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Crystal Healing
Image by Sarah Brown
Cleanse your light body of the "icky" stuff and return your vitality.

Many ancient civilizations adorned themselves with crystals for their healing properties.  Crystal healing is a technique where crystals and other stones are placed on or around the body.  They are used as tools to amplify or absorb energies to facilitate healing.  When energy becomes stagnant, unbalanced or blocked, it can cause illness.  Often their color is associated with one of the seven chakras on the body.  Chakras, which means wheel in Sanskrit, are swirling vortexes of life energy.  Stones are positioned to assist with any energy imbalances.  Sometimes a dowsing pendulum is used to help determine what chakra is out of balance and where the crystals should be placed.


Everything on the planet vibrates at a certain rate, according to science.  Therefore, crystal healing is an energy-based therapy.  A crystal lattice is the most orderly structure that exist in nature which emits a very consistent vibration.  Quartz crystals have been used for years to stabilize & regulate the flow of energy in watches & computers; radio receivers because they can transduce the energy flow and transform them into sound waves; and make lasers for their ability to focus energy.  Some crystals have electrical properties.  Rub a couple of clear quartz crystals together rapidly in the dark and they will fill & glow with light.  They may also give off sparks.  Quartz, silicon dioxide, is used for solar cells, where light is transformed into electricity.  Therefore, crystals can absorb energy, reflect it, generate it, radiate it, and convert it into other forms of energy.  Clear quartz is considered the "master healer" and is often paired with other crystals to enhance/amplify their abilities.

Remember, crystals take millions of years to form underground and simply being near them can help connect us with nature and Mother Earth.


Crystals can be worn on the body, placed under pillows or beds, put on electronics to absorb harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), used as elixirs to drink, and arranged into grids or sacred geometry to attract positive energy.  Not every crystal will speak the same way to the same personso,  it's best to follow your own intuition.

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