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The Earth Keepers: Unfoldment & Engoldenment

Blissings Beings of Light & Love,

While reading this month’s musings, please listen to this lovely background music – the Infinite Healing Golden Wave (Vibration of 5D Dimension).

The lotus (padma in Sanskrit) is a flower of light and great beauty which thrives in water. Its roots embedded in mud, yet the flower never becomes muddied. Its nature is fluid and flowing, but it is adamant in its resolve to grow upward, toward the sun. See how the strength of the root allows the lotus to push up through the murky water?

From the sludge it rises, emerging into the sunlight as a beautiful bloom. The sun’s gentle warming rays encourage the bud of the lotus to open at exactly the right moment. The petals fall away, and the flower opens to reveal its great beauty. The water never touching the petals. Though the lotus is rooted in mud and rises up through the water to the sun, its petals are never wet. This flower rocking gently on the waters of the infinite ocean of peace and bliss. Buddha said: "As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world." What we learn from this amazing plant is how our own spiritual path, unfolds and eventually flowers in the light. When daylight fades, it then gently folds in on itself for rest.

We too are often submerged in the muddy waters of the mind. But like the lotus, we must rise and grow to flower in the light of the spiritual sun while simultaneously staying rooted. And once the flower has gained nourishment during the day, it rests to allow for integrating what has been gained. Reminding us of the impermanence of everything and to be as detached (aparigraha) from everything in the universe as the lotus leaf is from the water.

As humans, we self-identify with the stories we tell ourselves. We cling to illusions of safety and security. But this moment is challenging the firmness of the ground upon which we stand. COVID was the catalyst.

The lotus comes from the water. It only survives due to the water, yet it does not get wet. The water cannot touch it. This is the lotus chakra, at the top of your head, the Crown of Creation. Your divine connection with all that is. Whether you are aware of it or not, your spiritual unfoldment is always occurring. Allowing is the key. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light. And recognize that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and occasional suffering. This is the journey of transcending lower vibrations, returning to the light and the rising of the feminine. As the lotus unfolds, you remember your wholeness and oneness with the universe.

"I am a human being first. And I hope that one day we can meet in the light of understanding." ~ Malcolm X

We too are unfolding and going through an amazing evolutionary transmutation. Andrew Harvey says, “humanity is destined to be divinized in heart, mind, soul and body." This is what he calls the engoldenment process. The process that turns the whole of the human being into divine gold, the next level of human evolution. Not the precious metal, but its multi-dimensional structure. The gold wavelength in your body connects with the gold in the earth and Earth’s electromagnetic grid. A global engoldenment process to birth a new species, turning one’s whole being to this radiant, non-being of light & matter, masculine & feminine, heart & head, soul & body.

There is an ancient mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. When chanted, it is said to be capable of creating transformation into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha. The most common interpretation is: the jewel is in the center of the Lotus. Chant this regularly to connect with that Divine Unity Consciousness.

The journey is inward. It has always been inward. Why do you keep looking outside of yourself? No one can heal you, that is an inside job. It has to start with you. You must make the choice, the journey is an inner one. ~ James K

I know that to make a sustainable change in the world, we have to move inward as much as we do outward. Without a little inner peace, nothing changes. With a lot of inner peace, everything is possible. In the Shamanic tradition, they engage the world through 4 perceptual levels, where each level is linked with an archetype animal, a chakra, a compass point, and is associated with one of the 4 energetic bodies that make up the human energy field. 4 Perceptual States of Meditation Breathe 10x as you meditate on each level of perception

  1. Physical – non judgment, perceive your body in balance & good health

  2. Mind – emotions, feelings, perceive your mind in balance & health

  3. Energetic – spirit, pure energy, perceive your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) in balance & health

  4. Mythic – soul journey, art, sound, chanting, perceive spirit in balance & glowing gold.

One of the rituals I experienced in Peru was having archetype seeds planted in each of my chakras. The intention is for them to grow and evolve as we deepen our relationship with them. Everything is about connection to nature and the cosmos. Working with the medicine wheel is an opportunity to become more spiritual. The Medicine Wheel give us everything we need, every guidepost, because it’s layered. It contains the 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 stages of life – childhood, adolescent, adult, elder - and 4 purposes:

