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Spirit or Entity Extraction Healing
Like attracts like, so whatever’s unhealed or within our shadow selves invites forms, energies and experiences of a similar vibration.  Sometimes spirits can be attracted to individuals with similar energy or who are sensitive to energy in general.  In an attachment, the spirit is attempting to use the energy of the individual and that individual may experience symptoms that are not normal to them.  Intrusions, or entities, can affect our health and healthy engagement with life.  These can also be objects imbedded in us from past life wounds or disassociated emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  Your emotion takes the form of energy and can be stored through the body and eventually lead to illness.  This is emotional anatomy. 
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Shamans work with spirit and they work with energy.  In the case of extractions, they are working with misplaced energy.  If energy is misplaced or isn’t in alignment with the body, it will bring illness.  There is no distinction made based on where the energy came from.  The shaman sees that the energy does not belong there and removes it, like a strong magnet pulling the energy out.  Extractions remove energy blocks and heavy energy that interferes with body, mind, emotional or spiritual well-being.  These can be self-induced, or may have been picked up from people, places, or things.  Extraction assists in removing intrusions, energy blockages, and attachments in the physical and energetic body and treats the spiritual aspect of illness from the energetic perspective.


Many of the healings include sound instruments, such as a rattle or drum, to increase the power or the energy of the “magnet”.  Once the extraction is performed, the healer will fill the void that was created by the vacated energy by replacing it with high vibration light (sami), perform a power retrieval, or perform a soul retrieval.


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Curse Unraveling

Emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred and passion are the fuel for curses along with intention - intentional or unintentional - which creates them.  It is the energy of harmful words, feelings or thoughts directed to others or ourselves that often plant the seed of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Yes, we can unconsciously curse ourselves. 


Sorcery is defined as any harm directed to ourselves or others, as well as willfully and energetically trying to control another; the abuse of power even with good intentions, the over-riding of another person's free will.

A curse is a restrictive energy or blockage - a thoughtform, repetitive emotion or unhealthy pattern, physical ailment, or repeating "bad luck" - that can affect an individual, family, objects, and places. 

Many times these patterns are rooted in past life events or passed down through the ancestral lineage.  With permission from our spirit allies, this malevolent intention can be unraveled through time, transmuted and healed in a compassionate way, thereby repairing and restoring the client's Luminous Energy Field (LEF).

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