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The way I see it isn't necessarily the way you see it

or the way it is or ought to be.

What's more important is that we're all looking for it

and a way to see it.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Karen. I called her to help me organize my busy life that i felt was getting overwhelming. After our first conversation, i knew I chose the right person. Karen told me about what she did and how no two clients are ever really alike. That could have been the reason that when she listened to me tell my story, she was genuinely interested in understanding my needs and clearly present in the moment. That was very comforting to me. I was telling a stranger how i felt and sharing details about a part of my life that was not working well. That could have been an uncomfortable task, however Karen’s reaction was compassionate and supportive and put me at ease right away. In addition to her interpersonal skills, Karen is “no joke” when it comes to targeting the issue(s) at hand and offering extremely helpful and “do-able” advice on how to get things in your life organized and get you back on the track you want to be on. At the end of our last session, I can honestly say that I was inspired and confident. I had a great plan that I was going to be able to carry out successfully. I also knew that she would be available to me for any additional help or support what I may need. I highly recommend Karen Pierce to anyone interested in taking control of parts of their lives that cause them anxiety, frustration, and/or stress. Five stars all the way! Thank you Karen."  -  Danielle T.


No longer the "Room of Doom!"  Transform your clutter into a valuable storage area.


Storage Areas

Storage areas are notorious for accumulating things until you're overwhelmed.  Maximize the use of your valuable storage areas so you can easily find items that are not regularly used.



Craft Areas

Sometimes when you are so focused on your projects, things can get out of hand!


A well organized pantry can help with meal planning and unnecessary spending at the grocery store.




The infamous "Junk Drawer" is now the Fabulous drawer.


Photo Mess


People take photos to enjoy them.  They cannot be enjoyed stuffed in boxes or bags under the bed or filling up the hard drive of your computer.  Go from Complete Mess to Completed Albums!



   Family Rooms

A well organized family room can serve multiple purposes making it a room for both fun and business.



   Home Office

Having a home office can be convenient but clutter can cost you time and money.  Being organized helps you think logically and work efficiently.




This space should be relaxing enough to reap a good night's sleep...not be an accumulation of unfinished projects and heaps of clothes.




Create a tranquil spa-like space in the privacy of your own home.

Don't love something that can't love you back!

Inner Spaces

by Karen llc

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