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Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles & Pyramids

Updated: Jun 2

Image of a crop circle depicting the Tree of Life.

NOTE:  Lots of Links!!!!  Anything that with a color are called hyperlinks. I will use purple so you can explore more or “fact check” for yourself…OR pink for images/graphics so you can see the sacred geometry rather than trying to visualize in your mind’s eye.  And what’s fascinating is that I have already recorded so many of my meditations that relate specifically to these shapes.  So, here we go…from Guardian Seeds to Crop Circles!!!

The relationship between the environment, crop circles, and sacred geometry is fascinating! Sacred geometry involves geometric patterns & shapes that are considered revered in various spiritual traditions.


In the natural world & beyond, we encounter numerous geometric patterns, such as the Flower of Life (sometimes called the Krystal Spiral), the Fibonacci sequence, and Pythagoras’ Golden Ratio, each revealing the underlying order & harmony that support all of existence and are believed to hold deep spiritual significance, relative to the order of the universe.   


Sacred geometry serves as a fundamental tool for understanding the complex design of existence – life itself.  It encompasses the natural balance & harmony present throughout the universe, representing the continual cycle of creation – birth, life, death & rebirth.


The foundation of all symbols lies in geometric shapes, a concept dating back to ancient civilizations who integrated these patterns into their philosophies, religions, and artistic endeavors, including architecture.


"Buckminster Fuller explained to me once that because our world is constructed from geometric relations like the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Series, by thinking about geometry all the time, you could organize and harmonize your life with the structure of the world."

– Einar Thorsteinn


The Pythagorean School is centered around sacred geometry, with Pythagoras blending scientific inquiry with practices such as divination, numerology & number magic.  Additionally, Pythagoras introduced the concept of the Harmony of Spheres, proposing that celestial bodies move according to mathematical principles, creating musical symphonies beyond human perception – specifically our hearing.


Sacred geometry serves as a bridge between science & spirituality, seamlessly blending the two realms. It reveals the interconnectedness of life, unveiling hidden mathematical patterns that govern reality and fostering a deep spiritual bond with the natural world. By studying the mathematical foundations of the physical universe, sacred geometry uncovers the intricate patterns & principles that shape our world.


Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, also called the Axis Mundi, World Tree, or World Pillar, is a universal, mythical tree that connects the spirit world to ordinary time.  The Tree of Life contains numerous geometric symbols which we will explore below.


One of my classes in the Tools for Transformation workshop is on emotional anatomy and Roylon Mortenson’s Tree of Life.  (This video is 1 ½ hours if you want to delve deeper.)


In addition, the Tree of Life is sometimes called the 12 Tree Kathara Grid which is known as the original design of the homo-luminescent or angelic human with 12 strand DNA.  The divine blueprint is much more than the chakras, it is our light body architecture of our multi-dimensional Consciousness.


According to shamanic wisdom, although the memory of a traumatic experience may still be in the mind, the trigger of the trauma itself is stored in the energy body as an “energy imprint.”  Every suppressed experience, thought or emotion is stored as a crystal in every DNA molecule in the body.  The body is like a 3D hologram, where each part of the DNA affects different parts of the body.  Different emotions will be stored in different organs in the body, and the function of these organs is impaired.  For example, when we judge & resist things, then we feel pain.  Pain is stored in the pituitary gland.  When we resist further, we get angry and that is stored in the thyroid gland.  When we resist anger, fear is stored in the thymus.  Resisting fear, we become victims, and we experience grief, which is stored in the adrenals, pancreas & solar plexus.  When we resist grief, we give up and that is stored in the spleen.  The body talks!  Trauma Researcher Bessel van der Kolk, MD talks about the neuroscience of trauma in his best-selling book, The Body Keeps the Score as does Dr. Peter Levine who talks about the somatic approach to trauma healing in Waking the Tiger.


Learning to navigate these energetic pathways leads to freedom and sovereignty as you ascend into your eternal krystal being – Christ Consciousness.


As Fred Hageneder mentions in his book The Heritage of Trees (2001), the Tree of Life has been known since the Stone Age “as the hub around which the wheel of time revolves, connecting light and darkness, above and below, the eternally changing with the eternally changeless.”


To the shamans, trees are entrances into other dimensions.  In shamanism, tree journeys guide you to the 3 shamanic worlds and are made along the Axis Mundi - the “Axis of the worlds”. This is the central axis or celestial ladder that runs through the cosmos.  The rhythmic sound of the drum or rattle creates a state of relaxation and keeps the practitioner rooted in the earth (the lower world) while inducing a trance-state where they can journey through the trunk (the middle world) to the heavenly realms (upper world), often accompanied by spirit helpers or allies.


