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Pluto Return Revisited

March was most likely the most difficult month of 2023 because we experienced 32 different transits (important star alignments) including a Venus-Jupiter conjunction (a lot of love especially self-love), Pluto moving into Aquarius (shifting control back to the people), very high frequency Spring Equinox on a New Moon, gamma rays from the Sun, lots of class X solar flares, and a spiking Schumann Resonance (SR). Plus, Earth began entering a new photon belt for the next 2,000 years!

On March 28th, the sun emitted a class X12 solar flare which is the most intense flare. Solar flares occur when a buildup of magnetic energy on the sun is suddenly released; they are powerful bursts of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum.

On March 29th, NASA spotted a burst of radiation that was crowned the “BOAT” (Brightest Of All Time.) This was a gamma-ray burst, the most powerful kind of explosion, about “70 times brighter than any yet seen.” Based on research data, these events only occur once every 10,000 years.

The base Schumann Resonance (Earth’s heartbeat or natural vibration) frequency is 7.83hz but can vary due to solar-induced disturbances. It was considered an anomaly to rise to the 15-25hz level. On January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, it reached 36+hz. Recently, the SR has been spiking off the charts with something hitting the Earth’s electromagnetic shield as well as x-rays hitting the planet with another class X10 solar flare. 3 major spikes mid-March followed by a repeating daily pattern increasing in intensity. Something is causing these SR spikes, some exceeding 40hz. On March 27th we were bombarded for 11 hours!

Below is an image of the electromagnetic spectrum. Notice how SMALL the portion of visible light is. That’s the area of the spectrum that we can actually see. The rest of the spectrum, while not visible, is affecting us.

Then April happened…

I posted this on 4/19/23: Eclipses bring things to light, and they illuminate what’s been hidden. From Astrologer Anne Ortelee: It's the second Aries New Moon this year — a rare occurrence in itself. Anticipate a shakeup in the balance of power: this is the first Eclipse to happen while Pluto is in Aquarius. Things fall apart under aspects like these.

From the GFL....On 4/20/23, there will be a highly significant alignment of several planets and stars, which will result in the creation of a portal of high-frequency energy that will have a profound effect on the Earth and all life that exists on it. A door of opportunity for a qualitative leap in your development will open before you as this portal activates. This means that you will have the opportunity to speed up the activation of your light body and go through a profound change in your being as a result of the transformation. You will have the option to either stay in the old paradigm of fear, separation and limitation, or to embrace the new paradigm of love, unity and abundance.

And another one of my posts on 4/23/23: New Moon. Mercury is officially Retrograde. Schumann Resonance (SR) near record frequencies. Maxed out Solar Flare. Eclipse Season. We are in the period between the 4/20 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries and the 5/5 Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, causing one of the most powerful moments of the year - when the energy of both creates a bridge between one state of Consciousness or evolution. April 21st, M1 Solar Flare maxed out. Mercury retrograde in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. Wake up.

As I mentioned, we had a couple of SR whiteouts on 2/17, 3/17 and 4/17 (hmmm, the 17th of each month?) These white patches indicate an energy wave is going through. Today 4/23, we had a 49-hour whiteout with an amplitude (blast) of 140 Hz. Incoming energy waves such as solar flares, new/full moons, etc. can affect the SR and our human body. These blasts can also affect your Consciousness and Soul ascension.

“Every second, a multitude of pulses travel around the world in this unique, resonant chamber between Earth and the ionosphere, sending colluding signals to all microorganisms. These signals couple us to the Earth’s magnetic field. Named after their discoverer, these Schumann Resonances drive the harmonizing pulse for life in our world.”

