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Duality is all around us. Life is characterized by opposites. This meditation invites you to delve into the intricate dance of opposites, where light meets dark, masculine merges with feminine, yin embraces yang, and strength surrenders to softness. Through deep introspection and mindful awareness, you'll navigate the delicate balance between opposing forces within yourself and the world around you. As you journey through the realms of duality, you'll discover the profound interconnectedness that binds all aspects of existence together. Embrace the beauty of contrast and find harmony in the union of opposites, unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself and the nature of reality.  This journey will help you uncover the hidden wisdom that lies at the heart of duality, assist you in integration, and allow you to let go of these extremes while developing a non-dual awareness. This is my personal favorite!

Union of Opposites

SKU: M003
  • This MP3 is not for resale and is for personal use only.

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