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Tap into your Intuition: Meet the “Clair”s

Greetings lightworkers, we’re here at an epic time, so thank you for showing up!

Do you remember back in June 2021, I shared an Incan legend of a great Angel who looked into the future and saw that humanity would face some challenging times at the beginning of the 21st century? The Angel asked, “Who would like to volunteer?” And you jumped up and said, “Me!” Can you believe we actually agreed to be here on this planet and take part in this cosmic shi(f)t?

These are some very strange times we are experiencing. Sleep disrupted, time is very strange (lost time), and so many of us are having CRAZY dreams. Our inner light is increasing, expanding and infusing us so we can become less dense. What Alberto Villoldo calls Homo Luminescent. I say we are getting our Angel Wings!

The “veil” between the ordinary and non-ordinary world is thinning and the realms or planes of existence are vanishing. As we evolve into a superhuman (Sri Aurobindo), we are receiving cosmic downloads. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, new gifts and enhanced metaphysical abilities are being uploaded. You most likely are experiencing these ascension symptoms. More and more people are seeing elemental energies, entities, angels, and aliens.

Yogic Siddhis

According to Myths of the Asana, “during the 15th century, a group of renegade yogis found that if they used their bodies to perform asanas, pranayama (breath work), specific mudras, and deep, inner listening, they could more easily achieve siddhis, or yogic powers.”

Shanmukhi mudra is for the withdrawal of the senses (Pratyahara). Shanmukh means “six-faced one.” It is used to draw the 6-senses inward and remove distractions, disconnecting from the outside world. This mudra embodies the principle "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

In the presence of scientists and researchers at the Menninger Foundation, Swami Ram created and dissolved a tumor in his body. He caused blisters on his assistant’s hands to heal within a matter of seconds. He demonstrated there is a higher reality, a higher power, present in human experience.

Progress on the path is measured by using our siddhis which are the "by-products" of the development of prana (energy) control and activation of the chakras (subtle energy centers). The siddhis are the natural consequences for the student who persists in the practice of yoga (body, breath & brain) over a long time.

The siddhis fall into 2 categories:

  • Psychic Abilities – Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychokinesis

  • Mind-Body Control – Invisibility, Levitation, Invulnerability, Superstrength

I don’t share too much about my childhood or teens years because I was “different”. As an adult, I realized that many of those early experiences fell into the siddhi category as well as undergoing shamanic initiations. From visions, to out of body experiences, visitations from entities, and even levitation. Intuition, or knowingness, is something we are all born with. It is a gift we all have if we choose to cultivate it.

Have you had spiritual experiences that you can’t explain? Maybe you’re like me, hiding these gifts and intuitive abilities for decades for fear of not fitting in? Maybe, like my daughter, these gifts were shut down and deeply buried by life’s conditioning. Well, it’s time to awaken the Sacred knowledge you already have encoded in your DNA.

What are these intuitive gifts? They can be psychic, empathic, intuitive, mediumistic, and even healing abilities. We each have access to ALL of these abilities, and they are just another tool in your toolbox. Noticing that you are receiving information is the first step to exercising and developing an intuitive gift. When practiced, intuitive gifts become easier to access and utilize.

The “Clairs” (senses) are commonly used for intuiting messages. Clair describes types of CLEAR sensitivity corresponding to our physical and intuitive senses. Clair Senses is a collective word phrase that embodies our intuitive abilities and any or all types of sensitivity corresponding to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, touching.

Our gifts usually show up in combination, meaning that we can use several of these gifts at once. Here’s a link to a helpful chart. Take this quiz to find out which Clair you are dominant in. Keep in mind that there are dozens of subcategories that can go under each of the “Clairs” listed below.

  • Clairvoyance

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairsentience

    • Clairalience

    • Clairgustance

  • Clairtangency / Clairtaction

  • Claircognizance

  • Clairempathy

  • Clairessence

Each of the Clairs can show up as psychic or mediumistic abilities. There are several types of energies that you can perceive: (1) deceased relatives, loved ones, and even family member you never knew existed; (2) Spirit Helpers such as spirit guides, power animals, and elementals; (3) Ascended Masters, people who lived highly evolved lives (such as Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, etc.); (4) the highest vibrational guides, the Angels, who have never been embodied physically; and (5) cosmic beings from different planets, galaxies and universes (including The Galactic Federation of Light – GFL)


A psychic is sensitive to influences or forces of a non-physical or supernatural nature. This person can tune into objects or situations that have already happened as well as receive information from other incarnate (living) humans.