~ Eric Thompson

Photo of the same galaxy viewed from different electromagnetic frequencies.-->

The daily changing electromagnetics gives your Soul the ability to manifest magic with your light, here on Gaia. We are not only dealing with eclipse energies unlike any other, but we are also dealing with significant planetary energies. These intense energies have been building to the peak of the recent 4/20 eclipse. The SR also spiked off the charts on 4/20. This solar eclipse is heralding major changes and transformations in our lives. We are now inside the eclipse window with the May 5th Scorpio Lunar Eclipse this Friday. New Moon in Aries is in a tense aspect with Pluto. Pluto’s message is “It hurts but it frees you?”

Something incredible has started happening. The light started getting brighter. By Itself. So bright that the layers started shattering, falling away. Not for everyone but some of us. This is a POWERFUL clearing. Reflect your own light during this darkening. You may become aware of what is holding you back so you can become clearer on what needs to be released and what needs to stay. Then you start to see the world you create/manifest. Think of something that makes you feel amazing, and it will manifest with action. The SR electromagnetic energy is your best friend.

These cosmic energies are difficult on the physical body. Make sure you are hydrating - extra hydration. Increase magnesium supplements or foods. Try a salt bath with baking soda and/or essential oils. Take good Self-care. Self-care IS Self-love. Your body is just a container for light. The purpose of Soul/infinity spark is to experience this life, learn lessons, and see the world from your perspective. Until you realize that God/Goddess/Source Light is not outside but WITHIN you, then the whole reality changes. It's talking right now. Are you listening?

Via Vilma Capuano: After a heavy and karmically charged year 2022 and early 2023, May and June will feel like the beginning of a massive global cycle of change not seen in 240+ years involving Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter/Knot of Fate kicking us off during the May 5th lunar eclipse.

So much power is hitting the electromagnetic field – Earth’s and ours. Research from the HeartMath Institute wrote, "It appears that increased cosmic rays, solar radio flux (an index that indicates solar activity), and Schumann Resonance power are all associated with increased HRV (heart rate variability) and increased parasympathetic activity, and the ANS (autonomic nervous system) responds quickly to changes in these environmental factors." There even have been studies that show human brain waves respond to changes in Earth’s magnetic fields. Our bodies are experiencing so much light energy.

It is prophesized that the Great Solar Flash is coming soon. This flash of brilliance will help people become illuminated. This is the ascension and moving from a fear-based reality into a heart and love-based reality. Will you continue to be manipulated by the dark or step into the light? Will you not see (Nazi)? Or go within, as Mike Meyers explains about intimacy in the movie The Love Guru, into me see?

The planets can tell you a great deal and we have several continuing and developing themes, but 2023’s astrology has some unique features. So…let’s revisit the celestial body, Pluto, for more details about what we are all experiencing.

The US was founded in July 1776. According to Historical Astrology, Ebenezer Sibly was the astrologer who calculated the horoscope and based on that he timed when the Declaration of Independence should be signed in the USA. There are other US natal charts, but the Sibly chart seems to have the best historical documentation and “every major event in American history has a correlating transit to planets in this chart.”

What’s remarkable about this decade is that the US is having TWO Returns in its Natal chart. Pluto returns to the 2nd House (Values & Money) and Uranus in the 6th house (Service, Work & Health). Both returning to the height of enlightenment that inspired Jefferson, Madison & Franklin. The Declaration was a statement of political philosophy, and the US chart reflects what they were attempting to achieve at the time. 248 years later, we’re at a point of reckoning where Uranus & Pluto are returning to where they were in the beginning. I did say 2023 would be the year of reckoning!

It takes about 250 years for Pluto to revolve around the sun. Therefore, no individual goes through a Pluto Return, only countries do. The placement of Pluto in the 2nd house of the Sibly chart would indicate why America is the wealthiest nation on the planet. This Pluto Return is transformational and long-lasting. Pluto is death, destruction, rebirth & renewal.

The Roman Empire experienced 2 Pluto returns, once between 218-220 AD and again 461-468 AD. We know how that one turned out. Russia’s most recent Pluto Return was exact when Stalin died in early 1953. France saw the death of Napoleon on the exact aspect in 1821. Scotland’s second return saw the Jacobite Rebellion crushed by the English in 1745. England has survived 3 Pluto returns but not without significant turmoil. There is an established pattern to the Pluto Returns. And now the USA is getting a spiritual makeover, a metamorphosis, and the proverbial phoenix rising.

