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Enlightenment is Bullshit!

The teacher of teachers, yogi Krishnamacharyi said his best friend Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti, or just UG, is “the greatest living Yogi I have ever met.”

Unimpressed by religious models that believed some people were enlightened, and others weren’t, UG (which he said stands for “Ugly Guy”) questioned the state of enlightenment and once said, “You don’t have a chance in hell of enlightenment…and isn’t that a relief!” The suffering is in the searching. He said the search for “enlightenment was the only thing standing in the way of enlightenment itself. I discovered for myself and by myself that there is no self to realize - that's the realization I am talking about.“

Years ago, my spirit guides told me something BIG was coming. I didn’t know specifically what it was, but I knew it was on a big scale and was going to be a 5-10 year journey. So, here we are finishing up the THIRD year of this global pause. There was no point in sharing that timeline back in 2020 as I didn’t want to worry anyone about the 10-year awakening, amplification, and ascension process.

I heard a song called “Numb Little Bug” by Em Beihold and I think it reflects my feelings of the past 3 years…“And I wanna see if you feel the same as me…do you ever get a little bit tired of life, like you’re not really happy but you don’t wannna die. Like you’re hanging by a thread but you gotta survive cuz you gotta survive.”

Yes, we have to survive. We willingly signed up for this life and every single one of us is necessary for the evolution of Consciousness.

In my May 2020 musings, I described how we are in the second half of the Kali Yuga (the Dark Night of the Soul) and the coming of Light. This descent into Darkness has been slow starting late in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Some began feeling the new frequencies around 2003 as ascension symptoms.

There are also those who are intentionally manipulating much of which has been hidden in plain sight as I described in my Jan 2022 musings. There is a great deal of manipulation that is happening and will continue to happen. It’s all interwoven. Much is a quiet exploitation of hate/fear (100 on the Scale of Consciousness). You’ve probably heard the saying, “hurt people hurt people.” It’s important to recognize that they are simply passing on the trauma given to them. They are not the source of the trauma; it goes back further in time. Lower vibrational states are simply holding on to past limiting beliefs, traumas, challenges, and judgments. When you choose to forgive, to release the past, reconcile trauma, you’re raising your vibration. That’s why ancestral work and clearing ancestral karma is important in breaking the chain of trauma.

When your energy is imbalanced, there will be an outward manifestation of chaos and disorder in the reality you see around you. As we begin to take our power back, we learn how to clear, align, and create harmony within which gets reflected outwardly. That’s why it’s a very dense energy here on Earth.

Eckhart Tolle did a great interview with Russell Brand called “A Great Reset Will Happen.” To summarize it, he said that Collective insanity is cyclical. We are moving into an area of great turbulence & this crisis is a great opportunity to move out of egoic state (ME). The ego is self-destructing. The Great Reset that certain people/group of people (elites) were planning is NOT the reset they thought. Individual awakening CAN impact globally and is a great asset during this transition. It is time to question the insane narratives; to question without malice because they too are divine beings. I like his quote: “Don’t turn into a monster by fighting them.” Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. He’s describing lack of awareness.

There are many intellectuals (with degrees) that are stupid. It’s not related to IQ but the egoic self. More knowledge does NOT mean more wisdom. Wisdom arises out of awareness and the totality of the situation. For example, the creator of nuclear weapons was highly intelligent but where’s the wisdom. Wisdom is the one thing that will save us.

There’s a purging of all that does not serve the higher good of the soul & clearing of the ego, personalities, masks, roles, and wounds. As this clearing takes place, we may access wisdom of our Higher Self/Soul (Christ Consciousness, Buddha Self, etc.) and activate the light body. The higher in Consciousness you go, you begin to clear many heavy and dense layers. We also clear out lower entities, energies and spirits as we begin to have more awareness of our soul.

Christ comes from the Greek word Christos, which means “anointed.” Jesus was called the Christ because he became one with his Higher Self/Soul and was anointed from the light of God/Goddess. This has nothing to do with religious views and the misunderstanding that we are somehow unworthy. You can become one with the Higher Self in the same way. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Gandhi, Dali Lama, Arjuna, Joan of Arc, etc. were all walking wonders and examples of being christened/Christed. Your evolution as a soul means connecting with the energy or spirit of Christ/Unity Consciousness, and All that is. You came to Earth to connect with Source.

