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The New Earth: Living in Ayni (building reciprocity & responsibility)

Updated: Feb 1

Let’s start with what was going on energetically over the last couple of months especially, what Earth’s magnetic field did mid-September to now…

For scientists, the magnetic field of the Earth is a source of great intrigue. According to research so far, the invisible structure creates a shielding "bubble" around our planet that keeps dangerous radiation outside and the atmosphere within, promoting the survival of life.

Internal activity is significant because it is produced by “a dynamo, which is an electrically conducting fluid that rotates, convects, and converts kinetic energy into magnetic energy by spinning a magnetic field around the planet.“

The Schumann Resonance (the Earth's energy field) was unfaltering at a steady rate of 7.83 until recently.

Back in August 2020, the Schumann Resonance sensitivity was reduced by 1/3rd. This adjustment was made because of the excessive energies coming in and the graph was more frequently solid white.

2023 has seen the most unusual patterns…especially spikes over 100 hz and white outs! Now, when you do see a “white out”, keep in mind that it is a reflection of a much greater amount of energy impacting Earth. Some believe it is 5D light codes that are upgrading our collective Consciousness.

Just do a google search of "light codes" or alternatively "light language" and click 'images'. Light codes are streams of information transmitted throughout the universe. You can think of them as computer software updates that download the new code. But light codes are new “upgrades” for humans, a Higher Self download.

To summarize, the Earth’s magnetosphere is the outermost layer which deflects particles from the Sun and solar wind. The magnetosphere shows us what's coming into our atmosphere. While the Schumann Resonance shows how those energies are affecting the planet.

Mike Harrigan says: Huge swings in Earth's total magnetic field strength from a large solar plasma wave impact is funneling energy downwards into the global electric circuit and the Schumann resonances, and this has biologic implications as the changes to ion cyclotron resonance affects the functioning of the endocrine system, our circadian rhythms, and overall health and consciousness.”

It all started with a separation of Souls from the Source Light (Sun) and a descent into matter. We went from total awareness to almost none (duality and the illusion of separation) and then to return once again. This is the journey of Consciousness.

I explained in July’s Musing about Dolores Cannon’s explanation of the Central Sun burst, or the Big Bang. The Incan Empire worshiped Inti, who was their sun God. The Incas considered their king to be the “son of the Sun.” Curious that the Latin word sol means sun but also sounds like Soul in English.

The flow of photonic light and solar energies coming from the Great Central Sun/Galactic Center of the Pleiades, which has been raining down on Earth for decades, is only getting stronger. This has changed humanity’s trajectory toward a future of peace and tranquility.

For these energies to work, celestial bodies have moved into new astrological alignments, light codes are being downloaded, and dormant “junk” DNA strands are coming to life. As a result of this, the collective Consciousness is expanding, and the “Clairs” - abilities like telepathy, intuition, quantum healing, and teleportation - are beginning to emerge once again.

Everything on the planet is being affected. According to DNA Awakening: “In the coming months, the revelation of profound truths, such as the existence of extraterrestrial life, humanity’s true origins, advanced technologies, and our imminent ascent into the fifth dimension, is destined to gain wider recognition, captivating a larger audience in the process.”

There are many other energies illuminating our planet:

  • Solar Winds are whipping over the solar holes on the sun, over 600 km per second. In fact, NASA found a giant coronal “hole” 30x Earth’s size that has spread across the sun. These holes blast solar winds into space and the particles rattle the Earth’s magnetic field, often disrupting technology.

  • Sun Pole Shift - According to experts, our Sun has tilted about 6 degrees relative to the solar equator and it’s storming with a flurry of solar flares.

  • Solar Flares, which are large explosions from the surface of the sun, are emitting intense electromagnetic radiation. They only affect Earth when they occur on the side facing her. The size of the flare determines the classification. A-class are the smallest explosions followed by B, C, M and the most powerful are X-class, which have been more frequent. In 2018, we had no M-class flares. In 2023, we are experiencing lots of X-class flares.

