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Using the Hawaiian shamanic practice of "grokking" or shape-shifting, you will merge your Consciousness with the primal energy patterns of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  This profound journey of connection and elemental harmony will allow you to experience the energetic signatures and develop a relationship with the elements.  Through the ancient art of grokking, you'll delve deep into the essence of each element, immersing yourself in their raw power and boundless wisdom. As you enter a state of deep meditation, visualize yourself merging effortlessly with the Earth's solid stability, the Air's ethereal freedom, the Fire's transformative energy, and the Water's fluid grace. Feel the elemental energies coursing through your being, igniting a profound sense of oneness and belonging with the natural world. With each breath, deepen your connection to the elements, awakening to the inherent magic and vitality within.  In doing so, you can learn to influence the behavior of that element.  This has been used with great success for moving storms and extinguishing forest fires, for example. Using this ancient technique of grokking, you will rediscover your place in the interconnected web of existence, embrace the wisdom of the elements, and unlock the limitless potential to co-create with each element.

Merging with the Elements using Grokking

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