Similarly in Celtic mythology, trees were revered as gateways to other dimensions, especially the invisible and enchanted realm of Fae Folk - the elves, fairies, goblins, and pixies.  The Celtric Tree of Life often portrayed with its roots and branches intricately interwoven or braided, symbolized the interconnectedness of time, space & dimension where past & future realities come together in the present moment.


At the heart of it all lies the Tree of Life, a symbol that transcends individual representations, embodying the unity of all life forms. Its origins hold the key to a profound secret, reflecting the interconnectedness of existence.


Symbolizing creation in its myriad forms, the Tree of Life serves as a prototype from which endless possibilities emerge through the planting of its seeds. Both the Guardian Seeds, the Tree of Life, and Seed of Life (explained later) represent protection, preservation, and renewal, ensuring the continuation of life. 


These concepts converge to lead us towards alchemy – a philosophical science that explores the transformation of matter and cures disease.  Alchemy, with its intricate processes and symbolism, draws parallels to gardening while also serving as a metaphor for the interconnectedness represented by the Tree of Life.


I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred tree of life and the whole earth will become one circle again.

~Crazy Horse


Circles, Spheres & Spirals

From the intricate branches of the Tree of Life, we move on to the timeless symbolism encapsulated within the perfect symmetry of the circle.


No matter where you look, there are circles.  The earth, sun, moon, and stars are circles.  Birds build their nests in circles, so do ants.  Berries & fruits are circles as are frog eggs and mushroom fairy rings.  Trees grow in circles.  Life is a circle from the rotation of the clock to the cycle of day & night, the seasons, our oldest instrument the drum, and the beginning of life to its end.  The Native Nations believe all our power comes to us from the sacred hoop, hence the importance of the Medicine Wheel cross-culturally.


The circle symbolizes wholeness and the interconnectedness of all life, embodying unity Consciousness, creativity, and manifestation while serving as the origin of Source creation's seed. It harnesses the energy of the earth and is utilized in rituals, such as circle-casting for protection which creates a shield against external influences and encloses individuals within their own energy field (container for prana). In nature, the circle & spiral represent patterns of evolution. Its inclusive nature extends to encircling other symbols like crosses, triangles, or stars, and from it derives shapes such as pentagons, hexagons, & octagons.


“There is no other Buddha than the Heart.

All phenomena are nothing but the Heart.” –Tao-Sin


The Torus

Since our world is 3-dimensional, it only makes sense that we also look at the 3-D version of the circle which is the Torus.  The torus is a mathematical shape that resembles a donut with rotational symmetry with no beginning or end.  The energy patterns are constantly flowing in & out of the system, creating a balanced state.  Toroidal movement is seen in the plasma flow of celestial bodies, in the movement of the earth’s magnetic field, and the electromagnetic field that surrounds the heart.  Even your luminous energy field (LEF) is shaped like a torus.  This symbol helps us understand that all parts of the universe are interconnected.  We see this sacred geometry in the Egyptian Ouroboros, Kundalini energy rising in Hinduism, China’s Yin-Yang symbol, the Indian Sri Yantra, and the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma


If you look at the torus, you begin to see that the 2 vortexes united in the middle actually resemble a tree.  This ties back to the Tree of Life where the roots & branches are connected and create a torus-like shape.  The 2-D version which is the cuboctahedron is also called the vector equilibrium.  The perfectly balanced shape of the vector equilibrium contains many of the sacred symbols encircled or derived from the circle mentioned above.


Primordial Egg

In ancient traditions across cultures, the cosmic egg symbolized the origins of creation, such as in Greek tradition where it birthed the primordial hermaphrodite and other gods, often depicted with a serpent representing earthly power. The Norse Tree of Life, stemming from this egg, emerged from the seed or 'unclear void,' mirroring Chinese mythology where the world began with a sacred egg, from which the god Pangu emerged to split it into halves, forming the sky & earth.


Crop Circles

From the ancient symbolism of primordial eggs to the enigmatic formations of crop circles, the mysteries of existence continue to intrigue and captivate humanity across cultures and time.


Crop circles are intricate patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in fields of crops. While many crop circles are created by humans as hoaxes, some remain unexplained. Some researchers and enthusiasts argue that the complex geometric designs of genuine crop circles resemble sacred symbols & patterns, suggesting a possible connection between the two.


Some believe they are the joint venture of extraterrestrials and the people of Inner Earth (Agartha).  According to Telos Book 1, they are mainly the work of 4th and 5th dimensional ETs created in our 3D Earth realm to pique curiosity and expand the human mind into a new way of thinking.  Presented as aesthetically pleasing gardens, crop circles are thought to be infused with sound & light frequencies that aim to communicate with our Higher Self, aiding in the re-awakening of divine Consciousness.


