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The Great Gaslighting

Did you check out the The Great Awakening Map I mentioned last month?  Over the last 4 years, I have learned about so many institutions, agencies & agendas I have never heard of before:  WEF, WHO, CERN, HAARP, MK Ultra, Proxy War, Gain of Function, Deep State, White Hats, Project Montauk, Project Bluebook, Operation Mockingbird, Cognitive Dissonance, and Gaslighting.  How far you jump down the rabbit hole is up to your own journey.   


Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in an individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or sanity.  The term came from a 1944 movie called “Gas Light” where a husband manipulates his wife into doubting her own reality.  This also includes providing false information & deception to destabilize & dominate others.  In other words, coercive control.


Last month, Pluto moved into the sign of Aquarius (an air sign) for the next 20 years and a new 200-year cycle of Jupiter (Truth) conjunction with Saturn (Structure) in the element of air.  This symbolically signals completing unfinished business as well as bringing power (Pluto) to the people (Aquarius).  Air often brings changes to the collective – politically, socially, environmentally, and emotionally.  I mentioned that the USA is in a Pluto Return from 2022-2024 here and here.  We are nearing the end of that 2 year “wrecking ball” transit that asks us to explore and examine our dark side.


Quantum Perspective is the ability to see reality from multiple points of view at once.  Think of life as a movie that is already finished.  If this is an action-packed thriller, you may wonder if the character will survive to the end of the movie.  But the ending has already happened! 


2020-2024 was just a “Preview” where we saw people awakening and experiencing ascension symptoms.  2024-2028 is the “Opening Act” where some are starting to see all the lies and that the systems – political, financial, economic, religious, educational, medical – are starting to crumple for new, more equitable and sustainable systems to evolve.


If the last 4 years have taught us anything, it’s that the only answer to questions is no answer or censorship.  Sadly, for some people no amount of evidence or lack thereof is enough to shake their faith in our institutions.


One of the greatest challenges we are facing is what constitutes “truth” (Jupiter). When my kids were little, they would request some new gadget or a miracle “pill” that they had seen on TV.  Dan and I would chuckle and say, “If it’s on TV, it must be true.”  Our goal was to instill a bit of skepticism & critical thinking.  And always question who THEY are.  This includes so-called “fact checkers”.  It only takes a bit of research to figure out who they are funded by.  In court, Facebook finally admitted that their “fact check” operation is just opinions.


“For centuries, truth was delegated to the ruling institutions of the time, and hence truth was simply the narrative which conformed to their interests. Then, during the enlightenment period a new idea emerged—that truth could be determined empirically through experimentation and data.


“This in turn gave birth to the scientific revolution, and while not perfect (as vested interests would still try to make their ‘narrative’ be truth irrespective of what the scientific data showed), scientific inquiry began shaping the direction of Western Culture, and in a rocky fashion gradually moved society forward, giving us many of the benefits we take for granted today.


“As a result, science has more and more become the practice of ‘trusting scientific experts’ and not being allowed to question their interpretations of the data—or even see it. This is very different from what science was originally intended to be—the collective endeavor of scientists around the world to put forth ideas and have the ones that stand up to scrutiny become the generally accepted standard.”


The trick here is wading through the temporary illusions that SEEM real.  Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  Stanford History Education Group says it’s important to ask 3 questions when confronted with claims or “conspiracy theories”:

  1. Who is behind the information?  Do they have a vested interest?  Do your due diligence on who is making the claim and are their credentials valid.  And are they REAL experts in their fields?

  2. What is the evidence?  Go directly to the source with credible scientific research.

  3. What do other sources say?  Do a keyword search but just keep in mind that you might be taken down a long & winding rabbit hole.


This is why sovereignty is so important!  Please do NOT give away your freedom to the “experts” whether they are political, educational, religious, financial, medical, etc.  If we didn’t participate in fear, those controlling would have nothing to do!  When we starve them of fear, then it will dissolve.  Do not make choices based on fear.   For example, when you say you are anti-war, you are coming from a place of fear.  Anti-anything causes separation & division; you are picking sides.  Now, if instead you say you are pro-peace, you are coming from a place of love & unity.  Make every decision out of sovereignty & empowerment.  Your reaction feeds or starves the system.  Don’t let any “expert” tell you otherwise.


