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Sacred Sovereignty: Freedom of Consciousness

Updated: Jan 10

As humanity continues to wake up to our true nature of being, to our absolute value as humans, and to our divine relationship to our world and our Creator, it is crucial that we really understand what it is to be a ‘sovereign being’.


When we attribute sovereignty only to institutions, to nations or monarchs, we cannot also consider ourselves sovereign.  Instead, we are merely subjects or slaves to the system, unable to act independently and without outside interference.


We were born to this planet simply to live a human incarnation. We are fractals of divine creation, an infinity spark of extreme intelligence.  The Earth is our home, one we were gifted to enjoy and share its abundance.


Sovereignty starts with you. You CHOOSE sovereignty for yourself; to feel sovereign; to live sovereign, to BE sovereign. It’s that simple.  In other words, you don’t need to ask permission!  But you do need to assert your sovereignty.


“Sovereignty is a concept fundamental to our freedom. Without individual sovereignty, we are merely slaves. Without true independence, we may only walk someone else’s path.”

~ Andy Whiteley



There has been so much disempowerment of women for thousands of years.  I heard this quote: “Instead of spreading your legs, spread wisdom.”  It made me immediately think of the iconic Marilyn Monroe standing over the manhole cover with the wind lifting her skirt up.  So much symbolism there.


With patriarchal systems, the divine feminine is considered less powerful, less valuable, and personal property.  It all started with the story of the Garden of Eden, Adam sexualizing & dominating Eve, God cursing women, and a fall from grace for eating from the Tree of Knowledge.


I’m not Christian bashing, but I do find this perspective of Christianity intriguing:

The popular belief that a celestial Jewish baby, born from a virgin mother, died for 3 days so that he could ascend to heaven on a cloud and then make you live forever only if you symbolically eat his flesh, drink his blood, and telepathically tell him you accept him as your lord & savior so he can remove an evil force from your spiritual being that is present in all humanity because an immoral woman made from a man’s rib was hoodwinked by a talking reptile possessed by a malicious angel to secretly eat forbidden fruit from a magical tree.


I don’t understand the ritual of symbolically eating flesh and drinking blood as it seems cannibalism at best.  I mean there are so many ritualistic symbols here. 


Many religious texts and traditions have historically been interpreted and presented in ways that reinforce patriarchal norms.  Traditional patriarchal societies often concentrate power in the hands of men, reinforcing hierarchical structures.  Men are often seen in the roles of protectors and providers…but also competition for territories.


The warrior archetype has been corrupted by patriarchy into enemy patterning.  When we get into the tribal mindset of us versus them, according to Steven Noble, it allows you to “feel obliged, duty-bound to harm or be harmed, to kill or be killed, to enslave or be enslaved.”  When you pick a side, you are creating separation/duality.  There will never be peace unless we clear lifetimes of violence, war, harm, enslavement, and/or death on the battlefield.  When we fight about who should be in power, we fight for patriarchy or matriarchy.  Hmm….how about Anarchy.  Anarchists propose a society free of authority, power & government; a culture based on institutions modeled around community and equitability.  Even the word arche-type is an original model, a prototype, after which similar things are patterned.  In Jungian psychology, an archetype is an inherited pattern of thought from past collective experience which exists in the current unconscious.


So much held in our subconscious is ancestral trauma, carried down through generations.  It’s time to clear and heal trauma (especially sexual trauma) and reclaim our divine place with the divine masculine and return the positive attributes of the warrior archetype both feminine & masculine.  The divine feminine provides balance for the divine masculine.  One does not rule or dominate over the other.


Not only are we bringing traumas to the surface.  This is one of the most traumatic times to live.  We are being triggered at every corner.  We need to heal on all levels – physically, mentally, spiritually.  Being triggered and practicing non-judgment are both aspects of emotional and mindfulness awareness.


According to Amy Jacques, in The Gifts of No Judgment, she says: “Judging ourselves and judging others has torn down people and communities.  Conversely, embracing a mindset free of judgment can bring forth numerous gifts and benefits to our lives.”