In the vast cosmic web, countless intelligences exist, some operating within the confines of our Earthly realm while others dwell in dimensions beyond current human perception. Among them are civilizations that have mastered the ability to traverse dimensions through thought (i.e. Merkaba) & spiritual mastery. Certain higher-density beings, driven by pure positive vibrations and a desire to serve Source/God/Goddess, imprint intricate designs & symbolic messages into agricultural fields, what we call crop circles, for our enjoyment & enlightenment.


However, there are also negatively oriented beings capable of similar acts. Forces oriented towards manipulation may mimic or create crop patterns to create confusion & fear among humanity. The universe is a complex tapestry of intelligent infinity, woven with uncertainties beyond the scope of our limited Earthly views.


The interpretation of crop circles often involves symbolic and spiritual meanings, which can be related to sacred geometry and environmental themes. Some people view crop circles as messages from extraterrestrial beings or higher consciousness, while others interpret them as expressions of natural forces or as artistic creations with deeper symbolic significance. In this sense, the relationship between crop circles, sacred geometry, and the environment can be seen as intertwined through the lens of human interpretation and perception.


It's a good idea to use discernment to determine the origins and the vibrational frequencies around these agricultural anomalies. Occasionally, these intelligences may reach through the cosmic curtains to remind humanity of its intrinsic connection to the infinite whole through these beautiful trans-dimensional gardens.


The Spiral

Emerging from the enigmatic patterns of crop circles, we delve into the spiral symbol, echoing the cyclical nature of existence.  Since the Neolithic period, spiraling shapes have been discovered worldwide, highlighting the fluid motion inherent in circular forms. These spirals, whether turning to the right (clockwise) or left (counterclockwise), hold symbolic significance, with right-turning spirals symbolizing conscious, active/masculine energy & outward endeavors, while left-turning spirals represent unconscious, passive/feminine energy & inner exploration.


The Serpent

The sphere or egg are circle-derived symbols.  Likewise, the spiral & the serpent share similar symbolism embodying the concept of eternal movement.  For example, the Ouroboros is a snake or dragon biting its own tail.  The curvature of the tail shaped into a figure 8 represents the infinity sign and the cyclical nature of life, death & rebirth.  The spiral, with its continuous & cyclical motion, represents the journey of growth & evolution, while the shedding of the serpent's skin symbolizes letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.  Snake medicine assists us in (1) transmuting outdated stories, roles, habits, patterns, and beliefs; (2) healing our past wounds; (3) becoming attuned to our gut feelings; and (4) reminding us of the pleasures of being embodied like how the snake senses the vibrations of energy as she connects belly to belly with Mother Earth.


Another recognized principle is the distinction between curvy shapes, associated with femininity, and straight lines, symbolizing masculinity.


The twin serpent caduceus symbol intricately weaves together the snake, circle, and tree.  Portrayed as 2 snakes coiled around a winged rod with a pinecone-shaped ball at the top, the caduceus embodies fundamental dualities such as feminine & masculine energies, the left & right hemispheres of the brain, the light sun & dark moon, and even the spiral structure of DNA itself.


The rod, often associated with divine figures like Osiris, Dionysus, or Bacchus whose staffs symbolize the axis mundi or the Tree of Life, around which the cosmos revolves.  The rod is topped with pinecones and the wings adorning the staff suggest spiritual freedom & transcendence into higher states of Consciousness.  That potential ties to the pineal gland – a small, pinecone-shaped gland in the brain associated with yogic/mystical experiences (siddhis or clairs) & spiritual insight (third eye awakening).


More caduceus symbolism can be found in the Hindru chakra systems and the concept of kundalini awakening.  In Sanskrit, “kundalini” translates to ‘serpent’, evoking the image of coiled energy lying dormant at the base of the spine.  Each chakra or energy center holds 2 energetic channels of energy – masculine/Shiva (pingala) & feminine/Shakti (ida).  Master yogi Krishnamacharya described Kundalini as an “obstacle” that sits at the base of the spine and blocks this dual serpent energy.  When we practice yoga, Kundalini is burned up, and prana flows freely.  As this energy ascends the spine and rises through the body’s energy centers, it results in a kundalini awakening – an experience said to lead to profound spiritual transformation initiating the Self-realization process.


Yin Yang

Just like the serpent continuously consumes itself in the Ouroboros, the never-ending figure 8 is hidden within the Yin Yang symbol. 


The Yin Yang symbol consists of 2 teardrop-shaped halves, one dark and the other light, swirling together in a circular fashion. The figure 8-like motion within the circle illustrates the dynamic dance of duality.  With each teardrop demonstrating how each contains the seed of its opposite (seed of light in the dark & the seed of darkness in the light), this Chinese symbol embodies the balance of light & dark, sun & moon, masculine & feminine, left & right, above & below, within & without, and so on.  This sacred geometry reminds us of the interconnectedness of opposites and that light & dark are important parts of the whole.


