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Equinoxes are a time for balance when day & night are of equal length.  Here we explore the profound union of opposites illuminated by the celestial balance of day & night. As the sun crosses the celestial equator, marking the transition from light to dark and back again, we are reminded of the inherent balance within the universe and within ourselves.  Guided by the rhythm of the equinox, you'll delve into the intricate dance of opposites—day and night, masculine and feminine, expansion and contraction. As you embrace the union of these polarities, you'll discover a deeper sense of inner equilibrium and wholeness, mirroring the cosmic harmony of the equinox.  As we honor the sacred dance of duality and celebrate the radiant balance that permeates all aspects of existence, we honor the ancient ones who have celebrated the cycles of change. Embrace the equinox's gentle guidance and emerge from this meditation with a renewed sense of peace, balance, and connection to the cosmic dance of life.

Equinox - Celestial Balance

SKU: M012
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