The Mystical Shaman

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient practice of connecting with the planet Earth and the whole web of life.  This healing path has been used for over 500,000 years.  It believes that the natural world has 2 aspects:  First, the ordinary, everyday awareness (our habits, beliefs, social mindsets, cultural conditioning).  And second, the non-ordinary awareness accessed through altered states or deep meditative states induced by repetitive drumming (3-4 beats per second for 15 min).  Transported by the beat of the drum or rattle, the traveler journeys to the inner planes of consciousness. 


At the heart of all shamanism is a sacred relationship with the spirit in all things.  It’s about connecting with the spirit world in order to receive healing and guidance and it works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.


What is a Shamanic Practitioner?

A Shamanic Practitioner is a person who can connect to the spirit world through a change in consciousness, and act as a bridge between that world and ordinary reality.  In doing so, they benefit the community by helping heal people, the planet, and the spirit world.  A shaman sees visions, connects with helping spirits/advisory guides, journeys, use intuition, and their second sight to help heal members of the community.

People seeking shamanic healing often sense something’s the matter but are not sure what’s the source.  Often, they’ve tried many other healing methods and nothing really changed.

What is Shamanic Journeying?

The act of entering a trance state, shamanic journeying is a way of communicating with the unseen realm to retrieve information and find answers to your questions.  It can be used for divination, personal healing, meeting your power animal or spirit guide, or many other reasons.  After the journey, however, only the individual can interpret the meaning of the experience.  Spirit works in metaphors and that is a very personal understanding.(? dif word like interpretation, etc.)

When a Shamanic Healing is beneficial?

  • After you have gone through a traumatic experience, regardless of how big or small the trauma was.

  • If you feel like you have lost a part of yourself.

  • If you feel like you need to become more deeply connected to yourself.

  • If you are having a hard time releasing from things, people or addictions you no longer wish to be attached to.

  • If you feel like you need to clear out old karma to move forward freely in your life.

  • When you want to learn how to connect with your power animals and spirit guides.

  • If you feel like you’re being restrained in your life but don’t know why.

  • When you’re not sure what direction to take next in life.

  • If you feel like there’s a negative energy around you.

  • When you have experienced the loss of someone close.

  • You experience feelings of depression, detachment, loss of self-worth, self-loathing, drained, feeling of loss, unexplainable sadness, confusion, unexplained irritability, self-destruction, animosity, un-empowered, or being weighed down.

  • You might feel something is wrong in your life and you can’t put your finger on what it is.

  • Maybe overthinking or your self-doubt keeps you from reaching your dreams.

  • You might feel burdened by other people’s energy and want help maintain better boundaries.

  • You want to change old patterns and live your full potential.

  • Nothing really makes you feel better.You’re detached, as if life is passing you by, and you want to regain your vital essence/energy.

  • You know you deserve to be loved and appreciated but you’re not sure how to get there.

  • Your tired of isolation or not fitting in and want ways to live a full, connected life.


What a Shamanic Healing can do:

  • Clear out any old karma, leaving you refreshed to bring anything you want into your life.

  • Help release any negative feelings and anything that is not for your highest good.

  • Reintegrate lost pieces of your soul to make you feel whole or like yourself again.

  • Help you to connect with the deeper parts of yourself

  • Help you to work with the unresolved parts of yourself.

  • Connect you with your power animals and/or spirit guides.

  • Help you to understand certain blockages in your life and release them.

  • Cut cords to people, things, or addictions.

  • Help you find the path you should be on.

  • Help you enhance your relationships with your loved ones.

  • Bring you a deeper understanding of your life.

  • Help you to love and accept yourself.

  • Help to improve your mental state.

  • Release yourself from old vows that you have made.

  • Address deep trauma that other healing modalities haven’t touched.  The limbic (pre-verbal) brain doesn’t respond to words, so talk therapy may give you understanding but not alter the trauma.


Whether you suffer from self-doubt or a broken heart, abandonment or loneliness, shamanic healing can help you find new pathways, shift your thinking, and support and nurture you as your heal.


Types of Shamanic Healing Techniques & Tools



Have you ever entered a home where you immediately felt light and uplifted?  Or have you walked into a room where you were left depleted and drained?  Houses/Offices are containers full of emotions, feelings and the events that have taken place over the history of the space.  Often people can feel the heavy or negative energy just walking into a home, business or room and are not sure how to change or eliminate it.


