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Energy Worker and Medicine Woman

Shamanic healing is very likely the oldest practice of both healing and spirituality on the planet.  Archeologists and shamans speculate the practice has been in use for over 100,000 years.

Karen is a gifted Energy Worker, Teacher and Guide.  She has made 3 pilgrimages to the high mountains of Peru where she has received sacred rites as a guardian and keeper of the earth (pampomesayok) and medicine woman (altomesayok) through a lineage of light carriers and Q’ero shamans  - don Sebastian Flores Puccar (whom was written about in The Andean Codex), don Francisco Chura Flores, don Mariano Quispe Flores and his son Santiago Quispe K'apa, don Basilio Samata Apaza, and Jesus Rodriguez Acurio.  They showed her how to move energy, use plant medicine, and perform healing despacho ceremonies.


Karen also explored shamanic journeying for guidance and healing with spiritual light with Sandra Ingerman.  She trained with The Jaguar Path studying soul retrievals, removing heavy energy through cord cutting, extractions, divination, along with spirit guide and power animal ally work.  Twin Shamans dona Ysabel and dona Olinda showed her how to heal ancestral karma and remove ancestral spirits.  Karen also received training in crystal healing.

Shaman Shamanic Energy Healing Energy Medicine Healer
Shaman Shamanic Energy Healing Energy Medicine Healer

"There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.  This is the light that shines in our heart."

~ Chandogya Upanishad

Why is there a growing hunger for Shamanism and ancient wisdom?  Because it works!


Are you?

  • Feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

  • Always exhausted?

  • Dealing with a physical issue that isn’t responding to conventional medicine?

  • Feeling tension and chronic pain?

  • Struggling with panic attacks?

  • Feeling lost, something is missing in your life or you’re not yourself?

Moon Temple Killarumiyok22.JPG

Energy work operates on the principle that everything is made of energy.  The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only change forms.  We are not just a physical structure of molecules and cells, it is well documented that we are also composed of energy fields.  And when our energy is imbalanced, it creates dis-ease emotionally, mentally and/or physically.  Energy healing modalities work directly with this energy field.  If we do not heal our body, breath and brain, we cannot evolve.  There are many benefits to this healing work.

There is so much going on in people's personal lives and in the world right now.  Many are struggling because we are being stretched on all levels.  This is the time to work on a deeper level and that is why the Shamans have been sharing their tools, techniques and alignment ceremonies for the healing of all in the web of life...the possibilities are unlimited.


All these healing paths lead to the understanding that this world is a matrix of energies and there are many techniques to access the body, brain and breath to become balanced, find clarity and promote self-healing.

What do you want to heal?  What do you want to change? 

Are you ready to explore your energetic self?  Do you long for a sacred, spiritual experience?  Would you like to open the doorway to other realities?

  • Helps with post-op pain

  • Decreases recovery time

  • Decreases bleeding

  • Decreases inflammation issues

  • Decreases immune problems

  • Decreases need for medications

  • Induces the relaxation response

  • Can stabilize critical injury

  • Clear out congestion/cardiovascular disease

  • Stabilizes cardiac arrest patients

  • Sometimes cures or facilitates a peaceful death

If you are interested in this sacred healing work to balance and clear your energy system or your physical space, check out all the Healing Techniques and Alignment Tools.


Major life transitions are difficult.  Learn tools to help you through divorce, a new job/job loss, moving, newly married, birth of a baby, newly empty nested, retirement, death of a loved one, injury or illness in Karen's Tools for Transformation training program.

What to Expect in a Healing Session...

Upon arrival, you will remove your shoes and while fully clothed, relax on the massage table.


I will ground and prepare myself for our session.  I will set an intention and say a prayer on your behalf.


You choose how your session is administered - light touch on your joints and chakras, hands off, or hands just above your body.  I will work over and around you performing different shamanic techniques and rituals.  You may hear drumming, rattles, bells, chanting, feel air being blown, have sacred rocks and crystals placed on different parts of your body, smell sage or palo santo smoke, feel a pendulum above your body, and anything else that spirit may request during the session.  The healing sound of drums and rattles allow your mind to drop into a deep theta or meditative state.


Relax and let it work.  The energy will do what is needed and go where needed.  Most people just enjoy the experience and don't talk.  However, please feel free to ask any questions or share any experiences as we go.


A typical session runs 60-90 min depending on the need of the client.  We will spend a brief time after to talk.


The healing work will not stop at the healing session.  Shamanic Healing is very deep work that can affect the client on a deep sub-conscious level for up to a few weeks after the session.  Often there are deep shifts in the body, mind and spirit.  However, your intent, follow-through and integration is part of the healing work – it’s not passive.

I recommend that alcohol or any consciousness altering substances be avoided for 24 hours after a healing session (except for prescribed meditations) and that you drink a LOT of water to help in the clearing process.


Energy Medicine Session (60-90 minutes)................................ $150/hr

Numerology Chart.................................................................. $100 per chart

Wellness from Within.

Energy Work Grounded in Anatomy.

Where the Sacred meets Science.

Image by Jay Castor


"OMG in the soul retrieval (daughter) had such a clear and detailed description of her experience.  She told me more tonight about her experience 12/14/12 than she has in 5 years combined.  She hasn't stopped talking.  It is incredible, beyond amazing!  She said she feels so good and thanked me for finding you.  I would say you have absolutely helped both of us more than any therapy has.  I am completely blown away and can't wait to see where this takes her.  What a beautiful experience for her." 


—  A.U., Realtor

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