Life on earth is to know what it is like to be unique and independent but also connected to everything else. That’s duality. We are here in a low 3D experience, but we are high vibe, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, immortal divine beings which means we have the capability to go into higher states of awareness and consciousness while stuck within this dense reality. It’s tough but it’s 100% possible to get into that higher vibration in the human state. Think about how limited we are as humans compared to a spiritual being. We are heroes of the universe for embarking on such an arduous earthly path.

One of my yoga students introduced me to Libby Bouwen; she channels galactic beings call the Zahs! The Zahs say…this is the darkest it’s ever been here. It happens when you are going through major dimensional shifts and you’re going through a big burst to set you back to equilibrium. The last time it was this dark it was 2D to 3D during the era of Galileo, an Italian astronomer who lived from 1564 until 1642.

We are moving into a time where what was not true will be true and that’s why there is division right now. Things are changing. The reality of truth is changing. What is true for you may not be truth for others. It depends on how you perceive reality (2D, 3D, up to 6D). These multiple realities and multiple truths will continue for many years. However, there are puzzle pieces that are being delivered to Earth and when people start talking about these pieces, it will all come together.

Remember, you signed up for this ascension process in this lifetime. Many people living on Earth now are what Dolores Cannon calls “Volunteer Souls” who have incarnated at this time to help raise the vibration of humanity and the planet in the process of amplification and ascension.

They’re all helping us move into a new Earth. Earth is evolving and our bodies need to adapt and change if we want to grow with it and go for the ride. This is something that has never happened in the history of the universe. All the other beings are watching “The Greatest Show on Earth” and whether or not we can pull it off.

Civilizations through time have been destroyed because of man’s greed and power. They said we’re getting to that point again, just like Atlantis. Negative entities were using crystal power for harm, genetic manipulation by hybriding animals with people, and working with anti-matter to create worm holes and new universes (something currently being experimented with at CERN). The Galactics had to destroy the whole continent of Atlantis (the Great Flood of Noah’s time) because this interference could cause the implosion of the Earth and destabilize the entire universe, but some “Grid Keepers” survived and built pyramids across the globe. (I shared a lifetime where I lived in Atlantis and was rescued by a UFO and brought underground to the Egyptian pyramids that corroborates this.)

Evolution of the Soul & the Ascension Wave

Spiritual awakening is very complex. There are so many different things to think about – reincarnation, past lives, spirit guides, cosmic connections, other dimensions, and so on. Each soul journeys through every dimension and incarnates into every possible existence within every dimension and has every possible experience in the entire universe. Wowsa!

As an advanced soul, you agreed to come to Earth now and be a lighthouse and guide as reality transforms. Humanity has needed to go through a process of purification in order to reclaim sovereignty and expand Consciousness.

Conscious Reminder lists 11 stages on your Journey of Awakening. This Ascension process connects all back to oneness, love, unity Consciousness, and multidimensional awareness. All are unlocking the spiritual heart and divine love within self and connection to Source.

As more beings heal, returning to wholeness and reach a state of awareness, the Earth is steered towards a new way of being. Many are in communication with higher beings and enlightened intelligence that assist in this evolutionary leap. This ascension process is happening in waves as humanity evolves into their true state of being. Each unique soul is stepping into their own authentic Higher Self and leading by example as this integration of energy and ascension unfolds.

Abigail Stellar Shekinah, of Quantum Light Codes describes that during this stage of the Earth’s evolution, each wave of light creates huge opportunities for clearing and upgrades. Each wave offers more expansion of Consciousness than the wave before. The vibration reaches higher levels with each new wave and more people will experience an expansion as Higher Consciousness is coming in. This is then followed by a phase of integration as the wave recedes. Light is a very potent force we should not underestimate, and you can strengthen your connection with your Soul by using light.

This is part of the amplification – each of us holds a unique frequency. When we come together, it’s greater than the sum of its part. It used to be a 10-fold amplification but about 6 months ago (Feb 2022 Pluto Return), it shifted to a 13-fold amplification. Each additional person who awakens, amplifies an additional 13-fold. The work you do doesn’t end with you. It truly ripples out beyond you to bless and benefit others. Love is the heart of awakening.