  • Very intense solar storms and geomagnetic storms.

  • We are entering a new Photon Belt. A photon belt is a spiral formation of interdimensional light that our galaxy orbits around the galactic center in 26,000-year cycles. The last time this happened was during Atlantis.

  • The Schumann Resonance is showing very unusual patterns from being frozen in time, to big black spikes, white outs, red flares, and horizontal lines that look more like a defrag computer program.

  • Unidentified objects (not solar flares) that are showing up near the coronal hole.

  • The angelic realms, star beings, extraterrestrials, and spirit allies are also shining their unconditional love upon us as well as assisting in downloading light codes & frequencies.

  • Many light warriors here on Earth are radiating and transfiguring the divine light for the healing of our planet and our brothers & sisters.

I love the different tools to view our Solar Weather such as NOAA & Space Weather live. Just download the apps!

Musings from the Mat - 2023.11 New Earth slideshow
Download PDF • 3.64MB

I hope this PDF I created will help to explain some of the charts (click to download).

Below the Surface

Not only are we being illuminated from above, but the world is streaming with activity deep below our surface, from plate tectonics to convection currents that move through the hot magmatic fluids (mostly molten iron) deep beneath the crust.

For example, many people have never heard of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai which is a submarine volcano in the South Pacific Ocean. NASA said that its 2022 eruption was “hundreds of times more powerful” than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The underwater explosion sent 146 million tons of water vapor straight into the stratosphere, which was enough to warm the surface of the Earth and contribute to global warming over the next 5-10 years. So, is it really climate change or that the climate is always changing?

All these waves of energy are not only to assist the ascension of our planet and ourselves, but to also expose the deep deception so people can make better choices in supporting those who heal & help rather than hurt & cause harm. Deceitful people have been manipulating the masses at the highest levels of banking, government, the military, religion, education, healthcare, and so on. This is the end of oppressive levels of secrecy, slave mentality, and centralized authority.

Corrupt practices such as bribery, blackmail, murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, weapon sales, chemical exposure, chemtrails, war mongering, erosion of freedoms, mind control, organ harvesting, and human trafficking are all part of this deep global deception. Those who control a country’s currency (central banks) have been in a position of power for far too long. Follow the money!

These old systems and outdated, limiting beliefs are breaking down. Some say it’s been a massive hoax and it’s collapsing. Even time has been “glitchy”.

We are witnessing an upgrade of the entire Earth, and humanity is going through a shi(f)t of Consciousness. Humanity and Goddess Gaia are purging, clearing, cleansing, and healing at a very deep level.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

~ Rumi

More and more light warriors will continue until the truth spreads everywhere. This new Earth cannot contain lies and deception. This influx of love light will reach every being on this planet, and many believe it will culminate in a great event.

Everyone is being given the chance to awaken, to decry: “I want peace and abundance for all on this planet!” Will all the people on the planet awaken? No.

There are souls here on Earth who wish to destroy all of us (more in Jan 2024). They have no conscious awareness of this. This is a very low vibration on the Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness or what I call lack of awareness of Consciousness. It is estimated 40% of the population is “Soul-less” meaning they’ve lost all awareness and connection with Source. According to Martha Stout, PhD and author of The Sociopath Next Door,” 4% are psychopaths which means 1 in 25 are narcissists or sociopaths; they do not have a conscience nor do they feel empathy or compassion towards others. This variable 50:50 ratio of low awareness (self-service/ego) and high awareness (service to humanity) is the fine balance of taking and giving. The difference of power over versus empowering.

Many of our friends and family have not yet questioned their duality - that reality is an illusion (maya) created by ego. My spirit “team” has told me many more will awaken than I thought possible just a few years ago. The great “reveals” that I’ve mentioned over the past couple of years are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s more a great big deep deception.

