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Resources and Links to Help You Stay Organized

The benefit of hiring any type of "coach" is that they can bring a new  perspective that is personalized to your specific needs.

I am not affiliated with any of the people, resources/services I recommend. 

I just like them!​


One of the most effective ways to get rid of paper clutter is to stop it before it gets in the front door. has a ton of fact sheets available with reliable information for reducing junk mail, understanding how you got on the mailing lists in the first place, and more importantly how to get your name off and stay off!  How To Tips Sheet:


  • Junk Mail - Junk mail wastes an incredible amount of natural resources as well as your valuable time.  Stop unwanted catalogs and junk mail with, or  

  • Catalogs - Call and cancel all unwanted catalogs (you will need the customer number and source code on the back of the catalog.)  When canceling, request that they not sell your name!  This will decrease the number of catalogs you will receive in the future.  Or go to, a free service that helps you unsubscribe from hundreds of catalogs.

  • Phone Books - 540 million unsolicited phone books are delivered across the U.S. every year using 19 million tress, 1.6 billion pounds of paper and 7.2 million barrels of oil.  To eliminate unwanted phone books, consider signing up at or  You can opt out of all the directories available in your zip code.

  • Credit Card Offers - By registering with, your name will be removed from unsolicited credit card and insurance offers, cutting down on unwanted mail and clutter.

  • Marketing Mailing Lists - By registering with Direct Mail Association's Mail Preference Service, your name will be removed from  the majority of direct mail lists.

  • Phone Solicitation - Get your name removed from unwanted telemarketers by adding your name to the "Do Not Call" list,  Block robocall & telemarketing calls with  Don't forget to add your cell phone too!

  • Political Phone Solicitation - Relief for those who want to be left alone, courtesy of the National Political Do Not Contact Registry,



With statements and receipts piling up from banks, investments, and the government, it's often not clear which documents to keep and for how long.  In the absence of direction, many people keep everything!  The following websites offer some excellent guidelines on what to keep, where, and for how long.   (These websites are recommended only as a guideline. For specific advice, please consult your attorney or accountant.)


​Want to digitize insurance information as well are receipts?

  • Toss your paper receipts and computerize them with


Check your bank and credit card statements diligently every month to make sure all the charges are accurate.  NEVER give out personal information or your social security number.  The Postal Inspection Service is ready to help.




When you know you can donate your items to a good cause, it makes the process of letting go easier.


General Websites


Specific Items (listed alphabetically)

  • Appliances - Check out

  • Blankets, Towels & Linens - Donate to your local animal shelter or the Humane Society.  For CT:

  • Building Materials - Check with your local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

  • Carpets - Try

  • Cars, Boats, RVs - Consider a tax-deductible donation to Purple Heart or and support our troops, Heritage for the Blind at  Both will come pick up your vehicle.  Or try Kars4Kids where they sell the car at auction and proceeds help children in need.

  • Clothing - Here are some places to donate your formal dresses  Donate your business attire to help low-income women transition back into the workforce at or the Corporate Closet.  Of course you can also donate clothing and other household goods to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.  Be sure to list the value of your items for tax purposes.

  • Computer Hardware - It's important to wipe your computer hard drives according to the Department of Defense standards so your information is not stolen.  You might want to hire a computer professional to wipe it for you.  Any equipment that is too old to donate, can be donated to local schools, churches or non-profit organizations or recycled through or your local Staples office store will recycle it for you.  You can also donate your computer to the National Cristina Foundation at  They will pick up the equipment for a minimal fee (to cover pick-up and recycling costs) and recycle it!

  • Crayons, Coloring Books & Stuffed Animals - Make a kid smile, send them to

  • Electronics, Etc. - Recycle your old CDs and DVDs at  To recycle your Ipod, go to  Need to unload your Cell Phone, PDA, or accessories?  Try  Some additional places to sell or recycle your electronics...  www.gazelle.com, Keystone Technology and will tell you where the nearest electronics recycling center is.

  • Expired Coupons - Did you know that expired coupons can be sent to troops stationed overseas?  They can use them for 6 months  after the expiration date. It's 100% legal and each overseas base has a USA address so it is a local mailing.  Go to and get the details. How redeeming!

  • Eye Glasses - Drop off old glasses or sunglasses to Lens Crafters or Costco and they'll make them good as new and deliver then to those in need around the world through the Gift of Sight program.  Also try

  • Fleece - Donate any brand fleece jackets made from Polartec and Capilene to be melted and made into clothes.

  • Fluorescent Bulbs - While fluorescent light bulbs save energy, improper disposal of them creates a hazard.  Instead of saving them until your local hazardous waste day, you can drop them off at the service desk of your local Home Depot.

  • Magazines/Comics - Donate your old magazines/comics to literacy programs.

  • Mattress -  Did you know that more than 80% of a used mattress's components can be recycled?  If you local landfill doesn't accept your old mattress, try

  • New toys, books & games  - Furnish the playrooms of a Ronald McDonald House.

  • Old Linens - Drop off sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, and comforters for animal bedding to your local animal shelter or

  • Paint - For unwanted or leftover paint,

  • Pillow Cases - Send your old pillow cases to "Little Dresses for Africa" where they are made into dresses and distributed to orphanages sending hope to little girls that they are worthy.

