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Roar On Rainbow Warriors

Repeating numbers like 8/8 and 10/10 (more in this December’s musings!) are energy portals that happen every year but this one is different. Portals are said to be energy vortexes created by astrological alignments and based on numerology. Every October 10th, the Sun aligns with the galactic center – the rotational center, a supermassive black hole, of the Milky Way galaxy. Numerology says 1 is the number of new beginnings and 0 is creation. 10 is a powerful manifestation number. It is said to be a time of great spiritual awakening or elevated Consciousness. Ascension is the process of raising your vibration, shedding your ego, and co-creating or manifesting your future. When the stars come together and numbers align, it amplifies the transformative energy and asks you to look beyond your current reality.

Bernhard Guenther in Piercing the Veil of Reality tells us, “The matrix fools us into believing that we are fundamentally powerless and thus incapable of transcending their machinations. We have to understand that we are far more powerful than we think we are; there’s a spiritual war underway, and the weapons we possess are embodied knowledge, awareness, and our aspiration to the Divine – our true nature – which is calling us forth to embrace this adventure of Consciousness as spiritual warriors.”

"Stillness speaks not with mouth and tongue, but with the essential roar of eternity itself."

~Martin Cosgrove

Like the fierce and ferocious King of the Jungle, it’s time to step into your power. This shift provides you with a chance to amplify your intentions, align your spirit, and bring your desired reality to fruition. It is important to make conscious choices and begin the inner creation (manifestation) of what you want to bring to realization – or Self Realization - in the next 4-year cycle from 2024-2028.

The lower frequency of fear, which has been used to control the masses, is giving way to the new energy of love and unity. It’s a time of transition where you’re honoring all the past versions of yourself including the shadows, healing your wounds, and embracing the spirit of transformation.

I made a few “predictions” about what themes we could expect over the next couple of years. Let’s Review…

2020: The Awakening

That year’s musings were about many key astrological alignments, the wounded feminine, the scale of Consciousness, and the trauma of a pandemic.

Deep traumas were brought to the surface. This could have been from past lives, ancestral wounds, or from your current childhood. Family issues and old traumas may have resurfaced, and many of you were triggered. We are shedding layers of programming and trauma. We are clearing a lot at once so it can be an intense healing process. Did you feel like your awareness expanded?

2021: The Big Reveal

2021’s musings were about trauma, fear, UFOs, chakras, the Schumann Resonance, spiritual light, and the shadow side.

Acknowledging that we have a shadow side required deep reflection and ego death. I wrote about this in depth in Dec 2021’s Cosmic Dancer musing. Non-attachment (aparigraha) is what is best for the greater good. It’s your job to learn the duality dance now. It’s your job to love all beings.

For many, there was nothing but death and darkness in 2020 and 2021. But it was important to trust the process. When you do the shadow work, you have to go deep and allow the universe to take care of creation (please click on link to hear more about the lion/lioness rainbow warriors destroying the illusion). And we were doing “double shifts!” Both working out our shi(f)t during the day and also during dream time. I know I was exhausted…still am! The biggest lesson was about taking responsibility for your personal choices. Choices come with consequences. This is how we clear karma and evolve to our higher selves. When we do the inner work, we start to regain our personal power. Personal power leads to empowerment which results in Sovereignty.

Sovereignty in the Bible is often expressed as Divine Source rules and reigns over the entire Universe. However, we were given free will for a reason. Free will is the Law of the Universe. Others may think they know what is best, but ultimately the choice of how to live one’s life is an individual choice. What if your choice is wrong and theirs is right? Is it okay to take away another’s free will? Think about it. Would Source be okay with you playing God/Goddess? It’s just a question.

I said it over and over again, that 2020 and 2021 would be a continuation of many RE-veals. RE-member all those RE words? Review, reflect, reassess, reevaluate, revise, reconsider, rearrange, restructure, resign, rebel, return, revive, and finally renaissance. Think Dorothy pulling back the curtain to expose the “wizard.”

“The wise come to know their own inner conflicts. While the unwise keep insisting that all the trouble is the fault of others.”