The energies coming to the planet right now are intense. Anything not of the love light is being exposed for healing. This is what is being revealed to us. What has been hidden in the shadows, within and without, is being uncovered. Why? Because you need to see it in order to address it - whether it is your own inner work or the injustice and inhumanity out in the world. How can you “nazi” – not see the control, corruption, greed, and manipulation? We cannot use the same “solutions” and expect different results. We can no longer come from a place of fear (100 vibration) and anger (150). We must have the courage (200) to choose “love or above.” If you choose to “not see”, the illusion will continue to reflect your frequency. Do you want to stand in the shadow or the side of light? Do you see heaven or hell?

Resonance is a type of motion, characterized by oscillation between two states. Resonance Theory is the ability of different vibrations to “sync up” and vibrate together at the same frequency. It is the responsibility of those in service to humanity (high vibe) to assist with those in service to self (low vibe). You are here to heal and to heal others. It’s what shaman Puma told me at the beginning of 2020: “Make yourself sacred, do not sacrifice yourself.” Dr. David Hawkins believes when you raise your Scale of Consciousness to 1,000, it raises the vibration of 2 million people to 200, that of courage. And this is indeed a lifetime that requires much courage.

Lies and deception cannot hold the influx of light. The total collapse of society is necessary because it is limiting for a multi-dimensional Soul. This opens the doors to new ways of thinking & living, new possibilities, new realities. Ignore the collapsing scenery.

Don’t take the bait! The world has not gone crazy, you are just seeing things with a new Consciousness, a new awareness. And as your Consciousness rises, you assist others in their awakening so that they have a gentler journey than yours.

The Volunteers

Dolores Cannon says there were 3 waves of volunteers who heard the call that Earth was in trouble. They came here out of love, even though they were warned it was not going to be easy. Especially knowing that you get amnesia when you incarnate on Earth, so we forget our connection to Source.

However, they’re all helping us move into a new Earth. Earth is evolving and our bodies need to adapt and change if we want to grow with it and go for the ride. That’s why we’re getting “lit up” with so much energy. This is something that has never happened in the history of the universe. All the other beings are watching “The Greatest Show on Earth”… and whether or not we can pull it off.

Civilizations through time have been destroyed because of man’s greed & power. So many of us are reliving memories of Atlantis because we are at a similar evolutionary point. Back then, the negative entities were manipulating humanity by using crystal power for harm, genetic hybriding of animals & people, and working with anti-matter to create worm holes & new universes. This kind of interference can cause the Earth to implode and destabilize the entire universe.

The Galactics (good ETs) had to destroy the whole continent (the story of Noah’s Arc), but some “Grid Keepers” survived and built pyramids across the globe. These light warriors are back now, many of them are in their 40’s and 50’s, rebuilding the grid back to the way it was and bringing these truths forward to those of us that are ready to accept them.

They are assisting, adjusting, and upgrading our DNA, chakras, and energy field; much of the work is happening in dreamtime. We’ve only been using a small percent of our brain with 98% considered “junk” DNA. Well, there is nothing junk about us, it is just dormant. All these cosmic light rays are aligning so our DNA can evolve from 2-strands or double helix to 12-strands (or more) which will create a nervous system that accommodates your increasing Consciousness. These activations are helping us to remember who we are, why we’re here, and what’s our mission/purpose.

All this means your physical body gets tired and needs sleep, but your Soul is busy at night, so you are doing “double shifts”. I have been saying to my yoga classes, “I’m exhausted all day and restless at night.”

“To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be.”

~ Anonymous

When you are “awakening”, you are literally waking up…especially 2am to 4am when the veil between the physical and spirit world is thin. I frequently wake up at 3:33am.