Every space has energy.  Your home is composed of infinite flows of energy. Energy stacks in layers, builds up and can cling to your home/office.  Sometimes energy can become stuck, stagnant or heavy.


Native cultures all over the world used techniques to clear emotional energy, the energy of previous occupants, remove stuck, stagnant or dense energy, and even the energy of spirits and ghosts.  For generations, indigenous people use energy clearing on themselves and the spaces they live on a daily basis to create sacred space in their life.  Who wouldn't want more of that?


Space clearing is the process of clearing and bringing back into balance the energies on land and in buildings.  Simply it is for harmonizing energy in a home or business.  When you cleanse and purify the energy in your home, it becomes a sanctuary - a retreat from the chaos of the world, a place of protection.  Energy clearing your home/business creates sacred space to live and work in.


You may want to consider a space clearing for:

* moving into a new home         * after divorce                            * new relationship/marriage

* selling a home                           * after illness                              * new job

* building a new home                * after death of love one           * new baby or family member

* preparing for a life change       * after purchasing antiques     * new project or habit

* releasing negative habits          * after an argument(s)             * new arrangement of space

* releasing ghosts                         * clearing spirit energies          * to create clarity in life



As we walk through life on earth, we are exposed to numerous energies that have been either directed at us or deposited in the atmosphere of our home, office, stores, or places we visit.  For centuries, shamans have had ceremonies that are known to remove these energies from your body, your spirit, your home, your car, the land, schools, and other spaces.  Shamans embody the spiritual warrior energy to expel the intrusive energy so it can no longer harm you or others.  Muscle Testing may also be used in sessions for energy healing and trauma release.


Your aura is made up of many levels, imagine a Russian nesting doll.  The etheric body is the closest layer to your physical body.  This web of energy get torn or pick up static during daily living; portions can even be lost or entwined in other people's bands of energy.  Cords are etheric attachment to your aura that bind you or connect you with a person, object or situation.  We create cords with individuals we think about a lot of physically interact with.  They most commonly extend to our siblings, father, mother, ex-spouse, ex-lovers, current spouse/lover, children, close friends, and our home.


These cords can be beneficial if they are energetically empowering for each person.  But they can also be dysfunctional if there is not an equal exchange of energy.  Etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people.  Positive cords contain all that is good about the relationship.  However, a negative cord of attachment contains all the negative energies that have ever been a feature of your relationship.  Even if you are no longer in contact with this person, the cord between you remains including those unhelpful patterns and dynamics.  Cord-cutting severs that negative attachment and retrieves your lost energy.


Symptoms of etheric cords out of alignment:

  • You feel like you can't move on from a relationship

  • You still feel connected to that person even if they're not there or no longer in your life

  • You have conversations with them in your head

  • They still show up in your dreams

  • You have a psychic connection with them and you have a feeling about them, or know something is going on with them

  • Loss of identity when you're not around them; Who am I without this person?

  • A sense of dependency that doesn't feel healthy to you


If you feel any of these symptoms or feel this person is no longer serving you, it's time to cut that cord!


Many people have feelings of separation or alienation.  Soul Retrieval is a shamanic method to find and bring back parts of the soul that were lost.  Essences or aspects of your soul may have separated from you after a traumatic event such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, surgery, accident(s), divorce, and loss of a loved one through death…to name a few.

Soul Loss happens when you experience trauma.  It’s a self-protective response.  At the moment of a painful experience, a part of yourself may split off and leaves the body to survive.  Traumatized people often suffer from the effects of abuse, alcoholism, neglect, rape, mass shootings, gang violence, war, homelessness, bombings, and hidden violence in families.  This loss creates damage to your energy body and your spirit.  The effects of soul loss can last a lifetime, and beyond.  Generations pass on trauma at the cellular level – you can literally inherit genetically stored trauma.


When your loss is so great that you can’t seem to get yourself back on track, you may need help in recovering your lost essence and guidance back to your wholeness.  Soul Retrieval is one of the most beautiful shamanic healing techniques. It has been practiced for thousands of years around the world, yet it is still not well known.  Reclaiming your energy and releasing old habits that are impeding you opens pathways to remembering who you were meant to be, returning to the wholeness you were born with.