  • Printer Cartridges - 90% of all cartridges are recyclable yet only 20% are reused, leaving about 300 million at the landfill! Buy  recycled, refilled toner and ink cartridges and return the units to the store's drop-off spot on the same trip (Cartridge World, OfficeMax, Walgreens, etc.).  For brand compatible cartridge models, visit

  • Sneakers & Running Shoes - Reuse-a-shoe accepts worn out athletic shoes of any brand which are recycled into sports surfaces for youth around the world. or Soles4Souls collects used and new shoes for those in need or try their other divisions. and

  • Sports Gear - Kids will be thrilled to hit the playground with your old rejects by donating to or Gather up your baseballs and basketballs to go to Third World countries, or mail this non-profit company your loot

  • Textbooks - Sell back gently used books at or  Enter the ISBN number and they tell you what they will pay.  If interested, they will pay the shipping.  You can also try  

  • Wedding or Bridesmaid Dresses - Wedding dresses are often stashed away in closets, never to be seen again. However, some dresses are being transformed into angel gowns for precious babies who never make it home from the hospital. Dresses are turned into beautiful burial garments for babies and are given to hospitals for the grieving families. or you can donate your "angel gown" to NICU Helping Hands, 301 Commerce St, Ste 3200, Houston, TX  76102

  • Yoga Mats - Keep your old yoga mats out of the landfill and help "upcycle" them into other products.  Manduka will take your old yoga mat - any brand - when you purchase a new mat from them.  Here are some other ideas to reuse your mat

Send Your Clutter to...

  • The Troops - Check out the list of things the military could use.

  • Goodwill - Find a local Goodwill store and find out how to donate.

  • The Salvation Army - Pick up may be available for clothing and furniture.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters - Donate your gently used household items and clothing.  Need to schedule a pick up in Southwestern Connecticut?  Call (877) 399-2570.

  • Freecycle  - With more than 4 million members posting messages, this is the place to go if you want to unload clutter quickly.  Post what your selling, goes to the first responder, leave on your front porch, and its gone!

  • Craig's List - Free online classified ads.  Look here if you want to sell or donate items.

  • Resellers - There are a lot of great resellers who will provide their expertise and help you sell your goods.  They keep a percent of the proceeds but you don't have any of the hassles.  Try

Don't Agonize...Organize & Containerize!

Never go to a store or make a purchase on-line without measuring first!  Make sure your organizers fit the space.


  • Container Store - An excellent source for both ideas and shopping,

  • Ikea - A great solution for storage at reasonable prices,

  • Rev-A-Shelf - The world's largest manufacturer of functional cabinet storage organizing solutions.

  • Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Kids - Fun and functional containers.  Try or

  • The Organized Lifestyle - For those who don't know what products are out there, this will help you organize your home,

  • Thousands of products to organize your home, office and business and tools to simplify your busy life.

  • Paper Files & Digital Files - Neat Receipts is one of the best-selling mobile scanner and digital filing system. It can scan receipts,  business cards, and documents while the software identifies, extracts and organizes key information. .   Awesome self purging filing system from Freedom Filer.

  • Photo & Memorabilia Management - Full-service memory celebration company for paper and digital photos, memorabilia, or digital organization. You can also try Scan Digital for scanning pictures, slides, and negatives. 

  • See Jane Work - For fun and funky items for the office,



Go Green!  Are you doing your part to help the environment? 


Sites for Savings

  • Smart Savings - Billy negotiates great deasl on groceries, clothes, entertainment, insurance, etc.

  • Virtual Assistant - Alice sells direct from the manufacturer.  Set up an account and you'll receive a 15% discount and free shipping.

  • Conserve Cash - This handy money site will reveal how much you spend on different categories after you allow access to your bank  and credit card transactions and balances.  The colored graphics will help you create a budget and learn that fiscal restraining can be fun!

  • Shrink Bills - Kiplinger offers some websites to lower your bills.  

  • Cleaning for a Reason - This cleaning service provides free housecleaning for women undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Cost Saving Driving Service - www.iDriveYourCar,com is a cost effective transportation option for clients using  their own car and gas.

  • Barter & Borrow - Check out these online "collaborative consumption" networks to reduce the need to buy new stuff:


Other Sites of Interest



Acts of Kindness

  • For Wounded Soldiers - Send a handwritten postcard for them to read upon arrival at the U.S. Military Hospital in Landstuhl,  Germany.  Mail yours to 21st TSC, Medical Transient Detachment, Attn: Soldier's Angels, Unit 23203, APO AE 09263.

  • For the Planet - Save landfill space by recycling used library, membership and gift cards instead of throwing them away.  Send them   to Earthworks System, c/o Halperin Industries, 25840 Miles Road, Bedford, OH  44146.

  • For Sick Kids - Comfort them with DVDs when they're undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments in pediatric hospitals.  Send movies to KidFlicks/Barta, 11755 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1450, Los Angeles, CA  90025.




  • Daily OM - Sign up for a daily dose of inspiration that will nurture your body, mind and soul,

  • Self Growth - is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self

  • Help on the Internet - It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

  • Do Nice Things - Every Monday, get ideas for doing good deeds and read inspirational profiles about people who do them.  Recent studies show that giving to others releases oxytocin, the "feel good" hormone.

  • Messages from The Universe - Sign up for Inspirational messages based on the Law of Attraction

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