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Veins of Life

Everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm.  The veins of life that run through a leaf are a microcosm to the meridians of light that flow through the human body.  Our meridians of light are a microcosm of the ley lines and energetic grids on the Earth.  Pyramids, temples & stone circles were built on these energy vortexes to align with the light of the cosmos...and so on.  Embark on a mesmerizing journey of interconnectedness and cosmic alignment. Guided by the intricate patterns found in the veins of a leaf, the flowing rivers of our own veins, the Earth's ley lines, and the cosmic alignments of the universe, this meditation invites you to explore the profound web of connection that binds us all. As you immerse yourself in the rhythmic pulsations of these natural and cosmic energies, you'll discover a deep sense of unity and oneness with the universe. Through mindful awareness and gentle guidance, you'll traverse the vast expanse of existence, tracing the intricate pathways that interconnect all living beings and celestial bodies.  Enjoy this journey as we honor the sacred tapestry of life, awaken to the interconnectedness that lies at the heart of our existence, and embrace the cosmic symphony of energy that connects the veins of the universe.

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Equinox - Celestial Balance

Equinoxes are a time for balance when day & night are of equal length.  Here we explore the profound union of opposites illuminated by the celestial balance of day & night. As the sun crosses the celestial equator, marking the transition from light to dark and back again, we are reminded of the inherent balance within the universe and within ourselves.  Guided by the rhythm of the equinox, you'll delve into the intricate dance of opposites—day and night, masculine and feminine, expansion and contraction. As you embrace the union of these polarities, you'll discover a deeper sense of inner equilibrium and wholeness, mirroring the cosmic harmony of the equinox.  As we honor the sacred dance of duality and celebrate the radiant balance that permeates all aspects of existence, we honor the ancient ones who have celebrated the cycles of change. Embrace the equinox's gentle guidance and emerge from this meditation with a renewed sense of peace, balance, and connection to the cosmic dance of life.

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Union of Opposites

Duality is all around us. Life is characterized by opposites. This meditation invites you to delve into the intricate dance of opposites, where light meets dark, masculine merges with feminine, yin embraces yang, and strength surrenders to softness. Through deep introspection and mindful awareness, you'll navigate the delicate balance between opposing forces within yourself and the world around you. As you journey through the realms of duality, you'll discover the profound interconnectedness that binds all aspects of existence together. Embrace the beauty of contrast and find harmony in the union of opposites, unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself and the nature of reality.  This journey will help you uncover the hidden wisdom that lies at the heart of duality, assist you in integration, and allow you to let go of these extremes while developing a non-dual awareness. This is my personal favorite!

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Thought Clouds & F*ck That

Based on Jason Headley's Fuck That meditation, this journey calms and tames the part of your mind that won't shut up!  With a minimum of profanity, it is surprisingly effective at quieting the "monkey mind."

You will be guided to the clouds with this transformative meditation designed to free the monkey mind. You'll ascend to the lofty realms of the sky, leaving behind the chatter and restlessness of the monkey mind far below. As you float amidst the billowing clouds, feel the weight of worry and distraction melt away, replaced by a sense of expansive serenity and inner peace. Allow yourself to be carried on the wings of mindfulness, untethered from the ceaseless thoughts that often plague the mind. With each moment spent among the clouds, you'll cultivate a deeper connection to the present moment, untangling the knots of mental clutter and discovering a newfound clarity and calm within. Join us on this ethereal journey to the clouds and liberate your mind from the confines of worry and distraction, soaring towards a state of pure tranquility and freedom.

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Shaman's Tea Yoga Nidra

This transcendental voyage of healing and self-discovery merges the ancient practices of Yoga Nidra and shamanic journeying to unlock profound realms of consciousness and transformation. Based on Devatma Saraswati's Drinking the Shaman's Tea, this yoga nidra incorporates chanting from an Ayahuasca ceremony as well as a shamanic journey experiencing plant medicine.  Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of Consciousness between waking & sleeping and is a powerful technique for quieting the mind and creating a deep sense of relaxation.

As you settle into a state of deep relaxation, allow yourself to be guided on this sacred journey by Karen’s soothing voice. Envision yourself entering the realm of the mystics, where you'll partake in the ceremonial drinking of the shaman's tea plant medicine, unlocking the gates to the unseen world. Through the gentle rhythms of the drums and the guidance of the shamanic journey, you'll navigate through realms of light and shadow, uncovering hidden truths, releasing blockages, and receiving profound insights and healing.  Shamanic Yoga Nidra allows you to embrace the healing power of ancient wisdom and awaken to the limitless potential of your inner world.  This is a journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution like no other…and a class favorite!

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The Power of the Pyramid

The shape of these structures has a wide, 4-sided square base representing the 4 directions as well as the 4 elements, and their triangular sides gradually come to meet at a central apex.  Each triangular side represents the trinity of 3: Body*Mind*Spirit, Past*Present*Future, Father*Son* Spirit, Brahma*Vishnu*Shiva, Lakshmi*Durga*Saraswati, Id*Ego*Superego, Pitta*Vatta*Kapha, Upper World*Middle World*Lower World, and so on.  These architectural wonders are said to align with the magnetic field of Earth, allowing for a powerful flow of energy.