Most people have experienced a shock or a trauma in life.  However, most people are not conscious of it because it happened during childhood and it’s been forgotten.  If you feel like something in your life is missing and you no longer experience the joy of childhood, then you’ve probably lost a fragment or piece of your soul.  This often happens during difficult life situations.  This is a normal part of survival.


  • Are you feeling detached, as if life is passing you by?

  • Do you suffer chronic illness or grief?

  • Have you “lost” your memories of events or entire periods of your life?

  • Do you feel empty or that something is missing?

  • Symptoms of potential soul loss can also include depression, despair, feeling lost or stuck, lack of physical or emotional energy or having troubled relationships.


All these feelings can indicate you may have lost your vital essence – or soul.  And the ancient art of Soul Retrieval is a powerful, yet gentle, healing ceremony that restores the soul to its original power – which is your birthright!



This energetic healing is highly effective in transforming the healing potential of those suffering from cancer, strokes, heart disease, and other illnesses of a serious and life threatening nature.


Healing with Spiritual Light is a shamanic healing method in which the shaman accesses an altered state that allows connection with his/her own divine light energy.  By this process, the healer or shaman can stimulate the healing light energy in all living forms around him/her.


A state of dis-ease or illness is not out natural state.  We have the capacity to heal anything in our bodies, mind, emotions, and/or spirit.  Healing with Spiritual Light is one method that speeds up the healing of any illness or disorder.  By accessing this light energy and “lighting up” someone/something, the natural order is restored.  Using this high vibration and divine energy, profound healing may take place.


Clients report feeling heat, feeling like they are floating, seeing images, having the presence of angels, and many other experiences during this gentle but very powerful healing work.


​There are many times when it is not necessary to be in the presence of the shaman for the work to be effective.  Often we are called upon to perform healings for those who are in a hospital far away, send healing to those who are deployed, and provide guidance by “divining” information for a client.



With our helping spirits, here are some questions in which we may provide guidance:

  • Marriage & romantic partnerships

  • Issues with children/step-children

  • Issues as a step-parent

  • Care of elderly parents

  • Health issues of any kind

  • Geographic relocation

  • Past Lives



Power animals bring us power and when someone has had a loss of power due to divorce, surgery, job layoff, or any other event, it may be helpful to be the beneficiary of a power animal retrieval.


We all have multiple power animals, or spirit form of an animal who has lived on the earth plane.  Think of them as animal angels.  They have tremendous power and have been the allies of shamans and other indigenous cultures for 40,000 years or more.  Retrieving your power animal symbolically means bringing back your Personal Power.


This is an important aspect of Journeying as you will want your power animal to guide you during a journey for yourself or for someone else.



Removing heavy energy that interferes with body, mind, emotional or spiritual well-being.



Why do certain illnesses run in family lines?  For example, a father has a heart attack at 47 and later on his son also dies at 47.  These imprints on our DNA continue for up to 7 generations unless they are cleared, healing the Mother-Father lineages.  Clearing our Ancestral Lineage uncovers the past to heal the future.  It changes the family patterns that have been passed down for generations.   Not only clearing the path of our past ancestors but cleaning our own path and the path for the future.  When we heal our past, we heal our present and prepare a good future for ourselves.

Explore the ways of your ancestors and how their lives have impacted your gifts, struggles, and life path.  Delve deeply into your own past lives in order to learn how to help heal and integrate these experiences, both traumas and joys, into a healthier whole self.



Helping people who are in deep grief and who hunger for some acknowledgement that their loved on has arrived safely in another realm and that they are not completely gone from them. 


We communicate for the purpose of checking on where they are, how they are doing, and what they may have to say to you as well as addressing a client’s questions.


Since ancient times, ceremonies and rituals have been crucial parts of the human experience.  Regardless of a person’s spiritual or religious beliefs and practices, ceremony plays a role in their means of celebrating birth, death, marriage, graduation, anniversaries, and countless other life transitions.


