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May the Farce be with You: Science Fiction or Science Fact

I really like science fiction movies. What if all the movies are true and give us a glimpse into another reality? What if movies are reflections of all our realities? What if the writers of DC Comics and Marvel created these “stories” because they are real concepts? They’re teaching us about other dimensions, superhumans, extraterrestrials, parallel realities, time travel, etc. through movies. What if movies were designed to disclose the truth? What if everything has been hidden in plain sight?

  • Star Trek tested our mind-bending by visiting planets of living machines (AI & robots), escaping from The Wrath of Khan, traversing different timelines, reuniting Spock’s Consciousness with his newly-rejuvenated body, The Enterprise showing diplomacy to the Klingons when their moon explodes, space travel to visit the Nexus, a giant space rainbow that exists outside of space-time, getting assimilated by the Borg, Romulan clones, and technology such as super healing metaphasic particles, tachyon beams, baryon sweeps, photon torpedoes, and quanto-gravitic hyperdrive (surpasses the speed of light). And this series debuted in 1966!

  • An Earth battle as in War of the Worlds.

  • Intergalactic life as in Star Wars or Contact.

  • NASA leaves one of their astronauts to survive on another planet in The Martian.

  • Travelling through worm holes like Interstellar.

  • Humanity trapped inside a simulated reality created by evil AI in The Matrix.

  • Cyborg assassins time travel in The Terminator are similar to the emotionless alien/AI duplicates found in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  • Men in Black arrived to supervise the extraterrestrials living on Earth.

  • Dr. Who (1963-1989) a time-travelling extraterrestrial who incarnates into new bodies.

  • Multidimensional universes & geometric patterns seen in Doctor Strange.

  • The sky is a hologram like the TV series, The Dome

  • The magic and manifesting in Harry Potter.

  • Inner Earth as in Lord of the Rings.

  • Intergalactic characters with superpowers like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and Avatar.

Advanced technologies like replicators, particle accelerators, med beds, holographic regenerators, transporters, using frequency & light for healing, and the ability to control gravity. Quantum Physics gives us a whole new perspective of the nature of reality.

I just heard about Corey Goode, a Secret Space Program (SSP) whistleblower. He was credited as the first to leak Defense Intelligence Agency documents verifying the Pentagon’s UFO investigative unit in 2017. Now there are even more whistleblowers.

The truth of reality has been suppressed. However, I’ve noticed more and more people gravitating towards this information – advanced technologies, UFOs and intergalactic beings. This is the time for people to remember they are formless, genderless, immortal, multi-dimensional, cosmic beings and that we are not alone in the multiverse. Understanding this assists the positive timeline and ascension.

If this subject is interesting to you, try reading/listening to Dolores Cannon, Elizabeth April, Ishmael Perez, Sam the Illusionist, and Ashayanna Deane.

What if science fiction is closer to science fact? I don’t know. What do you think? My husband says: “Hollywood got it right!” Well, at least some directors did. The industry as a whole has a fear-based culture and a dark underbelly.

May the force be with you as you navigate the trials ahead, for even the smallest actions can have a great impact on the fate of the galaxy. ~ ChatGPT

As a young person, I never understood why the Big Bang Theory and the Creation Theory couldn’t both be true. Then when I heard Dolores Cannon’s explanation of our cosmic origins, it all made sense. They can both be true!

I love Dolores Cannon’s explanation of the Central Sun burst, or the Big Bang. She says, Creation Source was this huge bright light. It knew everything but was lonely. It wanted to create others. That’s when it burst out into millions & millions of particles, this is the Big Bang theory. You are a tiny little spark of Source light. Some of these sparks became planets, galaxies, elements of nature, animals, the “hidden folk” (faeries, elves, mermaids, pixies, sprites, leprechauns, etc.), extraterrestrials, and many became humans/humanoid. But we all came from Source. God/Goddess said, “Learn everything you can my children and bring everything back to me.” Source is like a super-computer, and we are the data. There is no good or bad, it's all just information, experiences, and learning.

