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Communicating with the Dead
Image by Gadiel Lazcano

"While death is not a big deal, dying badly is."

- Dr. David Kowalewski

Psychopomp work has been traced back by some scholars to 30,000 years ago and virtually all spiritual traditions acknowledge some sort of interaction with the dead.


Telepathy which "can take place between discarnate and incarnate spirits," is a perfect example of direct soul-to-soul communication essential to shamanism and now accepted by a significant proportion of scientists.

Having shed their bodies, there are many reasons discarnate souls can be bound to the earthly realm.  Some people call this limbo, purgatory or the bardo where souls are trapped, lost or stuck and are suffering in some way.  For whatever reason, they are unwilling or unable to turn towards the light.  Since the soul is earthbound, it needs to interact with some living earthly human. But since it also lives in the non-earthly realm, it needs to interact with someone familiar with the non-earthly, non-ordinary realm.  That's where the shaman-psychopomp can be of service.

Psychopomp work assists souls in the process of transition in crossing over to the other side; this includes those suffering from a terminal illness and/or are in the dying process.  We communicate for the purpose of checking on where they are, how they are doing, and what they may have to say to you as well as addressing a client’s questions.

Who is most likely to be earthbound?

  • Addicts - feel the need to continue their substance abuse.

  • Sudden Death - victims who had an unexpected, premature death, especially traumatic one, didn't have time to prepare can become disoriented and confused.

  • Murder - victims of robbery, rape, assault, terrorist attack, mass murder, and warfare are associated with powerful emotions like hate, anger, and fear that leaves the soul earthbound.

  • Suicide - shocked that they didn't really end it all, they may stay around out of guilt for the living survivors.

The places you might find discarnate souls are institutions such as prisons, mental hospitals, emergency rooms, operating rooms, morgues, labor camps, reform schools, orphanages, rehab centers, bars or nightclubs.  The earthbound soul normally attaches to the place of death (not the burial site or funeral home).  So, sites of suffering such as dungeons, jails, battlefields, POW camps, terrorist attacks, human violence (mass shootings, war, and genocide), and natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, typoons, etc.).

An earthbound situation can be made worse by survivors who cling to the departed soul out of grief, emotional dependence, loneliness, unfinished business, or other reason.  So, this work also helps people who are in deep grief and who hunger for some acknowledgement that their loved one has arrived safely in another realm and that they are not completely gone from them. 

Shamans offer counseling for the dead, guiding them to a state of peace in order to help them resume their journey to the afterlife.

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