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The Cosmic Light: Transforming from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminescent

Did you know that all of the seeming "chaos" right now is written in the stars?

Last month, we had 7 planets in retrograde at one time. Retrogrades are not unusual. Mercury goes retro 3 times a year. To see 3 planets in retro is fairly common but 5 planets is not. Imagine what the impact of 7 is. Oh yea, we just lived through it. Even if you don’t know it, everything is happening below the surface of your waking reality.

Last month, my emotions were up and down like never before. We’re 7 months into the pandemic, so what changed? Then I heard about The Schumann Resonance, which is the measurement of the frequency of Earth’s electromagnetic field (Earth’s aura). It has a base frequency of 7.83 Hz which is the same as our alpha brainwave state.

Last month, the resonance fluctuated significantly jumping several times to a high amplification of 71 then dipping to a low of 6. Nobody can explain these great variations, but they give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us!

We are influenced by many frequencies from the sun, and cosmos as well as Earth-generated, and these all have an impact on us. Scientific research shows that our DNA acts as an antenna to these sources. This cosmic light and energies coming down to earth more than ever before are forcing us to re-calibrate to the new frequencies and this can lead to ascension symptoms.

There’s a paradox because we’re experiencing living on a planet of duality and separation but there’s another dimension that we can step into. Mystics and Gurus do this all the time.

2020 has also been a year of paradox (duality) between the soul and the spirit. We want tension to bring about transformation. The soul is training to bring heaven to earth (as above) and the human spirit is reaching for the heavens (as below). It’s time to return to our light bodies. We are transforming from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminescent. The light must come through the human body. We are learning to live in both realms.

I talk a lot about the sun, moon, and stars. These planets are the macrocosm to our microcosm. Planets revolve around the sun just like the cells in our body revolve around the heart. Every planetary body in our solar system moves in rhythm with our physical body. Our ancestors had their feet firmly on the ground and their heads in the cosmos. When did we become so out of touch with the world around us?

Not only did September bring 7 retrogrades, it also brought the first Super New Moon of 2020 where the moon is at its closest to the earth. October brings the second super new moon and TWO full Moons (today and Oct 31st) and that’s why the second one is a Blue full moon. So much light illuminating our way. On 9/30, Saturn went direct (moving forward again) and on 10/5, Pluto will also go direct. Fiery Mars is currently traveling through the Covid planets (Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto). It stopped on 9/9 and began its retrograde (return back) through the Covid planets AGAIN until 11/13. It will not finish its journey until it moves forward on 12/31. Yes, it will feel like the movie "Groundhog Day" until the end of the year. There are two ways to express our Mars energy: through healthy conflict (when we express our point of view with the aim of finding a solution, without hurting others) or through rage (when we seek destruction). We need Mars to voice our opinion and to state our needs. And we need a lot of people acting (asserting) from their Mars energy. We need as many opinions as possible so that we can find the best solution (Jupiter), the path of least resistance. Saturn is all about karma and the choices you make are especially important. Not to be the one that is ‘right’, but to exercise our free will so that we can find the best resolution.

I’m not here to be right. I’m here to get it right. – Brene Brown

This has been a long and challenging transit. But, after months of high intensity, you’ll feel a weight slowly lifting. Don’t forget there are still 4 planetary influences that will continue through the end of this year asking us to align our head with our heart. Some can’t adjust and adapt as fast, they are struggling and suffering. Each soul is doing their best, in their own way. We need to pray for those struggling; for those who are not able to shift with these cosmic events.

I’ll keep reminding you to look up! The planets have a lot to show us right now. In the morning, you can see Venus rising opposite Mars setting. At night, Mars is in the East. Jupiter & Saturn in the West, side by side like a pair of eyes, with invisible Pluto between like a 3rd eye (deep seeing). So much light shining down on us.

November and December will be powerful months as the final eclipse season begins. The big cosmic event is just before the solstice when Jupiter & Saturn will be so close to one another that they will appear like one very large star, as they enter Aquarius – the Era of Light. When they travel like this, it is said a king will be born.

The Star of Bethlehem that marked the birth of Jesus Christ was most likely a triple conjunction of planets that few people saw and even fewer understood. The "star" was likely two astronomical events involving Jupiter & Saturn, which occurred in May, October and December of 7 B.C., said BYU astronomer Kimball Hansen. In February of 6 B.C. a third planet, Mars, moved into the grouping. According to many scholars, Christ's birth occurred in April of 6 B.C.

