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The Power of the Pyramid

The shape of these structures has a wide, 4-sided square base representing the 4 directions as well as the 4 elements, and their triangular sides gradually come to meet at a central apex.  Each triangular side represents the trinity of 3: Body*Mind*Spirit, Past*Present*Future, Father*Son* Spirit, Brahma*Vishnu*Shiva, Lakshmi*Durga*Saraswati, Id*Ego*Superego, Pitta*Vatta*Kapha, Upper World*Middle World*Lower World, and so on.  These architectural wonders are said to align with the magnetic field of Earth, allowing for a powerful flow of energy.

Experience the extraordinary power of sacred geometry to allow this powerful flow of energy to elevate your consciousness and connect you with the magnetic field of Earth & the flow of the cosmos.  Guided by the ancient principles of geometry and alignment, this meditation invites you to create an upward-pointing pyramid above you and a downward-pointing pyramid below you, forming a potent channel of energy and transformation. As you enter a state of deep relaxation, you will feel the energetic resonance of the pyramids enveloping you, anchoring you to the earth while reaching towards the heavens. With each breath, allow the harmonizing energies of the pyramids to flow through your being, aligning your chakras, balancing your energy field, and awakening your innate potential.  Enjoy the power of the pyramid as you explore this sacred geometry within your body, unlock the profound wisdom that lies within the geometric patterns of the universe, and ascend to new heights of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

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