I always wonder who the “experts” are anyway especially when they are not named, nor their credentials specified.  I mean should a chiropractor weigh in on cardiac issues?  Just because they have a doctorate, would you take medical advice from a PhD in Education?  An example of this is Dr. Jane Ruby, who is not a physician, but a company executive with two PhDs (one in Education & another in Psychology), that manipulated data to make her company’s drug – Suboxone® film - appear low risk for pediatric poisoning.  While she was never charged for creating the fraudulent clinical data, her supervisors and the company were convicted by the Dept of Justice with $2 billion in fines & liabilities.


It's just as easy to buy a scientist as it is to buy a politician.


Many so-called experts have been “paid off” to present ideas that are more harmful than helpful.  Soundbites from celebrities also create compelling characters to push a conflict on the audience.  Don’t forget that they are PAID to read a script.  Since their paychecks are the same corporate sponsors who own the media, you are expected to accept their OPINION because they “are the science.” 


Peeling back the onion layers of opinion.


A large part of pharmaceutical expenditures is advertising – not research & development nor production.  In 1997, former President Clinton “legalized” direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers, meaning companies can directly push their products on the public.  Commercials are intentionally designed to distract the viewer (happy people & uplifting music) from the long list of adverse effects.


Just look at the advertisements themselves.  Have you noticed the quantity of pill pushing and “get your vaccine” ads compared to everything else?  In all my years, I have never seen an ad for ablation or myasthenia gravis until the last year or two.  Why now?


If you have read Dolores Cannon books you would find out that in the distant past when society was at a crisis point in spiritual evolution, a mysterious meteor came and hit the earth.  It contained a virus that affected everyone (at a DNA level) damaging their ability to further evolve. The beings (The Watchers) that oversee us decided to let the experiment continue. Every 26,000 years or so we reach a point or opportunity to make an evolutionary jump that coincides with auspicious alignments of planets and solar flares, etc. With all that ascension light energy now pouring in (the Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Yahweh, Christ consciousness energy), it is feasible that the current elite power structure did not want to lose control and blasted us with a virus again.


Bursting the Bubble

Our free will allows us to go through this life our own way, but we are in an energetic battle.  Many are still in the process of rejecting illusion & control.  As I mentioned last month, people are waking up in waves.  If everyone did so all at once, it would be traumatic.  Imagine the effect on the human psyche and nervous system.  The journey to truth happens in stages.


We heard and saw so many “experts” forcing their truth onto others and if they didn’t comply, they would blame, shame, coerce, or correct them.  That comes from a place of ego which is rooted in separation.  As many people’s truth has evolved, they are returning to cosmic truth and divine love.  This is the place where one can witness and love others free of ego.  There is no need to force their own beliefs onto anyone because they realize everyone has free will to choose their own path and their own experiences.  This reminds me of something my guru, yogi Krishnamarchya said:  Leave your head at home.  In other words, leave your ego at the door.  Yoga is a state of being that comes from your heart, not your head.   The key is discernment.  Yes, stand strong in your truth but do not grasp or cling so tightly to your truth that you cannot evolve and embody cosmic truth.  That includes listening to others with an open heart, open ears, and an open mind.  This is the biggest challenge we face. 

No One Is Coming to Save You.

This life of yours.  It’s your 100% responsibility.


In November, we hit the 4-year mark since the novel coronavirus’ first infection.  FOUR years!  And, over that time, many people have come to realize what my spirit guides told me prior to the pandemic back in 2019 BC (Before Coronavirus) that “there was a nefarious bioweapon coming and it was created in a lab.”  They didn’t tell me when or where and I had no idea what that meant at the time, and then… lockdowns & mandates happened.  Like you, I was glued to the TV as Mainstream Media (MSM) told the world we were in a pandemic. 


While getting my degree in Biology and minor in Chemistry as a pre-med student, I learned about herd immunity, natural immunity (which means you don’t need a “vaccine” if you already contracted the virus), and that viruses mutate until they find a new DNA formula that usually makes them more contagious/transmissible but less deadly.  That’s because viruses are opportunistic, and they don’t want to kill their hosts; they want as many hosts as possible.  If they kill all their hosts, their own demise would be inevitable so the strain mutates (cell division causes change in their genetic code/DNA) so they can thrive too.  This is well known and is what Charles Darwin named Survival of the Fittest. 