Examples of ceremonies that can be guided or customized for you:

  • Blessing of land, home, office or other space

  • Blessing domestic animals

  • Clearing land of any negative influences

  • Fire ceremonies for any event

  • Family Soul Retrievals or Healing Ceremonies


We all need easy-to-access, practical tools to deal with life’s every day challenges.  Using the wisdom of science combined with the sacred spiritual practices of the indigenous, earth-based cultures, you will:

  • Strengthen your nervous system as well as protect & contain your energy

  • Expand your energetic being, improving the immune system

  • Understand how the psyche is imprinted so you can change habitual patterning & release past trauma

  • Use mindfulness techniques to change the neuron patterning of the brain

  • Learn about ancestral blueprints that live on in you today & how to release any limiting beliefs and patterns

Level 1 – 7 Foundations

Do you feel called to help the planet? Do you feel called to envision a future where a mass extinction of species does not happen? It's also expected that in the next 10 years, we will be at risk for severe water crisis. We have a LOT of work to do! And there are shamanic tools and technologies that assist in the healing of the planet as well as all the web of life upon it. We will explore:

  • The body’s energy centers – the Luminous body, chakras and auras. This is a favorite!!!

  • Creating Sacred Space, space clearing, personal clearing techniques protection, removing heavy energy & protection techniques

  • Energy Healing using muscle testing, Ayurveda and analysis tools for determining health as well as Soul Retrievals (great for trauma)

  • Cord Cutting to remove unhealthy attachments, individuals or relationships that are no longer beneficial to your well-being

  • Journeying to discover your Power Animal and Spirit Guide

  • Long Distance Healing (Transfiguration) to change the world

  • Using Pendulums, Color therapy and Crystals as tools for divination and transformation. Crystals are a powerful tool. They are used in processing information in computers. Learn how to tap into their power.

  • Clearing our ancestral DNA & healing our Father-Mother lineages

For beginners:  Tuesdays 7-9pm from 9/17-10/29. Investment: $200

Level 2 – The Luminous Warrior

This is a deeper dive into healing ourselves and our planet.  Tools for Transformation continues as you free energy, strengthening your aura, awakening your luminous "warrior" body and bring a deeper sense of balance, healing and ease into your world.  In Level 2, we will explore deeper into these ancient practices and traditional ceremonies for self-empowerment, transformation, and for healing our relationship to the natural world.  This series includes the tapping into the Medicine Wheel (how shamans view the universe & energy), Mesas, Sacred Altars, Meridian Lines, Emotional Anatomy, Numerology, Past Lives, re-Membering, and Ceromancy Ceremony to clear ancestral karma.  In addition, you will be receiving several Munay Ki Initiation Rites (each rite honors a different energy/vibration and upgrades your luminous energy field.)

"By becoming knowledgeable about your body as an energy system, and learning how to unblock, move, and enhance the subtle energies that are its infrastructure, you become a master rather than a victim of your physical destiny." - Donna Eden


Prerequisite Level 1:  Tuesdays 7-9pm from 11/5-12/17. Investment: $200.


Level 3 – The Mystic Mind

In today’s fast flowing tide, we see violent challenges to the status quo and to law and order.  Chaos rules supreme.  It seems like the world has lost its mind.  Yet, you possess the true wisdom that can change the world.  To live in the light of true wisdom and to hold divine love in our hearts.


Mystics shun the world to turn their eyes inward, mastering the full potential of their minds and exploring their psyches in quiet contemplation before turning to face the world.  The mind needs time to unwind and rest in the “void” of no thinking.  Just being settled into our consciousness.  The mind awakening with mysterious inner, psychic strength and able to perceive the expansive and magical web of life.  Level 3 is a map on which to chart a new way out of this dark world and into the light.  Mystics feel a connection to every living thing and therefore are able to look beyond what may be socially accepted.  Are you ready to question the very foundations of what we once held as societies’ norms and basic rites of passage into our western world view?


Diving deeper still, this series includes Magic Retrieval, Working with Wounded Land (i.e. wars, disasters, violence, etc.), Energy Mapping Your Chakras, Feather Fan Making, Extractions, Curse Removal, Healing the Ancestral Tree, Huna Hawaiian Wisdom, Getting to know Your Spirit Team, Angels & Automatic Writing, Dream Work & Hands-on Healing.

Prerequisite Level 1 & 2:  Sundays 7-9pm from 10/17-11/24. Investment: $200. 

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