Experience the extraordinary power of sacred geometry to allow this powerful flow of energy to elevate your consciousness and connect you with the magnetic field of Earth & the flow of the cosmos.  Guided by the ancient principles of geometry and alignment, this meditation invites you to create an upward-pointing pyramid above you and a downward-pointing pyramid below you, forming a potent channel of energy and transformation. As you enter a state of deep relaxation, you will feel the energetic resonance of the pyramids enveloping you, anchoring you to the earth while reaching towards the heavens. With each breath, allow the harmonizing energies of the pyramids to flow through your being, aligning your chakras, balancing your energy field, and awakening your innate potential.  Enjoy the power of the pyramid as you explore this sacred geometry within your body, unlock the profound wisdom that lies within the geometric patterns of the universe, and ascend to new heights of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

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Merkaba & Sacred Geometry

Mer=Light.  Kar=Spirt.  Ba=Body.  Guided by the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry and cosmic alignment with the Merkaba, this is a powerful and transcendental tool for ascension, healing & manifestation.  As you enter a state of deep relaxation, you will be guided to visualize several intricate patterns of sacred geometry forming around you, including creating a radiant Merkaba, a divine vehicle of pure light energy. You’ll feel yourself ascending to higher realms of consciousness, as the Merkaba's sacred geometry envelops you in a cocoon of divine light and becomes a vehicle for transformation. With each breath, you will align with the cosmic frequencies of creation, unlocking profound insights and spiritual awakening.  This illuminating meditation is multi-layered with sacred geometry to improve your spiritual awareness, discover the infinite depths of your soul's connection to the universe, and build a strong container to hold your divine light. Think of it as your Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. Embrace the divine geometry of this Merkaba meditation to transcend the boundaries of ordinary existence as you unlock the secrets of the cosmos within.

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Chakra Color Wheel

A chakra is a spinning wheel of light.  Experience profound relaxation and alignment with this transformative Chakra Meditation. Dive deep into the essence of your being as you embark on a journey through the 7 chakras and explore the color spectrum while deepening your understanding of your energetic system as well as your physical body. Through guided visualization and rhythmic drumming, unlock the potential for inner peace, vitality, and emotional well-being. Let go of stress and tension while you awaken and nourish each chakra, restoring equilibrium to your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace a renewed sense of vitality and connection with yourself and the universe. Elevate your meditation practice as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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Celestial Castle

Embark on a celestial journey unlike any other with this immersive meditation to the Celestial Castle. Transport yourself to a realm of pure tranquility and serenity, where the boundaries of space and time dissolve, and the ethereal beauty of the cosmos surrounds you. Guided by gentle whispers of the universe, you'll ascend to the majestic Celestial Castle, a sanctuary of profound peace and enlightenment. You will explore the inner sanctum and sacred spaces filled with halls & doors & stained-glass windows. You will stand in a shimmering shaft of light as it explodes into its rainbow colors.  As you traverse through its shimmering halls, feel your spirit uplifted and your mind liberated from earthly concerns. With each breath, embrace the infinite wisdom and boundless love that permeates this sacred space as all stress is washed away in this waterfall of light. As you discover the profound magic that lies within this Celestial Castle, you will unlock the gateway to inner peace and cosmic connection to the universe.

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Black Smoke

Embark on a transformative journey of release and renewal with this Black Smoke Meditation, designed to dissolve stress and negativity from your mind, body, and spirit. While dark is often thought of as bad, it also means mother Earth, the moon and feminine energy; it is also related to the ancestors and our shadow self.  As you settle into a state of deep relaxation, visualize a swirling black smoke gently absorbing all tensions, worries, and negative energies that weigh you down.  As you exhale, you will let go of all negativity, tension, stress, illness, blockages, and any heavy or dense energy. With each breath, feel the dense darkness of the smoke lifting away layers of stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling lighter, clearer, and more aligned. Guided by the rhythm of your breath and sound of the drum, allow the black smoke to carry away any lingering negativity, creating space within you for peace, positivity, and inner harmony to flourish. Embrace the power of this cathartic meditation experience and emerge refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace life's journey with newfound clarity and resilience.

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Garden of the Angels

Embark on a journey of celestial beauty and spiritual encounter with this enchanting meditation, where you'll meet an angel amidst lush blossoms and tranquil streams. Step into a realm of ethereal serenity and vibrant colors, where the fragrant scent of flowers fills the air and the gentle melody of birdsong soothes the soul. As you wander through this breathtaking garden, guided by the whispers of the wind, you'll encounter an angelic presence, radiating love and wisdom. Allow yourself to be embraced by the angel's gentle guidance and divine presence, as you bask in the light of their celestial grace. Together, you'll explore the depths of your heart and spirit, unlocking inner peace, healing, and profound insights. Enjoy this divine journey to the Garden of the Angels, where miracles await amidst the beauty of nature's embrace.

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7 Directions

Embark on a soul-enriching voyage through the mystical realms of the 7 Directions with this transformative meditation experience. Guided by ancient wisdom and sacred teachings, you will journey beyond the confines of ordinary space and time to explore the profound energies of the North, South, East, West, as well as the Earth Below, the Cosmo Above, and finally Within to the heart center, the center of connectedness. With each direction, you'll unlock new dimensions of insight, empowerment, and spiritual alignment. From the expansive horizons of the East, the grounding stability of the South, to the illuminating wisdom of the West, to the nurturing embrace of the North, this meditation will lead you on a journey of holistic balance and harmony. Embrace the divine guidance of the Above, draw strength from the ancestral wisdom of the Below, and rediscover the infinite depths of your inner being. May you find profound wisdom on this sacred quest to connect with and honor the 7 directions and awaken to your true potential.

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