Non-judgment is a core principle of mindfulness.  Observing your thoughts and emotions not clouded by judgment allows you to be present in the moment and accept things as they are.  When we let go of judgment – of ourselves and others - we open ourselves to a world of acceptance, peace & deeper connections.  By practicing non-judgment, we become curious and learn to see the world with empathy and compassion.  We no longer need to label experiences as good or bad, there’s no need for comparison, which brings a sense of freedom and liberation.



You can’t be truly free if you are passing judgment.  The idea of a deity passing judgment on human actions and determining the fate of individuals based on their behavior is a common theme in many religious narratives.


For example, Ancient Egyptians believed in the Goddess Ma'at, representing cosmic order and justice. The heart of the deceased was judged against the feather of Ma'at in the afterlife's Hall of Two Truths. If the heart was found to be lighter than the feather, the individual would be deemed righteous and proceed toward bliss and the afterlife.  If instead, one lived a life being in service to self, their soul’s “heart” was heavy, they were devoured, and the soul ceased to exist.


I find the concept of Hell difficult to comprehend.  I don’t believe it exists, but rather it’s yet another man-made belief to gain control.  Dr. Scott Koeneman made a great point, you wouldn’t condemn your children each time they made a mistake. Why would God/Goddess condemn his children to eternal punishment for mistakes?  I could never get on board with a judgmental hellfire & brimstone kind of universal divine being.


I prefer the shamanic view that there is nothing in the cosmos that is NOT part of God/Goddess, not part of the Divine.  The indigenous didn’t understand the Judeo-Christian concept that if Heaven is above, then Hell must be below.  They believed that below us is the rich, abundant Mother Earth, the source of all life, and that all life is an endless cycle of birth, death, and regeneration.  Life and death were not oppositional but two phases of a single process.


I consider myself a mystic or gnostic.  I believe in the principles of the Christ but also Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Yahweh, etc.  I believe in a direct relationship with God/Goddess, and that Source is in all things.  I believe in the golden rule and serving humanity.  I do not believe in the fabricated lies and rules forced upon society to wield power and control over people and communities.


Jesus was not a Christian.  The term “Christian” refers to a follower of Christ or of the teachings of Jesus.  He revealed a deeply intimate way humans could communicate with God/Goddess without the need for preachers/priests or a set of rules. Christianity did not exist during his life as they had not yet taken shape.  Jesus was a Jewish teacher and healer, but also a yogi, shaman, and mystic.


But those were the sacred teachings of yesteryear.  Today, political, economic, and historical factors play significant roles in the outbreak of wars and conflicts.  I mentioned the Astrology of War in my February 2022 musings.  However, patriarchy and religion have also played roles in contributing to conflicts and have led to wars.  Curious, that not one war was in the name of Satan. 


Some religious doctrines and institutions have been historically patriarchal, with male-dominated hierarchies.  Religious leaders wield influence, power and control over followers which can be used to perpetuate conflicts between those seeking to challenge or resist this power.  Religious differences, when coupled with dogmatic beliefs, can contribute to ideological conflicts and religious clashes.  And beliefs can be manipulated or interpreted in ways that justify violence.



When the concept of government was created by humanity, it was created with a specific purpose; to serve the needs of the people. The government was effectively entrusted with returning benefits TO the people, as Trustees to our needs.


However, the behavior of those claiming to be “government” today is in complete contrast with this trust agreement. Today’s “government” acts as executor and beneficiary.


What we’re seeing in modern ‘politics’ is the gradual erosion of our individual human rights and the insertion of limited privileges in their place. And by granting privileges in place of our inalienable rights, government is assuming a level of authority superior to the natural relationship between ourselves, our planet, and the divine Creator.


From the book Myths of Asana: “Lying on the great serpent Ananta on the great ocean of possibility, Vishnu noticed this separateness in the practice of yoga, and he thought it would be a good idea to find a way to bring everyone together. As the grand preserving force of the universe, Vishnu watches carefully to see when we need a course correction here on earth.” 


Polarization has become paralysis.


Author Benjamin Creme talks about Maitreya, a spiritual custodian of human evolution and master of wisdom.  Maitreya has advised humanity to make the needed changes to put our world on a more sane, fairer path.

Maitreya is said to show that essentially all are one - no matter the color, gender, faith, sexual orientation - that the Earth belongs to all, and that sharing of that abundance is the key to our future.  This is the principle of ayni.  Only living in peace and reciprocity will end the plagues of war and terror.  When we see this, we will rise to the challenge and tackle the many problems that exist now.