Sun & Moon

Circle symbolism also invites us to explore the union of the celestial bodies, the sun & moon.  The sun reigns as the source of life with its empowering energy and reminds us of our own inner solar power.  Similarly, the moon with its rhythmic wisdom cycles encompasses the waxing, full, and waning phases that mirror the ebb & flow of the web of life.  We see this trinity symbolism across cultures.  For example, the Celtic triple Goddess aspect of the maiden, mother & crone or the 3 mother figures guiding the wheels of destiny.


Across many cosmologies, the moon has been linked to the goddess or feminine archetype, while the sun is often associated with the god or masculine archetype, reflecting a prevalent pattern of patriarchal influence where the sun's dominance overshadowed the moon's significance.  As the earth journeys around the sun, the days lengthen or shorten toward the solstices; in between they find moments of perfect balance, the equinoxes…the balance point of nature, light & dark.  We experience the new moon as dark and the full moon as light.  The journey of the moon symbolizes our growing capacity for brilliance as well as revealing the shadows of Self and rejection of Source/God/Goddess light.


We honor these Luminaries – the Sun and the Moon – for always bringing the light.  Their roles underscore the reciprocity (ayni) between these 2 celestial bodies, with the moon serving as a reflective mirror of the sun’s radiance, much like how our minds mirror divine insight (third eye activation).

Remember, the sun & the moon are alone

But they keep shining every day and every night.

The Almond Mandorla & Third Eye

The mandorla, named after the Italian word for 'almond' emerges from the interlocking of 2 circles of equal circumference, forming what's been dubbed the 'sacred gate' or the 'womb of the universe,' birthing other geometric shapes. The place where the circles overlap looks like a diamond or eye shape. This gate mirrors our entry into the world through the vulva.  Gestures like the Trimurti mudra, an inverted triangle pointing downward from the navel, represent the sacred triangle/trinity of body, mind & spirit.  Similarly, Yoni Mudra aims to unite dualities & embrace new possibilities, inviting individuals to pass through this gate-like portal to access universal wisdom.


Just as the Yin Yang circle holds the seed of duality, the mandorla harbors a seed of trinity, symbolizing the balanced union of opposing energies.  It also serves as the foundation of the Seed of Life/Flower of Life patterns. Horizontally depicted, it resembles the third eye, which represents intuition, insight & inner guidance and opening the gate between conscious & subconscious realms.


Like the staffs of the caduceus, the pinecone in cultures like Buddhism & Hinduism are linked to the pineal glandThis gland contains liquid & cellular structures similar to those found in the retina.  While the physical eyes represent the past & present, the third eye sees the future, granting the ability to perceive beyond the illusions of this reality in order to attain spiritual awakening & enlightenment. 


Additionally, the Egyptian Eye of Horus and the Hamsa, a talisman of protection against the evil eye, reflect the widespread cultural significance of the eye motif, found throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Triangles, Knotted Triangles & Knots

The almond-shaped mandorla, born from the circle, gives rise to the triangle, serving as the foundation for various geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, pentagons, and hexagons. Beyond geometry, triangles symbolize balance amid oppositions.


This balance is reflected in diverse aspects of existence, from the scales of Justice (as represented by the Goddess Ma’at) to the harmony between work & leisure, physical & mental activities, echoing the symbolism of the Trimurti mudra. The trinity archetype recurs in complex magical symbols, embodying notions of time (past, present, and future) and cosmology (upper, middle, and lower worlds), as seen in various mythologies such as Norse, Roman, Greek, Hindu, and Native American.


The symbolism of the triangle extends to the Star of David or Hexagram, where the upward triangle symbolizes Shiva & the fire element and the downward triangle represents Shakti, and the water element.  This union reflects the sacred marriage of God & Goddess.  Their hexagram unity embodying the Hindu yantra Shatkona—the convergence of opposites within the heart chakra.


The Tripod of Life, or Triquetra, originating from Celtic tradition and later adopted by Christianity, is formed by 3 identical almond-shaped mandorlas intricately knotted together into a triangular figure. This symbol represents the triple principles of life, death & rebirth, as well as darkness, light & shadow, embodying the concept of the cosmic Trinity.


Knots within the Triquetra symbolize eternity and the enigmatic nature of time, illustrating the ideas of binding & unbinding, continuity & transformation.


Similarly, the Triskele, also of Celtic origin, represents the triple principle of creation, but its spiraling energy aligns it more closely with the natural world. The spiraling motif of the Triskele mirrors the cycles of the sun and its life-giving light, symbolizing growth, renewal, and abundance.  Additionally, the Triskele embodies the triple goddess—the maiden, woman & crone—as well as the phases of the moon—waning, full, and waxing—underscoring its association with natural rhythms, cycles of life, and the interconnectedness of existence.


