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How are your inner spaces? Your journey of body,
mind & space starts here.

Alignment (noun) — the act of aligning or state of being aligned; especially the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.


In this fast paced society, it is easy to become dis-organized and dis-connected.  Karen wanted to use all her abilities to bring a sense of order and harmony to the world and share her knowledge to help others feel empowered and make the most of their lives.  She combines her love of the earth with indigenous teachings, native American and shamanic ceremonies for clearing energy with her passion for the ancient technologies of yoga and the peace that comes from an organized environment.  Her meditations are masterful and her workshops are educational as well as experiential. 


All these paths lead to the understanding that this world is a matrix of energies and there are many techniques to access the body, brain and breath to become more balanced, find clarity and promote self-healing.  Maybe it's time to clear your home and your heart. 

Energy Medicine  • Yoga & Meditation  •  Organizing • Death Doula

Energy Medicine

Chakra Clearing
Cord Cutting
Soul Retrieval
Ancestral Trauma
Ceremonies & Rituals

Yoga Therapy

Private or Group
Birthday Parties
Specialty Classes
Yoga Teacher Training
Professional Organizer
Speaking Engagements

Clutter Clearing

End-of-Life Care (Death Doula)

Companionship during the dying process

Respite care for Caregivers

Life Review & Vigil Planning

Legacy or Remembrance project

End-of-Life preferences & funeral/living memorial planning

Directives & documents

So if your InnerQuest includes clearing your body
(yoga, energy medicine or end-of life), or clearing your clutter,
let Karen help transform your Inner Spaces & Outer Spaces.

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