Sovereignty is complete independence and self-governance; it’s freedom from external control.  Mental autonomy includes freedom of thought – the right not to reveal one’s thoughts, not to be penalized for one’s thoughts, and not to have one’s thoughts manipulated (i.e. propaganda, censorship, dis/misinformation, etc.).  Freedom of Speech has absolute protection under the First Amendment, at least at the moment in the USA.  Sovereignty is also the supreme power over body autonomy.


Bodily Autonomy

One of the positive aspects of the last 4 years is that many have become aware that we are being manipulated, lied to, and forced to comply with the wishes of Globalist Elites who exert their will via force, violence, and coercion on a global scale. Dr. Robert Malone says: “The work of reporters Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi (The Racket News) and so many others have picked up where Carl Bernstein once left off in documenting the Censorship-Industrial complex. We now have the documents and receipts demonstrating how thoroughly we have all been played. The question now is what to do about it.”


There is a theory that the covid shots were designed to shut down the heart & third eye/crown chakra (pineal gland) and create an artificial nervous system to bypass the natural organic body.  For those who want evidence, just look at the adverse events data – significantly increased myocarditis/pericarditis as well as neurological disorders including brain tumors & cancer since the shots were introduced.  In addition, the energetic & etheric bodies have been damaged making it more difficult to tap into that divine Consciousness ("brain fog").  If you want to know more about this, I recommend the book Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective by Thomas Mayer. 



In his speech at the International Crisis Summit, Dr. Mattias Desmet provides a glimpse into his prescription for healing those who have been damaged, and his vision for how we can recover our sovereignty, personal psychological autonomy, and rebuild a more functional society devoid of the nefarious hidden hand of Elite-sponsored propaganda and psychological manipulation.


Dr. Jordan Peterson says our contemporary environment does a poor job in our sovereignty.  “Our media deceives and manipulates us.  Much of our food is only a simulation of nutrition.  Our ideologies are often confused and self-destructive – leading us away from rather than towards a position of sovereignty and responsibility.” 


Are you no where, or now here?  Notice how that one space changes everything!  In order to navigate these interesting times, it’s important to ground down to the Earth and grow up to the Light...NOW.  Here we find the balance necessary to meet the challenges that will continue.


I offer this section from one of my meditations that grows your Sovereignty…

You are a sovereign being, in control of your own body, mind & spirit.  The very physical form of the human being is changing from homosapien to homoluminescent.  This is a phenomenal time in history.  You now have access to the gold frequency - not the precious metal, but its multi-dimensional light structure – which allows you to function on this high vibrational wavelength.  The gold frequency embodies the infinity spark of this universe.  (Transfiguration is a good starting point.)


It is about your frequency and rebuilding your body from the inside out to carry your new higher vibration.  Your frequency is what will govern all of the outcomes in your personal experience.  Refuse to allow your quality of life and your rights to be taken away.  Focus on what embodies more love. 


This Sovereignty Prayer is statements or declarations of intention to the Universal Intelligence.  They are made to the divine God/Goddess and the highest beings of light.


We honor the sacred divine feminine as we return back to balance with the divine masculine. Mother Earth free of pesticides, poisons, pollution, chemtrails, harmful radiation, etc.  We radiate peace to the war zones to diffuse all conflicts so they may end.  All that is low vibration (evil) is neutralized and dissolved in the divine Source light.

Banish all lower vibrational fear & limitation, delusions & illusions, clear anything & everything that seeks to impede or block my mission.  Clear & release all false light beings, false light messages, false authority, false light prophets & paths, and negative alien intentions that are not in alignment with the divine God/Goddess Source light.


Releasing all hatred & greed from every wavelength of my personal field.  Releasing all selfishness.  Letting go of what no longer serves my highest good.  Transmuting anything that does not serve the Source light.  Transfiguring all darkness remaining here on earth so that only good remains. 