  • North = the element of Air represents our higher purpose, what I’m here to learn

  • East = the element of Fire, like the sunrise; it’s about creativity

  • South = the flowing element of Water and the gift we bring or develop in this lifetime

  • West = the element of Earth relates to our work purpose and practical manifestation

  • Within/Center = here is where masculine & feminine are in complete harmony; we become a force to be reckoned with; able to instantly manifest; maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Listen to the Earth, Revere the Elders, and Call Forth a Brighter Future

In the book Seeker of Visions, John Lame Deer prophesied that one day everyone will return to living like the Indigenous peoples of the world. According to Dakota tribal lawyer Angelique Eagle Woman, John Lame Deer meant that “other cultures would need to respect the Earth and her resources, realize that all of life is interconnected, and take seriously our responsibilities to each other and all that lives.” These times are fulfillment of prophecy. A simpler way of life where we plant and harvest our own gardens, cook at home and bake bread, learn how to can food, and attune ourselves to the natural cycles of the cosmos. Shamanism and “applied mysticism” can help you realign with these principles of interconnectedness and deep harmony in nature, find clarity as you journey into deeper realms for guidance, and supply you with renewed strength to be of service. Your body already contains powerful tools for creating transformation. Shamanism taught me that through sacred ritual and practice, we can help heal ourselves, others and the division and harm happening in our world today. I am immensely grateful to the shamans of Peru who shared their tools & techniques with me so I could become a clear, open-hearted warrior of love and force of nature. A big part of re-connecting with Nature is connecting directly with the ground through your feet. Not only do your feet support you, they connect you directly with the Earth. The left side of your body is influenced by the right side of your brain and vice versa. The right brain is your intuitive, feminine and imaginative side which is also aligned to your spiritual dimension and your left foot. The left brain is logical, masculine and intellectual which is connected to your physical dimension and your right foot. What foot do you lead with?

The foot is the only part of your body that has evolved specifically for the purpose of having a relationship with the Earth.

What can we do? Be stewards of the Planet! The human population is taking its toll on the animal kingdom. Today, about ¼ of the planet’s mammal species and 1/8 of all known bird species face extinction. Something close to 90% of all commercial fish stocks are gone, verging on total collapse in the coming decades. The atmosphere has suffered too. The melting ice chunks are breaking off from the polar ice caps at an alarming pace due to global warming. Also troubling is the warming of the planet’s oceans, creating atmospheric instability and fierce weather patterns. Some call the new era we are in the “Age of Storms”. As Earth stewards, we need to become more protective and caring for our environment. As we’ve seen during this Planetary Pause, the natural world has re-set because LESS people have been trampling all over it. You can see that in these aerial photos of worldwide reduction of air pollution. Let’s practice more ways to decrease our global footprint on this beautiful planet. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Reducing food waste is one of the top ways to reverse global warming according to Project Drawdown and you can make a difference in your kitchen.

  • When food ends up in the landfill, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times as potent as CO2. One of the most commonly thrown away items in American kitchens – coffee grounds - can get a second life as a body scrub, barbecue rub, compost, or plant food!

  • Stop throwing away those vegetable scraps. Veggie stock is easy to make at home, and is more affordable, healthier, and tastier than the store-bought stuff. Throw them all together in a Ziploc and put them in the freezer until you’re ready to make your stock.

  • Start a garden. By becoming home gardeners, you will get back in touch with nature as well as lightening up your diet with plant-based foods. If you don’t have a green thumb, buy locally grown food that is in season from your local farm. You can subsidize with several farm-to-table fresh home delivery services like Misfits Market, Imperfect Foods, Hungry Harvest, and Purple Carrot.

Here’s a comparison of those food services.

More than ever it’s time to lean in, to listen carefully, to draw near with the ancestors, to honor the spirits of disease walking the Earth, and to really get to know the old powers who steward culture change. ~ Dr. Daniel Foor

As baking bread, gardening and canning foods has risen in popularity we will see a shift in how we obtain materials. We will source goods and manufacture locally once again, rather than relying on global mass consumerism. This in turn should create more community by investing in our small businesses and supporting our local farms. Let's join together and deepen how we can be better creators in our own life and for the planet.

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