The second return is Uranus. Uranus was in Gemini during the formation of America and the period of the Revolutionary War (1774-1782). It takes Uranus 84 years to cycle, so this is the 3rd return since the founding of America. This time it is simultaneously overlapping the Pluto Return. (Go to The Astrology Podcast for a very detailed account of the incoming and outgoing astrological energies of all these historic events.) Here’s a quick summary:

  • 1st return - Civil War/ Emancipation Proclamation when Lincoln freed the enslaved peoples & declared our nation is one of freedom (1858-1866).

  • 2nd return - WW2 era and the Cold War (1941-1949)

  • 3rd times a charm. We don’t know what form this battle will take as it shifts into Gemini in 2025. We’re already feeling the effects of Uranus (China, Russia, etc.). The reckoning is bringing up old wounds & forcing us to face our shadows which could lead to profound redemption and/or radical transformation.

The past meets the future as they meet again. Let’s hope the past doesn’t repeat itself!

This year promises to be an exciting one for astronomy enthusiasts, as several significant planetary positions are set to occur. Among the notable planets, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus will undergo these celestial events, where they will pass in front of or behind another celestial object. These transits provide a rare opportunity to understand and gain insight into these planetary archetypes. These alignments will occur at various times and in different parts of the sky, providing us the chance to explore what they mean in understanding our cosmic origins.

Pluto: The Bloodhound

Pluto sniffs out the stuff we bury, our shadows, and the underworld. It is linked to destruction and endings. Ideally, we’re able to put our egos aside to do what’s best for the collective. Letting go. It’s a good time to recognize how we may limit ourselves and our experiences if we deny our connection to the more vulnerable, messy, or chaotic side of ourselves. It’s a step-by-step, slow-but-sure process.

Pluto has been transiting Capricorn for many years, and it has more work to do in the sign. It entered Capricorn in 2008 with the financial collapse. It reveals the shadow of our systems and for 16 years it’s been destroying all of our hierarchical structures. However, in 2023, it makes its first dip into the sign of Aquarius from March 23rd to June 11th where we get a glimpse of the power of Pluto to transform our Consciousness. Here we plant the seeds before full steam ahead in 2024 where Pluto will stay for two decades.

Not in 225 years, has Pluto been in Aquarius. Back when the US was founded and now our country is experiencing a Pluto Return. The old ways are dying, and this is a brand-new beginning.

While Pluto is in Aquarius, we take social structures and politics seriously and seek major reform in these areas. Unusual, intense, or dramatic happenings are possible. During this long cycle, we will likely confront issues of control and power related to individuality, equality, friendships, and group associations. It’s a quest to distinguish ourselves for our progressiveness, humanitarianism, or unique qualities.

We have a few months in Aquarius before it goes retrograde back in Pisces. Pluto will be weaving in and out of Aquarius and Pisces until late 2024; it’s a big energy shift. To let go of limitation, mass manipulation, and mind control programs. We are invited to shed the illusions and programming (it’s called TV programming for a reason!) and reclaim divine wisdom so we can liberate ourselves to our full infinite potential and new phase of human evolution. It’s an opportunity to regain our sovereignty, to embrace our humanness, and step into divine power. This is what the prophecies say about shifting from homo-sapiens to homo-luminescent.

Pluto will flirt with Aquarius again from 1/20/24 until 9/1/24. It won’t consistently transit the sign until 11/19/24 where it will spend between 19-20 years until 3/8/43.

Why so many dates? Pluto is very slow-moving, and with retrograde activity (re-verse, re-turn or go backward), it advances only about 1-3 degrees per year, depending on the sign.

