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The Great Awakening

What is the great awakening? It’s the realization that we are more than just this body, living in more than just this reality.  We came here to liberate not just ourselves, but humanity.  You came here because YOU knew you had what it takes.  Check out The Great Awakening Map.


Largely excess, exploitation, escapism, and crisis are the vibrations which define our modern world.  What happened?  How have human beings become so disconnected from Source (God/Goddess)?  Rather than recognize we are powerful beings, we choose to simply exist often in a slave society?

This is not gloom & doom or fear-based, my goal is to bring light to the dark, to illuminate.  Just know that things are not getting worse.  The corruption & manipulation that has always been here is now being revealed/disclosed.  When there is a lot of light, it reveals the darkness.  Consciousness is neither good nor bad, it’s vibration and awareness. Looking at this from the Scale of Consciousness, everyone is doing their best.  At the very low end, it’s lack of awareness of Consciousness (Source), lack of conscience or connection.  At the high end (love or above), it’s awareness of Source Consciousness and deep connection. So, I hope this musing will increase your awareness and raise your vibration.

“The Awakening of Consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.”

 ~ Eckhart Tolle

Quite a few years back, I had some visions of the sky filled with spaceships and a galactic war.  It was very much like Will Smith’s movie, War of the Worlds.”  I haven’t shared a lot of this information because frankly it sounds crazy. 


In my past life memory of Atlantis (September 2021 musing), a technologically advanced group was trying to infringe on freedom using powerful tools to implode a power source, destroying Atlantis.  There was also another otherworldly group that arrived in UFOs.  They were willing to protect Free Will and the Law of One (one Creator, one Source) by extracting people of a positive orientation.  I was saved and relocated to Egypt to work with the pyramids.  I tried to warn people back then, but most didn’t listen.  Side note from my editor (my darling hubby!) that I thought you'd enjoy: I have this image of you in Egypt as a slave carrying a 2-ton block of stone up the pyramid with a bunch of other slaves... You say to the guy next to you, "Psst, we have free will and can adhere to the Law of One!" To which he replies, "F*ck you, keep pushing." Dear hubby, I love your cartoon version; however, the ancient aliens had flying machines that easily moved the large stone blocks into place, and I was actually working with harnessing the crystal quartz that supplied energy to the surrounding cities. Anyway...

Now we’re here again, repeating history.  You can read more about the fascinating history of our existence currently stifled by mainstream academia and the scientific consensus in Our Cosmic Origin by Ishmael Perez.


There is a lot of talk about 2030, and the outcome of humanity depends upon our free will choices.  (Re-read last month’s musings on Sovereignty.)  There are 2 possibilities: 

  • One where all people awaken to fully understand they are divine Consciousness (all ONE) and that means an end to the old belief systems (BS) of control – political, financial, educational, religious, institutional, and so on. 

  • The other potential timeline includes infringement from alien races who wish to use hybrid robots to control humans (Artificial Intelligence & transhumanism). 

Not only was 2023 a year of disclosure but an avalanche of revelation…which is still coming.  I’m hopeful that there will be a more positive outcome this time around.  But it’s still important to be prepared.  Holding love & light isn’t enough.  It’s time to open your eyes, ears, and hearts.


And…just like I did in Atlantis, I’m sharing my visions, intuition, and thoughts to assist in what is coming.  And then again, I could be wrong, and it might all be bullshit!  As always, use your own intuition and discernment.  I’d love to know what you think in the comments.


The Holocaust

Many people are familiar with the holocaust and genocide of the Jewish people during WWII.  But few realize the much larger depopulation, destruction, and decimation of the indigenous peoples; a decline of around 95%!  I recommend reading the book, Killers of the Flower Moon (or watch it in movie form), for a tiny glimpse of the obliteration of native Americans.  


Steven Katz, the staunch Holocaust exclusionist, agreed that the Native American depopulation was a “near unimaginable demographic collapse,” and, he continued, “contrasted solely on statistical grounds, the collapse of the Native American population, both absolutely and proportionally, surpasses the destruction of European Jewry.” Not that it is a contest.


William D. Rubenstein defines genocide as “the deliberate killing of most or all members of a collective group for the mere fact of being members of that group.”


