The Rainbow Body: Becoming Hue-Man & Sacred DNA

Warning – Sciencey Stuff ahead! This month’s musing is for the technical geeks so I’ll do my best to explain and use small words so everyone will be sure to understand. Hubby says I need to brag about including hyperlinks for “fact checkers” to research further. As I mentioned in last month e-news, something major is happening with the earth’s magnetic field. Right after I sent it out, from May 1-12 the Schumann Resonance spiked DAILY between 42 and 110 from its normal 7.83hz. What a wild ride! The earth’s magnetic field is our planetary “womb” which protects us from all incoming radiation from space. As the magnetic field decreases, more radiation from the sun, other stars and galaxies reaches the surface of the earth – affecting all life. Ammachi, the Indian Saint Guru, spoke about a solar event to her devotees during her 2020 North American tour. She says the wave of light or solar event will be sometime between 2022-2025 and before the end of the decade. [Even a small flair can take the grids out so consider becoming more self-sustainable.] Homo Luminescence: The New Human

According to David Wilcox, there are 34 different prophecies that speak of the end of a nearly 26,000 year cycle as a time of peace and ascension. The changes the prophecies spoke about are happening now. It is remarkable to witness how accurate these ancient texts have become. These prophecies speak of this time in human history as a period of great transformation. All our old models are being reinvented, in every facet of society. Through this great transformation, a new human is emerging on the earth. Alberto Villoldo calls this new human homo luminous. Homo Sapiens are at the top of the evolutionary “tree” right now. The understanding of what we knew to be 'human' is rapidly changing into a much lighter vibrational version of ourselves. We're at a turning point in human history, a period of great turmoil and upheaval in which a new species of human will give birth to itself - moving from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous – that is, beings with the ability to perceive the vibration and light that make up the physical world at a much higher level. We are taking a biological quantum leap and literally becoming the New Humans who are co-creating the ‘Golden Age’, the Age of Aquarius. In the medicine tradition of the Inca, legend tells of a great angel who looked into the future and saw that humanity would face an enormous task at the beginning of the 21st century. Extenuating circumstances in an extremely difficult and challenging time would require extraordinary effort to bring about peace and heal the heart of the world. “Who would like to volunteer?” the angel asked. Knowing we could make a difference, we jumped up and said, “Me!” The prophesies say there is to be a tremendous culling of humanity because the earth can no longer sustain the parasite that humanity has become. But every crisis brings with it a marvelous opportunity and this is why we stood up and said, “Me!” Our inner light is increasing, expanding and infusing all our bodies and chakras just as Gaia, Mother Earth, is also being raised. We are becoming more light than dense matter, a new species rather than the physically defined human being. The next species will be the superhuman Sri Aurobindo prophesied, or the Homo Luminous of Mayan prophesy. Multidimensional, Self-realized beings - a species of Krishna-Buddha-Christs. What the Inca prophesized is what biblical Peter witnessed on the Mount of Transfiguration. Also called the galactic alignment, seen only every 26,000 years. If this sounds hard to believe, consider that you create a new copy of your body about every 8 months, as your cells replace themselves. Sacred DNA Science is designed to be updated. A new discovery may add or invalidate other discoveries. Unfortunately, science has been hijacked by corporations, politicians, religions, etc. Gregg Braden talks about how in the 50-60-70’s, we were taught that we live in a dead & inert universe and humans evolved through competition and conflict. We’ve been at “war” with everything - crime, drugs, global warming, cops, guns, poverty, terror, etc. and now a virus. The fundamental rule of nature of the origins of species set forth by Darwin was conflict & scarcity – survival of the strongest/fittest. Today we now know, the universe is alive & connected. All our structures were based on this competition and now are collapsing on this false assumption because the world is changing. Science fiction has become science fact (i.e. Jurassic Park). We now have the ability to extract the DNA of ancient forms of life. The DNA genomes haven’t changed. We appeared mysteriously on earth 200,000 years ago with the SAME DNA potential already intact! It’s the ability to tap into this extraordinary ability that has changed. These are well documented truths and facts. The Bible tells us that our faith can move mountains, but we've forgotten that we have the ability to do so. The first mountain we must move is the one that blocks our perception of our own luminous nature. We’ve been lied to about DNA. We're enveloped by a luminous energy field (LEF) that manifests the form and health of the body. We can think of the LEF as the software that gives instructions to DNA, which is the hardware that manufactures the body. In 2011, Dr. Luc Montagnier did groundbreaking DNA work on whether or not our DNA can electromagnetically ‘teleport’ itself? He used a generator set-up that gives off a vibration of 7 Hz which is the Schumann Resonance. So, this generator simulates