Another knotted triangle, the Enneagram is composed of 3 interlocking equilateral triangles forming a 9-pointed star, accentuates the significance of the trinity. Representing completion & fulfillment, the number 9 holds a special place in numerology, demonstrated not only by its unique mathematical properties but also as the last of the single-digit numbers which symbolizes the end of a cycle, spiritual growth, and transformation.


Also, the Enneagram's symbolism extends to Norse mythology through the Valknut, meaning 'death knot,' symbolizing the 9 interlocked realms within the 3 spheres of the Tree of Life—the trunk, roots, and crown.


In India, the Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra contains elements of a toroidal shape and represents the concept of a cosmic energy field.


The Sri Yantra, like the Enneagram, comprises 9 interlocking triangles representing the cosmic union of the masculine principle of God Shiva (depicted by 4 up-pointing triangles) and the feminine principle of Goddess Shakti (represented by 5 down-pointing triangles), symbolizing the sacred marriage through their merging.  Just like the Star of David but multiplied with repeating overlapping triangles, this revered Indian yantra translates as ‘to receive.’


Similarly, the Tetractys  also features 9 triangles, arranged to form a single, encompassing triangle, with a central hexagon surrounded by 3 additional triangles. This symbol, echoing the Sri Yantra, invokes unity and balance within the cosmos.


Furthermore, both the Sri Yantra and Tetractys hold associations with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, evident in the hidden hexagonal shape reminiscent of the Star of David, underscoring the interconnectedness of spiritual symbolism across diverse cultural and mystical traditions.


Lines, Squares & Crosses

The square, formed by 2 overlapping circles and a mandorla, can be perceived vertically, resembling a diamond, while also containing the triangle & cross within its structure. Symbolizing the 4 cardinal directions, 4 seasons, and 4 stages of the day (dawn, day, dusk & night), it represents the manifested world and is associated with the 4 elements, with the central point symbolizing the mysterious fifth element (akasha or the immortal soul).


The square & cross, with their grounding energy and solid symmetry, ward off negativity, while the circle provides a safe, enclosed space/container from harmful energy. The lattice symbols depict the matrix of reality, with its principle of crossing, weaving, and knitting.


In the Native American medicine wheel, the cross & circle represent the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the soul, as well as the 2 crossing lines reflecting the intertwined powers of Mother Earth & Father Sky.  The cross symbolizing the axis mundi, and the circle the Source, illustrating the cycles of time (horizontal line) & space (vertical line), uniting heaven & earth within the eternal circle, and embodying the unity of the cosmos.


In ancient Celtic and Egyptian traditions, the cross & circle merge in symbols like the Celtic cross, wheel of life, and the ankh. The ankh, often called the mysterious 'key to life,' opens the gates and serves as a metaphorical bridge between the divine and earthly worlds.  Another variation of the Christian cross is the Tibetan vajra (or Tibetan cross).  Varja means ‘diamond’ or ‘thunderbolt’ in Sanskrit.  As you can see, many of these symbols embody this unity of divine & earthly realms in different cultural contexts.


“In the middle of my Heart, a star appeared,and the seven heavens were lost in its brilliance.”–Rumi


There are additional star patterns besides the Star of David and the 9-pointed Enneagram already examined.


5-pointed stars

The pentagon & pentagram serve as symbols that transcend duality and embody both unity & trinity.  Reflecting the golden ratio, evident in nature's asymmetrical patterns and Fibonacci sequences, the pentagram holds significance in the Pythagorean School as a healing symbol including pentagons & hexagons manifesting in the chemical composition of DNA. 


Ancient Egyptians depicted the pentagram in relation to star constellations and deities, highlighting its celestial significance.  Even Venus & Earth dance a giant pentagram-like flower around the sun every 8 years.


Wiccan magicians use the pentagram inscribed within a circle to create the pentacle, a protective talisman that secures one's space and deflects negativity. The 5-pointed star also manifests as a yoga pose, symbolizing balance and harmony within the body and mind.  Try it… stand with your feet apart, arms outstretched, and heart open.  I call it “Beam me up Scotty” pose! 


6-pointed Stars

Moving from the 5-pointed pentagon, we venture into the geometric harmony of 6-pointed hexagons, where symmetry intertwines with mathematical precision.


Just as the mandorla emerges from the union of 2 circles with equal diameter, the hexagon unfolds when 5 additional circles are drawn around the central one, forming the Seed of Life.