~ Michael Meade

Let’s Re-view some highlights:

  • Weather events such as hurricanes/floods/tornados taking out entire cities and the worst years for heat and fire with 12 states on fire. There were so many fires burning that parts of the country experienced smoke with ash for the first time.

  • Virus lab leak (no longer a theory)

  • Poisonous arsenic and other metals found in baby food and over 50% of cosmetics contain toxic materials.

  • Confirmed Russian interference in the 2016 election along with China.

  • Increasing cyberattacks/ransomware attacks as well as data breaches.

  • CEO’s pandemic wages increased 940% compared to workers which increased only 11.9%.

  • Massive transfer of wealth with workers around the world losing 3.7 trillion and billionaires gaining 3.9 trillion during the same time.

  • 6 companies own 90% of Mainstream Media (MSM).

  • Many allegations of sexual misconduct and cultures of abuse coming to the forefront most notable the sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell and an eye-opening movie called Sound of Freedom.

  • NRA files for bankruptcy after financial misconduct, fraud, and falsifying information.

  • Classified documents found in elected officials’ private residences.

  • Increased anti-police sentiments as abuse & shootings of civilians goes viral.

  • Racial reckoning across the board but one of the saddest was finding the remains of 215 children found buried near the Kamloops Indian Residential School and another 600 bodies discovered at the former Marieval School for Indigenous children in Canada. (Canada agreed to a $31 billion settlement for its treatment of indigenous children.)

  • Significant increases in murders, overdoses, suicides, and violent crimes. And now “sudden” and “unexpected” deaths have caused all-cause mortality rates to skyrocket according to leading insurance companies.

  • Thousands of unruly airline passengers have assaulted attendants.

  • Space “tourism” is now a reality with Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX going mainstream.

  • Marijuana legality changing rapidly across all 50 states, de-stigmatizing the substance, and having drug cases/convictions reviewed, pardoned, and/or expunged.

  • Roe vs Wade overturned. There are so many institutions failing women right now.

  • Pandora Papers reveal secret financials and tax havens for shell companies. Hundreds of world leaders, powerful politicians, billionaires, celebrities, religious leaders, and drug dealers hiding investments in mansions, exclusive beach front properties, yachts, and other assets for the past 25 years. The richest pay little or no federal tax because their assets are not in their name but under shell corporations or their own “non-profit” organizations.

So that’s a lot of corruption and a lot of exposure. Can’t hide. Can’t deny any longer. What did 2021 reveal to you?

The reveals will continue until enough people wake up and rise above the division (fear). The unhealed always point a finger at everyone other than themselves. Blame and shame are the lowest vibration on the Scale of Consciousness. You can tell who is “uncomfortable” with these new vibrations. It shows up as “acting out” and physical violence. Don’t take the bait. Don’t get drawn into the chaos. Just observe and stay calm and centered. A healed person understands that the actions of others have nothing to do with themselves. When you acknowledge this duality – SELF realization - you can begin to return to the light, your connection with Source/God/Goddess. When you access the wisdom of your Higher Self/Soul, you become Christed like Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and Mary Magdalene.

2022: The Return

Moving on…2022’s musings were about trafficking, emotional anatomy, the medicine wheel, the “clairs”, and epigenetics.

This was all about integration of the prior 2 years. Many of us experienced cosmic “downloads” which upgraded our Luminescent Energy Field (LEF). This led to many tuning into their intuition and experiencing new psychic abilities. We are returning to our divine design. I suggested the only way out was to go within. We were unconsciously processing and experiencing many sleepless nights. When you did sleep, dreams were vivid…or really strange.

As spiritual beings, we operate on vibration, frequency, and energy. As your awareness increases, you may have noticed that you drifted away from family & friends that were no longer a vibrational match. Adjusting to these new energy frequencies can also take its toll on the physical body so you may have experienced health issues that unexpectedly showed up and then just as quickly disappeared as the new energies cleared through your system. This can also cause worry, anxiety, confusion, depression, or dread. It’s all part of the shi(f)t. It’s not just our bodies but the Earth is also shifting (more on that next month).

“There’s always another level up. There’s always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow.”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

2023: The Reckoning (and the UFOs are coming)

This past year, I’ve been musing about karma, earthing, cultural appropriation, sound healing, the cosmic womb, and the cosmic breath.