Are you waking up between 2 & 4 am? Are you having vivid dreams, past life memories, visions of angels or ancestors? Have you seen an excessive amount of repeating numbers (11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 5:55)? Is your monkey mind out of control and you’re caught arguing with it? Maybe you feel like you’re going mad? Maybe it feels like a profound existential experience. Do you ever wish to leave this planet because you’re tired or homesick for higher dimensions? Maybe you’re experiencing unusual physical symptoms like headaches, heart flutters, fatigue, buzzing vibrations, tooth tingling, or ringing in the ears?

This is very hard on the physical body which was designed for the 3rd dimension of matter. Ascending from 3D to 5D requires holding more and more light that vibrates at faster and faster speeds. That requires that our physical body must be rewired, transforming from homo-sapien to homo-luminescent.

Let’s use the analogy of a deep-sea diver or scuba diver. It’s all about pressure. Higher altitude exerts less pressure on the body and diving below sea level means greater pressure. Because of this compression, the diver needs to blow air out every 10 feet or so as they rise to the surface.

Imagine that you’ve been living at the bottom of the ocean for a while (thousands or more years in the 3rd Dimension). Now, you are trying to ascend too fast (to 5D), and you get “the bends”.

This journey has lots of twists & turns, each “bend” you may be confronted with your shadows and inner demons. Mike Harrigan says, Each and every trauma, every heartache, each and every energy blockage in your energy field, every thought and perception, can become a doorway into healing and embracing your most authentic self and true multidimensional powers that you’re yet to discover.”

You must go within and do the hard work; that’s a lot of pressure! But I have provided many tools over the years to assist with that. You can even ask Archangel Michael to energetically cut any cords, or you can schedule an appointment with me to perform this releasing ceremony in person. (Or click here to listen to alpha waves clearing dark energy.)

5D is a higher, faster, less dense dimension which is now available on Earth because of the intense influx of light. This is the dimension that sacred texts call “Heaven on Earth.” Using the Scale of Consciousness, it’s a place of love (500), joy (540), peace (600), gratitude (700), empowerment (800), freedom (900), harmony, unity, oneness, Self-Realization (1000).

Archangel Michael continues: “And that way is through your heart. Your heart is the portal to the higher dimensions. Your heart is the seat of your soul. Your heart is the source of your love. And love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love can dissolve fear, heal wounds, create miracles, and transform realities.”

When you spiritually ascend, you begin to sense and remember these higher dimensions. From amnesia to remembering.

“I will not rescue you.

For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you.

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you.

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness

As you remember your light.”

~ A Medicine Woman’s Prayer

Ayni & New Earth

Ayni (Quechua) is a core value that has served generations of Andean people since pre-Inka times. Ayni refers to the concept of reciprocity and practicing mutualism among communities – taking and giving. The law of Ayni states that everything in the world is connected. It’s a sacred balance and right relationship with all existence – right relationship with your body, yourself, your loved ones, your ancestors, nature & all living beings, and your destiny. They recognize only the Oneness.

This is similar to the Hawaiian idea of Ho’opono pono. Pono means…if it works, it’s true. To make rightness with Self & Source. Therefore, Ho’pono pono means double right (pono pono) with Source/God/Goddess. It’s “believing is seeing,” and that the universe will validate every belief we hold about the nature of reality… that everything is connected, and you are Oneness.

In yoga, this is the yama aparigraha (non-attachment) and the principle of karma. A form of giving without the desire to receive in return, but in the awareness that we will be rewarded for our actions as energy that’s created continues to circulate; you don’t want to be indebted. The path of Karma yoga is “ethically fine-tuned action” in dedication to Source or Oneness.

Here's a personal example of ayni & karma: every time I volunteer or offer my services for free, I create karma. Good karma for over-giving but because of reciprocity, karma has also been created for that person(s) who now owes me – in this life or another. So, I have changed my perspective to… “my services are free, but my knowledge is not.” I have invested thousands of hours and dollars into advancing my education and skills and there is value to that. That’s why I am always open to barter services or accept plants, flowers, gift certificates (i.e. mani-pedi), healthy home-made goods, etc. as an energetic exchange of Ayni for those who can’t afford.