Connecting all the points of these circles with straight lines reveals the 6-pointed snowflake pattern, leading to the emergence of the hexagon/hexagram, and their 3-dimensional counterpart, the cube.

Hexagonal & pentagonal patterns are universal in nature, observed in frozen water molecules, atomic and molecular arrangements, crystal structures, and the Earth's grid.  The snowflake even serves as the foundational shape from which all 24 letters of the Elder Futhark Norse runic alphabet derive.


As previously seen in the Hindu yantra Shatkona, this hexagram symbolizes the Anahata heart chakra with its 12-petal lotus flower, similar to the Flower of Life. This hexagram within Anahata represents the union of opposites…which brings us back to the dual principle of the up-pointing masculine triangle and the down-pointing feminine triangle.


The hexagram holds significance in Judaism, serving as a symbol of the faith and concealed within the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, where the classical & inverted versions merge into a double hexagram. The Jewish alphabet derives from the hexagram, deepening its magical importance.  Check out this image where the Hebrew alphabet is embedded within the Star of David.


7-pointed stars

Moving from asymmetry to symmetry and back to the mystique of the asymmetric 7-pointed star, where each angle unveils new layers of symbolism and meaning, we will explore the heptagram.


Across various cultures and belief systems, the 7-pointed star with its asymmetric proportions & golden ratio, holds significant associations with the number 7.  Linked with the 7 chakras (glands), 7 colors of the rainbow, and 7 musical notes, the 7-pointed star aligns with celestial bodies visible to the human eye, including the Sun, Moon, and 5 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn), and there are 7 earth chakras.  It shows up in another celestial body, the Pleiades constellation, a bright star cluster referred to as the 7 Sisters.   In Greek lore, these 7 sisters were the daughter of Atlas & Pleione.


There are 7 heavens in Islamic faith.  Christian tradition associates the 7-pointed star with the 7 days of creation , 7 archangels, 7 deadly sins, 7 sacraments, and 7 seals from the Book of Revelations, reflecting themes of divine order and judgment.  There are 7 branches of the menorah and according to Jewish teachings, the universe comprises 7 heavens, where the Throne of God, or Merkavah, resides. The merkaba, a celestial thought vehicle, serves as a means of spiritual transport between dimensions and timelines, facilitating soul ascension and enlightenment.


In addition, there are 7 emotions per TCM, 7 wonders of the world, 7 continents, 7 articles compose the US Constitution, 7 directions, 7 dimensions, 7 wisdoms, 7 universal laws, there are 7 spots on a common ladybug, 7pH is neutral between acidic & alkaline, you have 7 orifices of the face, and the body replaces its cells every 7 years.  And the 7th chakra is the Sahasrara, the lotus chakra, the crown of creation.  As the lotus unfolds, you remember your oneness with the You-niverse.


8-pointed stars

Each additional point adds a new dimension to these intricate star designs.  Doubling a cross or square yields an octagon/octagram, or 8-pointed star.   Across diverse cultures and belief systems, the symbolism of the octagon or 8-pointed star resonates with themes of cosmic harmony, divine guidance, and spiritual growth.


In ancient Islamic tradition, a double square with a central circle is referenced in the Quran, representing the 8 gates of heaven.  Similarly, Native Americans have an 8-pointed star with 2 circles (inner & outer world) that represents divine guidance.


Relating to the wheel of life, Buddhism has the Dharmachakra—an 8 spoked wheel—symbolizes the eightfold path to Nirvana, echoed in the 8 limbs of the Yoga Sutras.   Likewise, Celtic tradition embraces an 8-fold sun wheel, aligned with the 8 yearly festivals (Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon and Samhain), while in Norse mythology, the eight-pointed star symbolizes the 8 realms of the Tree of Life.


“The only beauty that lasts is the beauty of the Heart.”–Rumi


Ancient Architecture

Sacred geometry and architecture hold profound significance across cultures and civilizations.   However, there can also be overlaps as modern architects sometimes draw inspiration from ancient designs and techniques to create contemporary structures that resonate with both the past and the present.


Modern architecture often features clean lines and geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles, reflecting contemporary design principles and technological advancements. These shapes are often used to create visually striking and functional buildings that prioritize efficiency and minimalism.


In contrast, ancient architecture often incorporated more organic shapes and forms, influenced by the available materials and construction techniques of the time. Ancient structures frequently feature curved arches, domes, and irregular shapes that blend harmoniously with the natural environment. These shapes were often symbolic and carried cultural or religious significance.


For example, star forts are characterized by their unique star-shaped designs, were not merely defensive structures but also embodiments of sacred geometry. Their intricate layout was believed to harness cosmic energies and provide protection against negative forces.  The fortifications serve as tangible expressions of ancient wisdom and mathematical mysticism.


