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The Founding Fathers: Astrology & Numerology (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Happy Independence Day! I wanted to share a few historical astrological tidbits about our nation & its founding fathers who happened to believe in the power of the planets. A natal or birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time of birth, including the birth of nations. Maressa Brown says it’s a “multi-layered, complex blueprint that can offer insight into your interests, passions, motivations, dreams, fears, and more.” Our founding fathers looked to the sky to determine the “birth” of our nation.

A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. ~ Sri Yukteswar

All the founding fathers were freemasons except Jefferson. George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were also staunch believers in Astrology. However, few Americans realize Franklin was Colonial America’s greatest astrologer and the only man to sign ALL of the founding documents. Franklin and Jefferson conspired to change the date to sign the Declaration of Independence from July 2 to July 4 to take advantage of powerful astrological alignments. America’s Founding Fathers wanted to make sure the day was extraordinary. (Keep in mind that at least 50 of the 56 signers in Philadelphia were freemasons and they knew what they were doing!) Thank goodness for our founding father’s foresight and creating a Constitutional Republic. A republic is different from a democracy. The word “democracy” is NOT mentioned in the Constitution. James D. Best explains: “In a democracy, the majority can directly make laws, while in a republic, elected representatives make laws. Basically, in a pure democracy, the majority (mob rule) has unlimited power, whereas in a republic, a written constitution limits the majority and provides safeguards for the individual and minorities.”

"A Republic...if you can keep it." ~ Ben Franklin

On July 4, 1776, FIVE planets came together in the sky. A nation (Sun) that is successful (Jupiter) in war (Mars) and gains possessions (Venus) because of this success. Add in the planet of communication (Mercury). Not only was there a Sun-Jupiter Planetary Eclipse when the Declaration of Independence was signed but also when the US Constitution became effective (June 21, 1788). An eclipse (where 2 planets look like they’re right on top of each other) is a significant sign that anything born at that time is powerful. Eclipses cut off the electromagnetic field from the reflection of the sun or moon. It’s like when the power goes out, so the Schumann Resonance responds by spiking using its own fireworks to light up the Earth. They are also a disruption to the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) of everything! You are getting a cosmic adjustment as they help you see things in a new way; they bring to light what needs to be done. The inauguration of the US President occurred every 4 years at 12pm on March 4th from 1793 to 1933 until people who no longer consulted the heavens changed it to January 20th. It's also no secret that George Washington was a freemason as well. Some suggest that the timing of the laying of the corner stone of the Capital Building was insisted upon by Washington on 9/18/1793. The US Capitol is not simply another governmental building. Another historical astrological coincidence is that the cornerstones for the White House and the Washington monument, the 2 other buildings that form the Federal Triangle and were built years later, were all coordinated to be laid while Caput Draconis was in Virgo. The paintings featured in the dome of the Capitol (representing the womb giver of life) reveal the philosophical, spiritual, and political aims of the Founding Fathers. Not only did our first president practice astrology, but he also had knowledge of sacred geometry. Did you know that Washington, DC is divided into 4 geographical quadrants aligned with the 4 cardinal directions? The layout of the entire city radiates from hubs around the city and converge with the Capitol at the center forming the pattern of a pentagram, one of the many symbols of the freemasons. The Federal Triangle mirrors the Spring Triangle in the sky, which is made up of the stars Arcturus, Spica & Regulus. Every August 10th, as the sun sinks in the West, those 3 stars are visible in a straight line from the Capitol to the White House. Author David Ovason says, “You rarely found a sunset leading to a rising of the stars.” Knowledge of the stars played an important part in the construction of Washington. No other capitol city is designed with as much astrological symbolism as DC. The masons aligned all important events to coincide with astrological phenomena including the 555’ tall Egyptian style Washington Monument which was built in 1848. It’s the largest obelisk in the world with its point a deliberate eye to the sky. And its reflection pool has it point directly below. July 4th is a significant cosmic event because it is the only date of the year that Orion rises along with the Sun. The sun rises in the Northeast, just left of the obelisk, while the Pleiades reside over the obelisk pointing to the Egyptian star, Sirius. Coincidence? There are fast moving planets like the Sun that goes through 12 zodiac signs each year; 1 sign per month. The smaller fast-moving inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars) are considered personal planets which hint to your personality. The larger slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) determine one’s life trends. Jupiter takes 12 years to go through all 12 signs, 1 sign per year. Saturn takes 28-30 years so you may have 3 Saturn returns during your lifetime whereas Uranus returns once every 84 years.

