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The Great Conjunction: Global Meditation for Healing

One of my shaman sisters in Australia has been working with the indigenous elders (aboriginals) who have for the first time decided to share their wisdom with the world on December 12th. This is a major event considering the upcoming powerful cosmic conjunction (when planets appear close to each other in the sky) of Saturn-Jupiter on December 21st. They’ll create a radiant point of light some called the “Solstice Star” or “Star of Bethlehem.” Patrick Hartigan, an astronomer at Rice University, said, "You'd have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky." As I’ve mentioned in many of my past musings, the indigenous elders & wisdom keepers across the globe have foretold, almost word for word, of a great event of mass awakening and ascension. Here’s the post for those of you who didn’t see it on Facebook; it's a good one! (If you’d like more information about this conjunction, click on the highlighted link above.) Even though humanity is in an evolutionary crisis (a global dark night of the soul), this alignment is ushering us into the next 140+ years of the Age of Aquarius. It is an exciting and terrifying time as we face an unknown future. The Star is the energy of hope, healing, and optimism, and it will always shine through the dark. Even while we are in the dark, the Light exists. I’ve been saying this all year, look up and see the Stars! (You can find Saturn-Jupiter in the sky every evening right after the sun sets.) I received the below message from Julia Williams and just had to forward it on to you! Although I highly recommend reading the original post, it is 6 pages long so I will summarize it below with my comments in italics. (You can click on the link to read the details above.) Julia talks about crystals being activated at Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock in Australia) on the December Solstice. Three years ago, she was told about a special device, machinery ready and waiting on Earth. What the elders refer to as a “Magic Box.” What if this is what we’re seeing with Monoliths popping up across the globe? They look like magic boxes to me! Anyway… This magic box will feed off pure positive human energy. If there are indeed the minimum numbers present (which runs into six figures) who are totally focused on the positive, this box will absorb that powerful reservoir of pure energy then amplify and distribute throughout the ley lines on this planet. I have heard that we need 100,000 million people to assist in this process and that's why this special edition of musings from the mat. The planet is aware of this oncoming acceleration and that’s the reason the Schumann Resonance (global electromagnetic frequencies in the ionosphere) has been shifting from its normal 7.83hz (similar to our brain's Theta & Alpha wavelengths) and spiking as high as 171hz on February 27, 2020. The highest ever recorded in history! Global meditations have been going on for years and data shows there is a direct correlation with a spike in energy to the Earth. The elders continue....the frequency of Earth and humans is vibrating at a much higher level. However, if fear and negativity prevails and the number of people who do not wake up is too low, the box will remain idle. Soon after, the Earth’s axis will tilt and the oceans will clean the planet with everything washed away. Aka the Great Flood. Either way, the earth is rising. Now if enough people are focused on the positive (love & above), the Earth will split into “two” bi-vibrational energies. One staying at the present 8 Mhz and the other being close to 200hz on the Schumann chart. Each soul will gravitate to the frequency that reflects their current stage of spiritual development. However, you cannot have 2 realities co-existing on the same material plane. The lower base will go back to “school” elsewhere and those who graduate will stay at Earth University. Shifting from Homo Sapiens into Homo Luminescent; keeping our bodies like when Jesus & Buddha ascended. When is the final exam? December 21st. At 9pm, at Uluru, the box will be opened and switched on. (That means Sunday, Dec 20th at 6:32am on the East Coast of US.) So how can YOU help? The focus is on connecting with the light of the sun and the heart of Mother Earth. By raising her consciousness, we benefit in the process. Start now until 12/21!

  • Meditate daily with pure intention. The intention is to build the energy of pure love to the heart of Mother Earth to reinvigorate and re-energize her.

  • Cleanse using smoke/smudge. (Ethically sourced Palo Santo, Sage, or Eucalyptus leaves found on the ground; that’s the proper way to show our respect for mother earth.)

This is what you can do! Please share this message with as many people as you know so we can reach that threshold of people praying with pure intent. In Summary: Astrologically, 2020 has been one of the most significant, challenging years in history. We started the year with a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, one that we haven’t seen for nearly 4,000 years. And we are ending the year with a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. The good news is that the energetic cycle is about to change. We are currently in the Eclipse Window between the 11/30 & 12/14 eclipses. December 14th: We have a new moon in Sagittarius with a total solar eclipse. The new moon is magnified by the solar eclipse giving potency to our focus and healing. This eclipse will put an emphasis on our belief systems, our laws, the ways in which we travel (or not), and our educational institutions. Become clear on your action and inspired by your intentions. December 21st: Jupiter and Saturn will form what is known as The Great Conjunction, coinciding with the Winter Solstice (the return of Light). After a couple hundred years, we begin this new cycle with Saturn & Jupiter in air signs, which will continue until 2159! Air is the element of the intellect, the social sphere, and communications. This is the long-awaited start of the Aquarian age - the Star of Hope – which is a 50-year transition period. The Great Conjunction occurring on the solstice is a historical moment equated with new beginnings. The next months and years will begin to manifest what we dream at this time. That means we need to do whatever we can to anchor as much love & light as possible. Make sure you mark this date and use it to set your intentions. It is important to set positive intentions, dream creatively, and institute disciplined practices to stay grounded and healthy. If ascension were a single overnight “event”, people’s bodies would not be able to withstand it. Therefore, the process needs to be gradual. Even so, our physical bodies are struggling to keep up with the change. Being out in nature is healing and moving your body moves the energy. It’s all about discipline – of thought, feeling, spiritual practice, movement, and action. Your future is dependent on how you create it. Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay proactive. As a shaman once said, it is way more important how you end things than how you begin them. The Great Conjunction marks the beginning of surging growth in the areas of technology and ideology, bringing into even more focus issues of social justice, original thinking, and innovation over the next 50+ years; a true Renaissance. It will affect how we structure the allocation of resources, our agricultural practices, our finances, and global environmentalism. December 29th: The Full Moon in Cancer arrives. Free from the restraints of Saturn for the first time in years (can I get a Hell Yeah!), we are invited to nourish & nurture ourselves and the parts of our lives that have been stressed & stretched this year. Take this time for reflection, integration and flexibility. Be grateful for your blessings and trust that leap of faith we are being invited to take. This new cycle will continue for over 100 years, and during that time, we will have to accept the fact that no one will save us from ourselves; each of us must step up and do our part. We need to stop whining & complaining and to take personal responsibility for the future we wish to create.

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