Triangles & Pyramids

This symbolism is also reflected in the architectural use of pyramids in ancient civilizations as monumental structures and tombs.  The ancient pyramids of Egypt have inspired modern-day structures from shopping malls, to casinos, and sports arenas. 


The triangular & pyramidal shapes are inherently stable with their broad base and narrowing apex, making them symbols of strength and the establishment of a solid foundation.  Depending on cultural and religious contexts, both shapes embody the trinity or triads, representing repeating concepts such as past, present, & future; body, mind & spirit; creator, destroyer & preserver; maiden, mother & crone; moon waning, full & waxing.


Pyramids, particularly those with 4 triangular sides converging to a point/apex, are believed to act as cosmic conductors creating a focused energy field.  Some say the exterior was made of material that insulates electricity, the interior material was to conduct electricity, the chambers material was to create electricity, and the energy generated from the resonance of the earth would be…unlimited, clean, and free energy for everyone.  Debate continues about pyramid power also known as the “vortex of vitality” in that it has a positive impact on plant growth, preservation of food, reduction of stress, and overall well-being.  Symbolically, they are often associated with spiritual ascension, enlightenment, and transcendence.  In the same way the upward-pointing shape symbolizes the journey toward higher states of consciousness or divine realms. 


Some cultures view pyramids as symbolic connections between earthly realms and the heavens, serving as conduits for communication with deities or ancestors.  In addition to their religious and spiritual significance, pyramids are sometimes seen as sources (even libraries) of ancient wisdom, knowledge, and secrets, preserved within their chambers and passageways.  The precise engineering and alignment with celestial constellations reveal the advanced knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations.


There is one more potential purpose for those ancient pyramids…portals or gateways to other worlds or dimensions.  There are many ancient sites across the globe, that the native tribes claim acted as a “gateway”.  I visited one such stargate called Amaru Muru in Peru.  Deep inside the Hayu Marca mountains is a gigantic 23-foot-tall doorway, carved into the rock face with two smaller 6-foot alcoves on either side.


Amaru, depicted as a cosmic serpent, is revered in the Andes.  Embodying the dualistic forces of creation & destruction, reinforcing the idea of interconnectedness present in sacred geometry especially the Caduceus.  According to one legend presented in the book, Secret of the Andes, the circular disk in the center was “the key of the Gods of the seven rays.”  Some believe this place aligns the chakras.  As I stood in the right alcove, I saw blue lights.  I found out later that locals often see blue & white orbs glowing in the night nearby.  As I stood in the left alcove, I felt like I stepped into a black hole and was transported out into space.  It was crazy cool!


If you’ve watched any science fiction movie, you’ve heard of interdimensional “portals”, warp speed, hyperspace, and wormholes.  These are openings or tunnels in space and time that allow travel at the speed of light to anywhere in the universe.  But did you know that there are also “magnetic portals” in the Earth’s upper atmosphere?  University of Iowa plasma physicist Jack Scudder made this discovery.  NASA, who funded this research (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission), began studying these “X-point” portals in March 2015 and it continues today.  Rather than space travel, consider the benefits of using these portals (assuming we can harness them) for free, clean global solar energy?  And in light of the recent declassified FBI files that UFOs/UAPs sightings have been happening for decades, it would seem plausible that ETs are using portals to visit us from other dimensions and planets


Overall, triangles and pyramids carry multifaceted meanings that can vary depending on cultural, religious, and historical contexts. Their enduring symbolism continues to captivate and inspire individuals across the globe, serving as potent reminders of the interconnectedness between the physical and spiritual dimensions of existence.


It has been theorized by many scientists that the flower-of-life is believed to illustrate the concept that all life in the universe originates from a singular source.

~The ‘big bang’ theory


The Flower of Life (Krystal Spiral)

Starting with the Tree of life, we come full circle (pun intended) to the Flower of Life, creating a symbolic journey of spiritual growth.  The tree serves as a metaphor for the cycle of life.  As we branched out into all the other geometric symbols, we expanded our understanding of the connection between individuals, communities, ecosystems, celestial bodies, and the cosmos.  Building upon the concept of interconnectedness, we arrive at the Flower of Life.   It’s kind of like what came first – the chicken or the egg?   


Whether you believe in the Creation story or the big bang, they start with a single point and expand outward.  The Flower of Life contains 19 overlapping circles contained with one unifying circle.  A very basic circle composition, but beautifully complex with all the overlapping circles intersecting to form the appearance of flower petals, thus its name. Coined by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, a fractal is a pattern in nature that keeps repeating itself forever, so they look the same whether looking at them up close (microcosm) or from far away (macrocosm).  Fractals contain the fundamental patterns from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies.


Found in the ancient Egyptian temple of Osiris, it is said to contain a “secret code”.  The earliest carving dates back to 645 BC. 


