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Life after Isolation: Manifesting

Updated: May 28, 2021

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Alternating between being exhausted and wide awake? At all times of the day and night? Then, congratulations for making it through the summer “initiation” eclipses, comets, retrogrades, and navigating the Valley of the Virus. However, we are just getting started. There are more major astrological events & alignments. September brings with it SEVEN planetary retrogrades including the rare Mars retrograde (this is what’s making you angrier than normal). So many of us have also been feeling these energy shifts. Some are even experiencing "Ascension Symptoms." These kinds of “as above, so below” cosmic events ask us to reflect on our current life, on our past, and even past lives so we can consciously manifest a new future. Is your past coming up?

"Eclipses always reveal things… now that you know about it, what do you want to do about it? Pay attention to the ghosts that come across your threshold and want to talk to you." ~ Astrologer, Anne Ortelee

What have you learned during your at-home/isolation days? These retrogrades take you back, so you can re-view how much you’ve grown. Ask yourself: Is this how I want to be living? What came out of hiding for you? What truths were re-vealed? What shadow parts reared their ugly head? What would my grandchildren say about how we acted in the wake of a species faced with self-extinction? This is sacred time to re-flect. Now what? It’s time to learn from the past, re-flect & re-vise. Everything is energy and energy needs to be DIRECTED. You get to decide where it goes. You may have heard the phrase, "where your attention goes, your energy flow." This means we have a hand in our success…and our failure. Worry is praying for what you DON’T want to happen! Intention + Attention = Manifestation. 2020 is manifesting quickly. Choose and focus on what you want. Don’t wait, CREATE! There are many narratives playing out right now. There is a clear light path and a clear dark path. You can go high or go low. Many souls are choosing to NOT evolve. Those who choose money, power, and greed are aligning with a certain group that has no empathy for mother earth and the struggling people on the planet. You don’t need to go with them. Don’t engage with it. We see it with the Democrats & Republicans, Black & White, etc…the hatred we are invoking with each other. We are “seeing” this ugliness out there because it lives in here – within. We blame the 1% but we are participating in wanting more (the ego) and facing the ugliness of what we created and reconciling that. You can speak your truth without blame and judgment. We need to stop the process. We need to hold unconditional love. Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness as well as a powerful way of manifesting a new reality. The mantra is: "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." Ho’ponopono says...I am creating everything I see. It’s acknowledging I’m sorry - for creating this, the mis-creation. Please forgive me - pono is the reconciliation, right relation. Thank you (gratitude) - for making me aware of what I’ve created; for waking me up out of the illusion, mis-perception. And I love you - which is the neutralizer of everything dark or light. Then it can be transformed.

“Now the eyes of my eyes are opened” – EE Cummings

We are each being called to do our part and sacrifice or “make sacred” for the good of the whole, as we seed the Aquarian vision for our collective future. We are now in a time of planetary healing that is undeniably connected to our own personal healing. The macrocosm and the microcosm are linked, so while our planet is in a state of major evolutionary transformation, so are our inner worlds and personal lives.

We are being powerfully asked to wake up. It’s no coincidence this is the year of 2020, or perfect vision. Taking a broader vast eagle’s eye view helps us to understand the trajectory of what is unfolding. There is a prophecy about the Condor & Eagle that says there will be a 500 year period starting in 1990 with the potential of them flying together once again. The real work and transformation are happening from the inside out. Some of us might have been on a healing journey for a while now and some might just be beginning. Regardless of where we are at, we are being internally stirred so as to be catapulted into a new phase in our evolutionary growth. People believe life as they know it will go on…that we’ll find some technological solution. WHAT IF this threat to our survival can’t force people into being loving participants? Daniel Foor says that we shouldn’t assume that because there is possibility of cultural shift and awakening that that will be the actual outcome. It may not end up being a unifying event and instead the powers that be will be even more entrenched. In Yoga, aparigraha is the Sanskrit word for non-attachment. It’s important to practice non-attachment. PAUSE before you Panic. What's the number one thing we can do during the pandemic? Not die. Who knows when you will be reborn? And it takes years to reach your current level of maturity. We have a choice between falling apart or coming out of this stronger and more aware/awake. You choose the thoughts and emotions of creation. Find your balance and keep the faith. We are creating our new reality. What does that look like? Make a list of all the things you want to work on over the remaining months of 2020 while we wait for this Planetary Pause to end. Questions to ask yourself: What do you stand for? What do you believe to be essential and important? What is it you are really living for? What is important to you? What would you rather die for than betray? What would you live for? How can we help so that there is a positive shift? We really need to look at our core values, show up, lean into right action, and be of service to the world. Ask yourself: What am I inspired to do? What do I love? What do I shine doing? Don’t censor your heart. We need to use this time to be more conscious about doing our inner work, our shadow work. To develop compassion across many populations and radiate Love and Above.

We were told we cannot cut back on emissions but guess what we can! With so many people staying home we have less pollution, and in places like India and Nepal, mountain ranges are seen clearly that have not been visible for decades. We are being challenged to think globally and act locally.

We are a country of travel & trade. We knew that something radical had to happen because at this rate, we cannot sustain our life on this earth forever. This is about our earth and how we live on it, how we source our food, what we produce, how we trade, do business, all earth-related activities. I was on a forum recently where participants were talking about the “new normal”. The moderator said this is ABnormal. (It made me think of this funny scene from Young Frankenstein.) It’s NOT normal and we don’t know what that BETTER normal will be. How do you know what’s in the past is BETTER than the FUTURE? Now…Imagine it’s late 2020. Our houses are clean and organized. We’re more connected in our relationships because all we’ve been able to do is communicate. We’ve been forced to focus on self-care. We come out of our homes, the world re-opens and we are kinder, more loving, more grateful, more understanding, and more appreciative of the beauty of life and human connection than ever before. Together we re-build the world intentionally and sustainably. Like Aladdin said, we're co-creating a whole new world. What is YOUR power? What is YOUR gift? It’s not your responsibility to worry about others. Do YOU. When we honor our gifts, we strengthen our comm-UNITY. Trust the universe to guide your path. Really follow where the universe is guiding you and don’t question with your mind or need to know why or how. Try to allow. Be aligned with your highest good. Your job is to share your gift; it is your life work. Charles Eisenstein talks about how everything we do should be an offering to life; that’s an ecosystem. Everyone has a contribution to the life cycle. So, let’s keep our momentum going, shining our light, and manifesting the future. Speaking of shining your light, tonight is a full moon. Purnima is the word for full moon in Sanskrit. It marks when the moon is aligned exactly in a straight line with the Sun and Earth. If we break the word guru into two words, gu-ru then we will come to know that in Nepali ‘gu’ means darkness and ‘ru’ means the one who removes all darkness. So, guru or the teacher is one who removes all our doubts, misconceptions and ushers in a whole new world in front of our spiritual evolution. It is the day to honor the ancient lineage of enlightened beings who have graced the world with their presence, imparting the knowledge of the “Self”. The Guru/teacher dispels the darkness of ignorance and leads seekers on the path to enlightenment.

May love continue to guide us on the deepest level and helps us navigate the changing landscape.

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