You can think of the history of the cosmos like a Genealogy Tree, an Organization Chart, or a computer network where God/Goddess/Source is the President or the Supercomputer. Source got bored and wanted to experience itself so split into its 7 Rainbow Rays (the chakras). Think of this as the Board of Directors or the main frames. Source further separated into Twin Flames, it’s masculine-feminine counterparts. In the Kabbalah, Adam Kadmon, is the divine archetype of man AND woman. A divine pattern which is a light body AND physical being, united polarities. Adam Kadmon later manifested as Shiva-Shakti, Lord Michael-Michelle, Adam-Lilith/Eve, Jesus-Mary, etc. This is the Executive Board or the computer servers. This division continued into billions of infinity sparks or facets of Source Self. This would be the worker bees in business or the computer data (including computer viruses). I’m oversimplifying the descent to 3D matter, but you get the idea. Since infinity sparks can literally be anything, anywhere in the multiverse, that would suggest that there are multiple Creation Stories.

Each solar system has its own sun. Earth along with other planets revolve around our local sun. The sun, along with 6 other stars, in turn revolves around a bigger star, Alcyone, also known as the central Sun. This takes approximately 25,650 years; the years vary due to their elliptical orbits. Plato called this the Platonic year which is made up of 5 precessions of the Equinox, or the 5 Yugas.

Alcyone revolves around a much bigger star, Sirius. Alcyone, one of the Pleiades 7 sisters, is the origin and central pivot of the 7 solar systems (Hmmm…there’s that 7 again). Alcyone is the central sun of the Pleiades solar system (which we are a part of). Alcyone is 6x the mass of our sun and 2,030 times brighter. In Spanish, Sol means Sun. However, in Latin it means Soul. Why can’t it be both? What if the central sun is Source?

It is said that when our sun gets closer to Alcyone, Consciousness ascends. As it moves further away, darkness results. We are in the final phase of the ~ 25,000 Platonic year cycle, the dark period known as the Kali Yuga. Our solar system has completed 52 revolutions of 25,650-year cycles around Alcyone and is ready to return to light forever…Heaven on Earth.

It is said that we are now also in a rare galactic alignment with the great central sun at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy which our galaxy and 11 other galaxies revolve around. It takes our galaxy ~ 225 million years to revolve around the great central sun, marking a greater grand cycle some say is culminating in the ascension of not only our planet, our galaxy, and universe but the ascension of our physical bodies, activating our “junk” DNA, and becoming Christ-like.

According to Elizabeth April, there are 3 main Jesus theories (yes, these beliefs are out there!):

  1. Ancient Astronaut Theory – ETs descended to earth 450,000 years ago and gave us ancient knowledge & wisdom as well as influenced our development including religions (especially Christianity). This theory is that Jesus is an Alien who came to Earth over 2,000 years ago to teach humanity about spiritual concepts & technologies.

  2. Starchild Skull Theory – There was a human-alien hybrid skull of a child that was found in Mexico in the 1930s and this claim believes that there was ET intervention in human history and Jesus was one of these human-hybrids. (I personally saw some of these skulls while I was in Peru.)

  3. Bible Code – suggests there are hidden messages within the Bible (as well as the Torah) which predict future events, include secret knowledge, and provide evidence that Jesus was an alien visitor.

What if all of these theories are correct at some level?

As I mentioned in March 2021 musing, I believe Jesus was a yogi and a shaman. I believe he studied Eastern philosophy, meditated, and did the inner work. He became Self-realized, and that eventually became his teachings. He showed us by example unconditional love and that we are capable of becoming Christed. It’s similar to the Buddha & Krishna’s story.

We know from the Bible, that Jesus had amazing super-powers to – heal, prophesize, perform miracles, and his resurrection. Obviously, his soul was highly evolved, and his vibrational frequency was off the charts; that’s quantum physics not New Age woo woo. But what if his DNA was highly evolved as well and its lineage is extraterrestrial?

All life has a DNA-RNA code which we share with our ancestry. Therefore, our soul is a living library. We can access this Akashic library through shamanic journeying or meditation.

Some believe the filmmaker & screen writer George Lucas tapped into the secret knowledge of the Akashic Records and discovered our galactic history. According to Wikipedia, the Akashic Records are a “compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human.”

According to author Craig Campobasso, “all we have to do is pull our book from the shelf and turn the pages to find the answers that we seek. Every soul is its own recorder and stores its information in the library.” You can listen to my Celestial Castle meditation for a glimpse of the Akashic Records.

I’ve been reading a fascinating book Our Cosmic Origin by Ishmael Perez. He says, “If you thought Star Wars was a fantasy make-believe story, well guess again, for there is a forgotten history regarding our connection to the multiple stars, interplanetary, stellar and galactic systems in our galaxy and beyond.”