Every soul mission is unique. Abigail continues…that if you are awakened to your divine mission and understand that this is about the energy, then you are able to come together by doing that crucial work. This is your soul and your alchemy. We are in a very unique lifetime where karma may be released. Many do not understand this. It is your commitment to ascension and understanding your Soul/Source that determines everything.

We are bridging into higher dimensions, our Higher Self, which unlocks our dormant gifts. When enough people are working on a global and planetary scale, it will bring a higher reality known as “New Earth” which is built through divine love and unity Consciousness. You are awakening to your divine nature.

Sam, a channeler from India I follow, explains that it will be 8 years until the old Earth no longer exists. This Fall there was an increase in positive vibrations of the human collective Consciousness. This allowed for the next incarnation and the new Earth vibration, which is expected in 2030.

“There is no power outside of man. Man has created God out of fear. So the problem is fear and not God.” – U.G. Krishnamurti

What is Enlightenment?

The Buddhist definition of enlightenment is the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight; in particular an awareness that frees a person from the cycles of death. I prefer Elizabeth April’s definition which is a state of getting back to pure Source Consciousness.

We are in the process of moving from 3D to 4D. 99% of this 3D world are learning the lesson of love. The Zahs continue…life as you know it will be completely different. Many of you are already tapped into this dimension but the world around you is firmly rooted in 3D which feels like you are swimming upstream. However, you are way ahead, and others are behind which causes tension. It will feel like you’ve stopped moving/resistance. It will eventually feel like a relief for those who are engaged in conversations like this. Like-minded beings (human and non-human) will be more accepted.

Many things happened since the root races were seeded on the planet including interference from negative entities and fallen angels. According to Dolores Cannon: The problem existing today is that the majority of humanity’s perspective on extra-terrestrials and our “off planet origins” has been shaped and manipulated by mainstream media, religious belief systems, and scientific dogmas.

There are souls here on earth who are here to destroy all of us if we don’t get our act together. They have no conscious awareness of this. Many aliens want uniformity and if you don’t think/act in their way, they will annihilate you. They believe “you must be like us, or you are not accepted.” They don’t want you to exist.

That’s the difference between aliens and Galactics. Aliens wish to destroy Earth and they are even fighting amongst themselves. Galactics want to support the continued growth of Earth.

Sam says the Galactics are working together to help Earth in this transition period into the new Earth by creating a light grid around the planet which will lead to the formation of a 4th density vibrational split. The old earth is rooted in low vibrations of shame/fear/anger/greed and cannot exist simultaneously with the higher 4D vibration of love on new earth. Those living in fear and the negative world they have created will continue on the old 3rd density Earth.

These conflicts with the negative entities are likely to continue for the next 8 years (until 2030) when the new Earth vibration is completed. Once that happens, the new Earth will completely emerge and there will be no more negative intrusions. To those who understand this new paradigm…you are going! You will take your physical body with you and shift into your light body when ready. You become Heaven on Earth.

The Rapture is an energetic shift to a new dimension of reality, not what was spoken about in Revelations nor what Hal Lindsey popularized in the 1970s. Revelation is the disclosure of the Soul.

We beings on Earth live within a reality that is vibrational. We are a soul and decided to have a human experience within a body and through this experience we master energy which is at the crux of alchemy and manifestation of all kinds.
~ Abigail Stellar Shekinah

Understanding the OverSoul & Dimensions and how does it work? In my Sept 2022 Musings, I described the different dimensions so I’m not going to repeat except that humans are 3D (ME) shifting into 4D, the 4th chakra of the heart, the Soul Chamber & Infinity Spark (WE).

  • The 5th density is the frequency of the planetary logos (the original blueprint and law governing the Earth), and other entities who are in the process of learning the light wisdom.