With the release of classified documents on UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon) sightings and the continuation of many more sightings, more and more people were forced to consider their cosmic origins. From physical ET encounters (Las Vegas, Peru, Mexico, etc.) to ship sightings not just in the air but into the waters. Even NASA is taking it seriously by appointing a new first-ever UAP research director last year. In the first 6 months since it formed, they received 366 reports. There has been so much cosmic disclosure both physically and in dreamtime. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had ET visitations during sleep.

We’re also in a weird holding pattern. It’s like you’re “all dressed up and no place to go” or “hurry up and wait.” I’ve been telling many people that I’m in a…pause. I talked about giving up both teaching yoga and leading yoga teacher training. But then quite a few people privately let me know that the world needed to hear these messages. I am truly grateful for your trust in me.

Spiritual Counselor Elizabeth Peru says, “You may need to be on your own right now…you’re on a quest to live up to the greatness of your soul. You may retreat or pull away from what you’ve always known in order to reflect and know the authentic you.”

You may have tried some new things hoping to travel down a new path. I too felt that restlessness and went to get my Death Doula certification. And then there’s the enormous amount of distraction! Not just out in the world (media & news) but inward with the mind’s ever-changing array of distractions. My monkey mind won’t quit, and I consider myself a pretty good meditator. But that’s all because we’re in a transition phase, the eye of the storm.

If you haven’t done the work, you will be forced to do it by the end of this year. We are being bombarded with so much energy. We are dealing with the past and old trauma which must be cleared. And we’re also being flooded with new light energy. This year has had an unprecedented number of solar flares, solar winds, radio black outs, extremely high Schumann Resonance spikes with white outs…things that have never been seen before.

You may have noticed that your sense of time and space is off. Many believe that old timelines are dissolving. The influx of light is allowing us to unlock our “junk” DNA further (epigenetics). Make sure that you make conscious choices now. All our manifestations should be directed towards the restoration for all, not just for ego self. What accounting of misjustice and misjudgment have you noticed?

“The ascension is actually the birth of the Inner You expressed as the spiritual individualism of the inner particle state.”

~ Stuart Wilde

2024: The Revolution

An inner revolution is mirrored outward as seen in the war in Ukraine, war against drugs, etc. Chaos within causes chaos without. You can expect more civil unrest as people adjust to these new energies.

Every 26,000 years or so, we reach a point of evolutionary jump. Villoldo says: “When the ancient masters imagined the times of the Seven Heavens, the ancient prophecy foretelling the dawn of a new era on planet Earth, they placed their dreams and hopes in the hands of a new human. A person that despite chaos and crisis unswervingly seeks the shining light of the stars and sees opportunity to dream a new destiny for humanity.” It may seem chaotic, but it’s all FOR your highest good.

He continues, “a growing number of people on earth feel tremendous upheaval happening on all levels—physical, emotional, and energetic—and know we are facing a quantum leap in collective consciousness.” It’s time to activate your spiritual warrior, take self-responsibility, stay grounded in service to the Divine, and be ferociously focused on the path of awakening. A revolutionary mindset is not violent or ego-driven but motivated by sincere self-inquiry, inner knowledge, and divine direction.

Ask yourself these questions: Who do I want to be? What do I want to attract? What kind of Self am I trying to develop? What kind of future do I envision for myself or the world? What do I want to manifest and create in my life? What does my best life look like? This is the time to revise your journey and create the life you want going forward.

The last 4 years have been about the ascension of spirit. If you’ve been doing the deep inner work, you will be manifesting a new reality – new you, new opportunities, etc. It’s time to become the best version of yourself. An inner revolution where we might want to surrender to that which is wiser than us; that which has more humility than us. It’s often referred to as our Higher Self, the Infinity Spark, the Soul.

Start embodying the person you want to be, right now. If you’ve been working with Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness and attracting higher vibrations, you will notice that you are surrounded by like-minded people. You are stepping into a reality that YOU created with your thoughts. YOU manifested this new reality. Next year is going to be action filled. 2024 is the beginning of a new 4-year transition cycle. Release resentment, anger and fear. Set your intention to live your best life and trust that the universe will provide everything to make that dream a reality.