After discussing his definition of genocide in The Holocaust in Historical Context, Katz made the following statement: “Employing this definition we can begin to recognize that Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Crusader policy was cruel, but not every cruelty is genocide. That Hun, Muslim, Mughan, Imperial Japanese, Mongol and conquistador behavior was tyrannical, but not every tyranny is genocide. That slavery – ancient, Caribbean, and American – is an abomination, but not every abomination is genocide...That the exploitation of the weak by the strong is immoral and unconscionable, but not every immoral or unconscionable act is genocidal. That obliterative aerial bombardment may be barbaric, but not every barbarism is genocide. That the forced emigration of a million Russians to Siberia in the nineteenth century was political oppression involving murderous intent, as was the later repetition of such migration under Stalin, but not even all murderous intent is genocide. That the mass Russian emigration between 1917 and 1922 as a result of the German invasion, the Russian Revolution, and the great famine that affected up to 15 million souls is horror untold, but not every national tragedy is genocide.”


“If we include every form of war, massacre, or terrorism under genocide,” writes Frank Chalk, “then what is it that we are studying?”


I highly recommend watching the National Geographic 6-episode series “What Really Happened: America’s Wild West”.  Here’s the first episode.   Beginning in 1804, there was the involuntary migration of indigenous.  Then in 1830, President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.  Literally, REMOVAL.  That’s depopulation.  In last month’s musing, I mentioned how “government” is acting as executor & beneficiary and has assumed a level of authority that is eroding human rights.


The holocaust is not exclusive to just one people.  Massive evil has happened upon many groups for as far back as Biblical times, maybe before.  We are ALL vulnerable to genocidal policy.  

“Until the Lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.”

~ African proverb


Just when the freedom movement is hitting its stride and the lid is about to be blown off the vaccine industry and plan-demic/scam-demic (more on this next month), the Israel-Palestine conflict arises.  Manipulation begins with a good story, especially if the conflict wants you to take a preferred side.  Is it another distraction from the truth focused on division & domination?  Or an opportunity to empathize with one another’s pain & suffering, and to strive towards peace?


We are so distracted, we don’t even know what a huge opportunity it is to incarnate on Earth during this time of illusion, corruption, division, enslavement, and mind control.  Do not align with FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real.  Meggan Watterson in Mary Magdalene Revealed believes that Christ was “able to endure and ultimately overcome ‘Satan’ because he never takes the bait that keeps getting dangled for his ego to latch on to.”  That’s because he’d freed himself of ego and became ihidaya, the “unified one.”


The goal of separating from Source as an individual incarnation is to understand the duality of the universe, for spirit to be embodied in physical form.  Once we understand the light & dark, high vibration versus low vibration, and that you contain BOTH as a cosmic being of Source light, then we can choose to return to Source.  What some call duality polarity.  What I call Unity Consciousness.


We need more people to engage in compassionate listening or what is called deep active listening in my Death Doula training.  This is very difficult to do in a world that wants to try to solve & fix everything.  This kind of listening requires being still, present, and heart centered.

The one thing we as loving humans need to do is not get divisive again and realize those powers that WERE, love to pit the population against each other for their own benefit.  I believe in the divine law of free will choice and I support everyone’s right to make their own decisions.  However, choice comes with consequences.  Every time you “pick a side”, you are part of the problem.  You are on the side of division, duality, and separation of Self & Source.  You are being tricked into “us” and “them”.  Don’t take the bait! 


Tribal Mindset 

Dr. Deepak Chopra talks about how the tribal mindset spells extinction: “Today, everyone is taking sides and is in conflict because they don’t agree with the perspective of others.  As long as you engage in recycling trauma, the trauma leads to inflammation and disease in the body and in mental disorders.  We have an inflamed world and will never solve this problem by any one side becoming the victor, because the intergenerational trauma will last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.”


He suggests that “we need to cool down the world’s inflammation by starting with ourselves.”  I have a meditation on peace that includes the mantra – peace begins with me.  When we become peaceful (600 vibration), that raises the frequency of those around us.  When we reach a critical mass, then we will see change in the world.  Choose peace.  Choose humanity.  There are Soul-utions out there and ways to recover our sovereignty.