It’s a great time for technological advances. It’s also a time when we seek to change and overhaul society through science, inventions, and the mind/ideas. The 20ish years in Aquarius is not just about innovation and advanced technology but unlocking new levels of Consciousness. Pluto is about radical transformation which means with radical shift comes significant shadow work. For some, it may be challenging to face uncomfortable things that have been ignored. We’ve been cut off from our own universe and cosmic origins. To step boldly into the future. We are re-membering who we are and witnessing the fruits of our labors. We are stepping into a new world based on truth, freedom, and authenticity. The new Earth already exists. It just needs you to manifest it through your Consciousness. Ask yourself: How can I “see” through the eyes of love? Like God/Goddess/Source. The new Earth is just a vibration away!

“To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.”

~Star Trek (1966-1969)

Saturn: Restriction, Limitation, Structure & Self-Discipline

On March 7th, Saturn came to the end of its transit of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and headed into Pisces, 2 fishes swimming in opposite directions back into balance. With Saturn in Aquarius, it was a time of clearing and simplifying; a need to structure, order, organize, and shape up. Now Saturn leaves Aquarius, not to return to that sign for another 27 years. Saturn will continue dancing with duality in the dual flow of Pisces until 2025/2026.

While Saturn is in Pisces, there can be some frustrations in achieving practical goals until we learn to integrate our material and non-material values. It’s important to have faith or trust in our intuition (or life itself). We’re learning to allow ourselves to be creative and imaginative. We’re also capable of considerable effort and hard work in support and service. Are you self-serving or in service to others? Saturn wants us to shape up, be mature, and cultivate self-reliance and self-discipline. It’s easier if we put our egos aside in order to get things done. Shifting from ME to WE.

Jupiter: Expansion & Abundance

The final chapter of Jupiter’s transit of Aries occurs from 12/20/22 to 5/16/23. Jupiter moves into Taurus from May 16th forward and spends a little over a year in this sign which brings opportunities for patience, building & strengthening efforts, and focusing on comfort, stability, & longevity. In Taurus, Jupiter urges us to enjoy, appreciate, and build on what we already have. To appreciate the “simple good life.” During this cycle, we attract the best fortune when we are charitable, generous but discriminating, and patient. What Astrologer Anne Ortelee says, “We can go through it or grow through it.”

Uranus: Rebellion, Freedom & Change

Uranus is also in Taurus which continues to shake up our attitude towards money and personal possessions. We saw this energy in action in previous years, and more developments are expected in 2023. We can expect changes to what we value on non-material levels as well, and we’re inclined to value ourselves in new ways through the course of this transit that lasts until April 2026.

There’s also a revolution happening about expressing sensuality, self-love, body love, and pampering. You might call it the LGBTQIA+ movement or the Rainbow Tribe as I call ALL of us. We have further work to do on self-confidence, body image, and our relationship with our independence. We’re challenging what we previously valued and embracing a new-age view of the feminine. Women’s “roles” in relationships are revolutionizing this year and in the coming years. More on the Goddess Energy coming in August’s musings.

Conjunctions & Cosmic Car Crash

Remember School House Rock? Conjunction junction, what’s your function? Hooking up words and phrases, and clauses. Similarly, planetary conjunctions are when two or more planets “hook up” and appear very close in the sky. When planets come into alignment, they influence each other. How do we participate with the cosmos to see the change in the world?

  • Pluto’s landscape is more like Earth, and it unearths uncomfortable truths. Nature is the solution. It is only by getting back into the flow of nature can we unlock a whole new era. Nose to the ground!

  • Saturn is restricted by its rings, yet those rings keep a record of the shifts & vibrations happening deep within the planet. It reminds us that we too must go within to experience restriction and look at our limitations so that we can raise our vibrations.

  • Jupiter is about growth, philosophizing, and ascending. Inspired risks can reap big rewards.

  • Uranus is the wild one, the rebel. It wants space to be itself and follow its own path, the road less traveled.

