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Temple of Black Obsidian Journey

Embark on a mystical pilgrimage to the sacred Temple of Black Obsidian, where ancient wisdom and profound transformation await. Guided by the pulsating energy of this majestic and powerful protection stone, you'll enter a realm of heightened awareness and spiritual awakening. As you step into the temple's hallowed halls, you'll feel the potent vibrations of black obsidian enveloping you, grounding you to the Earth while elevating your consciousness to new heights. Within these sacred walls, you'll discover hidden chambers of ancient knowledge and receive powerful insights that illuminate the path to your true purpose and potential.  Within this striking temple, you will meet your shadow self, and begin healing the darkness within by bringing the light.  In this blessed place, you will be cleansed of any negative ties to your past and your auric fields will be cleared. Allow the ancient wisdom of black obsidian to penetrate your soul, releasing stagnant energies and guiding you towards inner clarity and empowerment. Here you will unlock the secrets of your soul in an unforgettable exploration of spiritual depth and renewal.

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Soul Retrieval Journey

Whenever we suffer trauma, it is said that a part of the soul disconnects from the body in order to survive.  Clinically it's called dissociation but the Shamans call is Susto, or Soul Loss, and it is our vitality or life force (prana).  Karen is skilled in the ancient shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval. This deeply healing experience offers the opportunity to reclaim lost fragments of your soul, restoring wholeness and vitality to your being. Through gentle guidance and profound energetic work, you'll journey into the depths of your subconscious to retrieve aspects of yourself that have been fragmented or lost due to past traumas or life challenges. As you reconnect with these lost parts of your soul, you'll experience profound healing, integration, and a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment. A guided Soul Retrieval allows you to gather the lost parts to be reintegrated back, to become whole again. This is a self-empowering journey towards greater wholeness, balance, and well-being.

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Past Life Retrieval Journey

This is an extraordinary journey for self-discovery and soul retrieval, where you'll delve deep into the recesses of your subconscious to unlock the secrets of your ancient past. Guided by the gentle rhythms of your breath and the beat of the drum, this journey will lead you down into 3 corridors or chambers, each containing echoes of a past life waiting to be revealed. With each chamber you explore, you'll uncover fragments of memories, emotions, and experiences from lifetimes long forgotten. As you retrieve these precious insights, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey and the lessons it carries across time and space. You will then recover, restore and reintegrate these memories from the past. Understanding how these experiences influence your present life begins the healing process to become whole again. This is a transformative odyssey of exploration and healing as you reconnect with the wisdom and experiences of your past lives, illuminating the path to greater self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth. Unlock the mysteries of your soul's journey and embrace the profound wisdom of lifetimes past.

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Meeting Your Allies Journey

This is a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection. Guided by ancient wisdom and intuition, this journey invites you to meet your spirit guide and power animal, forging deep bonds of support and guidance on your path. As you enter a state of profound relaxation, visualize yourself surrounded by a sacred circle of light, where the veil between worlds grows thin. With each breath, your spirit guide and power animal will reveal themselves, offering wisdom, protection, and unconditional love. Together, you'll embark on a mystical journey of exploration and empowerment, uncovering hidden truths and unlocking the depths of your soul. Enjoy this transformative quest to meet your allies and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await within. Embrace the guidance of your spirit guide and power animal as you navigate life's twists and turns with clarity, courage, and grace.

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Altar Room Journey

Journey deep into the heart of the earth's embrace to a spiritual Altar Room where you can work with your spirit allies, meditate/pray, practice gratitude, or work with the elements & Earth.  Step into a realm of serene tranquility and ancient wisdom, where the earth's energies converge in a sacred sanctuary hidden from the surface world. Guided by the gentle whispers of Mother Earth herself, you'll descend into the depths of your own being, surrounded by the comforting embrace of earthen walls and shimmering crystals. As you navigate through the mystical chambers of the Altar Room, you'll feel the profound connection between yourself and the earth grow stronger with each breath. Here you will build this sacred space to hold objects that are specific to your belief system, so it is truly a reflection of you. Let go of the stresses of the surface world and immerse yourself in the nurturing embrace of the earth, finding solace, clarity, and renewal in the depths below. Enjoy this transformative journey to the heart of the earth and discover the boundless wisdom and healing power that awaits within the Altar Room.

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