  • The OverSoul is a vibration of an entity who is in the 6th density frequency; it is similar to the Higher Self. It is responsible for the collection of many souls who exist in various parallel realities below the density of its existence (a Soul Group). The many souls who are members of an OS can inhabit any of the lower density realities, galaxies and planets while the OS overlooks their progress from the 5th density and above in the 6th density where it resides. The 6th density OS overlooks the lower 5th density expression while overlooks the lower 4th density as well as 3rd and 2nd density expressions of Self by allowing each expression of self to become lost in the illusion complex of the lower densities. This allows for learning the way to merge with your OS Self which exists in the later 5th to 6th density consciousness. You must be patient with yourself.

  • The 7th density frequency is where the Council of planets and the Elohim Collective exists (the Galactics).

  • Collective Consciousness happens in the 8th density where there is union with Source, the one infinite Creator.

I love Dolores Cannon’s explanation of the Central Sun burst, or the Big Bang. She says, Source was this huge bright light. It knew everything but was lonely. It wanted to create others. That’s when it burst out into millions & millions of particles, this is the Big Bang theory. You are a tiny little spark of Source light. Some of these sparks became planets, galaxies, and many became individual souls. But we all came from Source. God/Goddess said, “Learn everything you can my children and bring everything back to me.” Source is like a super-computer, and we are the data. There is no good or bad, it’s all just information, experiences, and learning.

Action Steps on how to ascend faster:

1. A good place to start is by Clearing your Field using transfiguration. Just like dirt can be cleaned, so can your LEF. If you need assistance with this, try a Chakra Balancing.

2. Automatic Writing - Remember to connect to your guides and to Source. Create a pillar of light by bringing the light above through your body (pranic tube) and into the center of Earth. Feel the light radiating outward, expanding to fill the entire planet. Feel the nurturing love light energies clearing any low vibe energy. You can ask Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, and Mother Mary for assistance. I love how Mary Magdalene doesn’t use the word God/Goddess but instead Goodness. Listen and write down any inspiration or words that come through.

3. Meditate on Inner Silence - Tune into nothingness, to oneness, as often as possible. Meditate on inner silence (Source). Language and words (Ego) prevent you from entering the silence of the Self. This silence increases your physical vibration and is required for higher levels of Consciousness to expand. You’ll begin to sense vibration instead of words. It’s through meditation (or other methods such as lucid dream), that you are able to connect with the divine love light Consciousness. That’s why it’s been the #1 practice for spiritual people. Find mindful moments throughout the day to practice being present and non-attached.

4. Lucid Dreaming – dreams are the domain of the subconscious mind and REM sate. Not all our dreams are equal, many are travelling to other places/dimensions during dreamtime, and others are working/assisting at night. My early years were filled with night terrors which I later realized were shamanic initiations. Then the dreams were pretty typical until I stopped dreaming for about 10 years. When I asked my yoga teacher, he said that happened to UG as well and it meant I didn’t have anything to work out. Then I started having prophetic “dreams “and visions. Since the pandemic, I’ve been receiving downloads of information and my dreams have shifted from just a couple of people to large groups (hundreds & thousands) coming for healings. Many of us are doing our “work” unconsciously, out of our body, during sleep at night. Grandmother Flordemayo, a Curandera Espiritu, or a healer of divine spirit, talks about how our life is influenced by our Spirit DNA. She says humanity is made of love & light. Thus, our light body can travel. Understanding this, opens doorways to different dimensions. Out of Body Experiences (OBE) or Astral Travel is when you transcend the physical body for unification with Source. That’s why lucid dreaming is important.

You will only remember what is significant. They are not all meant to be remembered because of your limited capacities which can cause tension with your current life. The new information is incorporated into your energy body, so it is gentler while sleeping. The physical body is supporting this transformation/transition. When people show up in your dreams look at energy “pattern”. You may recognize that frequency to give context to what you want or what you’re doing.

5. Increase your Vibe - How to align to the higher vibrations faster? When you do use words and language, make sure that each thought form and spoken word (throat chakra) comes from the vibration of love (500 on the Scale of Consciousness), peace (600), and gratitude (700). It will drastically change your evolutionary journey into the higher state of beingness and merging with the OverSoul. (We are fragments of multifaceted souls.)

6. Transfiguration & Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak - Make sure you have a perimeter that says this is for my highest good and all it touches. You can do this by creating a rainbow Merkaba field around your body with one of my meditation. You will learn how to stand firm in this sacred geometry that doesn’t let anyone in that is not for your highest good. If it feels off, trust that.