All beings, life forces, entities, awareness’s, accumulations, and all else that exists that does not have my highest interest & the highest interests of all life everywhere, and/or is not in the highest service to the one, true God/Goddess of all creation in thought, form, action, deed…and all artificial intelligences and all technologies that are part of or supporting them and all life not created by the ONLY true God/Goddess of all creations…I demand you to leave my mind, spirit, body & soul, and all that I am on all dimensions, densities, levels, and locations - now and forever.


All permissions to create or maintain attachments, infiltrate from within or without, cohabitate or possess in part or in whole, affect or defect in any way, to feed off of, manipulate, change, alter or create any pain, suffering or distortions to my mind, thoughts, feelings, body, genetics, or any part of what I am… is permanently now and forever removed.


Any contracts, agreements, or obligations I have made that are not in my highest interest, the highest interests of all life everywhere, and not in the highest service to the one true God/Goddess of all creation…I now declare null and void.


Any dents, tears, holes, or missing areas of any kind in any of what I am is to be filled by the pure light of the divine Source Spirit, the one true God/Goddess of all creation.


Repeat loudly: 

  • If there is any energy in my personal field that is not mine, that I have absorbed or picked up from others or situations, I ask that it now be cleansed & cleared in the light.

  • If I have given or lost any energy in my personal field to others or situations, I call my energy, my soul fragments, back and I ask that it be cleansed & cleared in the light.

  • I release all heavy thoughts, emotions, vibrations I might have consciously or subconsciously picked up and send them into the light for healing & transmutation.

  • I am a sovereign being, in control of my own choices, freedom & biology.  I ask to be given full access to all layers of my body – physical & etheric.

  • I release all that is no longer useful across all time, space, dimensions & realities to pursue my soul’s highest purpose in this lifetime. 

  • Every thought is infused with the light of Unity Consciousness.  All beliefs are being upgraded in the light of love.  All stories are being upgraded to higher frequencies of possibility.  My body & being filled with the pure divine love light, the gold frequency.  My heart filled with expansive light, expanding in boundless love, illuminating the way to the highest choice in each & every moment.

  • I am creating love, integrity, truthfulness, dignity, and power through divine love for all energy, in all dimensions, across all space & time.  I COMMAND all energy to define itself as these attributes.  

  • I offer myself in humble gratitude to be in service to this planet, to humanity, and all the beings of the 100% white light who are working with me.  I am here at this powerful moment in time for divine service.

  • I am free and sovereign in all aspects and dimensions of my being.  My mission & calling are sovereign.

We welcome the highest frequencies into our earth and ourselves.  Experiencing a high vibrational protection, a magical & loving reality, and remembering our true nature as Unity Consciousness, unbounded & free; a timeless, limitless, borderless, formless, weightless, genderless, immortal, infinite intelligence, divine, multi-dimensional cosmic being of Source light.  We welcome the Goddess of all that is back to the Earth.  May there be peace on Earth.  Abundance for all.  Healing for all.


And so it is. As it is said it is now done & sealed in the power of the one true Creator, the God/Goddess of all love light.


Many don’t believe we can resolve all these conflicts, but blogger Michael Mascolo PhD believes that self-conscious choice-making leads to sovereignty.  Sovereignty is the capacity to take responsibility and be a conscious agent.  Spider Man popularized the saying, “With great power there must also come great responsibility.”  But the original quote is from Eleanor Roosevelt – “With freedom comes responsibility.”


The quest for sovereignty from patriarchy, religion, and government represents a collective and evolving endeavor towards individual autonomy, equality, and freedom. The struggle to break free from patriarchal norms involves dismantling deeply ingrained societal structures that perpetuate inequalities and limit the full potential of individuals, regardless of their gender. Similarly, seeking independence from the influence of religious institutions underscores the importance of personal beliefs and the right to choose one's spiritual path, free from imposed dogmas. Furthermore, the pursuit of sovereignty from governmental control emphasizes the need for transparent, inclusive, and accountable governance that respects and protects the rights of its citizens. As societies progress, the pursuit of sovereignty becomes an ongoing process of challenging, reshaping, and redefining these power dynamics, fostering a future where individuals can authentically express themselves and participate fully in shaping their destinies.


We must ALL stand up and act for everyone’s right to free choices – freedom of thought, conscience, body, religion, or belief.  Free will choice is unconditionally protected by universal law.


I am you.  You are me.  We are one.  I love you. I honor you. I respect you.

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