In the book Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, the character Maya explains the principle of Ayni in that nobody seems to grasp about this karma business…”You see, as long as life for the majority of souls on this planet is just a long round of starvation, misery, torture, and early death – and believe me, outside this fortunate watershed that is an apt description of the state of affairs – as long as only a few live in comfort while the masses scrape along in want, then all us returning souls have to take our fair share of shift among the hungry.”

With Ayni, all the gifts of the Earth are shared. Starhawk explains that the Utopian communities in her book are self-governed with representatives of various councils and work groups – the Gardeners’ Guild, the Water council, the Healers, the Teachers, etc. What a beautiful Earth!

For the past 3 years, I have been offering a “New Earth Manifestation Meditation” during my yoga classes (track #2). Here is just a brief excerpt:

This is the time of most incredible changes. We stand at the threshold of a new world. It is the rebirth of humankind on a new level, a new level of such wonderful intention, the fundamental physical transformation has begun. You are a beautiful spark of divine love, and a powerful being of light. Everyone is essential for what is happening. We are the guardians of the future. This influx of light is lifting all humanity into a higher octave of divine service. This is a sacred moment. Only love & positivity shall arise.

Open the door in your imagination. Imagine physically walking into this new earth, which we have created in our imagination…where there is only love & unity, no separation, no duality. No need for government systems as we are all one on this new level. Only pure positivity. Heaven on Earth. A world supported by mutual respect for one another. A humanity of all races, all nationalities, all cultures, all religions, all beliefs, and all lifestyles. A rainbow race of people who fully embrace their divinity - reflecting oneness, love light, unity Consciousness, reverence for all life, and decisions & actions that reflect the highest good for all concerned. A divine plan for planet Earth shall manifest. This reality is available to you right now.

I ask that you hold this vision in your heart. Remember who you are. You are divine intelligence. You are pure love. There is nothing else. And you embody that on this planet. The future will be so beautiful. You are so loved. So very loved.

“There is so much light on this planet, but many people are in survival mode right now. We have to lift ourselves up and ascend to our true potential. We are in a period of rebirthing and pushing through heavy layers of our personal journeys.”

~ Agnes Daddona

Keeping an open and inquisitive mind is imperative during this shift in humanity. Raising your frequency and vibration to be in alignment with this new Heaven on Earth is essential.

Be aware of what you consume/digest. Digestion doesn’t just include food/beverages but also external forces that you are bombarded with. Be conscious of… the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, the movies you watch, the books you read, the conversations you have, and the media/social media/news you casually see every day with its subconscious mind programming from advertisements, etc.

It’s important for you to understand that you create the life you want by changing your frequency. Focus on “consuming” high vibrational energies because what you feed your body, breath, mind, and Soul will create the energies that will manifest your reality.

When we constantly choose to be grateful, we notice that every breath is a miracle, and each smile becomes a gift. We begin to understand that difficulties are also invaluable lessons. The Sun (Inti) is always shining FOR us when we are grateful, even if it is hidden behind clouds on a rainy day.

Evolution is happening FOR you, not TO you. Trust the universe. Remember who you are. Embrace your soul, open your heart, and live consciously. It is a gift to be alive, to be embodied.

“We came to break the Matrix”

~ The Starseeds

May the days ahead bring you blessings of endless joy and an abundance of love, happiness, good health, laughter, and so much love. May the love light surround you always. May your dreams be greater than your fears. May your intentions align with your love. May the spirit of Source guide your soul, and your awakening benefit all by changing the world around you. We’re Co-Creators of this reality. I look forward to connecting with you in some way as we co-create this New Earth together.

The only control we have is how to BE in this world. BE love. BE peace. BE grateful. BE light. BE a lighthouse. Vibrate high and radiate brightly on everything and everyone around you. You are needed NOW more than ever in this web of light and wave of Love.

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