Uranus & Pluto coincides with 12-year social rebellion & civil rights movements (1928-1937, 1906-1972, 2007-2020, and 2041-2052). These world transits influence/inform the astrological archetypal dynamics. What forces are at play at this moment? Historical events come after these volcanic surges/waves formed by these outer planets. Uranus Squared Pluto 2007-2020. A square is a 90-degree angle that is considered challenging. Then Saturn joined the “frat” party in 2018. All 3 converged 2018-2022 bringing us to the 2020 crisis point.

Together, Jupiter Saturn and Pluto were called the “Covid Clump.” At the time the pandemic came in, all 3 were overlapping including the Jan 6 riot. We’re still in the wake of these cyclical patterns. Saturn square Uranus causes conflict. Uranus is the impulse for change in creative, innovative ways but Saturn is oppressive and resistant to change. For example, the Syrian earthquake happened on a full moon aligned with the Saturn-Uranus square which took down all the infrastructure. We also had a spy “balloon” shot down, UFOs sightings, and Ohio train derailment which are all signs of Saturn.

There was a long first wave and then 2 smaller arcs with Saturn which is struggle for survival. 2020 has shown us the lasting effects and deep dire consequences (Saturn). So, how can we keep the beneficial history but also make important reforms? There is potential to bring together both energies in life enhancing ways – discipline & freedom. It’s often through crisis that we see the breakdown and an opening for a better structure. The wisdom of the past (Saturn) in order to envision a new future (Uranus). The changes you make now will have far reaching consequences in your life beyond these transits. It’s like the Tower card in the Tarot, this strong stone structure (Saturn) struck by lightning (Uranus).

These outer planets continue to interact until 2024 and correspond with industrial revolutions as previously stated. 2023-2024 will continue the struggle between control versus evolution. The same planets are interacting archetypally but as we move out of this, it will be less dramatic. Technological advances are already activated (i.e nuclear fusion, virtual reality, AI, blockchain technology, quantum computing, etc.) then it peaks between 2026-2029.

Then, we’re moving into this Saturn-Uranus energy which is much tension and clash between conservativism & progressiveness. But it can be very growth oriented. People are looking at democracy & the electoral college which is actually anti-democratic. Europe is dismantling monopolies and anti-trusts. We are seeing counter revolution against governments and elites trying to keep the status quo such as the people standing up in Peru & France. And those experiencing tech layoffs are taking their talents into green energy which is better for our planet.

Jupiter & Uranus conjunction is year-long (Summer 2023 through Summer 2024) with some intensity April & May 2024. Jupiter is about expansion, a large amount & jumbo or super-sized. Uranus is breakthroughs, freedom & change. Time has been speeding up and we/humanity are in a quantum leap. This is a good transit for quantum leaps in anything! More playful energy, lighter & brighter. It’s a hopeful energy.

Saturn & Neptune coming in Spring 2024, peaking in 2025 & 2026. They spend 5 years together helping us build a new vision for humanity and petering out mid-2027. Serious Saturn and transcendent, sacred Neptune symbolized by water flowing. They’re complete opposites so bridging between the real (Saturn) and ideal (Neptune). That gap can feel insurmountable. Cathartic highs and gloomy lows. History of this alignment includes the Indonesian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and massive shifts in Russian political leadership so it may be a very bad combo for Russia. The last time Saturn was conjunct Neptune was the early 1950s when Stalin died & Putin was born.

Eclipses: Returning to Light

Eclipses come in groups, usually 4 a year, and they arrive in pairs, coinciding with new and full moons. Eclipses this year are:

  • Solar Eclipse April 20 in Aries

  • Lunar Eclipse May 5 in Scorpio

  • Solar Eclipse October 14 in Libra

  • Lunar Eclipse October 28 in Taurus

These eclipses illuminate and perhaps challenge our emotional and financial investments or attachments. The themes surround money and relationships, similar to the eclipses that happened in 2022-2023. It is a time to re-evaluate our relationship with money and possessions (letting go) and discover what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. We are asked to get in touch with what we truly value and want in our lives. This includes identifying what gives us a false sense of security.