The Flower of Life contains the Seed of Life, the Egg of Life, and Metatron’s Cube.  Now, if you interconnect all the central points in the Flower of Life by using straight lines, you get Metatron’s Cube.  In this symbol, there are many different geometric shapes & forms, including the 5 Platonic solids.


The mandorla is also the base of the Seed of Life which appears within the Krystal Spiral/Flower of Life.  According to Timothy Stokes, “the krystal and Fibonacci spirals differ in how they ‘flower’ from their points of creation.  The krystal spiral emerges from the zero point in all directions from its point of creation.  The Fibonacci spiral does not do this.”  Stokes continues, “the Fibonacci sequence describes the pattern of nature for finite life.  It does not work for eternal life.”  Whereas, with the krystal spiral pattern, there is always a central point representing the heart of creation, pure divine love.  That zero point lies beyond time, space & dimension.


The Seed of Life, also known as the Genesis Pattern, is composed of 7 interconnected circles.  If you draw 12 more overlapping circles of the same circumference around the Seed of Life, the result will be the Flower of Life with its 19 interconnected circles.


The Egg of Life is a 3-dimensional manifestation of the Seed of Life, aptly named for its presence during the intricate process of cell division & cellular differentiation within the embryo.


The chakras bloom from the hrid, that first cell, or seed.  In yoga, this is called the Hrid, heart center or space of the heart.  The hrid is where left merges with right, above with below, front with back, inhale with exhale, outer with inner, feminine with masculine, strength with receptivity, where heaven meets earth and spirit takes form. The Source now becomes the seen in human form.  The Hridaya, the spiritual heart, is your Source Self or infinity spark.  It is often referred to as the secret “cave” or soul chamber and is the bridge between finite and infinite.  It is the infinite light that reveals cosmic Consciousness.  Source reality manifesting in its many different forms of extreme intelligence…YOU.


Reflecting on this, is truly astounding to consider that our development traces back to fundamental geometric forms like the circle, mandorla, Seed of Life, and Egg of Life.


Additionally, within the curves of this krystal spiral a lotus symbol is hidden.  The symbol of the Lotus of Life honors the perfect circles & foundational shapes that are found in our natural surroundings and the universe’s extreme intelligence.   The lotus flower is considered a symbol of healing, representing purity, renewal, and rebirth, especially in Eastern religions as well as other cultures.  It has been used in traditional Eastern medicine and is symbolized as a form of purity in Buddhist & Hindu traditions.


Crop circles and pyramids are both subjects of fascination and mystery, often sparking speculation and theories about their origins and meanings.  Some theorists have drawn connections between crop circle designs and geometric patterns found in ancient architecture, including pyramids, suggesting a link between these phenomena that transcends time and culture, though such connections remain speculative.


It's fascinating how all of these geometric shapes are found cross-cultural regardless of religion or spiritual tradition.  And how many repeating symbols and themes there are such as balance, harmony, divinity, trinity, evolution, transcendence, transformation, and interconnectedness.


As you can see, these geometric shapes have held symbolic significance across various traditions and time periods.   All life forms are part of a larger, interdependent system, where the one affects the whole and as such it’s important to nurture a sense of reverence and respect for the web of life. 

Meditating on sacred geometry can activate neural pathways and enhance spirituality.  Focused attention can strengthen neural pathways leading to a deeper meditative state and mental clarity.  Visualization stimulates the brain's visual processing centers fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.  Some studies suggest that engaging with geometric patterns can synchronize activity between the brain's hemispheres, promoting holistic brain function.  By meditating on these symbols, individuals may deepen their understanding of spiritual concepts and develop a heightened sense of well-being and of connection with the universe.


In mindfulness practices, I have many powerful meditations, visualization & journeys, on my website which you can listen to.  Overall, meditating on sacred geometry can serve as a powerful tool for brain health and spiritual development, offering a pathway to deeper self-awareness, expanded consciousness, and a greater sense of unity with the cosmos.

Whether we engage in meditation, visualization, incorporate them into apparel or accessories, or simply encounter them in our daily experiences, these symbols act as guiding principles, aligning us with cosmic rhythms and sparking the formation of a potent spiral energy vortex that catalyzes profound spiritual growth. As we delve deeper into the exploration and comprehension of these symbols, we draw nearer to deciphering the universe's intrinsic patterns and our role within it, effectively bridging the gap between science & spirituality.


Overall, the relationship between the environment, crop circles, and sacred geometry is multifaceted and subject to various interpretations. While some connections may be speculative or based on personal belief, others highlight the interconnectedness of humanity, nature, and the mysteries of the universe.


They are reminders to humanity to operate from the highest principles of truth, love, compassion, and service to others.

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