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Energy Medicine

There are many kinds of energy work available.  I prefer the term energy medicine so I’m not limited to a specific technique.  Each service is dynamic and may include healing practices to assist in transforming trauma, balancing, releasing, cleansing, healing, discovering inner gifts, self-empowerment, and spiritual counsel.  A combination of modalities is usually stronger than just a single one.  This healing works on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – to honor, transform, and restore balance and harmony.  Energy medicine is a way to heal the wounds of your past and set a new course for the future, acting from a place of power.

The most common types of healing work are chakra illumination, soul retrieval, and power retrieval.

Paths to Healing & Alignment Ceremonies

Unlike many modern modalities of healing which move slowly, the helping spirits aren’t messing around.  They’re here to help us affect change so we can embody our true nature and fulfill our soul purpose.

  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing - We are exposed to numerous energies on a daily basis so it's important to restore balance and alignment to our energetic body.  This Illumination process is done in every session.

  • Etheric Cord Cutting - Do you feel burdened by other people's energy or a relationship?  Do you want to energetically sever ties with someone?

  • Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval & Soul Remembering - Nothing makes you feel better and you can't put your finger on it.  If traditional therapy hasn't worked for you, try a soul retrieval to delve into your past traumas so you can reclaim your soul fragments and integrate them back.

  • Discovering your Spirit Helpers - They bring us power and provide guidance.

  • Removing Heavy Energies - Energy stagnates in the body and crystallizes requiring removal.  Energy cleansing and removing what doesn't belong including Spirit or Entity Extraction Healing.

  • Ancestral Lineage Healing - Uncovering the past to heal the future.  This reconciliation ceremony is good for those who suffer chronic illness and/or addiction.

  • Crystal Healing - Cleanse your light body of the "icky" stuff and return your vitality.

  • Soul Guidance or healing for the dead or dying (psychopomp).

  • Energy Work & Divination - "Distance Healing" with spiritual light (Transfiguration) or Hucha Mikhuy, are powerful techniques for digesting dense energy.  Divinity often includes pendulums and sacred stones, khuyas, are used.  Energy work includes assisting your pets to heal.

  • Guided Journeys for transformation & healing.

  • Space Clearing - Blessing or clearing of home, office, land, or other space.

  • Alignment Ceremonies - Ceremony plays a role in their means of celebrating birth, death, marriage, graduation, anniversaries, and countless other life transitions.  I offer the following ceremonies that can be customized for you:

  1. Blessings of land home, office, or other space

  2. Wounding of the Earth - clearing land of any heavy energies

  3. Fire Ceremonies for any event

  4. Despacho Prayer Bundle - we create a sacred mandala to honor nature & Mother Earth

  5. Munay-Ki Rites - energetic transmissions and initiations for spiritual protection & deepening connection tothe web of life

  • Shamanic Coaching & Mentoring for spiritual growth - Communicating with our allies is every human's birthright.  I can help with your journeying experience to empower you and your life.

  • Tools for Transformation Training - Shamanic Teachings for Personal & Human Evolution.  We all need easy-to-access, practical tools to deal with life's everyday challenges. 

  • End of Life Caregiver - Blending multiple healing modalities with a full spectrum of "Death Doula" services to ensure dignity in death and help transition that person through the last breath.



Your healing journey begins with a New Client Questionnaire.  Every session is unique and powerful.  Each one-on-one session is customized to your needs and may or may not include body movements, breathing or mindfulness techniques, energy healing, removing heavy energy or trauma, or personal clearing.  Tools used may include essential oils and herbs such as sage which contain the healing energy of the plants and earth, smudging with Palo Santo (a holy wood) shifts the air element, crystals bring the element of earth, candles & fire, pendulums, feathers to move/activate the chi of a space, sacred sound such as drums, bells, chimes or singing bowls to call in the blessing of the heavens.  However, Chakra Clearing & Balancing is done during every session.  This illumination process transforms heavy energies into light.

Most of this healing work happens in a sacred, protected space with the use of the sound of drums and rattles.  There are many benefits to these rhythm techniques.  Rhythmic rattling or drumming at 220 beats per minute generates changes in the functioning of the central nervous system creating a healing sound bath that alters consciousness enough to enable shamanic journeying.  This state of consciousness is a pathway to the subconscious mind.  These percussion instruments help to focus our attention, drop our minds into the theta wave activity state (the state your mind reaches in meditation), and metaphorically journey in parallel worlds.


These balancing sessions support health by "cleaning up" your energy field, clearing out past trauma, restoring the layers of your auric field, releasing blocks that impede the body's natural ability to heal, de-stressing the nervous system, and creating a sense of peace and relaxation.  How and what you experience can be a deeply and profoundly life-changing journey.  I use energy to honor, strengthen, challenge, and support you.  My work is to assist you on every level:  emotionally, spiritually, energetically, multi-dimensionally, physically and non-physically.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, this doesn’t mean your energies haven’t been affected.  We are working on different levels of the subtle body and sometimes it takes longer for the healing to take effect.

It’s important to assess where you are right now, so you can identify your primary and secondary healing goals.  Please fill out the Energy Intake Form.  I consult with people in-person, over the phone or online via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.



Energy work is not a licensed professional medical, psychological or psychiatric discipline and is not designed nor intended to be a substitute for professional clinical care.  My work is complementary to and supportive of any kind of health care regimen, allopathic or holistic.  I assume responsibility for this work but not liability.  Your health is your responsibility.  My advice is not meant to be replaced for medical treatment by your doctor.  Before you do any work with me, you must acknowledge that I offer it with the best of intentions and in full integrity and that you fully accept responsibility for your experience.  By signing up for a session, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above.

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