A medium is a person through whom the spirits of the dead can communicate with. That means the information is coming from disincarnate (non-living) beings. It’s that memorable quote “I see Dead People” from the movie, The Sixth Sense.

There are 2 types of Mediums:

  • Mental Medium – someone who hears spirit through the filter of their own waking mind; like a radio receiver that receives subtle impressions.

  • Physical Medium – also called a Channel, is someone who allows their body to be used as a “vehicle” for cosmic intelligence. This information comes through impressions, thoughts, and maybe words spoken aloud using one's own voice, or through automatic writing/drawing using one’s own hand.

Automatic Writing when you allow your hand to write, play music, or type words on a keyboard. Also called “Spirit Writing” or psychography, these actions do not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer but are transmitted by the spirit world.

Some famous Channels who utilized automatic writing are: Esther Hicks (Abraham), Neil Donald Walsh, Jane Roberts (Seth), and Chico Xavier.

Every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium (talks to dead people).

Clairvoyance - "Clear Seeing" / Intuitive Vision

Definition: The faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. Sometimes it is a color, number, or symbol.

This is the ability to see anything that is not physically present, such as: objects, animals, people or symbols without the use of eyes. It transcends time and space and may be a result of what is seen through the third eye. Divine information is received through the 7th chakra, or the crown chakra and processed through the 6th chakra, or the third-eye chakra. This is when visions past, present and future flash through the “inner screen” of your mind, or third eye, much like a movie screen. Clairvoyant messages usually come as a metaphor.

This gift can show up in many ways, such as: visionary states, seeing auras or energy, seeing orbs, seeing energy waves, seeing visions or symbols with eyes open, visions of images or colors in your mind’s eye, seeing disincarnate beings or spirits.

You may be clairvoyant if you experience vivid dreams, visions, mental images and mini-movies that flash into your awareness. You may be able to see the colors of the energy fields (auras) around people, plants, and animals, or perhaps you are able to see things that are not seen with the physical eye, such as chakras, spirits, energetic cords, or energy patterns. A clairvoyant may have the ability to see the future (precognition), to clarify information from the present (to see what is not readily apparent, to read the energy) and see the past (postcognition).

Some say they must train their minds through meditation or access it with the assistance from spirits to achieve this ability.

Exercise for developing Clairvoyance

Go into your heart. Bring your attention to your third eye, between your eyebrows. Visualize an eyelid on your third eye opening up. Visualization sets an intention to do something. If you visualize this regularly, you’re putting energy behind your intention to open up your third eye, your psychic sight.

Try working with the following crystals:

Selenite — Call in clarity by meditating with a piece of selenite. Selenite is beneficial for working with receiving information from the divine as well as tuning into the angelic realm. This crystal clears energetic blockages and enhances other crystals.

Lepidolite — Receive information with ease by keeping a piece of lepidolite with you. This gentle healing stone assists with the decoding of symbols in your everyday life.

Clairaudience - "Clear Hearing" / Intuitive Hearing

Definition: The power to perceive auditory stimuli beyond the realm of normal hearing.

This is the ability to audibly perceive words, sounds, music, or extrasensory noise from sources broadcasting from the spiritual or ethereal realms like they’re talking in your mind. This information is received telepathically and others are generally not able to hear it unless they are also tuned into the same frequency of being. This can come through as hearing vibrations, ringing in one’s ears, different languages, half words, vowel sounds, names, or whole sentences. These tones could be ethereal sounds, mystical music, voices of the dead (mediumship), or sounds made by a person’s body, living things, nature, etc. But often these sounds come through as thoughts.

Some hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to them (like Edgar Cayce or the Medical Medium), and other mediums hear the voices or sounds in their minds as verbal thoughts. Often, they are only one word or number or short messages, like Yoda from Star Wars. Another example, say you're driving down an unfamiliar road and you're not sure where to go. As you approach an intersection, you hear "turn right." Unlike the non-sensical chattering of mental illness, the tone of clairaudient messages is kind, calm and clear; they are never angry, violent or judgmental.

