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What is Yoga?

Updated: Feb 18

After years of "searching" and thousands of yoga classes with many well known and not so well known but nonetheless fabulous teachers, I came to realize that Yoga is a living, breathing art that grows constantly through experience and one's experimentation; it is as diverse as there are stars in the universe. Yoga is not spiritual or mental gymnastics. It is not language and philosophy. It is not commercial. Nor is it the solution/salvation to all your problems sold by yoga "celebrities". It is not you and Guru, someone who makes you feel "less than". Believing in a "higher power" assumes you are a lower power. There is nothing between us and the source (God). There is no seeking, no searching. There are no steps to be taken. Seeking is the problem. Searching for that "something" presumes it does not exist. The quest for "enlightenment" assumes you don't already have it. Yoga begins when you let go of ideology and accept the self in its natural state. There is only one path: Yours. The essence of yoga is best described as: Authentic Yoga is based on the belief that there is a nurturing source that beats in the heart and moves the breath. You don’t have to look for it…it’s already there. It a is a non-dual practice of your direct participation in this divine source. You are not here to realize the divine, you already are! You are the full-blown wonder of life. Do you believe that you are part and one with this extreme intelligence? Can that source be absent from this physical expression that is you?

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