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Mer=Light.  Kar=Spirt.  Ba=Body.  Guided by the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry and cosmic alignment with the Merkaba, this is a powerful and transcendental tool for ascension, healing & manifestation.  As you enter a state of deep relaxation, you will be guided to visualize several intricate patterns of sacred geometry forming around you, including creating a radiant Merkaba, a divine vehicle of pure light energy. You’ll feel yourself ascending to higher realms of consciousness, as the Merkaba's sacred geometry envelops you in a cocoon of divine light and becomes a vehicle for transformation. With each breath, you will align with the cosmic frequencies of creation, unlocking profound insights and spiritual awakening.  This illuminating meditation is multi-layered with sacred geometry to improve your spiritual awareness, discover the infinite depths of your soul's connection to the universe, and build a strong container to hold your divine light. Think of it as your Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. Embrace the divine geometry of this Merkaba meditation to transcend the boundaries of ordinary existence as you unlock the secrets of the cosmos within.

Merkaba & Sacred Geometry

SKU: M017
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