Deepak talks about when he wrote Quantum Healing 37 years ago, meditation was considered fringe, but now new studies are overturning long-held mainstream medical beliefs.  In describing the quantum body, he says: “Physical reality is experienced in the field of awareness that is outside of our body, and the field of awareness inside our body is called the interoceptive awareness.  Quantum body exists to bring about all the healing needed at every level.”  In fact, Tesla BioHealing has created quantum healing devices to reduce pain naturally and non-invasively; these “borderline science” technologies are considered the future of healthcare.  (I would love to share our experience with an EMEM/RIFE machine to eliminate harmful pathogens such as Lyme...just ask.)


“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” 
~Niels Bohr on Quantum Physics


I’m seeing more and more people advocating for themselves, especially related to bodily autonomy.   As awareness grows of our multi-dimensional beingness, there has been a resurgence in spirituality.  We were genetically coded to wake up at this moment.


Spirituality does not come from religion.  It comes from our Soul.  We must stop confusing religion & spirituality.  Religion is a set of rules, regulations, and rituals created by humans, which were supposed to help people spiritually.  Due to human imperfection, religion has become corrupt, political, divisive, and a tool for power struggle.  Spirituality is not theology or ideology.  It is simply a way of life, pure and original as given by Source.  Spirituality is a way to connect us to the Source, the Creator, and each other.


Under the universal Law of One, we are all connected.  Meaning as I heal myself and raise my vibration, others collectively benefit from that energy. According to the Scale of Consciousness, my 1,000 vibration raises 2 million people to 200 (courage).


In Convoluted Universe Book 3, Dolores Cannon says: “We should bear in mind that when one of us opens up, it opens up something in all of us.  We are connected.  We should remind ourselves that we are all one, and that we are spiritual beings first.”


As I described in last month’s musing, Energy themes are present every year, all trying to create cohesion and integration.

  • 2021 was about awakening.  The ability to discern & distinguish whether we are in alignment with divine Consciousness.  Ascension is the process of integration light (5D) and dark (3D).  We have been put to the test (or triggered) as negative energy/entities will not go down without a fight.

  • Many awakened in 2022, going within, doing shadow work, cracking open wounds, and cleaning up our sh*t.  Even with ascension weariness, we held onto our light & increased our vibrations.  Thus, increasing our Consciousness, allowing us to see ourselves as divine, immortal, & limitless.  Manifesting our own personal paradise on Earth.

  • I said 2023 would be the Reckoning (and the UFOs are coming!)  Well, we had the highest sightings of UAPs ever recorded and so much evil is being exposed by the light.

  • 2024’s theme is Revolution.  Taking our power back and claiming our sovereignty. It's also an 8 universal year, which represents karma. People will be receiving back what they have been putting out.

We have been very distracted by the story of collective collapse.  We need more respectful conversations of liberty, freedom, and sovereignty.   Why does science and the sacred need to be opposite?  They are just different ways of knowing.   


We are living in a world of uncertainty.  We don’t know what we can rely on.  Our news will always be incomplete.  There’s so much underneath we’re not even aware of as well as more that’s happening on higher levels of dimension.  This is a great opportunity to take accountability, be responsible, do the deep work, practice self-reflection, and forgive.


We need to do it on our own.  It’s important to support people battling the unconstitutional use of mandates.  The issue is not so much polarizing by party line but by different ways of knowing.  We need to come to a place of balance – faith AND reason.  Peace without attachments. 


It’s important to pull our attention back inward, do our personal work, question our internal narrative (ego), and draw back our focus.  Create our own YOU-niverse.  The unifier is freedom.


The future is not yet set in stone.  The past 4 years were just the precursor for a wild ride.  Bernhard Guenther reminds us: “Don’t let fear, worry, doom, and gloom overcome you, for that is what draws these (negative) forces in, and they want you to indulge in.”  I say, don’t take the bait!


“Our greatest treasures hide in the darkest places.  It is the path of those who have a deep longing for rapid transformation.”

~ Alberto Villoldo, PhD


We are continuing the “dark night of the soul” – a phase of purification during spiritual evolution.  This is a battle over our souls, literally.  It takes a lot of courage to incarnate on Earth and forget that we are infinity sparks of God/Goddess.  It's important to also remember that even the negative beings taking advantage of Earth are also on their own journey of remembering.  Some have used Earth as an energy source, others feed on lower vibrations such as anger, fear, war, and sexual depravity.  Remember, hurt people hurt people.  To fill the void of being separated, some inflict pain and even death, others use greed to feel a false sense of power.  We are ALL finding our way in this great experiment of separation duality in order to experience the delight of remembering once more.  Even the ax murderer is doing their best within their lack of awareness of Source Consciousness.


