside each of the events. The 7-10’s are easy so continue to focus on and manifest them. Release most of the 1-6’s. Do this every day for 10 days.

The quality of your Consciousness determines the quality of your results. When the universe is clear on what you want then it can help you. You are co-creating with the Divine. Like attracts like and you will experience the energy/vibration you put out into the world. Vibrations are like radio signals you are continuously sending out to the universe. Remember, “I am the one attracting it.” Say YES! Yes to love, to health, to abundance, to heaven on earth.”

To all my soul sisters & brothers, we came here to raise the vibration of the planet. We choose to be a part of this great shift of Consciousness, and I will continue to be that “weird” spiritual person for you. We are releasing this old way of life that has become unsustainable, destructive, and unhealthy to all living beings and we are now welcoming in paradise.

We need to visualize the world at peace and in balance in our hearts and minds. Thoughts create things. Everything on this planet is a result of our thinking. Too many people entertain negative thoughts, and the result is a toxic world. We’ve undermined the web of life…that includes ourselves. We CAN change this. It’s urgent for everyone to start envisioning our planet and people as healthy, happy, and in union (ayni) with one another.

There are many groups praying and/or meditation for peace. Please consider joining one of them so we can collectively change the consciousness of our current circumstances. I happen to like Era of Peace, Global Peaceful Cities Project and the Maharishi Effect. The more people manifesting and transfiguring together is exponential and makes our lightwork more effective.

I hope every musing, you feel uplifted & closer to divine Source. The more that you are in the light and love of the universal consciousness the more it supports you in all that you do.

Ultimately, we are all here to spread love & serve humanity. I hope you realize how powerful you are. May you embody the vibration of abundance and know that you are deserving of limitless prosperity.

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.”

– Guy Needler

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