That’s also why I have a great respect for these highly organized beings.  Let me say that again, I RESPECT them, I don’t fear them.  Fear is 100 on the Scale of Consciousness and it wrecks the immune system making you more vulnerable to all dis-ease.  The shamans say there is no difference between a virus and a jaguar, they both want to eat you for lunch.  To me the difference is that we respect the jaguar as an apex predator but not the invisible germs.


My husband Dan is in healthcare with a degree in Chemistry and Medical Technology.  So, in early 2020, when I heard about this “deadly” virus my Spidey-senses kicked in.  The only difference was I trusted my spirit guides and Dan trusted the science…until he didn’t.


One of the few positive aspects of the Covid campaign is that many people I knew who were pro-vaccine or on the fence have decided vaccination has serious issues which need to be looked at.  In other words, vaccine safety concerns have gone from a fringe viewpoint very few were even aware of to a mainstream political position.  Rasmussen Reports that 49% of Americans believe the covid shots are causing a significant number of unexplained deaths, almost half of vaccinated American adults believe they suffered an adverse reaction, and 28% now know someone who died from one!  The majority of the population is worried about their side effects.


The pHARMamaceutical industry tells us there is a problem and then offers a product based on resolution of a fear-based idea of this problem.  The very product creates and perpetuates the problem.  How many lessons do we need to have before we can immediately recognize & reject these fear-based manipulation methods?  I highly recommend watching Painkiller on Netflix about how the Sackler family of Purdue Frederick in Norwalk, CT created America’s opioid epidemic.  Also, Dopesick on Hulu.  This is a critical crisis, and I share this in case you have covid amnesia or experienced cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive Dissonance is the discomfort one feels when their behavior does not align with their values or beliefs, and it can be caused by forced compliance, new information, or decisions.  It’s when one can’t or won’t see another point of view.  Belief is not necessarily reality. 


In Dr. Pierre Kory’s Medical Musings, he shares the following:  In many ways, forcing two opposing viewpoints to present their evidence and then having the appropriate parties determine which side presented the preponderance of evidence and thus “wins” is the best solution our species has developed for settling otherwise irreconcilable differences of opinion.  Unfortunately, as our times have shown, the natural response to having our society place a heavy weight on “evidence” is to have dishonest parties “win,” not by being on the side with the best evidence, but rather by buying out the entire evidence base and censoring the opposition – effectively creating a much more sophisticated form of “might makes right.”


Everything is an illusion (maya) as it’s filtered through brainwashing & grooming to be a “good follower”.  This is what mind control looks like (please click the highlighted link).  “Misinformation” is being used as a justification to censor any viewpoint that challenges the status quo.  You literally have the government & pHARMa pressuring all media & social media giants (all of them) to suppress simple discussion.  Similar tactics were first introduced in the 1950’s by a PR firm working for the tobacco industry when their products started looking bad in scientific literature.  Back then the doctors & scientists debated using data. 


Pharma & MSM are skilled at disinformation and this has given many people covid amnesia – forgetting that in 2021-2022 they joined what Deepak Chopra calls the tribal mindset; they bullied, blamed & shamed (20 vibration), guilt-tripped (30), said you’re putting people at risk (fear 100), and were upset/angry (150) with those who followed a different calling/truth.


According to a 2021 New York Post piece, Dr. Anthony Fauci said it was “proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit, and they get vaccinated.”


German writer and yoga teacher Heinz Grill gave a compelling insight into the “cosmic energy” especially in 2021 – a “dark shadow-specter” as he called it, that has descended on humanity and has affected everyone to varying degrees. It explains a lot about why so many people succumbed to the fear and why even so many spiritually striving people and truth seekers have been hijacked. 


Medical Gaslighting versus Real Science

A telling sign that the narrative is shifting toward the truth is that YALE is now recruiting the community to understand the long-term effects of virus & vax injured. Here’s the link on their website: "LISTEN study" (stands for Listen to Immune, Symptom and Treatment Experiences Now).  I’m glad that it’s all coming out so we can go about healing and finding solutions for those who have been harmed.


I believe it’s both the virus AND vaccine doing damage.  And there are enough documents and receipts to demonstrate we’ve ALL BEEN PLAYED.  If this was indeed a plan-demic, why wouldn't they cover all the bases? 


Last month, I mentioned The Removal Act of indigenous people here in the USA.  When people say depopulation agenda, how can you not consider the weaponization of a virus and a potential “death” shot for worldwide genocide?


