Tools for Transformation

These classes are experiential and include specific tools you can use in your daily routine plus mindfulness techniques. This is an invitation to discover your fullest potential. Those who have attended have had amazing results! Come with an open mind, leave with an open heart.

Do you feel called to help the planet? Do you feel called to envision a future where a mass extinction of species does not happen? It's also expected that in the next 10 years, we will be at risk for severe water crisis. We have a LOT of work to do! And there are tools and technologies that assist in personal transformation, the healing of the planet as well as all the web of life upon it.  


Plus you will receive a Protection Shield and ladies receive the Rites of the Womb.

Tools for Transformation continues as you free energy, strengthening your aura, awakening your luminous "warrior" body and bring a deeper sense of balance, healing and ease into your world.  In Level 2, we dive deeper into these ancient practices and traditional ceremonies for self-empowerment, transformation, and for healing our relationship to the natural world. 


"By becoming knowledgeable about your body as an energy system, and learning how to unblock, move, and enhance the subtle energies that are its infrastructure, you become a master rather than a victim of your physical destiny." - Donna Eden

You will be receiving 4 Munay Ki Initiation Rites (each rite honors a different energy/vibration and upgrades your luminous energy field.)

You will be receiving the 5 remaining Munay Ki Rites:  Day Keepers Rite, Earth Keepers Rite, Wisdom Keepers Rite, Star Keepers Rite, & Creator's Rite.

The Luminous Warrior
Level 2
Level 3
The Mystic Mind

In today’s fast flowing tide, we see violent challenges to the status quo and to law and order.  Chaos rules supreme.  It seems like the world has lost its mind.  Yet, you possess the true wisdom that can change the world.  To live in the light of true wisdom and to hold divine love in our hearts.  Mystics shun the world to turn their eyes inward, mastering the full potential of their minds and exploring their psyches in quiet contemplation before turning to face the world.  The mind needs time to unwind and rest in the “void” of no thinking.  Just being.  Settling into our consciousness.  The mind awakening with mysterious inner, psychic strength and able to perceive the expansive and magical web of life.  Level 3 is a map on which to chart a new way out of this dark world and into the light.  Mystics feel a connection to every living thing and therefore are able to look beyond what may be socially accepted.  Are you ready to question the very foundations of what we once held as societies norms and basic rites of passage into our western world view?


You will also be receiving the remaining 5 Munay Ki Initiation Rites.

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