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Healing Ancestral, Past and Parallel Lives

Why do certain illnesses run in family lines?  For example, a father has a heart attack at 47 and later on his son also dies at 47.  These imprints on our DNA continue for up to 7 generations unless they are cleared, healing the Mother-Father lineages.  Hinderances such as curses can also be passed down the family line or affect an individual.  This healing breaks the energetic connection and resolves the pattern so that healing on all levels can happen.


We are always in the presence of the ancestors – our bloodlines, those of the land where we live, and those of our spiritual kin.  We rarely think about the ways of our ancestors and how their lives have impacted our gifts, struggles, and life path.  This work incorporates healing to assist in removing and transforming blocks, fears, burdens, guilt, and energy that we may have unconsciously carried for our ancestors that no longer serves us, while also connecting with the strength, love and healing from our ancestral lines. 


Clearing our Ancestral Lineage uncovers the past to heal the future.  It changes the family patterns that have been passed down for generations.   Not only clearing the path of our past ancestors but cleaning our own path and the path for the future.  When we claim our connection to these wisdom keepers and protectors, we clear out what does not belong with us.  When we heal our past, we heal our present and prepare a good future for ourselves.


Ancestral work is incorporated with the healing sound of the drum to connect with these ancestors.  It is very powerful medicine. 

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