Exercises for developing Clairaudience

The more you develop your physical hearing, the more tuned in your psychic hearing will be. Practicing listening is a great way to begin. When you are listening to music (classical music is excellent for this) Go into your heart and practice hearing just ONE of the instruments. See if you can notice a distinction between them. When you are in silence, see if you can “hear” a song in your mind. Tune in to far away sounds, such as a car in the distance. Intentionally ask for messages from the spirit realm in the form of audible messages such as music.

Try working with crystals such as:

Lapis Lazuli — Stimulate your third eye and throat chakras with this high-vibrational protective stone. Ideal for working to increase clear communication, Lapis Lazuli is excellent for discerning truths and dispelling negative energy.

Angelite — Connect to other realms and frequencies with this calming stone. Angelite assists one with tuning into the angelic realms for assistance and information.

Clairsentience - “Clear Sensing” / Intuitive Knowing by Feeling

Definition: The psychic ability for a person to acquire knowledge by means of feeling.

Clairsentience is the most common of the Clairs, and it involves feelings: physical feelings, emotional feelings, or energetic feelings. This individual feels sensations in the body and the vibration of other people, animals, and places. Clairsentience includes a person feeling the physical and emotional pain of land where atrocities have happened; jealousy, insecurity, fear, or displeasure in others; or others’ physical pain. The knowledge comes ONLY from feeling in the body.

You have a “gut feelings” or “something doesn’t feel right,” and you experience it viscerally as physical sensation in your body, a literal intuitive gut hit. We actually have more than one brain! We have a 3-brain system...the brain of our mind, in our head, a brain in our hearts (this brain has MORE neurons than the one in our head - over 40 thousand neurons!) and the brain in our “gut”....this is our Inner Knowing

There are many degrees of clairsentience, ranging from the perception of thoughts and emotions in others to their illnesses and injuries. Sensations come in many forms: the physical reactions to energy entering the body can feel like tingles, shivers, pins and needles, brushing of air, heat or cold.

Clairsentience includes Clairalience (“clear smelling”) and Clairgustance (“clear tasting.”) In every case, the smells and tastes are associative, which means they are connected to the message they are giving clues and information about.

Clairalience – “Clear Smell” / Intuitive Smell

Clairsalience, also known as clairscent or clairscentency, is the ability to smell odors that are not currently present in the physical realm. It involves smelling a fragrance or odor of a substance, person, place, or animal not in one's surroundings. These odors are perceived without the use of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. For example, when my deceased Grandfather comes to visit me, he comes with the smell of cigarettes. No one else can smell this except me (and occasionally my hubby).

This psychic tool is beneficial for noticing spirits and entities that may be occupying a space. You can also ask specific spirits to come with an odor to more easily discern different energies. Say you have fond memories of your grandmother cooking cornbread, you can ask her to smell like cornbread when her spirit visits you.

Try working with these crystals:

Blue Apatite — Expand deeper into information being received and gain further clarity with this healing stone.

Black Tourmaline — Cleanse and protect your aura, while balancing the left and right hemispheres of your brain. The grounding effect of this healing stone assists those overwhelmed with intuitive information.

Clairgustance – “Clear Taste” / Intuitive Taste

Clairgustance is the ability to taste something without actually putting it into your mouth. It’s the perfect diet plan! For example, tasting the tobacco of a cigarette when communicating with an ancestor who was a smoker. (Note to Grandpa – NOT a suggestion, the smell of smoke is just fine; I don’t need the taste too!)

Try working with these crystals:

Black Obsidian — Use black obsidian to sever energetic cords, protect your aura, and cleanse yourself of any lingering foreign energy. This stone pairs well with smokey quartz.

Smoky Quartz — A grounding crystal that transmutes negative energy and provides stability, this piece assists those barraged with psychic information.

Exercises for developing Clairsentience

Practice feeling in your body. When you enter a space, feel how the energy feels in your body. You may pick up on other people's energies and emotions, feeling other people's energies and emotions as if they were their own. When you know something or someone is not in resonance, notice how it feels in your body. When you go into meditation or connect with Source, notice what sensations show up in your body. Beginning to recognize these messages will help you pick up on more of them.