We have been in a conflict between dark & light.  We are being poisoned through the food, air, earth/soil, medicine, media, military, education, politics, religion, and enduring all kinds of social & economic injustice.  They call it TV “programming” for a reason.  We’ve been brainwashed through entertainment & education.  We’re now learning that there are two histories – the “official one” and a secret one of what actually happened.  We need to be questioning ALL institutions.


History was written by those it benefits the most.



We are receiving intense geomagnetic and solar storms causing spiking fluctuations within and around our planet making Earth unstable.  Our current electromagnetic fields are damaging to the physical body, the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), and the chakras.  We have been immersed in a new photon belt where light and our bodies are absorbing gamma rays from the Sun.


Photonic light has been replaced by a new type of plasmic light on the planet.  Plasmic light is the highway to super Consciousness, allowing us to come into divine alignment with our One Creator – the key to ascension.   Cosmic energies (illumination) and higher frequencies (golden light of alchemy) are transmitting knowledge (light codes & DNA upgrades) directly from Source.  Staying in the higher vibrations of love (500), peace (600), and gratitude (700) will help Earth stabilize.  Are you ready to absorb this love light?


The planet is also being infused with increasing energies as the dark & light polarities are increasing, creating more conflict for those who are swimming in the “current” state of cognitive dissonance or denial.  The light brings up (triggers) everything that is not in alignment with who you truly are.


What happens next is of critical importance because it will determine who “graduates” Earth school (moving from dense/dark 3D to divine/light 5D). 


As you start to awaken, you will begin to seek out truths, engage in sincere shadow/Self-work, and raise your vibration.  The key issue here is frequency.  Increasing your frequency so there is no inner conflict, and you are in alignment with the frequency of Divine Source.


The purification process during the ascension (great awakening) entails deep psychological work (trauma work, shadow work, childhood wounding, etc.).  We want to avoid spiritual bypassing by being triggered & acting from our wounded/conditioned ego.  When we let go and practice non-attachment, we move from the ego mind into the heart, soul chamber & infinity spark – our connection to Unity Consciousness.

I was an atheist until I realized I was God/Goddess!

The Great Awakening is about challenging established norms and fostering a renewed spiritual commitment across communities.  It’s important to look at historical narratives with a nuanced perspective, recognizing that depopulation, whether caused by disease, conflict, or other factors, has been a recurring and complex theme throughout human history.  As the world grapples with profound ideological shifts, the impact of these unprecedented times will be felt in all realms of political, educational, religion, cultural, and social structures.  Understanding our collective past and its consequences allows us to correct the future course of our civilization.

I love this perspective from Oracle of Your Soul:  “You are still mastering Ascension even when your vibe is low, even when you are frustrated or angry, even when you feel stuck.  Ascension is an internal activation that your Soul governs. It's not about rules.  Your Awakening is a very private and personal experience that is occurring at a Soul level.  Once Ascension begins, you don’t go backwards, you are not going to get it wrong. You are not going to mess it up, you’re not going to do things that thwart your progress, despite what many popular, spiritual mentors may suggest.  This experience is between you and the Creator and was decided before this lifetime.  Your Ascension is a divinely timed event that awakens your third eye and forever changes the landscape of your inner experience.  You can be in a bad mood, feel stuck, be frustrated, have no clear vision and still be awakening and ascending.  This experience is not bound by mortal rules or games. Your Soul has full knowledge of this process.  There are things you can do that make it easier but you will be able to Innerstand and implement those things when the time is right for you to do so.  This is why we self-love, so that as we move through this process, we can cultivate validation and acceptance and calm our nervous system as we take each breath in trust.”


We came here to liberate not just ourselves, but humanity.  It’s time to wake up!  You came here because YOU knew you had what it takes.  You signed up for this a long time ago...even if you don’t know what “this” is.  It’s go-time for your soul evolution!  Remember your mission and, most importantly, remember your divine Source Self.  See it as a magnificent opportunity for a real awakening. 

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