Perez continues, “We have existed in many dimensions prior to becoming temporarily stuck in the third dimension.” Earth is a 3D reality which goes back to the Fallen Angels interfering and causing the fall of Atlantis, Lemuria & Mu before that.

Samana was an Angel of God who fell out of Grace. Today, he is known as Lucifer, which in Latin means “light-bringer” and in Hebrew means “brightness.” He appears in many cultures throughout history as the face of evil leading his army of negative entities & ETs (the “grays”), dark forces, and children of darkness.

Our galaxy’s Star Wars began with the sinking of Atlantis in 9600 BC. This galactic war was between the celestial humans (Angels) and the Fallen Angels (Demons), or Light versus Dark. The Angels represent connection, compassion, and spirituality; they follow a feminine way of life and are related to the upper chakras. In contrast, the Demons represent division, destruction, domination, and materialism; they follow a masculine way of life and are related to the lower chakras and are lacking an emotional body.

Celestial humans including galactic species and benevolent ETs are the “Jedi warriors”. They use spiritual technology such as their luminous energy field (LEF) or light body, telepathy, interdimensional travel using a Merkabah vehicle, and power of thought to materialize anything. I don’t like to generalize but for simplicity – insect-like arachnids from Starship Troopers or the reptilian creatures like Predator or the Queen Xenomorph in the movie Aliens are bad; the otherworldly Yoda-like characters like Wookiees, the Na’vi blue people in Avatar (Krishna & Goddess Kali are often depicted as blue skinned), and the kind-hearted “phone home” alien in ET are good galactics. (For those who want to explore this more, you can watch Skinwalker Ranch, Ancient Aliens, or Alien Apocalypse.)

5,500 years ago, Atlantis flooded (Yup, Noah’s Ark). At that time, the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) genetically re-engineered our 12 strand DNA by unplugging and downgrading it to only 2 strands. The dormant DNA is what today’s scientists call “junk” DNA. Fallen Angels, or the “Rakata Empire” of the Sith, follow the NAA objective and use AI (Artificial Intelligence), SMART technology (Surveillance, Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting, Technology), dark magic, UFOs, and mind control. Their role is antagonists.

The fall from grace (into duality) is a metaphor for the fall of spirit (light) into (physical) matter. The purpose of duality is integration of 2 different vibrating realities (Angels & Devils) of the SAME light Source. In the Star Wars movies, it’s the choice between the light side of the Jedi or the dark power of the Sith. Everything is dual. Things that appear as opposites are in fact only 2 extremes of the same thing. By creating balance, we are uniting light and dark as represented by the Yin Yang symbol with its seed of opposite in each. Learning to embrace both higher and lower dimensions is our highest spiritual growth.

God is in One's Heart, not in a cloud.
Satan is in One's Mind (ego) that is not ruled by One's Heart.

The Trinity has been described as the Father, Son & Holy Spirit (again all males) but it is also Lakshmi, Durga & Saraswati. All 3 are God/Goddess Source. There is no separation; we are ONE and the same. We are all children of God/Goddess. We are all infinity sparks. When we get close to Source frequency, we become Christ/Yahweh/Allah/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness.

We don’t need a bible, priest, church to teach us that. We just need to go within. If you rely on what is outside of you, you are out of alignment with Source.

You cannot create (manifest) anything you don’t believe in first. Anything can be transmuted/transformed with pure unconditional love at a very high frequency. Observe the reality, and step into it. Join what is already out there (all timelines exist simultaneously). Hop into a new timeline!

Change the way you look at things…and the things you look at will change.

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Embrace a multidimensional perspective. Try seeing the same old shi(f)t from a new perspective. From Why? Just like a child would look at something with wonder and awe. Maybe look at the movies in a new way as if they are true. Filmmakers blur the lines between reality and imagination as they delve into extraordinary worlds and alternative realities/future timelines. From the gripping exploration of a dystopian society ruled by advanced technology to the heart-pounding encounters with extraterrestrial life forms, these movies present a compelling blend of scientific concepts and thought-provoking storytelling. Audiences are taken on thrilling journeys through time and space, offering glimpses into the possibilities and consequences of human advancement, intergalactic exploration, and the intricate relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. With stunning visuals, insightful interviews, and expert analysis, these sci fi “documentaries” challenge our understanding of the universe and inspire us to ponder the potential of the unknown. So, is this an epic story of our evolution or a farce? What do you think?

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