This image shows you how many years it takes a planet to “return” to its place in your natal chart. On 12/21/20 we had that great conjunction with Saturn (structure) & Jupiter (abundance). This great conjunction completed a 20-year cycle that began in May 2000 and it was their closest pairing in nearly 400 years. This truly was the GATEWAY to the Aquarian Age. In US history, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction happened with the purchase of the Louisiana territory in 1802 and ruled over western land expansion. They co-joined again in 1942 where we went into WW2 and become a major global player. Their last conjunction in 2001 was right before 9/11. Since 9/11 we’ve been at “war” with crime, drugs, global warming, a virus, etc. In 2020, this conjunction was in the sign of air (3 planets form a triangle in the sky) rather than the earth triangle and it will be in the sign of Aquarius. Air tells us to look up. This is about relationships and community. We shift from ME to WE. It’s working in cooperation, it’s about social change. It’s evolve or die. We will either exhaust the resources of Earth and die or take on a custodial role. These are the challenges we face right now. Slow moving Pluto (shadows) takes about 248 years to go through all 12 signs. Pluto in the USA is in the same position as when the Constitution was drawn in 1776. We were founded on revolt and rebellion. We were also founded on slavery and destroying indigenous people. Did you know that in 1952 (69 years ago), you could buy an indigenous child for $10? It’s all coming back in the horoscope as a Pluto return (2022-2024 window). Pluto is about justice. The systemic issues were there but the reality is that justice hasn’t happened. Pluto came back around and said you have no choice but to deal with this. Listening and discernment are very important right now. We will all have to give & take. It’s an energy exchange. Many of our ancestors immigrated from England and fought that government because they didn’t want to live under a monarchy (i.e. behavior of executive orders). Most of us grew up believing America was liberty & justice for all. America, one nation under God. Indivisible. But that’s not true. Jessica Roney, Professor of Early American History at Temple University reminds us: “We have never been a unified country. We’ve always had these huge fractions. What we have now is a recognition of them. In some way, that’s hard and painful and scary. And in some ways, it’s the only way forward.” Divisiveness IS American history not the exception to American History. The Constitution was a way to delay corruption. There were Conspiracy Theories in the 1800’s too! They’re not conspiracy theories if they are true. We keep repeating our mistakes. People against people. On 4/4/20, there was an astrological portal when Jupiter (abundance) & Pluto (shadows) came together in the sky; making strides in reclaiming our independence from the financial debt slave system instituted 700 years ago, dissolving old world structures, and healing all inequalities, all injustices. Marianne Williamson says, “We are led by political dinosaurs trying to figure out how best to shore up capitalism-as-usual, when what we need is the will & imagination to reinvent it. We need a human rather than market-based economic model. We need to shift from financial transaction to humanitarian concern.” This includes restructuring the allocation of resources, finances, food, our agricultural practices, and global environmentalism which should be modeled on equality and fairness. She continues, “Our politics are reactive when it needs to be responsive. Our current model of doing business cannot adequately solve this crisis.” Let’s talk Political Labels Generally, the left-wing is characterized by an emphasis on ideas such as freedom, equality, fraternity, rights, progress, reform and internationalism while the right-wing is characterized by an emphasis on notions such as authority, hierarchy, order, duty, tradition, reaction and nationalism. Left wing Liberal is called a socialist and supports progressive reforms especially equality. The Democratic Party. Far left is communism & socialism. Right wing Radical is someone who supports social or economic conservatism; keeping things/ideologies the way they are. The Republican Party. Far right is fascism. Conservative is a label for someone who is locked into their religious beliefs and wishes to impose those beliefs on others who do not share their perspective. This is called Cognitive Dissonance. This meme describes it perfect: “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted because it