We’re also learning how to depend on ourselves. Our faith in ourselves brings a spirit of the pioneer; get self-sufficient & self-sustainable. We should concentrate on what we can do to increase our feelings of self-worth. Self-confidence is an empowering lesson but not a me-first attitude that can be insensitive, failing to consider others’ viewpoints. See the themes?

The North Node: New Mission

The True North Node entered Taurus in January 2022 and ends on 7/17/23, as it enters Aries. Now, we’re on a new mission. We’re working on co-dependency issues and indecision by cultivating independence. It’s a period of learning to love ourselves, trust our instincts, and lead without fear. North Node in Aries reinforces and extends the independent, individualistic theme. It brings a strong focus on self-growth and promotes living one’s truth.

Retrogrades: Rx

Rx is shorthand for recipe or prescription. Medieval alchemists would scribble it on paper and have their patients swallow it. Even though Rx stands for retrograde in astrology, it is also a recipe for RE-do, RE-view, RE-visit, RE-turn, RE-pair, RE-search. So many RE-words!

Both Mars and Venus are retrograde at some point in the year, complicating love and desire.

With Mars retrograde in Gemini since 10/30/22, intellectual and mental initiatives may be stalled or RE-versed. Health issues may be a factor (especially the lungs) and accidents a possibility.

While Venus is retrograde in Leo from 7/22/23 – 9/3/23, our need for attention may be especially strong. Old friends and lovers may RE-appear complicating current relationships. We may need to RE-visit relationship issues from the past to be RE-evaluated. Any major love decisions are best saved for after the cycle ends on September 3rd, and better yet, beyond the shadow phase (after October 7th), lest you may be filled with RE-gret if you acted hastily and have changed your mind.

While not a planet, the asteroid Chiron also goes retrograde from 7/23/23 – 12/27/23. Chiron entered Aries 2/18/19 for an 8-year transit until it enters Taurus on 4/14/2027. In mythology, Chiron was a centaur known as the “wounded healer” as he learned to use his own wounds as a way to heal others. He learned to turn his wounds into strengths. Where are your wounds?

In astrology, Chiron works mostly on a spiritual level, and between the ages of 49-51, we all experience the culmination of what Chiron has been trying to teach us. We all have wounds in this life. We all have things we cannot change and painful pasts that are hard to erase. Chiron encourages us to heal and work through these, but he also encourages us to consider our wounds as portals of power.

The 2023 Themes

As you can see, different themes are working concurrently. Saturn in Aquarius is very concerned with our social structures. Jupiter in Aries inspires us to innovate, believe in ourselves, and emphasize thriving through better attention to self and self-growth.

In recent years, we’ve seen this Uranus theme through sometimes abrupt changes with money (FTX & bank collapses), valuables, possessions, and income that may have resulted in a RE-shuffling of priorities or values. Income might come from non-traditional sources or ventures. Uranus encourages us to branch out and consider new and improved or progressive ways of doing business (bartering & bitcoin). Uranus-Taurus aligns again this year, so we need to deal with money and personal possessions in entirely new ways and learn to free ourselves from certain material constraints.

While Jupiter asks us to grow, expand, and believe, Saturn asks us to simplify, test, and question. Fortunately, Jupiter and Saturn form a harmonious aspect to one another next month (June), and it’s one of the most productive and business-positive transits. Get ready to take action!

Many people entered 2023 in continued fear and uncertainty. I hope understanding these planetary cycles helps you navigate these interesting and exciting times which have never happened in the history of the cosmos. I used to ask people to come to my yoga classes with an open mind and that they may leave with an open heart. I hope that you will do the same for 2023 and to infinity and beyond. Wishing you much love for your highest awakening and Soul evolution. You are very needed and very loved!

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