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This is an extraordinary journey for self-discovery and soul retrieval, where you'll delve deep into the recesses of your subconscious to unlock the secrets of your ancient past. Guided by the gentle rhythms of your breath and the beat of the drum, this journey will lead you down into 3 corridors or chambers, each containing echoes of a past life waiting to be revealed. With each chamber you explore, you'll uncover fragments of memories, emotions, and experiences from lifetimes long forgotten. As you retrieve these precious insights, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey and the lessons it carries across time and space. You will then recover, restore and reintegrate these memories from the past. Understanding how these experiences influence your present life begins the healing process to become whole again. This is a transformative odyssey of exploration and healing as you reconnect with the wisdom and experiences of your past lives, illuminating the path to greater self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth. Unlock the mysteries of your soul's journey and embrace the profound wisdom of lifetimes past.

Past Life Retrieval Journey

SKU: M018
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