A well organized pantry can help with meal planning and unnecessary spending at the grocery store.


Photo Mess

People take photos to enjoy them.  They cannot be enjoyed stuffed in boxes or bags under the bed or filling up the hard drive of your computer.  Go from Complete Mess to Completed Albums!

"Every time I moved, I promised myself I would put the pictures in albums and write down the memories.  I’ve been saying that for 20 years.  Through Karen – that day has finally arrived.  It’s completely liberating and I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to organize their photos.  Karen’s system works like a charm!  The speed and the ease is magic.   It totally works!!!!  - Megan W. ​


The infamous "Junk Drawer" is now the Fabulous drawer

Storage Areas

Storage areas are notorious for accumulating things until you're overwhelmed.  Maximize the use of your valuable storage areas so you can easily find items that are not regularly used.

Craft Areas

Sometimes when you are so focused on your projects, things can get out of hand!