Try working with these crystals:

Fluorite — Brings clarity and aids in discernment. This crystal assists in the clearing of energy from the physical body as well as one’s aura.

Onyx — A powerful protection stone that creates a shield around one’s aura, discouraging negative energy from sticking.

Clairtangency – “Clear Touching” / Intuitive Touch

Definition – the act of touching or making contact without physically touching.

Clairtangency, or Clairtaction, provides a clear feeling through the physical sensation of touching. Also called psychometry, these people are able to touch an object or item and receive information intuitively. Information about an object (such as clothing, heirlooms, or jewelry), its owner, or its history that was not known beforehand. This can also apply to touching another living person, a spiritual being, the walls of a house/building, or driving someone else’s vehicle. Further, it includes a telekinetic-like ability to extend a touch to both physical and etheric entities in such a way that both the recipient and the psychic have awareness of the feeling.

During a class I was taking at Kripalu, I was given a necklace. I got impressions of grassy reeds in a rice field. I had no idea what that meant but I described the scene to the owner who told me she purchased the necklace when she was in Thailand. I’ve never been there so I had no point of reference. Another example is a couple times a year I get poked in the back while sleeping. I can feel myself physically recoil even though I am alone. I’ve come to realize this is my deceased mother nudging me.

Try working with these crystals:

Sugilite — Beneficial for those who experience stress in their surroundings, Sugilite’s “shield of light” helps to keep a barrier between the individual and negative energies.

Hematite — Ground and align your chakras by wearing a piece of hematite. This protective healing stone collects foreign energy from the immediate environment like a magnet, keeping the wearer clear with their own energy.

Claircognizant - "Clear Knowing" / Intuitive Knowledge

Definition: The ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why they knew it.

Claircognizance is when a person has knowledge without any physical explanation or reason. “I just know” about things as if ideas, thoughts, or truths just appear in the mind, as if from somewhere else. There’s no thought process leading up to it - it just pops into your mind and there’s a sense of truth that comes with it. Many people call these bursts of intuition "downloads" just like when you download a large amount of information into your computer's hard drive except it happens in seconds. It’s instantaneous insight about yourself, another person, a situation, etc. For many with this gift, it feels like knowledge pours into the top of their heads even though you didn’t see it, hear it, or feel it. Clear Knowledge includes premonition (a forewarning of something that will happen in the future), precognition (knowledge of something in advance), and retrocognition (knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned).

Everyone has some level of intuition and claircognizance, but many people turn away from it or dismiss the signs as nonsense. It requires a level of faith because there’s no practical explanation for why we “know” something. Intuitive information may become available to these individuals through direct contact with the divine, ancestors, spirit guides or other entities.

Exercises for developing Claircognizance

Automatic or channeled writing: Go into your heart and connect to your higher self or guides. Write an open ended (not yes or no) question. Without censoring yourself, and with as little “conscious” thought as possible, begin writing the answer to your question. The more often you practice this (as with all practice!) the clearer answers you will receive. Practice acting on your intuition. For example, if you feel you should take a different route to work, take it. If you get a nudge to call a friend, act on it.

Try working with these crystals:

CelestiteEncourage a clear connection between your crown chakra and your third-eye chakra with this healing crystal. Celestite, also known as celestine, amplifies one’s ability to “see” with their third-eye chakra, often resulting in vivid dreams.

Labradorite — An ancient protective stone valued by intuitives for its protective abilities. Labradorite transmutes energies and can assist a practitioner in maintaining their energetic hygiene.

Clairempathy - "Clear Feeling" / Intuitive Empath

Definition: The ability to feel other people's, animal's, places, worldly ongoings, or plant's emotions, thoughts, or physical pain as though they are your own.

When “clear feeling” is felt with those still living it’s called “empathy.” These are the feelers, the empaths. Clairempathy is the ability to know people and their energies. A person who has clairempathy psychically experiences the thoughts or attitudes of a person, place, or animal and then feels the associated mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual results.

Empaths tune into the vibrations and "feel" the tones of the aura. They absorb the emotions of other people so it’s important to discern the difference between their thoughts and feelings, and someone else’s to maintain energetic boundaries. When feeling a strong emotion, ask yourself is this yours or someone else's?