Spiritual Consequences & Beyond

Spiritually or from a Consciousness point of view, the curious thing about this virus that I mentioned last month is that it damages not just the heart (myocarditis/pericarditis) but also the pineal gland and the area of the brain that could eventually cause dementia.  When we sleep and enter the deepest state of sleep, the REM cycle, we release a chemical compound within our pineal gland.  This is called Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which allows us to connect with Universal Consciousness/Source.  Damaging the pineal gland would force us to literally forget who we really are before we get a chance to remember. 


In addition, our drinking water is dosed with high levels of fluoride.  Did you know that the pineal gland has the highest levels of fluoride in the body?  And, that accumulation calcifies this gland.  The pineal gland is linked to the third eye & crown chakra and our connection to spirit.  The pineal gland also produces melatonin.  How many are having trouble with insomnia over the last couple of years?   We are being poisoned spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Luckily, there are a few scientific & medical doctors, researchers, immunologists, cardiologists, oncologists, and technical experts who spoke the truth back in 2021.  Unfortunately, they were systematically censored.  But because of their integrity and continuing courage, the world is becoming aware of the weaponization of an engineered virus and mRNA “vaccines” contaminated with plasmid DNA fragments.  The fact that both Moderna and Pfizer shots were adultered has been proven by the US FDA, Health Canada, and the European Medicines Agency.  So how did this contamination escape detection?


If you want the specific scientific explanations, you can read more hereFDA guidelines state that the presence of highly active regulatory sequences is a concern due to potential insertional mutagenesis, which is a form of genotoxicity (including unusually aggressive cancer now coined “turbo cancer”).  Obviously, this is a breach of informed consent and labeling requirements.  Here’s the federal law about adulterated drugs. 


C. Pfeiffer, M.D. a Molecular Biologist and medical doctor said: “What these vaccines have in common is that they are not ‘classical’ vaccines, but gene transfer technologies, such as those used in gene therapy studies. In a unique way, all safety criteria, testing criteria and study criteria, which are otherwise strict in vaccine research, have been greatly softened.  Even though very effective treatments for Covid-19 are available but have been officially suppressed.”


Unfortunately, many researchers have demonstrated that those who have been dosed with these “safe & effective” products become MORE likely to develop severe disease or death when compared to those who acquired natural immunity through viral infection or did not participate in the gene therapy experiment.  That means all those billions of plasmid DNA fragment contaminated doses have put millions at risk WITHOUT their consent, and the manufacturers were aware of the risks but didn’t disclose them to regulatory agencies.


We have given too much of our power away to these “alphabet” agencies.  Why aren’t we questioning ALL institutions?


In The Dirty Truth, Jessica Chichester says: “We were told that we were free and then we were put against the wall and told that if we didn’t give in, we would lose our jobs, our house, our lives.  Many did.  Many didn’t.  Many lives have been lost, many questions unanswered.  Cover your face, stare into the TV…it’ll be ok, they say, as the world crumbles…or that’s what they just decided to show us, knowing fear blocks every decision making, love promoting, neural pathway in the mind.  Stay frozen and don’t breathe.”


Those that took what some religious factions are calling the “mark of the beast” will be shocked about the truth of the last 4 years.  When you tell someone something they’ve believed is a lie, the immediate reaction is anger (150 on the Scale of Consciousness).  Well, WE’VE ALL BEEN LIED TO!  The most important part is that you want to mentally prepare for what’s still coming.  People’s minds will be shattered when all this information is fully disclosed.  You might want to read Elizabeth April’s book You’re not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up.


“If you want to rebel, rebel from inside the system.”

~ Marie Lu


In January, I watched the 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions.  Tom Morello’s speech was one of the most inspiring and influential speeches of our time, in my opinion.  A guitarist & singer with Rage Against the Machine, he believes that music that provokes change empowers us to be the change.  I think that’s why I love rock & roll so much.  These icons broke every rule, bucked the establishment, and stirred up rebellion.  And thanks to Tom Morello, Elon Musk & JP Sears, it aligns with my new mantra:  Stand up against illegitimate authority (TM).  Go fuck yourself (EM).  I do not comply (JS).


The world is facing many challenges and uncertainties.  The last 4 years have taught us the preciousness of life and the importance of making informed & intuitive choices from the Soul.  May 2024 bring us closer to a positive timeline and a world of peace.  Peace, love & prosperity for all. 

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