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Yoga Practice
Private Lessons
Traditionally yoga was taught on a one-on-one basis.  Many students still find the progress that they make rewarding when working individually.


Individual Therapeutic Yoga Lessons

Ideal for individuals with physical limitations, related disability, recovery from surgery or illness and/or students who are unable to attend regular classes due to any health challenges.


Yoga Therapy is a holistic and therapeutic application of Yoga and Ayurveda. Whether its structural alignment, movement without pain, developing strength, flexibility, relaxation, yogic breathing, relaxation techniques, or creating your own safe, home practice, sessions are tailored to meet your goals and needs. As we tap into your body’s inner wisdom, your practice will be modified and the plan will change along with your changing needs.


Your yoga journey begins with a New Client Questionnaire and an in-depth personal consultation.  Sessions begin with a postural evaluation, constitutional and conditional assessment.  I will evaluate your current situation, determine the source of your challenges, gain an understanding of your habits, and discuss your goals.  Together we will find the appropriate yogic tools that fit your needs.  This in-depth assessment usually takes about 90 min.  Please fill out a Yoga Intake form.

Working individually may be a good choice for you if:

  • You’re a beginner and you want to experience the benefits of yoga without being overwhelmed or intimidated.

  • You want to step to the next level in your practice.

  • You have injuries or health concerns.  Working individually is essential when there are    therapeutic concerns.

  • You want to work toward a specific physical goal such as increasing flexibility, balance or strength.

  • You want to target tight areas like hips, hamstrings, back, neck or shoulders.

  • You want to increase your mental focus.

  • You want to learn more about yourself, your behaviors/patterns, and discover your own   potential.

  • You want to feel empowered through yoga postures and breathing.

  • You want to improve focus, calmness and creativity through meditation


During private yoga therapy sessions, you will learn how to work in a loving and compassionate way to restore your health on every level.  A personalized program of postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques is specifically designed to help restore peace and balance in your life.  Yoga has been thoroughly researched and found to be effective for a wide variety of health issues.



Yoga Postures: Asana

  • Stretch, twist and tone the muscles of the body to relieve muscle pain and improve circulation.

  • Lubricates joints to remove stiffness and pain.

  • Massages and squeezes the internal organs to improve tone and function.


Yoga Breathing: Pranayama

  • Increase oxygen to the blood

  • Calms emotions and clears mind for clear thinking.

  • Raise energy levels and increase vitality.


Yoga Relaxation: Meditation

We spend most of our lives looking outward to the world for peace and fulfillment.  Through inner exploration, meditation awakens creativity, healing and transformation.  Meditation allows us to explore our inner nature, restoring wellness in our lives.

  • Generate deep relaxation

  • The mind becomes concentrated and focused allowing you to see your patterns of behavior.  When you can see the cause, the solution is obvious.

Yoga Class

“If there is harmony in the house,

there is order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

here will be peace in the world.” 

– Chinese Proverb

Group Lessons

Meet me on the Mat!  We'll explore ways for you to Find Your Own Flow and develop a personal yoga practice that's right for you. Do YOUR yoga.

You can try a class with me right now.  

Yoga Bear: Yoga for Youngsters

Perfect for families or groups of all ages and abilities, including children with special needs, yoga is a fun form of fitness!

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