This is the energy of re-birth for all of us. This is a sacred moment in time for all of our planet. These astronomical events are a portal, an alignment that only happens every couple of thousands of years. Many generations will not have the same opportunity we have right now.

Divine Intervention

We are being asked to join together in divine service to transmute the heavy energies of the obsolete and fear-based mis-creations that have for centuries corrupted and distorted the patterns of government not only for the USA but also for rest of the World.

Our Founding Fathers, in spite of their flaws, were inspired to write the sacred documents that form our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

The intent of these documents was to guide the behavior of Americans in a way that would fulfill the destiny for this New World. That destiny was to model to the rest of the people on this planet a higher order of being – a consciousness of Oneness. A country that would revel in our diversities and collectively make decisions and take actions that reflect only the highest good for ALL concerned, thus allowing EVERYONE to live in prosperity, equality, peace and happiness. A New World that would heal the illusion of separation and demonstrate Oneness to the masses of humanity. But America has fallen far from the fulfillment of her destiny and her role in the manifestation of Divine Government on this Planet. (I have a lovely meditation to manifest Divine Government on my website.) Consequently, every day we are witnessing how very broken and corrupt not only our political and governmental system is in the USA, but how broken and corrupt these systems are around the World as well. Now, authority is being challenged as more people face the fact that our systems and structures do not provide for equality, peace and a conscious, sustainable future. The Light is increasing on Earth due to the Awakening (Ascension) taking place within every person. This is pushing everything that conflicts with that Divine Light to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection.

It’s no longer only about ME, it’s about WE - the spirit of oneness (unity within duality).

Many are deeply concerned about the future and what is happening to Earth and all sentient beings. And they now know that their individual voice, energy and actions carry great weight. Consciousness has risen. Our hearts are opening into unconditional love.

However, we cannot underestimate just how many souls have woken up and have had their blinders removed in regard to being conscious of the realities beyond the physical. Many of these souls are involved in the undertaking of mass rallies and protests worldwide. It’s totally up to us (Mars energy) on how this new world will look.

You may have heard the phrase, “Humanity is on its way back to God”. The veil between the underworld and the upperworld are thinning. We are definitely headed toward a great age of spirituality. The elders talk about the astrological configuration of the precession of the equinoxes and major shifts in Consciousness. Every 24,000 years we move through a new age. Sri Yukteswar taught that the Sun was part of a Binary Star system and the reason for this movement. Science is now proving it. Every 24,000 years the earth moves through a new Yuga. If you remember from my May Musings, we are in the second half of the Kali Yuga - the end of a Dark Era & the Coming of Light. Christy Whitman says: more of us are moving into who we really are vs. how we thought others needed us to be. We are actually starting to be ourselves; realizing that others’ reactions are theirs, and we now have permission to stand in our divine alignment from the higher realms. We are starting to realize that we are truly em-bodied and Divine beings. More people are tapping into a universal field of being unlimited. Great times of revolution and evolution are right there in the sky, waiting for us to take note and take action! In fact, after a pandemic is usually a Renaissance. We are transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. Did you know it takes approximately 2,160 years for Earth to transition from one zodiac sign to the next? We are leaving the Piscean Age – transitioning out of patriarchy, secrecy, hierarchy, and dominance. We will be entering a creative cycle, giving birth to something new – matriarchy, innovation, community and consciousness.

What I radiate, I create.

With all these planetary alignments, we have received a wave of energy and a huge injection of Divine light from the cosmos (Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury are still retrograde). All these planets visible in the sky, showering Earth in a high-vibration light. Just know that we are protected. We are moving into an era where light overcomes dark.

The intent of this unprecedented influx of Divine light, is to expand the lightwork of every single person on Earth one thousand-fold. Humanity’s mass Consciousness is being elevated to a new level.

So, thank you for volunteering to be born during this cosmic moment on Earth. Acknowledge how much you’ve learned, grown and transformed through this Planetary Pause. You have been preparing for eons of time to fulfill your unique facet of the Divine plan, which is now unfolding on Earth. Stay on your path of light. When we radiate our light, the collective field of energy changes. When we become light, it brings light to everywhere in the world. It creates a vibration that uplifts all of life in ways we can’t imagine on a rational level. Be a light in the world.

P.S. If you want to know more about the alignment of the stars at the time of your birth, you can get a free natal chart at Also, there has also been an increase in UFO sightings. What timing! In April, CNN announced they declassified UFO footage from 2004 & 2015. Check it out.

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