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Based on Jason Headley's Fuck That meditation, this journey calms and tames the part of your mind that won't shut up!  With a minimum of profanity, it is surprisingly effective at quieting the "monkey mind."


You will be guided to the clouds with this transformative meditation designed to free the monkey mind. You'll ascend to the lofty realms of the sky, leaving behind the chatter and restlessness of the monkey mind far below. As you float amidst the billowing clouds, feel the weight of worry and distraction melt away, replaced by a sense of expansive serenity and inner peace. Allow yourself to be carried on the wings of mindfulness and presence, untethered from the ceaseless thoughts that often plague the mind. With each moment spent among the clouds, you'll cultivate a deeper connection to the present moment, untangling the knots of mental clutter and discovering a newfound clarity and calm within. Join us on this ethereal journey to the clouds and liberate your mind from the confines of worry and distraction, soaring towards a state of pure tranquility and freedom.

Thought Clouds & F*ck That

SKU: M004
  • This MP3 is not for resale and is for personal use only.

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