This is also a great time for cord cutting. We often pick up and carry other people’s energy without even noticing. All of us are connected to others - whether still living, deceased, our ancestors, or even relationships we had in past lives - via invisible strings of energy or "feeding tubes."

Cutting the energy cords with other people sounds like something negative but in reality, it’s a therapeutic exercise to preserve our spiritual space and take back our power, leaving our own energy cleansed, pure and vibrant. When we exchange energy with another person—which can happen during any daily interaction—there is a potential for their energy to "stick with us". Unconscious cording is something that happens during energy exchanges, especially with family, loved ones and intimate partners.

These cords can be positive when energy is shared equally, or negative when an imbalance occurs. Itzhak Beery says, “We can be empowered by healthy interpersonal relationships involving mutual love, respect, and support. However, we must cut the manipulative cords that we know as shame and guilt, which are not supporting us to live a full life. Those cords are not healthy and limit our life force.”

In the same way energy attaches to people, energy attachments such as negative recurring thoughts or addictive behaviors can leave us feeling drained and not like our true selves. We aren’t cutting emotional ties, we are releasing energy tubes — and there is a big difference between the two. You are sealing up the energy leaks and preserving your prana.

Energy Muse shares…”Ask yourself, if I could get rid of one thing in my life that is holding me back, what would it be? Take note of the first thing that comes to mind. It may be a bad habit, a toxic person or relationship, a limiting belief, or a cluttered mind. How would your life change if you could let this one thing go?”

Cutting cords assists you in:

  • Releasing what no longer serves you and eliminating what’s not for your highest good.

  • Cleansing ourselves of the energy we pick up, before it causes us to feel emotionally drained or tired.

  • Cutting emotional and energetic cords and any lingering connections that are sucking your energy/prana.

  • Removing shame, guilt and blame from yourself, your loved ones, and ancestors.

  • Releasing unhealthy relationships based on toxic behaviors and developing healthy relationships based on mutuality.

If it’s time to cut that energy out of your life, please email or text me if you’d like to schedule a cord cutting ceremony.

2024 and beyond

Going forward it’s going to be a bit crazy. My guides won’t share much past 2025 with me. They joke that I’m on “a need-to-know basis.” So, I have no idea if even I will be staying or going. I have known for a long time that this is my last life in human form. I do have a strong sense that many people will continue to leave the planet. There is going to be a massive purging, and I mean catastrophic numbers. For many, death is for their highest good. This is not meant to be scary but to prepare you for the new Earth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go within. Do the deep work. Now is the time.

Spiritual Counselor Elizabeth Peru says, “The current energy environment on Earth is incredibly complex, sensitive and dynamic. The opportunity to accelerate your Consciousness, with increasingly active cosmic energy is offering daily ascension jumps. It’s vital that you’re connected and aware of the cosmic flow, so that you’re optimistic, excited, and prepared for your growing personal evolution.”

I’ll leave you with this thought from DJ QBert: “Can you imagine if everyone on the planet turned off their TV to stop the intake of fear from the news channels and just concentrated on love? The whole planet would instantly propel itself into the ascension process and turn into a heavenly state in a higher vibratory dimension!” Heaven on Earth sounds divine.

So, how do you think I did with the themes & energies of the past 4 years? Did my musings help provide insight and introspection? Have any of the tools & techniques I’ve shared help you navigate the turbulent times we find ourselves in? I’d love to hear what you think! And…if you do have feedback, feel free to text or email me. And don’t forget to "heart" each blog post and also comment! Be prepared. Be fierce. Be peace. Be love.

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This is so incredibly helpful and validating. I too am in "a pause," and it has been very challenging. The solar flares and energy shifts have totally wiped me out. You are one of the only people I know who understands this and explains it with confidence and clarity. I am grateful.


Melanie Hughes
Melanie Hughes
Oct 02, 2023

I have learned so much and taken so much time to ponder what you share each time you post your Musings. There is so much to learn and understand. Thank you so much for taking time to write such thought provoking and life changing information. Most of what you have written has indeed resonated with me in my life path.

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