7. Letting Go - EVERYTHING is an illusion. Elizabeth April explains that this whole reality is an illusionary construct of your own mind. You have manifested it and anchored/created your reality. It’s an aspect of the separation from what is real. It’s like simulation theory which is quite complex. What is real? What is reality? Who creates what is real and what is not real? We couldn’t have come here unless we were master manifesters! Your imagination is an aspect of the Higher Self that can conjure any reality, it already exists! It comes back to us. You can create anything! It’s God/Goddess/Goodness or whatever you want to call it. That is the only thing that is real, that exists. Everything is separation from the only thing that is real – Source. Our Soul is real, our body is not.

Every aspect of this illusion separates us further from the only thing existing – Consciousness. As UG explained, even conceptualizing consciousness takes you away from it. Just trying to understand Source is trying to know something that is immortal, infinite, vast, and expansive. It’s impossible.

There are 2 things specifically to let go of:

  1. The material world or the attachment to the material (this is a good time to purge your “stuff” – physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) As a NAPO professional organizer, I can help you with this process.

  2. The definitions, identifiers, or beliefs to conceptualize this reality. As an infinite, immortal, genderless, cosmic divine being, these labels are bullshit.

Let go of any attachment to what you “think” you know. Everything exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. Every moment is NOW. Dolores Cannon says: The Past, Present and Future only exist in the NOW. We have been trained to view time as a linear progression of events based on the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Using this rationale, we would have a completely different concept of time if we lived on another planet. What “time” would we use if we were traveling through space without orbiting the Sun Time is simply the perspective we adopt. This concept was first introduced in the Keepers of the Garden (1993), a book which explains the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind and describes a group called “The Council,” who have been with humanity from the very beginning. In the book, it is explained how mankind is the only species in history to invent a way of measuring something that does not exist. The expansion in thinking came with the acceptance that all things, events, and lives exist simultaneously in the NOW. These concepts are elaborated on in significantly more depth in later books, particularly in the Convoluted Universe series. It has been stated by The Subconscious that mankind will never truly reach the stars until we release our deeply ingrained concept of time and recognize the universal reality that everything exists in the NOW.

How do we navigate this material reality? Let go and allow yourself to become pure divine energy while existing in the material world. Play the game/role and not take this reality too seriously. You can co-exist in a material world without attachment. The more we are aware that everything is an illusion, a contract, and a time limit, the easier it is as a human to reach the state of beingness. Drop the belief and material attachment. Let go. The only thing that is real is pure Consciousness. That’s enlightenment. It has nothing to do with this physical reality.

The state of “enlightenment” is the realization that everything you see around you is a construct from your OWN mind and the only way to reach it is to let go of everything you think you know.

To make this shift, we need to exit our current existence into the space where the force of love resides. This is our spiritual enlightenment and where we can experience our true fulfillment. ~ Tal Mandelbaum

Internationally renowned Ascension Guide, Ellen Redd, says “Humanity was always intended to live in a utopian existence in harmony with all beings and living on earth as angelic humans, accessing their divine right and also embodying a physical form, to have the fullest blissful experience on the earth plane.” This is what the shamans call homoluminescent.

Remember you are an infinite being. The Law of One states we are all One Consciousness, like we were before the “big bang” separated us. One of my shaman sisters lives by the principle: “There is only One presence and One power active in my life and in the Universe, the all-loving and all-powerful Goodness.”

It takes a lot from the human body to hold high frequencies for a long time. It is not a journey or connection for the faint of heart. It challenges us to “let go” in every way possible until we return to our original blueprint of pure, unconditional Love.

Eventually we return home and to our Oneness of the cosmic heart through divine love. Our hearts will beat together (coherence) linking all Consciousness. It’s a deep process of remembrance (shamanic re-membering).

And then again…UG Krishnamurti would say “and it’s all bullshit.” You must discover your own path and evolve in your own time (and because we live in an infinite universe, you have all the time in the world…think about that!)

In gratitude, it is a blessing to be connected and to share on this Earth journey and beyond. Infinite blessings for you and your divine journey. We are One and we are Love.

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