Exercises for developing Clairempathy

It’s important to clear their energy and shield themselves from energetic overload. Imagine yourself in a ball of protective white light. Connect to your Higher Self, and to Source, and ask that all hooks, cords, and attachments from others that are draining your energy be dissolved. Set the intention to disconnect from any lower frequency energies.

Clairessence – “Clear Embodiment” / Intuitive Embodiment

Clairessence is the fundamental “Clair of all Clairs.” This is the Clair of Ascension and therefore by the time we fully understand this Clair it will no longer be significant because we will be “it”.

It is vibrational perfection where we attain the successful embodiment and integration of all of our senses within our rational and non-rational selves. It is the state we seek to return to – divine Source.

Intuitives do it… with “clair”ity.

Tools to develop the Clairs of Intuition

Intuition is a gift. Are you ready to develop & hone your gifts? Every person has psychic and mediumistic gift that can be developed. These abilities are developed through practice, training, and meditation. Practice tuning in and trusting for better result.

According to psychic medium, Bill Philipps, the key to turning on your own intuitive senses is to TUNE OUT the outside world and begin to notice the subtle feelings and sensations that you might not have noticed were there. Noticing that you are receiving information is the first step to developing these gifts. Second, you will naturally be stronger in one or two. For example, I am clairsentient and claircognizant dominant. Specifically, I feel through my hands, and I get cosmic downloads, but I have experienced all the other Clairs as well.

Practice Automatic Writing

I was introduced to Automatic Writing through Trudy Griswold. I used to take classes at her home in Fairfield, CT back in February 1997 when I was a new Mom. She is the author of Angelspeake: How to Talk with your Angels.

Automatic writing is when you write/type whatever comes to you. You can start with one question or anything that you’re interested in knowing or something that’s bothering you.

To really channel your spirit guides, or your higher self, and tap into your intuitive abilities, you’ll need to turn your mind off. Just let it flow. Relax, get into a comfortable position, and just write. It may seem silly at first, and your mind might insist on joining in at first.

Don’t worry about what you’re writing at first, even if it’s gibberish, be patient and just keep going. You may be amazed at the information, insights, and clarity you get from your writing.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations help you develop your intuition and allow it to be heard. Like mantras, these are phrases that can be repeated silently or out load. You can also use visualizations – dream it into being. The goal of any affirmation is to learn to trust it and create the reality you want. The more you focus, the more your intuitive skills will improve and come naturally.

Try these:

  • I am intuitive

  • I am psychic

  • I have a clear knowing of what’s to come

  • I am connected to my inner vision

  • I am having insights from my inner vision

  • I am connected to my intuitive self

  • I can trust my gut feelings

  • I value my inner feelings

  • I have unlimited potential

  • I am connected to my potential


The power of meditation to still the mind can be significant for connecting with your innate intuition. It is one of the most valuable tools for accessing your spiritual insight and inner wisdom as well as calling high vibrational spirit guides into your space. Mindfulness also lowers stress levels and improves focus. If practiced consistently overtime, meditation can result as a yogic siddhi in which you will gain much clarity as well as a profound sense of inner peace.

If you’ve never meditated before, here are a few tips.

  • Get in a comfortable position (preferably seated so you don't fall asleep).

  • Focus on your breath. I like to use the mantra: I am breathing in. I am breathing out.

  • Continue focusing on your breath for at least 2 minutes. It’s harder than you think!

At first, random things will keep popping into your head to distract you. This is what’s called Monkey Mind. When a thought happens, think nothing of it. Return your attention to your breath. Eventually, you’ll learn to be more mindful, more aware.

If this really isn’t working for you, there are many guided meditation apps and podcasts online. Find one you like and use it daily. Don’t forget, I have made all my meditations available to listen to online. However, I will be turning off this feature soon so take a listen soon if you haven’t!

Whether you believe it or not, we are being illuminated by divine energies that are raising our Consciousness, raising our vibration, and bringing our DNA processes higher. In this process, your Clairs are coming online. As you believe, so shall you see. We have entered a time in history when it’s important work for us as Lightworkers to receive and prosper from our gifts. This is how we serve humanity!

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