creates a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable. Because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore, and deny anything that doesn’t fit with that core belief. This is why people get upset when their strongly held beliefs are challenged.” In the center are Moderates, Independents or Constitutionalists who want what is best for humanity. Socialism is not anti-capitalist. The definition of socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned OR regulated by the community as a whole. It’s about what is good for the community as well as working in service and structural alignment. Democratic Socialism which is a mixture of political and economic democracy should be no mystery to Americans. Americans enjoy a wide range of democratic socialist institutions. Currently community owned or regulated in the United States are the: police, 911, fire department, national guard, air traffic controllers, courts, public schools, public universities, public libraries, internet, licensing of drivers, city, state & national parks, public beaches (and their maintenance), public roads (and their maintenance), pilots, train conductors, truck drivers, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, lawyers, minimum wage laws, Social Security, public radio, unemployment insurance, Medicare, and the US postal service. When implemented properly, Democratic Socialism is the one system that benefits all equally. The community got together and said, "It would be a good thing for the community to regulate or own this." Are we really so afraid of the “S” word that we can’t see that we are already benefiting from it? Why do people who CARE get labelled as “left” or Socialists? Shouldn’t we all care? Ask the folks running scared from the "socialists" if they want those areas to go away? To be out of community control? To become unregulated? If they say “of course not”, inform them that THEY are a socialist. We need to educate our own citizens. Capitalism today it is now based on scarcity which is an opportunity to make money. For example, investors can now trade water futures. Water is a commodity like gold or oil. There is a finite amount, and we need water to survive. California’s agriculture now includes growing almonds & pistachios which require a LOT of water. They’re in an 8-year drought. This makes no sense! But I’m sure the hedge funds & wall street investors will be hedging this bet. We’ve become a form of capitalism over the last 4 decades which is not tied to ethical and moral consideration. Capitalism must reclaim its conscience. It’s the only way government will reclaim its conscience. We have withdrawn resources from caring for the common good because how do you make money off of that? And which one of the donors will support that legislation? Pluto-cracy is a term for a government in which wealthy people use their wealth to rule; they wield power through money. Coincidence that the "great revealer" Pluto represents hidden power, shadows, and dark activities? Writer Stephen Lyons writes: “Plutocracy is a word I never thought I would use to define America. The coronavirus epidemic has exposed the truth that the corporate oligarchs are firmly in charge of our fates and will be until the eventual collapse of our democracy.” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth $200 billion. His net worth grew by $75 BILLION in 2020, during a pandemic. Harvard historian Nancy Koehn said this is an example of a government policy that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Fulbright scholar Frank Fish says, “Many politicians take their orders from their big business donors rather than their constituents and make fortunes in the stock market.” Writer Caitlin Johnstone notes that “Amazon increased its spending on Washington lobbying by 40% in the last 5 years. Plutocrats do not pour large fortunes into lobbying campaigns without reason.” 90% of our Senate seats and 80% of our House seats went to the biggest spender. Corporate lobbying and campaign financing have made the bribery of public officials perfectly legal.

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." ~ Matthew 5:5

There's been a lot of talk about increasing the minimum wage. My question is how about a maximum wage? How much is enough? The Q'ero elders of Peru live by a concept called Ayni. It is a way of reciprocity and right relationship with all existence. Are you giving to get or giving to give? Ayni is about recognizing that ALL of life exists in a sacred balance of give and take. It's similar to the yogic principle of aparigraha.

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