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Blossoming: Light Being

7 months ago, I had no idea I would be cultivating my wisdom through learning about astrological & cosmic influences, the Kali Yuga, the Schumann Resonance, Ascension symptoms, homo luminescence …. I had no idea that people hoard toilet paper as a survival mechanism nor expected stores couldn’t keep up with the overwhelming demand for disinfectant, bread baking yeast, seeds for planting gardens, and mason jars for canning. I have experienced emotional highs and lows, all kinds of releasing, new physical sensations like being headachy for months and those itchy etheric wings, as well as shock and sadness over losing friends and loved ones who have left this planet. I sincerely hope that by sharing my musings, you have been learning and growing right alongside me during this Planetary Pause! As the days, weeks, and months of uncertainty flash by, it may be more and more difficult to find a soft place to land and regenerate. Even sleep has become restless as the soul is waking up. (Here are some healing Tea recipes to ease insomnia, anxiety, and exhaustion.) THE WORLD HAS CHANGED It would be an understatement to say that a lot of things have changed since March. Certainly, one’s perspective on the world has changed, and perhaps your perspective on your place in that world. To some, the world seems to be in unrelenting chaos. Sun Tzu, author of the 5th Century’s “The Art of War” wrote, “In the midst of chaos there is opportunity.” If you agree then it brings up a couple of questions. First is, “how do you see that opportunity?” The second is, “once you see the opportunity then what?”

"A time where seemingly irreconcilable differences; find a way to be reconciled." ~ Rick Levine

Here we are, the final quarter of 2020. All those planetary retrogrades have felt like “Back to the Future” having to re-visit and re-view our personal values and beliefs as well as the very foundation of our country’s birth. This Planetary Pause was a triple hitter. Part 1 started in March when we were hit with the COVID virus and had to acknowledge the fragility of life. Part 2 happened in August when we started making plans to proceed in the wake of a recession, civil strife, inequality, injustice, etc. We’re not done yet. Here in November, Part 3 is the opportunity for a course correction and implementing those plans to manifest the future we want. Ultimately, it has all been an opportunity for growth.

You don't have to be intuitive or psychic to sense and feel the collective grief in our country and the loss of a national psyche that we thought was our identity. My daughter and I were having a discussion about BLM and Native Americans. She’s a high school English teacher and doesn’t mince words. With anger in her voice, she said “Everything I learned in school was a F***ing LIE!” (Check out the real map of America before Columbus; the one that should be in history books.)

There is a lot of darkness happening within humanity and much turmoil on the planet. The ancient Sanskrit teachings understood that civilization goes through distinct cycles of creation and destruction called Yugas. Native traditions have similar stories about spiritual growth and awakening. Humans have been cut off for many centuries because they destroyed the link between the Cosmos and the Earth. The Hopi believe that a cycle when humans head (ego) and heart (soul) are disconnected is followed by an era when they are in harmony. The prophecy of the Eagle & Condor speaks of the coming of a rainbow tribe and the re-uniting of the technology of the North with the wisdom teachings of the South.

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers call this Quantum Yin; they say the lockdown is the Metapause. Everyone is tired. No one can say they didn’t need this rest. We were already out of balance. Everyone needed this time for rest & renewal!

What if this PLANdemic drama on the world stage in your own life was your own response to receiving more divine light and love coming into the planet, into your body & consciousness? What if you designed this movie score of events so that you could open more, listen more, could align to your true gift, fall in love with yourself again, could clear all the blockages and lifetimes of mis-creation, release ancestral wounds and heal low self-worth? What if we designed this to wake ourselves out of illusion?

Among all this suffering, this time of crisis could also be a time of fundamental, even revolutionary, change. These are roadmaps for us from the darkness into the light. In discovering that we were not who we thought we were, we can discover who we are.

The concept of “being in the world but not of it” is certainly not new. The phrase is often referenced in the discussion and practice of mindfulness. However, what if it is also about raising our physical vibration to an angelic frequency? Masami Covey says, “we have entered into a magical and expansive phase where Soul is training to bring heaven to earth. Human spirit is reaching for the heavens.”

We are moving away from individualistic & specific and shifting into a collective holistic integrative way of living. This communing of humans with the “oneness” of the universe as we collectively ascend from polarity consciousness into unity consciousness.

Oracle Girl says, “your DNA is upgrading your body. The very physical form of the human being is changing and voyaging on a completely different trajectory. You are a satellite of light floating in a vast ocean of possibilities.”

Osho talks about his enlightenment as: “There was no gravitation, I was feeling weightless – as if some energy was taking me. I was in the hands of some other energy. For the first time the drop has come and fallen into the ocean. Now the whole ocean was mine, I was the ocean. There was no limitation. A tremendous power arose as if I could do anything whatsoever. I was not there, only the power was there.” Remember the Scale of Consciousness? It is more important than ever to have an attitude of gratitude, to see beauty all around us and feel the most optimistic light for ourselves and others. Connect with that light on a daily basis. Be the light.

I just love the lyrics to this song... When you can't find the light that got you through the cloudy days When the stars ain't shinin' bright You feel like you've lost your way Soulshine It's better than sunshine It's better than moonshine

In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned that at the end of December, Jupiter & Saturn are heading together into Aquarius, the sign of hope. They will be so close they will look like one bright star, like the star of Bethlehem. They haven’t been this close in 397 years. This will not happen again until 2159. Think Age of Aquarius, which is the element of Air and also the element of Coronavirus. Coincidence?

All year, I’ve been looking up at the night sky, drawn to the brilliance and radiance of the stars and planets. Saturn & Jupiter look like eyes in the sky and barely visible Pluto, their 3rd eye. Jupiter encourages expansion and abundance. Saturn demands discipline and accountability. Saturn rules the structures of our life including our structural framework (bones, skin, teeth, etc.) When Pluto comes along and renovates Saturn, that energy is war, pandemic, fire, etc. Saturn is the structure you are creating in your life now.

Hauntingly beautiful. Listen to the inspirational lyrics of the Saturn Song HERE I AM. I AM STILL ALIVE. I AM BREATHING. I SURPASSED IT.

Even though they have caused some serious havoc down here, I will be sad when they disappear at the end of 2020. There is a feeling of benevolence of these planets and also the necessity of serious issues being brought to the surface that have been swept under the rug for much too long. Now everyone in the world is getting clear on what is important; what is necessary. What do you want to transform and integrate? How else can we use this opportunity to take those lessons to heart? To change our life in the way we are being asked to. 2021 and beyond will be about re-building and what the structure of the new dream will be.

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